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By Mike Johnson on 2023-05-26 08:00:00

May 26th

On this day in history in ....

1950 - Gorgeous George defeats Don Eagle for the AWA (Boston) World Heavyweight Title in Chicago, Illinois.

1959 - The Corsicans (Joe and Jean) defeat Angelo Martinelli and Luis Hernandez for the vacant NWA Texas Tag Team Title in Dallas, Texas.

1961 - Duke Keomuka & Tony Martin defeat Rito Romero & Dory Dixon for the Texas version of the NWA World Tag Team Title in Houston, Texas.

1963 - WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Apollo defeated the Kangaroos in Commack, NY.

1964 - Jackie & Don Fargo defeat Tojo Yamamoto & Alex Perez to win the Mid-America version of the NWA Southern Tag Team Title in Nashville, Tennessee, ending and beginning each team's respective second and third reigns.

1964 - WWWF ran a TV Taping in Bridgeport, CT featuring:

WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Hans Mortier
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Klondike Bill
The Scufflin Hillbillies defeated Pedro Rodriguez & Frank Hickey
Arnold Skaaland defeated Lou Albano via disqualification
Ernie Ladd defeated Boris Malenko
Killer Kowalski defeated Matt Gillmore
Jerry Graham defeated Ted Lewin
Luke Graham fought Don McClarity to a draw
Max Mortier fought Bill Watts to a draw

1966 - Killer Karl Kox & Joe Carrolo defeat Michiaki Yoshimura & Giant Baba to win the vacant JWA All Asia Tag Team Title in Sendai, Japan.

1966 - WWWF ran  TV taping in Washington, DC featuring the following results:

Angelo Savoldi defeated Hector Serrano
Waldo Von Erich defeated Ronnie Etchison
Vittorio Apollo defeated Frank Hickey
Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Arnold Skaaland
The Fabulous Moolah & Judy Grable defeated Pat Lydia & Brenda Reed
WWWF US Tag Team Champions Johnny Valentine & Antonio Pugliese fought Bill Miller & Curtis Iaukea to a draw
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated the Beast

1967 - Michiaki Yoshimura & Antonio Inoki defeat Waldo Von Erich & Ike Eakins for the vacant JWA All Asia Tag Team Title in Sapporo, Japan.

1967 - Al Costello & Karl Von Brauner defeat Bill Miller and Bobo Brazil to win the Detroit version of the NWA World Tag Team Title in Dayton, Ohio.

1967 - WWWF ran Plyseville, Maryland with the following results:

Tony Altimore defeated Arnold Skaaland
Luke Graham defeated Smasher Sloan
Arman Hussian defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna
Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated the Ox
Tony Pariso & Spiros Arion defeated Bull Ortega & Tank Morgan

1968 - Tiger Jeet Singh & Bull Curry defeat Whipper Billy Watson & Bulldog Brower for the Toronto version of the NWA International Tag Team Title in Toronto, Ontario.

1968 - Pat Kenney aka Simon Diamond is born.

1972 - WWWF ran North Attleboro, MA at Witschi's Sports Arena, featuring the following results:
Manuel Soto pinned Juan Caruso
Prof. Toru Tanaka & the Black Demon defeated Tony Contilles & Tomas Marin in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-1
Manuel Soto defeated Nikita Mulkovich via disqualification when Mulkovichi hit the referee
Chief Jay Strongbow pinned King Curtis in an Indian strap match

1973 - Dory Funk, Jr. & Terry Funk defeat Killer Karl Krupp and Karl Von Steiger to win the NWA International Tag Team Title in Amarillo, Texas.

1973 - Black Gordman and Goliath win their second NWA Texas Tag Team Title in Dallas, Texas, defeating Jose Lothario and Ivan Putski.

1973 - WWWF ran Trenton, NJ at the Civic Center featuring the following results:
Miguel Feliciano defeated Mike Conrad
Mike McCord defeated Joe Turco
Manuel Soto defeated Frank Hickey
Tony Garea fought Mr. Fuji to a draw
Freddie Blassie defeated El Olympico
Prof. Toru Tanaka fought Chief Jay Strongbow to a draw
WWWF World Champion Pedro Morales defeated Moondog Mayne

1973 - WWWF ran a matinee at the Sunnyside Gardens in Queens, NY featuring the following results:

Joe Turco defeated Luis Torres
Manuel Soto pinned Frank Hickey
Mike McCord fought Tony Garea to a 20-minute draw
Chief Jay Strongbow & Haystacks Calhoun defeated Fred Blassie & Moondog Mayne

1975 - A live event in Memphis, TN at the Mid-South Coliseum was headlined by Southern Tag Champs Tojo Yamamoto & Jimmy Golden beat Bill Dundee & George Barnes and Southern Champ Ron Fuller beating Crazy Luke Graham via DQ.

1975 - Karl Von Steiger & Otto Von Heller defeat George Gulas & Jerry Jarrett for the NWA Mid-America Tag Team Title.

1975 - Spiros Arion defeated WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino via countout in Landover, MD.

1976 - WWWF ran Highland Park, NJ with the following results:

Arnold Skaaland defeated Johnny Rivera
Skandar Akbar defeated Pat Barrett
Bull Pometti defeated Mike Santocapito
Jose Gonzalez defeated Rocky Tomayo via disqualification
Ivan Putski defeated Ernie Ladd

1977 - WWWF ran Trumbull, CT featuring:

Tony Altimore defeated ?
SD Jones defeated Rocky Tomayo
Gorilla Monsoon defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna
Ivan Putski pinned Nikolai Volkoff

1978 - Black Gordman & Hector Guerrero defeat Ron Bass & Roddy Piper to win the NWA Americas Tag Team Title.

1978 - New Japan Pro Wrestling ran Takamatsu, Japan with the following results:

Kuniaki Kobayashi defeated Jo Bake San via submission with camel clutch
Yoshiaki Fujiwara pinned Ray Steel
Kengo Kimura pinned Chief Jay Strongbow
Nikolai Volkoff pinned Makoto Arakawa
Bad News Allen & Kotetsu Yamamoto defeated Williem Ruska & Baron Scicluna when Allen pinned Scicluna
Bugsy McGraw pinned Riki Choshu
Tatsumi Fujinami pinned Umanosuke Ueda
Andre The Giant pinned Seiji Sakaguchi
WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund & Tony Garea defeated Antonio Inoki & Osamu Kido in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match; fall #1: Backlund pinned Kido; fall #2: Inoki defeated Garea with the Octopus; fall #3: Backlund pinned Kido

1978 - WWWF ran Harrisburg, PA at Zembo Mosque featuring the following results:
Steve King pinned Pinky Larson (sub. for Moose Monroe) at 10:44
Gypsy Rodriguez defeated Joe Turco via disqualfication at 12:07
Butcher Vachon fought SD Jones to a 20-minute draw
Peter Maivia pinned Stan Stasiak at 15:17
Superstar Billy Graham defeated Haystacks Calhoun via count-out at 12:34

1978 - WWWF ran Albany, NY at the  Washington Ave. Armory with the following results:
Strong Kobayashi pinned Mark Tendler at 12:00
Johnny Rodz pinned Ted Adams at 7:00
The Golden Terror pinned Sylvano Sousa at 6:00
Spiros Arion pinned Juan Ortiz (substituting for Larry Zbyszko) at 7:00
Luke Graham pinned Larry Zbyszko (substituting for Dusty Rhodes) at 19:00

1979 - The WWF ran an event at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The results were:
- Johnny Rivera fought Mr. X to a draw.
- Dominic DeNucci defeated Johnny Rodz.
- Nikolai Volkoff defeated Frank Williams.
- Bulldog Brower defeated Special Delivery Jones.
- WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund defeated Greg Valentine when guest referee Haystacks Calhoun stopped the match due to Valentine's bleeding.
- Hussein Arab defeated Jose Estrada.
- WWF Tag Team Champions Johnny & Jerry Valiant defeated Steve Travis & Gorilla Monsoon when Johnny pinned Travis.
- Tito Santana defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna.
- WWF North American Heavyweight Champion Ted DiBiase fought Jimmy Valiant to a curfew draw.

1980 - World Class Championship Wrestling ran Fort Worth, Texas at Will Rogers Coliseum featuring the following results:

Mr. Hito defeated Ted Heath
Gary Young defeated Johnny Boyd
Sweet Brown Sugar defeated Mr. Sakurada
Johnny Valiant defeated Bruiser Brody by disqualification
Mark Lewin and David Von Erich defeated Gino Hernandez and Gary Hart

1981 - WWF ran Middletown, NY at the High School with the following results:

The Carolina Kid & Farmer Jerome defeated Sky Low Low & Kid Chocolate in a midget tag bout
SD Jones defeated Frank Savage
The Great Yatsu defeated the Hangman
Angelo Mosca defeated Dominic DeNucci
WWF Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales defeated Killer Khan via countout

1982-  Tiger Mask defeated the Black Tiger to win the WWF Jr. Heavyweight Title in Tokyo, Japan/

1982 - WWF ran White Plains, NY at the Westchester County Center, featuring:

Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Barry Hart
Swede Hanson defeated Frank Williams
Rick McGraw defeated Johnny Rodz
Blackjack Mulligan defeated Steve Travos
Ivan Putski defeated Greg Valentine
Tony Atlas defeated Adrian Adonis
WWF IC Champion Pedro Morales defeated the Black Demon

1982 - WWF ran Hebron, CT with the following results:

Laurent Soucie defeated Fred Marzino
Jimmy Snuka defeated Tony Garea
WWF Tag Team Champions Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito defeated Pete Sanchez & Steve King
WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Bob Orton Jr.

1983 - Chavo Guerrero defeats Ultra Seven in a tournament final for the vacant NWA International Junior Heavyweight Title in Tenryu, Japan, beginning his third reign.

1983 - Bob Brown & Buzz Tyler won a tournament final for the vacant NWA Central States Tag Team Title in Kansas City, Kansas.

1983 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Norfolk, Virginia, headlined by Rufus R. Jones defeating Jake Roberts and NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeating NWA U.S. Champion Greg Valentine

1984 - WWF ran Baltimore, MD at the Civic Center with the following results:
Butcher Vachon defeated Steve Lombardi
Jose Luis Rivera & Pete Sanchez defeated Tony Colon & Israel Matia
Bobo Brazil defeated Ron Shaw
Sika defeated Akira Maeda
WWF IC Champion Tito Santana defeated Samula
Ivan Putksi defeated Afa
Roddy Piper defeated Rocky Johnson
The Iron Sheik defeated Bob Backlund via countout

1984 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Greenville, SC with the following results:
The Assassin defeated Angelo Mosca Sr.
NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard defeated Dusty Rhodes
Jimmy Valiant defeated Adrian Street
NWA U.S. Champion Ricky Steamboat defeated Dick Slater

1984 -  WWF ran Cincinnati, OH at theCincinnati Gardens featuring the following:
Terry Daniels defeated Larry Kean
Tony Garea defeated Mr. Fuji
Rene Goulet defeated Billy Travis
Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Tiger Chung Lee
Paul Orndorff defeated SD Jones
Don Muraco defeated Salvatore Bellomo
Jimmy Snuka defeated Greg Valentine
Sgt. Slaughter defeated David Schultz

1985 - In Orlando, Florida, Hercules Hernandez defeats Brian Blair to win the Florida version of the NWA Southern Heavyweight Title.

1985 - WWF ran Miami, FL, featuring in the following:
The Spoiler defeated Swede Hanson
The Missing Link defeated Aldo Marino
Bret Hart defeated Rick McGraw
The Junkyard Dog defeated Jim Neidhart
Ivan Putski defated Jesse Ventura via disqualification
Big John Studd defeated George Wells
Tito Santana defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Greg Valentine in a non-title taped fist match

1985 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Greensboro, NC at the Coliseum featuring:

Sam Houston defeated Joel Deaton
Buddy Landell defeated Denny Brown
NWA World Tag Team Champions Ivan & Nikita Koloff defeated Rocky Kernodle & Pat Tanaka
NWA World Champion Ric Flair & Jimmy Valiant defeated Superstar Billy Graham & the Barbarian
NWA World TV Champion Tully Blanchard defeated NWA U.S. Champion Magnum TA via disqualification

1985 - WWF ran Toronto, Ontario in the Maple Leaf Gardens featuring:
Joey War Eagle fought Johnny V to a double countout at 12:31 when both men began brawling on the floor
George Steele defeated Matt Borne via submission with the flying hammerlock at 5:05
Barry O pinned Don Kolov at 8:45 with a forearm from the middle turnbuckle following a running powerslam
Bob Orton defeated Jimmy Snuka via count-out at 10:11 when Snuka knocked Orton back inside the ring just before the referee's 10-count.  After the match, Snuka cleared Orton from the ring
Paul Orndorff defeated Ken Patera (with Bobby Heenan) via disqualification at 10:33 when Bob Orton Jr. interfered; after the bout, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo made the save for Orndorff
Ricky Steamboat pinned Brutus Beefcake (with Johnny V) with a roll up from behind at 14:27 as Beefcake argued with the referee after he thought he had won the match but Steamboat's foot was on the ropes
WWF Women's Champion Wendi Richter pinned the Fabulous Moolah at 12:41 after reversing a powerslam from the apron into an inside cradle
Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham defeated WWF Tag Team Champions the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff via countout at 12:42 when the champions left ringside; there were two referees for the match

1986 - WWF ran Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Mecca featuring the following results:

King Tonga & Sivi Afi (substituting for Danny Spivey) defeated the Moondogs
David Sammartino defeated Paul Christy
Paul Orndorff defeated Bob Orton.
The Iron Sheik defeated Lanny Poffo
George Steele defeated Rene Goulet
Nikolai Volkoff defeated Cpl. Kirchner
Tito Santana defeated WWF Intercontinental champion Randy Savage by disqualification

1986 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Greenville, SC with the following results:

The Italian Stallion defeated Thunderfoot
Baron Von Raschke defeated Rocky Kernodle
Don Kernodle defeated Black Bart via disqualification
NWA World Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express, Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey defeated Manny Fernandez & Hector Guerrero
Wahoo McDaniel defeated Jimmy Garvin in a Texas Death Match
Dusty Rhodes & The Rock N' Roll Express defeated NWA World Champion Ric Flair, NWA National Heavyweight Champion Tully Blanchard & NWA TV Champion Arn Anderson in an elimination match

1987 - The Rock N' Roll Express defeat Manny Fernandez & Rick Rude for the NWA World Tag Team Title... or do they? Rude and Fernandez were the reigning champions, when Rude left for the WWF. On some of the NWA syndicated TV shows, it was announced that Rude was injured, and being replaced on the championship team by Ivan Koloff. However, Fernandez then left the NWA, so a "phantom" title change was created. The NWA claimed on television that the Rock N' Roll Express won the belts in Spokane, Washington on this date from Rude & Fernandez, and then aired footage of "the match". In truth, they just aired the ending of an old match where the Rock N' Roll Express won and claimed it was the title change.

1987 - Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Iron Sheik were arrested together on charges of drug possession after they were pulled over by police on the New Jersey Turnpike en route to a WWF card in Asbury Park, NJ.  The two wrestlers, who were feuding at the time, were pulled over when a trooper saw Duggan drinking a can of beer while driving. Duggan was charged with possession of marijuana and drinking alcohol while driving. The Iron Sheik was charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana. Duggan would receive a conditional discharge, while Sheik was put on probation for a year.

The pair eventually made it to the WWF event and worked it without telling WWE management about the arrest.  When the arrests broke in the media, with the media paying far closer attention to the idea that two wrestlers feuding with each other were riding in the same car, WWF fired them both.  Duggan would return a few months later, while Sheik would be not return for several years.

Believe it or not, The Iron Sheik actually gave an interview months later where, in an attempt to maintain kayfabe, claimed that he didn't have a driver's license in the U.S. and the WWF forced him to travel with Duggan to the show.  In his 2012 autobiography, Duggan claimed that Sheik was stuck at the airport and asked for a ride.   It was the first and only time they ever traveled together.

1987 - WWF ran Flint, Michigan at The Sports Arena, featuring:

Outback Jack defeated Steve Lombardi
Ron Bass defeated SD Jones
The Islanders defeated Don Muraco & Bob Orton.
The Can-Am Connection, Rick Martel & Tom Zenk defeated Kamala & Sika
Brutus Beefcake defeated Johnny V.
WWF Tag Team Champions The Hart Foundation, Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart defeated The British Bulldogs, Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid in a steel cage match

1989 - Eric Embry defeats Super Zodiac (Gary Young) to win the WCWA Texas Heavyweight Title in Dallas, Texas, beginning Embry's second reign.

1989 - WWF ran Peterborough, Ontario at the Memorial Centre, featuring the following results:

Tim Horner pinned Barry Horowitz
The Honkytonk Man defeated Hillbilly Jim
Bret Hart fought Mr. Perfect to a draw
Dino Bravo pinned Hercules Hernandez
The Genius pinned Jim Powers
Big John Studd & King Jim Duggan defeated Andre the Giant & Haku

1990 - Pierroth, Jr. & Besita Salvaje defeat Angel Azteca & Atlantis for the Mexico National Tag Team Title in Puebla, Mexico.

1990 - WWF ran Emmitsburg, MD at The Knott Arena featuring the following results:
Paul Diamond pinned Jim Powers
Koko B. Ware defeated Black Bart
Akeem pinned Hillbilly Jim with a splash
The Warlord pinned Tito Santana
The Rockers, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated the Orient Express via count-out
Brutus Beefcake defeated the Genius via submission with the sleeper
Earthquake pinned Hacksaw Duggan after Jimmy Hart interfered

1990 - WWF ran Auburn Hills, MI at the Palace with the following results:

Tugboat defeated the Brooklyn Brawler
WWF Tag Team Champion Demolition Smash fought Bret Hart to a double disqualification
Jake Roberts defeated Bad News Brown
Mr. Perfect defeated Hercules
Rick Martel defeated Ron Garvin
Sensational Sherri defeated Sapphire
Dusty Rhodes defeated Randy Savage

1991 - WWF ran Yakima, Washington with the following results:

IRS pinned Jimmy Snuka
Bret Hart pinned the Barbarian
The Warlord fought Kerry Von Erich to a double countout
Road Warrior Animal pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Jerry Saggs
Greg Valentine pinned Crush
The Big Bossman pinned the Mountie
The Ultimate Warrior defeated the Undertaker via disqualification

1992 - WWF ran Tucson, AZ at the Convention Center featuring:
Kato defeated Dale Wolfe (Dusty Wolfe)
Rick Martel pinned Tito Santana
Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware defeated the Nasty Boys via countout
Crush defeated Repo Man
The Legion of Doom defeated the Beverly Brothers
WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart pinned Shawn Michaels
The Ultimate Warrior pinned Papa Shango

1993 - WWF ran Kitchener, Ontario at the Memorial Auditorium, featuring:
Virgil defeated Damien Demento
Papa Shango defeated Tito Santana
Bob Backlund defeated Blake Beverly
Yokozuna defeated Jim Duggan
The Headshrinkers defeated the Smoking Gunns
Mr. Perfect defeated Shawn Michaels
Bret Hart defeated Lex Luger via disqualification

1993 - WWF ran Brockville, Ontario at Memorial Centre with:
Tatanka defeated Razor Ramon
Doink the Clown defeated Crush
Owen Hart defeated Terry Taylor
The Undertaker defeated Giant Gonzalez
WWF Tag Team Champions Money Inc., Ted Dibiase & IRS defeated Rick & Scott Steiner

1995 - IWGP World Champion Great Muta pinned Steve Austin with a backbreaker and the moonsault after Austin kicked out of a cover following a hurricanrana off the top at a New Japan Pro Wrestling event at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

1995 - WWF ran Calgary, Alberta at the Corral featuring:
Techno Team 2000 defeated Tom Prichard & Mantaur (substituting for Jimmy Del Rey)
Jean Pierre Lafitte defeated Virgil
Hakushi defeated Doink the Clown
Tatanka defeated Man Mountain Rock
Skip defeated Barry Horowitz
Razor Ramon defeated WWF Intercontinental champion Jeff Jarrett via disqualification
Jacob & Eli Blu defeated the New Headshrinkers
Bret Hart pinned Psycho Sid

1996 - The worst technical disaster in wrestling Pay-per-view history took place at the WWF In Your House VIII: "Beware Of Dog" event in Florence, South Carolina. After the opening match of Marc Mero defeating Hunter Hearst Helmsley, a massive thunderstorm knocked out power to the building, and fans across the country got to watch a blue screen for the next hour or so, with Vince McMahon briefly appearing (thanks to an emergency generator) to explain the situation. The power was restored in time to show the main event, which saw WWF Champion Shawn Michaels battle Davey Boy Smith to a no-contest. WWF, at great expense, held a "make up" Pay-per-view two days later, holding the other three advertised matches live and re-airing the Mero-HHH and HBK-Smith matches. It should be noted that the live crowd were treated to matches during the blackout, with emergency lights used to light the building.

Here are the results of the show:

- The Smoking Gunns defeated WWF Tag Team Champions The Godwinns to win the championship.  This match aired on the Free-For-All.
- Bob Holly defeated Isaac Yankem.  This match aired on the Free-For-All.
- Marc Mero defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley by blocking a Pedigree and catapulting Helmsley over the turnbuckles and into the ringpost.
- Savio Vega defeated Steve Austin in a strap match.  This match was only seen in the arena due to the power outage.
- Yokozuna defeated Vader.  This match was only seen in the arena due to the power outage.
- WWF Intercontinental Champion Goldust defeated The Undertaker.  This match was only seen in the arena due to the power outage.
- Jake Roberts defeated Justin Bradshaw. This match was only seen in the arena due to the power outage, and was never scheduled for the PPV.
- WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels vs. Davey Boy Smith ended in a double pin after Shawn Michaels gave Smith a German suplex, and both men had their shoulders on the mat for the three count.   The power outage ended during this match, leading to an obviously angered Michaels loudly complaining in the ring about the situation.

Dark Matches after the PPV went off the air:
- Ahmed Johnson defeated Jerry Lawler. .
- Ultimate Warrior defeated Owen Hart.  

1997 - WCW Monday Nitro  drew a 3.1 for the first hour and a 3.4 for the second, averaging out at a 3.25.  The taping, held in Nashville, TN at the Municipal Auditorium, featured:

Juventud Guerrera & Hector Garza & Super Calo defeated La Parka & Damien 666 & Ciclope at 6:25 when Garza pinned Ciclope with a powerbomb and reverse somersault splash
Psychosis pinned Alex Wright at 4:09 with a legdrop off the top
Wrath pinned Mark Starr at 2:34 with a uranage
Konnan defeated Villano IV via submission with the Tequilla Sunrise at 3:10
The Great Muta (with Sonny Onoo) fought Masahiro Chono to a no contest when Muta sprayed mist into Onoo's face and revealed he had joined the nWo
The Barbarian pinned Jim Powers at 3:18; after the bout, Chris Benoit appeared and challenged Barbarian to a match the following week
The Giant defeated Rick Fuller, Jerry Flynn, & Johnny Swinger in a handicap match at 2:16 after hitting the chokeslam on all three
Harlem Heat defeated Jeff Jarrett & Steve McMichael (with Debra) at 10:07 when Jarrett was pinned after McMichael, seeing Kevin Greene was commentating the match, walked out

A dark match held before the taping saw Chris Benoit defeated Joey Maggs.

1997 - Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin defeat Owen Hart and The British Bulldog to win the WWF Tag Team Titles at RAW is WAR in Evansville, Indiana.  Raw scored a 2.275 in the first hour and went up a full point in the second, averaging a 2.775.  Complete results of the taping saw:

The Legion of Doom defeated Brian Pillman & Jim Neidhart via disqualification at 4:24 when Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith interfered as Pillman was set up for the Doomsday Device; after the bout, Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin made the save before brawling with one another
D-Lo Brown  pinned Bob Holly at 3:09 with a Tiger Bomb
KOTR Quarter-Finals: Jerry Lawler pinned Goldust at 5:19 with his feet on the ropes; after the match, Goldust knocked Lawler all the way down the ramp
Rocky Maivia pinned Flash Funk at 3:34 with a crossbody off the top after the Headbangers came ringside, with one of them hitting Funk with his boombox
Ahmed Johnson pinned Vader with a spinebuster at 3:05; had Vader won, he would have earned Ahmed's spot in the KOTR tournament; Ken Shamrock did guest commentary for the match
Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/ Chyna) pinned Rockabilly (w/ the Honkytonk Man) at 3:16 with the Pedigree after Chyna blocked Honky's interference and hit him with his own guitar
Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith to win the titles at 13:25 when Austin pinned Smith after Michaels hit the superkick behind the referee's back; after the bout, Austin grabbed his title belt and left ringside to attack Bret Hart on the ramp while Smith, Owen, Brian Pillman, and Jim Neidhart attacked Michaels inside the ring; during the bout, Bret, Pillman, and Neidhart watched on from the ramp; if the champions had won, they would defend the titles as scheduled against the Legion of Doom at the King of the Ring but if the challengers won then they would defend against the LOD the following week.

In other bouts at the taping, Jesse Jammes defeated Steven Dunn in a dark match.

WWE Shotgun results::
Phinneas Godwinn (w/ Henry Godwinn) fought Blackjack Bradshaw (w/ Blackjack Windham) to a double count-out
The Headbangers defeated Flash Funk & Rocky Maivia via disqualification when Maivia used the Headbangers' boombox as a weapon
Tony Williams pinned Scott Taylor by reversing a roll up

A dark match after the taping ended saw Farooq, Savio Vega & Crush defeated WWF World Champion the Undertaker, Vader, & Mankind (w/ Paul Bearer) when Farooq pinned Vader with a roll up

1998 - WWF ran Moncton, Ontario at the Coliseum featuring the following results:
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku defeated Brian Christopher with a roll up
Kurrgan defeated D-Lo Brown with the Paralyzer
The Headbangers defeated the Quebecars
Bradshaw pinned Marc Mero with the lariat
The Undertaker defeated Kane on a disqualification when Paul Bearer interfered
Jeff Jarrett pinned Steve Blackman with Tennessee Lee's help
Farooq defeated Owen Hart
WWF Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg & Billy Gunn defeated DOA
WWF champion Steve Austin pinned WWF European Champion Triple H.  Dude Love was the special time keeper but left ringside after being beat up by the champion early on

1998 - WCW ran Memphis, TN at the Mid-South Coliseum featuring:

Ernest Miller defeated Yuji Nagata
The Barbarian defeated Kenny Kaoas
Konnan defeated Hugh Morrus
Davey Boy Smith defeated Robbie Rage
WCW U.S. Champion Bill Goldberg defeated Perry Saturn
Lex Luger defeated the Giant
Sting defeated Bret Hart

1999 - WCW ran Savannah, GA at the Civic Center, featuring the following results:
Juventud Guerrera defeated Blitzkrieg
Vampiro defeated Lash Laroux
Stevie Ray & Brian Adams defeated Fit Finlay & Dave Taylor
Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Hak (Sandman) in a hardcore match
Jim Duggan defeated Bobby Duncum Jr.
Buff Bagwell defeated Curt Hennig
WCW World Champion Kevin Nash defeated Randy Savage via disqualification

2000 - The Necro Butcher defeats Canyon for the vacant NWA Texas Hardcore Title in North Richland Hills, Texas, beginning his third reign. Also, at the same show, Rodney Begnaud (Rodney Mack) defeats Mike Fox to win his third NWA Texas Heavyweight Title.

2000 - Extreme Championship Wrestling ran Toledo, Ohio at the Seagate Convention Center, taping ECW on TNN.  The taping featured the debut of former WCW star Tony Mamaluke, who would remain with ECW until the company closed in 2001.  Mike Johnson filed the following live report:

Extreme Championship Wrestling taped "ECW on TNN" on Saturday 5/26 from the Seagate Convention Center in Toledo, Ohio.

In the opening contest, Los Angeles' Shawn "Shocker" Evans took on Miami's Jorge Estrada. Estrada started out working over Evans' arm. Evans came back with a powerslam. Estrada vaulted off the ropes with a bodypress. Evans hit a Russian legsweep for a two count, then drilled him with a short arm clothesline. He followed up with a neckbreaker. Estrada came back to hit a swinging neckbreaker of his own. He hit a modified bulldog, then went to the air with a flying bodypress for the pin.

Toledo, Ohio's hometown son, Chilly Willy came out to face Chris Hamrick.  Toledo danced to Willy's ring music, giving "The Ghetto Superstar" a tremendous reaction. Hamrick hammered Willy early, but it did not faze the big man, who hit a tremendous Belly to Belly suplex. Willy took him over with an armdrag. Hamrick hit a legdrop off the top rope but was unable to score a pinfall. Hamrick attempted to jump onto Willy, who moved, and Hamrick hit nothing but air, crashing to the concrete floor below. Willy finished him off with a suplex into a modified Michinoku Driver.

Simon Diamond made his way to the ring with his entourage, "Prodigy" Tom Marquez, Prodigette, Mitch, and the Musketeer, as well as his tag team partner, Swinger. Dastardly Danny Doring and Roadkill then made their way to the ring receiving a warm reception from Toledo. Simon then informed everyone, to their surprise, that he had a problem. His problem was Danny and Roadkill, who he insults. They don't take it well and jump Diamond and Swinger. Simon gets tossed to the floor, and Roadkill prepares to jump off the ropes, but The Prodigy shoves him off. Swinger and Diamond doubleteam Doring. Danny hits the bearback on Simon. Roadkill gets the tag and cleans house on Diamond and Swinger. Roadkill hits the dirt road slam. Mitch tries to break up the count, by kicking Roadkill and starts dancing in happiness.

Roadkill gets up unfazed and suplexes Mitch. The Prodigy and Prodigette attempt to interfere, but Roadkill hits a springboard clotheslines off the ropes on them. The Musketeer fared no better. Danny and Roadkill hit the Lancaster Lariat of Lust and the Buggy Bomb on Swinger for the pinfall.

The Muscle of the Baldies, Grimes, took on Kid Kash in the next contest.  Kash took down Grimes with Headscissors, then took to the air with a double springboard hurancanrana. The third time was not the charm for Kash going to the air, as he missed a springboard off the top rope. Grimes savagely struck with a interted running powerbomb. Grimes missed a charge in the corner, and flew over the top to the floor. Kash hit a springboard twisting senton onto Grimes in the aisle. Back in the ring, Kash hit a somersalt into a leaping hurancanrana. Grimes missed a senton off the top rope. Kash hit a victory roll for the pinfall.

DeVito and Angel hit the ring and attacked Kash, hitting him with a double flapjack. All three Baldies mugged Kash, leading to the appearance of the
Original Gangsta, New Jack, armed with his magic trash can calvacade. Kash took the distraction of Jack coming out to attack Grimes and brawl to the back with him. Jack attacked the Baldies using a fork, a crutch and other instruments of torture, then went to the top and hit the 187 off the top
rope. Jack pinned Angel and referee Mike Kehner counted the fall. Hey, this is ECW after all! Your winner, New Jack! New Jack brought a young fan into the ring to celebrate with him.

Raven made his way to a tremendous reaction then sat in the corner of the ring. Joey Styles and Joel Gertner then made their way to the ring for the
TNN opening segment. After Joey opened the show and Joel Gertner introduced himself, Joey attempted to get some "uninterrupted comments" with Raven.

Raven says that some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Justin Credible stole Raven's look, Raven's girl, and Raven's title. He says
the difference between him and Justin is that it doesn't bother Raven to be compared to Satan. Justin Credible and Francine came out, and Raven dared him to get in the ring.

The ECW World Heavyweight champion and the morose slacker began to brawl, but Justin soon nails That's Incredible and leaves Raven laying. Several officials hit the ring, but Scotty Anton, with Cyrus come out. Anton attacks Dreamer, who rolls out of the ring and brawls to the back with Credible.

Referee H.C. Loc tries to stop them and when Cyrus questions what he is doing, Loc tells him he is going to stand up to the Network, and is clubbed
from behind by Anton. Cyrus mocks Loc as Anton beats him. Cyrus tells Anton to do his gimmick and Anton begins clapping his hands. Cyrus says everyone wants to see the clap and it is a gimmick for the new century, but Toledo is not impressed. Anton and Cyrus leave "The Extreme Official" laying in the ring.

Little Guido's ring music begins and he makes his way to the ring, leading Tony Mamaluke, last seen in WCW as Joey Marinara. Mamaluke's opponent, Mikey Whipwreck then came to the ring to the serene sounds of the Sinister Minister's cackling. Mamaluke goes for a headscissors but is cut off by a Mikey clothesline. Mikey follows up with a slingshot guillotine legdrop with Mamaluke draped over the ring apron. Mikey goes for a flapjack, but Mamaluke reverses it into a DDT in midair. Mamaluke misses a corkscrew dive onto Mikey on the floor and splatters on the railing chestfirst. Mikey hits his spinning inverted butterfly powerbomb for the pin. Guido hits the ring but Mikey hits the Whippersnapper. The Minister comes in the ring, but Sal E. Graziano comes out and grabs him. Mikey tosses powder in is eyes and gets out of dodge with the Minister. In a fit of rage, the blinded Graziano grabbed Tony Mamaluke and pressed him above his head, throwing him into the crowd below.

The Dangerous Alliance of C.W. Anderson and Billy Wiles, made their way to the ring, led by Elektra and Lou E. Dangerously. Their opponents, Nova and Chris Chetti then came to the ring. Dangerously took the mic and said that everyone knows that the ECW World Tag Team championships are vacant. He asked if everyone actually wants to see Nova and Chetti as the champions, and the crowd cheered.

Lou E. says that it will never happen because he is the owner, booker, and Executive Producer of Extreme Championship Wrestling, and he is a Psycho Yuppie from Scarsdale, New York.

The match began and Nova hit a bulldog on Wiles while Chetti hit a vaulting kick on Anderson. Nova leaped over Anderson and hit a plancha on Wiles. Chetti hit a sliding kick on Anderson that sent him racing all the way up the aisle. Wiles knocked Chetti to the floor and the Dangerous Alliance began doubleteaming him.

Wiles stretched Chetti with a submission move, but Nova broke it up.  Anderson pummeled Chetti in the corner while Nova yelled words of encouragement. Anderson hits a spinebuster, but misses a running charge into the corner. Nova is tagged in and hits a running neckbreaker on Anderson and a chickenwing swinging DDT out of the corner on Wiles. Chetti hits the Amityville Horror, and Nova does him one better with the Swanton bomb, for a two count. Lou E. Dangerously jumped in the ring, but Jazz hit the ring and went after him. Elektra tried to jump Jazz but Jazz caught her and powerslammed her. Jazz went after Lou again, but was superkicked by CW Anderson.

Chetti got Dangerously's phone and nailed Anderson with it. Nova hit the stunned Anderson with the Nova-caine, and that was it. A three count later, your winners are Nova and Chetti.  The ECW World Television champion Rhino, with Steve Corino made his way to the ring for his championship defense against the Hardcore Icon the Sandman, the first in a trifecta of main events. The Sandman made his grand entrance from the top of the building as the Toledo fans exploded. Sandman pointed to the entranceway, and the legendary "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes came to ringside.

The match started with the Sandman pummeling away on the monstrous Rhino.  They brawl around the ring, and a table is tossed into the ring. The Sandman tried to position it in the corner, but Rhino attacked him from behind.  Sandman came back to hit a drunkencanrana off the top rope on Rhino. Jack Victory made his way to ringside. Sandman hit a piledriver and began caning Rhino. Steve Corino and Jack Victory jumped in the ring and overpowered the Sandman. Dusty Rhodes jumped in the ring and began throwing bionic elbows as the crowd chanted his name. They overpowered Dusty and Yoshihiro Tajiri hit the ring. The brawl settled to Rhino and Tajiri who hit his trademark handspring elbow. Scotty Anton, the newest disciple of the Network hit the ring. Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso ran out to even up the odds for Extrem Championship Wresting!!

RVD hit a kick off the top rope, clearing over Scotty Anton, on Rhino. Jerry Lynn came out but it was unclear to see what his motives were and he left separately. RVD then hit the sprinting senton over the ropes to the floor on the Network. The Hardcore Heroes gathered in the ring and the Sandman asked the crowd is they wanted to see "R-V-D drink a B-E-R?" They did, so RVD, the Icon, The Japanese Buzzsaw, The American Dream, and the Manager of Champions all cracked open a few cold ones to the delight of the fans in Toledo.

"The New Fn' Show" Jerry Lynn made his way to the ring for the second main event, a World Heavyweight championship challenge against Justin Credible, with Francine. Francine was wearing a HOT red outfit. Credible took the mic at the opening bell, and tells the crowd that they are lucky a true talent and World champion like him would even grace a slum like Toledo, but he will show them what wrestling and the World championship is all about.

After some counterwrestling, both men reverse tombstone attempts, and Lynn hits headscissors on Justin. Credible lands outside the ring, Lynn follows and Irish whips him into the guardrail. Back inn the ring, Lynn cores with an enzigiri, but before he can follow up, Francine jumps on his back. He flips her over, but Credible hits him with a superkick. He beats on Lynn in the corner, then pulls him out into a Tiger Driver. Credible works Lynn over with a chinlock. Lynn comes back to hit a sunset flip, but Credible cuts him off with a sideslam. Lynn whips Credible into the corner, where he flips over to the apron. Lynn knocks him to the floor, then hits a plancha.

Lynn hits a tornado DDT off the top rope, and goes for suplex, but Credible reverses it into an inverted DDT. He positions a table in the corner, and tries to suplex Lynn into it, but Lynn reverses. After several counters, Lynn hiptosses Credible into the table, shattering it. Lynn gets several two counts but is unable to pin Credible. Lynn whips Credible out of the corner, but Justin reverses it and Lynn takes out the referee, Francine tries to interfere, but Lynn grabs her and spanks her. He sets her up for a cradle piledriver, but Justin grabs him and sets him for That's Credible. Lynn kicks up and goes for a small package but doesn't get the pin. Credible scores with That's Incredible and gets the pin. Jerry Lynn got a nice ovation as he left the Arena.

The third and final main event of the evening then took place as Balls Mahoney faced "The Whole Fn' Show" Rob Van Dam, with the Manager of Champions, Bill Alfonso. As they entered the ring, there was some Extreme Karaoke, as the Toledo fans sang along to the ring music of both men. Van Dam and Balls showed respect by shaking hands before the match.

After some counterwrestling, Rob hit a splash off the top on Balls. Balls went for a spinkick on Van Dam, but Van Dam ducked and Balls went sailing to the floor. Van Dam dove down on Balls. They battle around the ringside area.  Balls hammers RVD.  Balls goes to the top but Van Dam catches him and hits a superplex into the ring. Van Dam backflip off the ropes and dropkicks a chair into Balls' face. Van Dam hits a backflipping splash for a two count. Van Dam goes for a bodypress off the ropes but gets caught and slammed down. Balls hits a frog splash off the top rope for a two count.

Balls gets his steel chair and destroys it over the head of Rob Van Dam. He goes for a pinfall but Bill Alfonso jumps in the ring. Balls shoves him
down. This gives Van Dam a chance to recover and with Fonzie's help, he puts a chair over Balls and hits a somersalt into a senton on Balls for a two

Then battle goes to the top rope, where Balls catches Van Dam with the nutcracker suite off the top but is too spent to make the cover. He finally
does and gets a two count. Balls goes for his chair, but Bill Alfonso grabs it. Fonzie and Balls argue giving Van Dam a chance to leap to the top rope,
come off with a kick to the back of the head and score the pinfall.

Notes: Joe C of Kid Rock fame was in attendance watching the show...Dawn Marie was at the show and signed autographs.

2001 - The Messiah defeats New Jack for the XPW Heavyweight Title.

2001 - WWF ran Salt Lake City, UT with the following results:
Spike Dudley pinned Crash Holly with the Dudley Dog
Jeff Hardy pinned Billy Gunn with the Swanton
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lynn pinned Eddie Guerrero by using the middle ropes for leverage
X-Pac & Justin Credible defeated the Dudley Boyz, the Acolytes, and Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko in an elimination match
WWF European Champion Matt Hardy pinned Edge after Lita interfered
WWF Hardcore Champion the Big Show pinned Test with the chokeslam
The Undertaker pinned Kurt Angle with the chokeslam
WWF Intercontinental champion Kane pinned Rhyno with the chokeslam
WWF Tag Team Champions Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho defeated WWF World Champion Steve Austin & William Regal when Benoit pinned Austin after Jericho hit Austin with one of the tag title belts

2002 - Homicide defeats Dixie for the Jersey All Pro Heavyweight Title.

2002 - TNA began announcing timeslots for different markets on The Fox Sports Network.

2002 - WWE broadcast  Heat.  John Keane filed the following TV report:

Heat Report for 5/26/2002.

Matches taped on 5/20 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Your Announcers: Jonathan Coachman and Raven.

Show opens with the creepy Judgment Day promo package. Why?

Pyros explode, Coach and Raven welcome us in, and we get straight to work..

1st Match: D’lo Brown vs. Justin Credible.

Crowd digs D’lo, hates Justin. Circle, lockup, D’lo slaps on a side headlock, Justin elbows out. D’lo off ropes, shoulder block sends Justin down. D’lo off ropes, over Justin, off ropes again, Justin up, tries for a hiptoss, blocked, D’lo scores with hiptoss and armdrag, Justin down. D’lo applies an armbar, Justin to feet, scores with a forearm to face, breaks hold. D’lo to corner, Justin lays in boot, punch, attempts whip, reversed, Justin to corner. D’lo charges, Justin gets a leg up, D’lo catches boot, hauls Justin to center of ring, drops him to mat, D’lo scores rolling leg-whip (? Sorry, need help with names occasionally), both men up, Justin the worse for wear. Justin to ropes, D’lo in with kick, punches, whips Justin off ropes, misses with a clothesline, Justin off again, scores DDT, D’lo down. Justin lays in boot, sets D’lo in corner, lays in chop, punches, kick to kidney, D’lo down in corner. Justin scores trademark sit-down powerbomb, good for 2. Justin hits a snapmare, applies reverse chin-lock, ref goes to check on D’lo, drops the arm once, twice, stays up at 3. D’lo to feet, elbows out of hold, Justin counters with rake to eyes, D’lo to knees. Justin slams D’lo’s head into turnbuckles, kick sends him down. Justin to opposite corner, goes for baseball slide, D’lo evades, Justin crotched on ring post. Both up slowly, D’lo blocks a punch, scores one of his own, Justin down. Another punch, Justin again down and up, D’lo sends him off ropes, scores modified flapjack (thanks Raven, I appreciate you even if Coach doesn’t), Justin down. D’lo scores his famous legdrop, covers for 2. Justin to ropes, D’lo attempts whip, reversed, D’lo off ropes, swinging inverted facebuster (that name thing again) sends Justin down for 2. D’lo goes up top, Justin to feet, D’lo flies, Justin superkicks him to mat, rolls D’lo up for 2. Justin brings D’lo up, attempts whip, D’lo puts on brakes, hits the Sky High, gets the 1-2-3.

Winner: D’lo Brown. (Hey, if you know the real names of D’lo’s moves, please let me know. Always willing to learn.)

Coach and Raven spend more time arguing than calling the match. Raven also sounds sick as a dog. Break.

Back, we recap the opening segment of last weeks Raw. New Undisputed Champ The Undertaker assaulted Rob Van Dam while he was on his way to the ring. Later in the night, RVD got a shot at the belt. He appeared to get the 1-2-3, but unknown to the ref, ‘Taker had his foot on the ropes at 2. Ric Flair, aghast at such shoddy officiating, ordered the match continued. ‘Taker than hit RVD with the Last Ride in short order to retain.

Lets get back to work

2nd Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. The Bossman.

Nice pop for Tommy, hatred/boredom for Bossman. Pre-match, we see clips of Tommy doing his new ‘I’ll eat anything’ gimmick. The two circle, go to lock up, Bossman scores with a kneelift, forearms Tommy to corner. Bossman in with uppercuts, headbutt, legendary bastion of fair play and sportsmanship Referee Nick Patrick warns him off. (There’s my solitary reference to my personal hero.) Bossman whips Tommy to opposite corner, charges, scores corner splash, goes to second turnbuckle, Tommy counters with reverse Atomic Drop, clothesline, Bossman down, Tommy off the ropes, drops the elbow, covers for 2. Up, Tommy goes off ropes, ducks a clothesline, off again, Bossman scores with a shoulder, Tommy down. Bossman drags Tommy up, scores with another uppercut, Tommy staggers to corner. Bossman scores with palm to face, whips Tommy to opposite corner, Tommy to corner and down. Bossman slides out of ring, scores chop to Tommy’s face as he’s on ropes. Bossman back in, pauses to bask in crowds hatred, brings Tommy up, slaps on headlock. Tommy elbows out, goes off ropes, Bossman scores with Big Boot, Tommy down for a pair of 2-counts. Bossman slaps on another headlock, Tommy gets to feet, tries for bodyslam, Bossman too heavy, falls on top of Tommy for 2. Bossman tosses Tommy into turnbuckles, attempts whip, reversed, Bossman into corner, Tommy charges, Bossman gets both boots up to Tommy’s face. Tommy staggered, Bossman approaches, Tommy scores bodyslam out of nowhere, Bossman down and up, Tommy scores leg sweep, Bossman down, Tommy covers for 2. Tommy tries to set Bossman for Death Valley Driver, Tommy’s back seems to go out. Bossman takes quick advantage, hits Tommy with a spinebuster, gets a trio of 2-counts. Bossman argues with Nick (jackass), the 2 exchange shoves, Tommy scores the schoolboy roll-up, gets the 1-2-3.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer.

Backstage, Terri interviews Hardcore Champ Steven Richards (who looks like he’s been spending time in Hulk Hogan’s tanning booth). She asks how he likes his chances in his upcoming match, reminding him he won’t have his currently injured pal Jazz as backup. Steven appears confident and is about to go off on a rant about his opponent for the evening, Bradshaw, when the former APA member approaches from behind and greets ‘Wacko Stevie’ with a friendly slap to the back. Steven meekly attempts to hand over his belt-Bradshaw declines, says it’ll be more fun to win it. Steven is despondent. Break.

We return with recap of the closing segment of Smackdown. Hulk Hogan, defeated by ‘Taker for the Undisputed Championship at Judgment Day, attempted to announce his retirement. Mr. McMahon put the kibosh on that, stating that he had a signed contract that would keep the Hulkster working for him until he leaves in a box. Vince continued to talk smack until Hogan announced he’d postpone his retirement until after he’d kicked Vince’s butt. Hulk then laid into Vince, save made by The Undertaker. Break.

WWE Rewind: Last week on Raw, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler gets a countout victory over Raven.

Coach tries to discuss the above with his broadcast partner. Raven WAY pissed, even refuses to read the spots. Back to the ring…

3rd Match: Shawn Stasiak vs. Spike Dudley.

Decent pop for Spike, not many people looking to hitch a ride to Planet Stasiak. Shawn attacks as Spike enters, laying in kicks and punches. Shawn whips Spike off ropes, goes for back body drop, Spike rolls over, rolls Shawn up for a quick 2. Up, Spike lays in chops, tries for whip, reversed, Spike to corner. Shawn charges, takes a boot to face. Spike to second rope, tries for flying clothesline, appears to injure shoulder, both men down. Shawn up quickly, in with kick, forearm, he brings Spike up, scores gutbuster, covers for 2. Both up, Spike in with chops, goes off ropes, Shawn scores with flying reverse elbow, Spike again down. Shawn channels the Ultimate Warrior, confers with the ceiling, returns to real world, chokes Spike on ropes, gets warned off by ref. Shawn brings Spike up, scores Cordbuster (thanks again Raven), Spike again down. Shawn brings Spike up, tosses him to mat, goes to cover, gets a 1-count…then goes back to chatting with the ceiling like some kind of idiot. Spike to corner, Shawn approaches, Spike scores head to gut, Dudley Dog, 1-2-3.

Winner: Spike Dudley.

We get our Tough Enough 2 recap. Female contestant Jackie decided to work through a leg injury and stay on the show. Pete and Anni were cut. 2 males and 2 females left, season finale this Thursday after Smackdown. Break.

Back, Coach attempts to discuss Judgment Day when Raven interrupts. He hits the ring, gets on the mic, whines about his treatment and announces he’s quitting (the announce gig or the Raw roster entirely? Unknown.). He heads up the ramp and we take a break.

We get a replay of Raven’s walkout. Looks like Coach flies solo for our main event…

4th Match; For the Hardcore Title: Bradshaw vs. champ Steven Richards.

Decent heat for Steven, big pop for Bradshaw. Comedy segment to start-Steven in the ring, Bradshaw tosses in all manner of hardcore plunder, Steven tosses it right back out. Bradshaw finally tosses in a set of ring steps-Steven can barely move it. Bradshaw enters, Steven bails, chase around the ring ensues. Steven re-enters, Bradshaw follows, Steven gets in a couple of trash can lid shots to little effect. Steven off ropes into a Big Boot, yep he’s down. He tries to get up, Bradshaw keeps him on canvas with a forearm to the back and a boot to the face. Steven finally up, Bradshaw knocks him goofy with trash can lid shots. Crash Holly, ref in tow, appears at ringside. Steven down at ropes, Crash lurks outside with a Stop sign. Bradshaw brings Steven up, sends him off ropes, misses with a clothesline, Steven off again, goes for a cross body, don’t think so, Bradshaw scores his trademark fallaway slam. Steven rolls from ring, Crash comes in, charges with the Stop sign, Bradshaw nonchalantly sidesteps, Crash into ropes bashing himself in the noggin with the sign. Bradshaw scores the NONCHALANT Clothesline from Hell, Crash is sent out of ring. Steven seizes the opportunity, covers Crash, gets the 1-2-3.

Winner and Still Hardcore Champion: Steven Richards.

Post-match, Steven grabs his belt and does the ‘Feets, do yo’ stuff!’ routine. Bradshaw gives chase-Slippery Stevie apparently makes his escape.

Coach hypes tomorrow nights Raw to end the show.

In the words of Bradshaw's former partner, ‘DAMN!’. Raven added a hell of a lot to the show. I honestly can’t believe he walked away from a reasonably high-profile gig. One hint though-during the matches, he stated that Shawn, Justin, and Tommy were in desperate need of guidance and leadership. He also had some kind words for Steven after his segment with Bradshaw. I’m usually the worst at guessing booking, but I really think we have a new Flock in the works. Maybe something will develop tomorrow night.

2002 - WWE Raw ran Red Deer, Alberta in Canada.  Mitchell Spector filed the following results:

The show opened with Ric Flair announcing matches for later in the show.

Crash Holly beat Jacqueline.

Steven Richards put the Hardcore Title on the line against Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer beat him, then Raven ran down and beat Dreamer. Then, Richards won it back, and left.

William Regal beat Spike Dudley. He used the knux again.

Big Show, with help from X Pac, beat Bradshaw.

Brock Lesnar beat Bubba Ray Dudley.

Undertaker beat Rob Van Dam to retain the title.

Shawn Stasiak and D-Lo Brown beat Goldust and Justin Credible.

Trish Stratus beat Molly Holly to retain the Women's title.

Booker T. beat Matt Hardy.

Steve Austin beat Eddie Guerrero in a non title match. Austin drank a lot of beer after the match. Crowd looked to be less than 4,000.

2002 - WWE Smackdown ran Saskatoon in Canada.  Robert Bailey filed the following live report:

The show opened with not one but TWO weddings, which involved I believe to be local people. The fact that these people chose to be married in a wrestling ring is in a word, sad. Nonetheless, the segment was hilarious. First off, instead of real wedding music, they came out to the cheesy rock-and-roll wedding music from the “flash Gordon” soundtrack. Few people made that connection I’m sure, but this was absolutely hilarious. Second, we saw the only “what?” chant of the evening, and it was loud. Lance storm (who was the best man, oddly enough), was trying desperately to restrain his laughter as the fans shouted “WHAT”” after every line. Serves them right for getting married in the middle of a ring.

Match 1- Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. The Hurricane (cruiserweight belt):

Tajiri came out to a great pop, Chavo… not so much, and the hurricane came out to an AMAZING pop! Of course, this was the opening match and the novelty of actually seeing the superstars was fresh (the WWF has not been here for a long time, and not since the WWF was not exactly the most popular thing going back in 1996/1997.) The match was good, but sweetened by the fact that the crowd popped for EVERY move, I mean every move. Started off slow with Tajiri being knocked out and Chavo and hurricane going at it, but once Tajiri got back in the mix there was a lot of double team between Chavo and Tajiri, which got good heat. It ended with the Anarchy Rulz ’99 Tajiri spot with Tajiri kicking hurricane, who is being held up by Chavo, and then kicking Chavo instead of hurricane the second time around. Some fans chanted for the vertebraker, which I find incredible. Hurricane nearly hit a double chokeslam spot. Match ended with hurricane hitting a chokeslam on Tajiri. Hurricane’s pop was amazing.

Winner: Hurricane

Match 2 – Christian vs. Funaki :

Initially, Christian got a huge ovation, but he got cheap heat by insulting Regina, saying it was the pimple on the butt of Canada and whatnot. This got him A LOT of heat. I couldn’t believe just how much heat he got after this. (some of the more rowdy crowd members were saying things I can’t repeat). Funaki got a fair pop, but only because he interrupted Christian. This was a fairly decent match, with lots of comedy. Much of the comedy was the same stuff we always see on TV between these two, so I don’t need to elaborate. Funaki very nearly messed up a tornado DDT and it looked really awkward. Christian got the pin.

Winner: Christian

Match 3 – Test vs. Maven:

Test got a good pop. He is well-liked. Maven got a mixed pop. Some fans obviously didn’t like him. Regina really has a thing for calling people gay. in EVERY match, at least one person of called gay, faggot, homo, etc. It’s like the ultimate insult or something? This match was the typical test fare, with test not doing too much except for a few impressive power moves, which stove the show. MAVEN KICKED OUT OF THE PUMP-HANDLE SLAM which I find unbelievable. In the end, Test got the win with a big boot.

Winner: Test

Match 4 – Billy and Chuck vs. Val Venis and Randy Orton:

Billy and chuck came out acting much gayer than on TV. Crowd was really into Venis and Orton. I could hear many people discussing Orton, and all of it was positive. I think the kid has serious potential. Orton and Venis put on B & C’s headband and started to act gay/ B & C got a lot of heat by refusing to wrestle at first, and nearly being counted out. The match was very hot the whole way through, with an incredible number of gay spots. Regina is very anti-gay I think, because the crowd reaction was great. Chuck started off with a gutwrench on Venis, and it looked very much like…. Er yeah, ahem. Billy then got into the as did Orton, with Billy really getting his hands all over Orton’s ass at one point. if I were gay, I would have felt very uncomfortable at the things being yelled by the fans. Orton was very old school during this part of the match. Venis got back in and was isolated for a while, but made a hot tag to Orton later. Chuck hit his belly-to-belly and it looked great. They did this hilarious spot where Billy was against the turnbuckle, and chuck was thrown against him, then they were repeatedly pounded by Venis and Orton charging against them. Chuck became dizzy and fell to his knees, then Billy became dizzy and, well let’s say the end result looked really wrong. Wrong, but very funny. They don’t do anywhere near this much on TV. Randy Orton got the win with a rollup out of nowhere, which was unexpected and didn’t come across well. B & C attacked Orton and Venis after the match.

Winner: Randy Orton and Big Valboski

Match 5 – Lance storm vs. Hardcore Holly;

This was put over as a “U.S. vs. Canada challenge”. Hardcore came out and cut a heel promo, but you couldn’t hear what he was saying because of the HEAT. The crowd was very pro-lance, but even more anti-holly. Holly didn’t have to do anything to get incredible heat. The crowd was more negative than positive in this match. There were far more “U.S. sucks” chants than “Canada” chants, which I find amusing. Overall the match itself was good, but I expected better. Lance storm got the win with a superkick. Overall the crowd was more alive for this match than any other, and that is hard to do because it was a very hot crowd throughout. Lance was 100% face and the crowd loved him.

Winner: Lance Storm

There was an intermission at this point.

Match 6 – D-von & Leviathan & Albert vs Hugh Morris & Billy Kidman & Mark Henry:

D-von had a “sermon” to read to us before the match started. Albert looks good when the lights are turned down, he comes across much better than he does on TV. Hugh Morris got an unexpectedly noticeable pop. I was disappointed with the pop Billy Kidman got, however, and there were some who didn’t realize who it was at first. Part of the reason was because he was wearing blue tights that were shorter (Speedo sized) and so lots didn’t pick up right away. Also, there were quite a few in a crowd who though Hugh Morris was D’lo Brown. (???). Mark Henry was over. The match was what you would expect. Overall quite decent. One low point was that when Billy was in the ring, they did a string of about 6 rest spots, and the crowd got tried of clapping for Kidman after about the 3rd or 4th one. Hugh Morris is amazingly charismatic, it’s weird. Mark Henry and Albert did a test of strength spot, and mark Henry slammed Albert which looked really impressive. I think Mark Henry is a great sports entertainer, It confuses me that so many smarks hate him so much. His offense comes across as very believable, unlike Hogan's or Nash's, etc. Crowd was into this match, expect when Kidman was in there with Albert, they were dead at that time. D-von hit Morris (think it was Morris) with the collection box. Match ended when Henry slammed Albert in a corner and Kidman hit the shooting star press. The Shooting star press got the absolute hugest and most insane pop of the night. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I could barley see the move because every camera in the arena and then some went off at the same time. The pop for this move was deafening, every stood up, and they knew it was coming. This move is OVER. Overall a good match.

Winner: Kidman & Henry & Morris

Match 7 – Chris Jericho vs. Edge:

Some confusion at this point because it was supposed to be edge vs. Kurt angle in a no-DQ and then HHH vs. Jericho in a steel cage. Fans were confused and pissed off that this was not the case. Chants of “where’s the cage” took off for the remainder of the evening. Chris Jericho came out to a HUGE pop. He cut a promo against Regina and for himself (usual living legend stuff), which got great heat. He was very good at turning the crowd against him. Again, many “homo” and “you suck ****” chants from some of the more vocal fans. Jericho’s heat was very good. Out comes Edge, to an even more amazing pop, man this guy was over. He suggested that “Y2J” was not a good thing to call Jericho, and that “Y2gay” would be better. Boy, did the fans ever agree!!!!! “Y2gay” chants were abound throughout this match, and Jericho really worked the crowd. One notable thing is that Jericho ripped off his shirt and tossed it to the mat before the match. Edge took the shirt and threw it to the crowd, one piece going to the middle of the crowd, the other landing right outside the barricade. There was a huge fight for the shirt, and it was hilarious. The entire crowd, Y2J and edge all looked on astonishment as about 10 little kids beat up a teenager for the shirt, then fought for it amount themselves for like 4 minutes. Eventually Chris Jericho exited the ring to try and yell at the kids or something. A security guard took the shirt from the kids, which got huge heat. Not wanting to be booed, he gave it back, then the kids started fighting again. :P it was truly an unusual thing to see. Edge and Jericho were both laughing their assess off. In any event, the match was about as good as could be expect for a 5 minute affair between edge and Jericho, meaning that it was good, not great. Jericho played the heel wonderfully without cheating. Good near falls that had the crowd going. Y2J kicked out of the impaler/edgcutioner/edge-o-matic or whatever the hell you call it. The liontamer got a great pop. This was the only match with a ref bump. With the ref down, Jericho grabbed a steel chair. Him grabbing the chair got the second hugest pop of the evening, because everyone wanted to see a chair is used, and he was the first person to do so. Edge counted the attempted chair shot with a spear, (which also got a good pop) but the ref was down. In the end Chris Jericho got the pin with a breakdown with his foot on the ropes. Edge attacked him with a chair to the ribs afterwards, but no stiff chairshot. Edge sat on the chair in the middle of the ring for a while afterwards.

Winner: Jericho

Next was the Smackdown swimsuit challenge. Normally, I hate this crap, but DAMN Stacy and Torrie are F’n hot in person!!!! Ai ai ai. Some very, VERY crude and disgusting things being said by the people sitting behind me (I won’t repeat). It was at this time that I held up my “I came to see Benoit” sign. The challenge was between Stacy, Torrie and Ivory. Ivory gave and RTCish lecture, before Torrie and Stacy ripped off her bathrobe. Her bikini slipped and her bare breast was exposed. Crowd went ballistic. Ivory ran off and looked very legit embarrassed. Now, the real challenge. First, Stacey Keibler. Drool. Torrie was next, stripping her pretty pink robe. Egad she’s hot. Crowd legit cheered for Torrie more. Stacy attacked Torrie after. Torrie came back and ended up on top – literally. Meow. Anyway, now that that crap is over, it’s time for the main event.

MAIN EVENT – Triple H vs. Kurt Angle;

Kurt angle was loved and adored by the fans of Regina. Of course, they all chanted you suck. Funny how they loved and hated him at the same time, but I think everyone feels that way with angle (except the smarks, who simply love him). Kurt came out with his wig on, and looked goofy. Angle looked directly at my sign and clearly saw it, even smiled a little which made me feel good. My sign read “Olympic Hero, it’s true it’s true, I’ve got gold, how ‘bout you?” It was a great, stylish sign that everybody loved. In any case, HHH came out to a huge pop. Much of the crowd was rambling about the absence of the steel cage. The match was very good, with all the usual HHH and Angle spots. HHH kicked out of the Olympic slam, which surprised the crowd. This was the 3rd time that someone kicked out of a finisher tonight, which I find weird. The funniest spot came when HHH went to pull down angle’s tights and leave him with just a thong, as he has done on TV, but accidentally pulled down the thong as well, leaving angle with NOTHING!!! Fortunately, only in the rear, no salami (thank god). The icing on the cake was when Kurt was trying to pull his tights back up, HHH tore off Angle’s wig, revealing his bald head. I think He must have shaved his head again because his hair hadn’t grown back at all and it doesn’t take long for noticeable hair to appear (a 5’o clock shadow on your head) Maybe I’m wrong. In any event. Angle got the pedigree with a bald head and a bare ass.

Winner: HHH

After the match, HHH posed in the ring for a few minuets.

Overall, it was a great show. I don’t go to a lot of these (obviously) so I had a great time. One thing to note is that originally it was going to be edge vs. angle in a no-DQ match and Y2J vs. HHH in a steel cage. Why did they change it? In any case, the crowd was somewhat pissed and I can’t say I blame them. The WWE promised a cage, and we didn’t get it. As far as that goes, I was disappointed. I guess they would have trouble setting up the cage (though they should not have advertised that match), but there was no reason not to have a no-DQ match. The crowd desperately wanted to see steel chairs and whatnot, but they did not get too. Some very hot girls stole the attention form the show at one point, as they ran around the ring.

The show was in no way a sellout, Which I find very surprising. While the majority of the rear row cheap seats were full, there were a very large number of middle-priced seats empty. The tickets cost far too much considering the city. I am quite sad to report that only about 85-90% of the seats were full.

Biggest pop: 
1. HHH
2. Hurricane
3. Edge
4. Jericho
5. Lance Storm

Biggest heat:
1. Hardcore Holly
2. Y2J
3. Billy and chuck
4. Christian
5. Angle (who got a good pop too)

2003 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Tim Whitehead filed the following TV report:

The 5/26 edition of RAW IS AN INEVITABLE FLAIR HEEL TURN aired live from Mobile. I do wish they had let Ric Flair remain a babyface for his match against Shawn Michaels, but the past twenty years have seen many Flair babyface runs cut too short by an abrupt heel turn. Other than that, I liked the show, and I think they're building their first RAW PPV very well.

The show opened with footage of last week's confrontation and match between Flair and Triple H.

"Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels came down to the ring. He immediately introduced Flair, calling him the greatest world champion of all time. HBK bowed to Flair as the crowd chanted "Nature Boy". HBK told Flair that he represents everything that's great about the wrestling business. He added that the Nature Boy is the reason he wanted to be a wrestler, and again mentioned the promo Flair did fifteen years ago which inspired him to try to be the best. HBK fought back tears as he said he spent his whole career trying to reach Flair's level. Flair looked very emotional as HBK spoke. HBK said that he once thought he had become as great as Flair, but that Flair's performance last week against HHH showed that the Nature Boy is still the greatest there is. HBK asked Flair for a match, saying he wants to test himself against the greatest to see if he matches up. Flair, all choked up, said he passed the torch to HBK years ago and that HBK reached new heights and set new standards. He accepted HBK's match challenge, saying it would be an honor to wrestle him. This brought HHH out. HHH ridiculed Flair and HBK for their "mutual admiration society". He told Flair that it was he (HHH) who revived Flair's career six months ago when he took him on as his manager. He put Flair over as a kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin', limousine ridin', jet flyin' son of a gun, and agreed that Flair took him to the limit last week, but warned Flair not to bite the hand that feeds him. Flair responded by putting HHH over as the current champ, which he said proves he's the best there is right now, but added that he was tired of being subservient to HHH. HHH grew furious and called Flair an "old bastard", warning him that dire consequences will befall him if he turns against him. At this point, Eric Bischoff came out on the ramp top. He called Flair, HHH, and HBK the three biggest egos in the business. He liked the idea of a Flair vs. HBK match, but said it was too good to waste on Mobile, Alabama. So he announced that it will take place on the next PPV, called (ahem) "Eric Bischoff Presents Bad Blood". For the main event in Mobile, Bischoff ordered a Flair & HBK vs. HHH handicap match. This infuriated HHH, and drew a face pop. It also was enthusiastically endorsed by Jim Ross. In fact, it was seemingly a babyface ruling, and Bischoff was presented as a kinder, gentler guy for much of the show. Of course, given the outcome, it wasn't really a babyface ruling. HBK was being set up. The interaction between Flair and HBK in this segment was great.

JR & Jerry Lawler announced a poll on Apparently this will now be a weekly feature. This week's poll asked if Goldberg would spear Chris Jericho later on the Highlight Reel segment.

Booker T defeated Test in 5:20. It was announced that Booker will get a shot at Christian's IC Title at Bad Blood. Stacy Keibler came out with Test, and it was reported that she has decided to manage Test and Scott Steiner as separate singles wrestlers since they don't get along as a team. That means they'll end up fighting one another and she'll have to choose sides. Booker started off with chops and a lariat. Lawler said Booker's high school was so dangerous that its school paper ran obituaries. Test dropped Booker across the ropes. Test put the boots to Booker and lariated him. Booker came back with hard chops and a suplex. Booker hit some kicks, including a missile kick. Test bumped out. Booker went for a baseball slide, but Test shoved Stacy in front of him so she took the blow. Both JR & Lawler denounced Test over this. Test nailed Booker with the pump handle slam for a near fall. Steiner came out to help Stacy, carrying her to the back. Test was distracted by this, allowing Booker to hit the scissor kick for the pin.

HHH visited Steve Austin, whose face was all bruised and swollen. It looked like he was in some sort of accident recently. HHH asked about it and Austin said he fell in the shower. HHH started praising Austin, trying to get him to override Bischoff and cancel the handicap match. He endorsed the fine job Austin has been doing as general manager, praised his new T-shirt design, and put over his physique. Each time, Austin simply said, "The match is still on". HHH then went off on Austin, calling him trash and vowing to win the handicap match, noting that he always comes out on top in the end. Austin again said, "The match is still on". HHH stormed out.

Val Venis defeated Steven Richards in 2:28. Before the match, Venis sarcastically offered to make Victoria a platinum contract girl in his porn empire. He said her first film can be called "Victoria's Very Little Secret", in reference to Richards' alleged endowment. Trish Stratus did color commentary. She has at least one thing in common with the other female wrestlers who have tried color commentary: She isn't good at it. She blamed Victoria for busting her lip at Judgment Day. As for the match, Venis won with a spinebuster and the money shot.

Jonathan Coachman interviewed Kevin Nash about his upcoming Hell in the Cell title shot against HHH. Nash admitted that he's been a little out of control lately, but said anyone else would behave that way if their best friend turned on them. He claimed HHH is on the run, knowing that he'll lose the belt at Bad Blood. Nash concluded by expressing hope that Flair & HBK would kick HHH's ass in the handicap match.

Terri interviewed Christian. He boasted that his new haircut cost $700 and ridiculed Mobile for being named after a gas station. Goldust, who had a non-title match scheduled against Christian, came up and began doing the spasm routine. He said Christian will lose the title to Booker at Bad Blood. Christian pointed to the big C on his tights and said it stands for champion. Booker arrived and said it stands for chump, and said he'll take the IC Title in Houston, sucka!

Bischoff asked Austin what he thought of the HBK vs. Flair match he booked for Bad Blood. Austin liked it but was angry that Bischoff was calling the show "Eric Bischoff Presents Bad Blood". Austin said it should be "Steve Austin Presents". Bischoff complained that Austin was offering the PPV free to anyone in the U.S. armed forces and they argued about that. By the way, that's a nice gesture on the part of WWE. Bischoff noted that they end up arguing every week and suggested that they need to have a competition of some kind, I guess to get it out of their system. Austin wanted a match, but Bischoff quickly nixed that idea. However, they shook hands and agreed to find some form of competition for the PPV.

Hour two began with a Memorial Day celebration scheduled by Austin. Lilian Garcia kicked it off by singing "America the Beautiful". However, she barely got started before La Resistance came out, waving the French flag. They ran down the U.S. as being barbaric and claimed France is a civilized, peaceful nation. Good thing they didn't mention the name Robespierre. As expected, Austin came out. He threw Sylvan Grenier from the ring and gave Rene Dupree a stunner. He flipped both of them off as they fled. Austin then started doing a serious promo to praise those who gave their lives wearing the uniform of the U.S. military, but the "whats" made a mockery of it, so he quickly switched to talking about drinking beer. Austin admitted that he can't sing, but wanted to do an "America the Beautiful" duet with Lilian. They sang, and Austin was bad, but it came off as entertaining and honest rather than that awful cat scratching on a blackboard that we heard from Stephanie McMahon that time. Afterward, Lilian gulped down a couple of beers just like Austin, which was cool. Austin circled the ring high-fiving the fans before leaving.

Flair primed himself in front of a mirror like he did last week, letting out a "whooooo!" However, the cameras picked up a man wearing a black ski mask lurking in the background. It was made to appear that this was an assailant planning an assault on Flair, so in that sense it was a good swerve.

Goldust defeated Christian in a non-title match in 4:04. Christian started off with fists. Goldust hit a bulldog. Goldust took a hard bump out. Christian rolled him back in and choked him. Goldust scored two after a lariat. Christian scored two with a neckbreaker. The ref stopped Goldust from delivering shattered dreams. Goldust then hit a powerslam out of nowhere and scored the pin. Christian was in panic mode after the loss, grabbing the title belt and hugging it close to him like an endangered commodity as he fled.

Rodney Mack defeated Bubba Ray Dudley in 2:30. Theodore Long issued his usual five minute white boy challenge, and this time Bubba answered the call. Unlike previous weeks, Long stayed at ringside for the match, rather than doing color commentary. Bubba began scoring quick two counts on Mack, following a suplex and a Bubba bomb. Mack looked to be in trouble, but with the ref distracted, Christopher Nowinski ran in and KO'ed Bubba with his face mask. This allowed Mack to put Bubba out with the blackout. D-Von ran in for the save, but it was too late. JR & Lawler wondered aloud why a white boy like Nowinski was helping out Long & Mack.

La Resistance complained to Bischoff about Austin's "assault" on them. To smooth over their ruffled feathers, Bischoff set up a Grenier vs. Rob Van Dam flag match, with the stipulation that if Grenier won, La Resistance would get a shot at RVD & Kane's world tag belts at Bad Blood. Grenier said America would be a better place if more Americans were like Bischoff.

Chris Jericho was shown getting make-up applied for his Highlight Reel segment, which was scheduled to have Goldberg as the guest. Footage aired of the events last week where it was revealed that Jericho put Lance Storm up to assaulting Goldberg with a car. JR & Lawler reported that the fan ballot on predicted that Goldberg would spear Jericho by a margin of 81% to 19%.

HHH confronted Flair, accusing him of having changed. Flair denied it, saying he's still the same kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin', limousine ridin', jet flyin' son of a gun that he's always been. He said everyone grows old but only a few get great. Whooooo! HHH intimidatingly promised to give Flair something to think about.

Grenier beat RVD in the flag match in 5:18. After trading some spots, both bumped out. RVD hit the legdrop on Grenier across the ring barrier. Dupree attacked Kane at ringside, sending him into the stairs. Kane sold this for far longer than a normal stair bump. RVD hit a plancha on Dupree. Both guys tried to climb to get their country's flag but got knocked off. There was a major ref bump. RVD got the American flag, but the unconscious ref didn't see it. Grenier & Dupree beat RVD down, and then KO'ed Kane, who finally revived from the stair shot, with the flagpole. They restored the U.S. flag to the top of the pole, and then Grenier retrieved the French flag as the ref came to and recognized it as the win. So another Bad Blood match was established.

Jericho opened his Highlight Reel segment by announcing that Rock will be his guest next week. Turning to the Goldberg situation, he said he engineered the car assault to send Goldberg a message that no one wants him in WWE. He said that in WCW they had once been friends, but that as Goldberg became a bigger and bigger star, he grew arrogant and became a major jerk. Jericho stated that he had more talent and charisma than Goldberg, yet remained mired in the same spot on the roster while Goldberg became a major star. He complained that Goldberg vetoed a match against Jericho, feeling that Jericho wasn't big enough to be his opponent (this was a shoot as this actually did occur). Jericho said he grew frustrated and left WCW for WWE, where he rose to become a huge star and the first ever undisputed champion. He said the only thing in his career he hasn't accomplished is to beat Goldberg so badly that he'll never underestimate him again. At this point, Goldberg charged the ring. Jericho immediately bailed out to the floor. They ended up yelling at each other, and agreed to fight it out at Bad Blood. Goldberg called Jericho an ass. Jericho got on the apron and threatened to beat Goldberg up on the spot. Goldberg hauled Jericho into the ring, but before he could do anything else, Jericho sprayed mace in his eyes. Goldberg went down in pain, and when he staggered up blinded, Jericho speared him. Goldberg was left laying. This was an excellent angle!

After a commercial break, Jericho was spotted fleeing from the arena, allowing JR to invoke his "gettin' out of town like a scalded dog" catch phrase. Terri tried to interview him but he ignored her. He tried to drive off but apparently the car wouldn't start (they seem to have this problem a lot), so he got out and ran.

HHH beat Flair & HBK in the handicap match in 3:13. By the way, this was a non-title bout. HBK started off for his side, pounding on HHH, who pounded right back. HBK hit a crossbody. HHH nailed HBK with a backbreaker, but HBK escaped a pedigree attempt. HBK caught HHH with the sweet chin music and tagged Flair in. Flair, however, immediately turned on HBK by sucker punching him. Nash ran in to help HBK but was laid out with a chair by the mystery man in the ski mask. HHH pedigreed HBK and scored the pin. The three heels went to work beating on HBK. Nash recovered and cleaned house on all three until HHH caught him with a chairshot. Flair put the figure four on HBK as HHH stomped on Nash. The mystery man unmasked to reveal Randy Orton, which didn't get much of a reaction from the crowd. They seemed disappointed that Flair turned so quickly. I was disappointed, too. But overall it was a good show. The broadcast ended with HHH & Flair & Orton triumphant, as JR & Lawler noted that Flair is the dirtiest player in the game and that leopards don't change their spots.


Couldn't they at least have waited until Bad Blood for Flair to turn heel again?

If Spike is gonna get his own network, will Bubba & D-Von get one too?

Weren't we at least lucky that the crowd didn't chant "what" during America the Beautiful?

Isn't Bubba supposed to be half black? If so, how is he classified as a white boy?

How did Nowinski's little mask knock Bubba out after he's taken so many brutal chairshots and remained standing?

Aren't they doing a surprisingly good job at setting up Bad Blood as the first RAW exclusive PPV?

2003 - WWE Smackdown ran Dothan, Alabama,  Jamal filed the following live report:

The Arena was sold out to the point that the fire marshal threatened to shut the show down if anymore tickets for sold. Our civic center holds either 3200 to 4000 depending on the event so I'm not sure on the total attendance but I know there was not an empty seat in the house. Crowd reacted well to all the performers.

1. Rikishi, Bill DeMott, and Spanky defeated the FBI when Rikishi pinned Nunzio with a buttdrop.

2. Crash defeated Orlando Johnson after a shot to the head of Jordan with the Hardy Boyz book by Shannon Moore followed by Crash doing a move that looks similar to Kid Kash's money maker. Johnson is still green to a degree but it was good he was working with Crash who is a great bumper for any of the developmental guys WWE to work with during their showcase matches. Johnson has a look similar to Maven and Shelton Benjamin and it would be wise to tag him and Maven up in OVW for a few months and bring them up onto the Smackdown roster later on down the line.

3. A-Train & Kanyon defeated Doug Basham and Danny Hollie (The Damaja). Basham and Hollie were announced as being from Montgomery AL which made me snicker cause it was done to get a cheap pop. Pretty good back and forth match with Hollie and Basham getting in a pretty good amount of offense against Kanyon but little against Albert. The end came when Albert hit the Derailer on one of them. It was hard to tell them apart from my seat cause they were similar leather pants and had short haircuts. Kanyon looks pretty good and would be good as a disciple or tag team partner of O'Haire in the future. Actually seen all three developmental. guys later during intermission and no one was really paying attention to them. I looked at them and they looked at me and we each nodded at each other. I wanted to ask them about the training in OVW but I decided against it cause I didn't' want to draw unnecessary attention to them since they were blending in with the crowd.

4. Rhyno defeated Sean O'Haire with the GORE, GORE! The crowd was really into this match-up as both guys got a huge reaction when they entered the building. O'Haire is one huge guy. Wish he would get to use the Seanton bomb since Jeff Hardy is gone.

5. Matt Hardy vs. Jamie Noble vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. went to a no contest as Shannon Moore and Crash Holly attacked Rey upon his entrance and tossed him into the ring where them and Hardy and Noble proceeded to stump Rey until Rikishi, Spanky, and DeMott made the save and in the process Mat received the Stinkface. The faces then did the house show dance and all was well with the world. Well except for someone like me who was hoping I would see a great triple threat cruiserweight match. Guess Rey's groin injury is bad and not worth risking on the house show cards.

Intermission time, already talked about this and won't rehash it.

6. Eddie G and Tajiri defeated Team Angle by DQ after a ref bump and Haas attempting to hit Eddie with the tag belt and then the ref seeing him holding the belt. Awesome match comparable to a TV match up with Eddie hitting the frog splash and Tajiri applying the Tarantula and hitting the handspring elbow on Team Angle and the ref.

7. Chris Benoit defeated John Cena with the Crippler Crossface. Best match on the card. Cena cut a promo ripping both of the state's top 2 Universities and inserting the usual stereotypical humor about AL into his rap. Putting Cena into match-ups with Benoit on the house show cards will be beneficial to Cena down the line as Benoit will help fine tune is in ring ability to go with his charisma and microphone skills

8. Nidia defeated Torrie Wilson by fast count by special ref. Dawn Marie. Afterward Torrie got revenge by taking off Nidia's top and Dawn Marie's pants to make them run to the back. Guess I should have used this as a chance to try to get autographs but the lure of this being a Bra & Panties match kept me in my sit. :) By the way, all three women were hot but not hotter then the typical hot female in every city .

9. Main event time and Brock Lesner pinned Big Show with what can be described as an F-DVD cause it wasn't a typical F-5 but hey, I wouldn't want to strain myself tossing around a 500 plus pound guy 4 out of 7 days of the week either.

Lesnar, Benoit, Rikishi, Mysterio, Hardy, Rhyno, O'Haire, and Big Show got the most crowd reaction but then again, everyone except for the 3 dev. guys got a good reaction.

2004 -The Eddie Guerrero WWE documentary "Cheating Death, Stealing Life" debuts on the UPN Network.  The special scores a 1.6 overnight metered rating, with a 2 share. It finished sixth out of the six broadcast networks.  The one hour documentary is later released as part of a WWE DVD by the same title.   John Moran filed the following report:

Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story

The UPN special began with Eddie driving around through his hometown of El Paso, Texas. They showed a montage of clips from various people in Eddie's life of what is to come. Eddie describes his childhood as a good one. His mom says that she chose the Eduardo name for him. Eddie says that his dad, Gory, was originally going to train to become a boxer, but went with wrestling instead. Eddie listed the children in order of their birth; his sister Mary, his brothers Chavo Sr., Mando, and Hector, followed by himself, and his sister Linda. Hector said that Eddie was a great kid growing up. Mando added that Eddie used to go around to everyone's bedroom and wake them up in the mornings. Mrs. Guerrero shows some of Eddie's baby pictures, and they also play some home movies. Eddie admitted to being a mama's boy. Mrs. Guerrero then tells a story about when Eddie was four she would literally carry him to preschool. When they'd get a block or two away he'd tell her to put him down, but then when she went to pick him up he'd always want her to carry him home again. Eddie says that he was shy and quiet in high school. They show him going to a taco shop that Eddie said he would eat lunch at practically everyday. He poses for pictures with fans and signs autographs in the shop. Eddie said he played football, basketball, and baseball, but when he got to high school he stuck to just wrestling.

Eddie's sister Linda says that they grew up with a wrestling ring in their backyard. Hector says that their dad would make them set up the ring as punishment when they got in trouble. Eddie then discusses his father promoting shows in Juarez and El Paso. He added that the shows in El Paso ran every Monday night for 12 years. Because of Eddie getting into mischief as a youngster, Chavo Sr. said they had a "Beware of Eddie" sign in the arena. Chavo Jr. said that he and Eddie would get there early and run around inside the arena, and sneak free popcorn. During the intermissions they would put their gear on and go out to the ring and wrestle. Eddie was 9 and Chavo Jr. was 6 at the time. The fans loved it. They wouldn't even get up to leave. They would stay right through intermission and watch them. Mando said Eddie was born to wrestle. Eddie said he started training with Hector Rincon and Art Flores. Rincon described the different people that wrestled in the territory including Andre the Giant, Superstar Billy Graham, Jesse Ventura, the midgets, and Bobo Brazil. Mando told a story about a young Eddie going up to Bobo Brazil and pulling on his leg. Eddie asked Bobo if one of the midgets was his kid, Bobo jokingly said yes, and then Eddie wanted to know if he could wrestle him. Eddie said when he would wrestle, he'd look over at his father Gory, Gory would shake his head, Eddie would wonder what he's doing wrong and try that much harder to please him. Eddie said he wanted to live up to the family name.

(Commercial Break)

Eddie said his father used to drive him to school in a Pinto at about 10 mph. Eddie would duck down so the other kids wouldn't see him. Talk turns to his love of lowriders. Eddie describes the lowrider as a modern day expression of the Mexican culture. They showed a montage of the different lowriders that he has driven out to the ring over the last several months. Eddie looks at some artwork underneath some overpasses, and compares them to Aztec art.

Eddie talks about meeting his wife Vickie on a blind date. Vickie described him as funny, romantic, and very loveable. She said that Eddie's mom was wonderful to her, however, his dad was really sick at the time. When it came time to make wedding plans, Gory told Eddie to live his life. Gory died on a Tuesday, they buried him on Friday, and Eddie and Vickie got married on Saturday.

Eddie says he started wrestling in Mexico City. Vickie says she called his mom crying, because he would be gone for such long periods of time. Mrs. Guerrero told Vickie that it was her job to run the household and be both mother and father to the children. Eddie says he set his goals for Mexico and Japan, because in the U.S. smaller wrestlers weren't the "in style." He said it took him about 5 to 6 years to finally start becoming successful. Eddie said that his brother Chavo had success in Japan, so he decided to tour over there. He toured as himself at first, but then adopted the guise of Black Tiger. Eddie says Japan is where he first met Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko. They show footage from New Japan Pro Wrestling of Eddie as Black Tiger wrestling Chris Benoit. Eddie says Benoit legitimately knocked him out that in that match. Eddie and Malenko talk about their feud in ECW. They show footage of the final match they had in ECW, before the jump to WCW. Eddie said he was surprised because the ECW fans were known for their love of violence, but he and Dean were giving them an actual wrestling match, and they were loving it. The match ended with wrestlers coming out of the dressing room, plus the fans giving them a standing ovation, and chanting, "Please don't go!"

Eddie discusses the move to WCW. They show clips of the WCW Cruiserweight Title match he had at Halloween Havoc with Rey Mysterio. Mysterio said that wrestling Eddie brings out the best in him. Eddie said that as he started getting more success, he started drinking, taking pills, and experimenting with "other stuff." After a party on New Year's Eve night in 1999, Eddie was driving his car. He had been taking GHB for sleep, but in reality it was to get high. He said one capful was enough to put him out, and on that night he had taken three. Eddie said he was driving at 130 mph, fell asleep, hit a ditch, the car flipped several times, and he was shot out from the inside. He said the cops thought he was dead. Vickie, who was in tears while describing that night, said it was really hard. Hector said that Eddie wasn't supposed to live. Chavo Sr. said that the family gathered together and prayed for Eddie at the hospital. Vickie said that the doctors told them Eddie would never wrestle again, and that he would have to learn how to walk again. Dean Malenko said that he had hoped this accident would open Eddie's eyes. Eddie said that it didn't even make a dent.

(Commercial Break)

Eddie said he was supposed to be out for a year, but he pushed himself and came back in six months. They showed clips of a match with Juventud Guerrera from WCW. Eddie said he knew he came back too soon and started taking pain pills, which led to his first overdose. Vickie said that she called 9-1-1 in a panic. When the paramedics got there, Eddie didn't have a pulse. He was taken to the hospital and placed on a respirator for 2 days. Eddie said that his second overdose came two months later when they were in El Paso for the Guerrero family Christmas celebration. Eddie said he started drinking. Later that evening Mando said he heard Eddie coughing. Mrs. Guerrero added that Eddie was turning blue. His sister Linda called 9-1-1. Linda added that she was upset with Eddie for doing this to them.

One year later, Eddie said he joined Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn in asking for their releases from WCW, and making the jump to WWE. They showed clips from Eddie's storyline with Chyna. Vickie said that she was always Eddie's real mamacita. Their daughter Sherilyn tried to explain Latino Heat. Their daughter Shaul said she liked her dad's little shimmy.

Eddie said that Benoit and Malenko knew about his substance abuse problem, but he said he didn't think they knew how bad it had gotten. Dean said that they tried to talk to Eddie about it at first, but that didn't work. Dean then said that Eddie doesn't know this but he, Benoit, and Saturn went to Jim Ross in San Antonio one night and told him about Eddie's problem. The person conducting the interview off camera tells Eddie for the first time about Malenko's comments. Eddie response was "That hurts." Malenko said he didn't want to be one of those wrestlers that gets to an arena and finds out that one of his best friends was found dead in his hotel room. Eddie said that he knew why the other Radicalz did what they did. Malenko said that Eddie showed up in bad shape to a show in Minneapolis. They guys wanted to try and protect him, but Dean said there was a part of him hoping Eddie would bump into Jim Ross that night. Ross said they knew that night that there was something wrong and that Eddie needed to get help. They told him to either go home or go to rehab. Vickie said she begged him to go to rehab and even threatened divorce. Eddie went to rehab. Eddie's sponsor in rehab, Bob Barger, said Eddie tried to prove he wasn't an alcoholic anymore. He went to experiment at a bar. Eddie says he started with one drink, then two, and before he knew it he was at the bottom of the bottle. He then lined up approximately nine shots in a row. Eddie's says he didn't remember much after that, but remembers waking up in jail on a DUI charge. He says his name was in the papers, and his children called to ask why he was doing this. It was then that he realized he can never drink again. Vince McMahon said that he thinks Eddie is a wonderful guy, but it was becoming hidden under his drug use.

(Commercial break)

Eddie said that hardest thing to do is wake up to someone you love and realize they no longer love you. Eddie said he had ruined everything he worked so hard for. He said that he didn't want to kill himself, but he didn't want to be alive anymore either. Vince explained that Eddie had to hit rock bottom before he could realize what he had and what he can be again. Eddie got the call from Jim Ross that he was fired. Eddie was told "If Vince keeps you on, what kind of message does that send to the other wrestlers." Barger said Ross chewed Eddie out over the phone, and called him a disgrace to the company. Chavo Sr. said he got Eddie booked on some indy shows. Mysterio said that he ran into Eddie on an indy show, Eddie told him what happened, and Rey told him "Well thank God, that you're alive, and you're here." Vince said that his door is always open and that he is good about giving second chances most of the time. Eddie has another chance, and he is just taking it hours at a time.

(Commercial break)

Eddie said that he and Vickie started seeing each other again. They started with a lunch date, and then went to a movie together. Vickie claimed he was like the old Eddie again. Eddie explained that during the two year time period they were separated, he fathered another daughter, Kayley Marie. Vickie said that Kayley has been welcomed into their family. In January of 2003, they renewed their vows. Eddie said it was like starting over. Shaul said it was great to be at her parents "second" wedding since she wasn't there the first time. Sherilyn said she loved having her mom and dad together again.

Chavo Jr. starts discussing the lie, cheat, and steal gimmick. He said it was originally just a joke, but it took off. They showed clips of the various vignettes that they filmed. Eddie said the fans loved it. He added we lie, cheat, and steal, but at least we're honest about it. Shaul thought the bits were funny. Mando agreed. They showed clips of Eddie hitting people with objects behind the referee's back and then playing possum.

(Commercial break)

Eddie said that the frog splash came about 15 years ago. Art Barr was the first guy to start using it. Eddie said Art looked like a frog doing it, hence the name frog splash. Next, they showed Eddie vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE championship at No Way Out. After Eddie won the title he went and celebrated in the crowd. His mom was there. Back at the entrance way, Eddie says he looked up at Gory in Heaven, and said "Dad, wrestling is for me." Chavo Sr. said that he is very proud of all Eddie has accomplished. They showed other wrestlers coming up to him in the back and congratulating him. They showed Eddie calling Vickie to tell her he won. They showed Eddie hugging Vince in the locker room. Benoit said that Eddie's story really needed to be told. Eddie said that he is very ashamed of what he did, but he's not ashamed of taking steps to correct those mistakes. They showed more Eddie clips including his celebration with Benoit at Wrestlemania XX. Eddie said all the emotional highs he gets now from wrestling are a gift from God.

Final Thoughts: This was an intriguing look at Eddie. I have to give him a lot of credit for putting his life out there like that.

2004 - NWA: TNA held their weekly PPV in Nashville, TN, including the World X Cup.  Mike Johnson filed the following PPV report:

NWA:TNA's PPV featuring the WORLD-X Cup opened up with Team Japan's Nosawa, flanked by his partners, asking everyone not to steal the PPV Japanese. That was cute but Team Canada's was the funniest so far.

They aired a video feature on tonight's World X-Cup tournament.

The first bout of the World X-Cup was a 16 man Gauntlet (Royal Rumble with the final two wrestling) bout. The first competitor to make his way to the ring was Team NWA's Christopher Daniels. Johnny Devine from Team Canada was the second man out. They battled back and forth for the first 60 seconds. Team Japan's Nosawa was #3. Nosawa took down Daniels with a dropkick and an enziguiri. He locked Daniels in a Camel Clutch to set him up for a Devine dropkick to the face. Team Japan's Ishikari Taichi was #4 and went right to work on Daniels. He hit a tornado DDT on Daniels. All three began working over Daniels. Chris Sabin from Team NWA was #5 and hit the ring for the save. Sabin backdrops Taichi over the ropes. He landed on the apron but was hit with a springboard dropkick and was sent sailing to the floor and was eliminated. Next out was Team Mexico's Aguila. He and Devine began battling back and forth. Team Canada's Petey William was #7 and went right after Chris Sabin. Team Japan's Ryuji Hijikata was #8 and applied a cross arm breaker on Daniels. Williams is able to eliminate Sabin with a hurrancanrana over the ropes while Williams landed on the apron. #9 was Team NWA's Jerry Lynn and is jumped by Team Japan, but is able to toss Nosawa over to the floor. Team Mexico's Heavy Metal was out next and joined Aguila on working over Petey Williams. Aguila dropkicked him over the top onto the apron. Williams was hit with a baseball slide dropkick by Metal and slammed to the floor, eliminated. Mitsu Hirai Jr. and Bobby Rude were out. Rude quickly eliminated Christopher Daniels. Abismo Negro from Team Mexico drew #13. Team Mexico tosses over Johnny Devine but he skins the cat. He turns around is doubleclotheslined over the ropes. Hirai Jr. and Metal were both eliminated as they battled. #14 was Elix Skipper from Team NWA and he hit the ring. Jerry Lynn was tossed over the top, and clutched his knee. Aguila missed a kick on Skipper and sailed over the ropes. Eric Young drew #15 and went right after Abismo Negro. Team Canada worked over Negro as Hijikata and Skipper battled in the corner. The sixteenth and final competitor was Hector Garza who quickly eliminated Bobby Rude. Negro held Young for a tombstone, but Garza dropkicked him in the face while he was held upside down. Negro and Hijikata both went over the top. We're down to Garza, Skipper, and Young. Skipper and Hijikata hit a flapjack on Young, then tossed him to the floor.

Hector Garza and Elix Skipper then began wrestling. Garza missed a dropkick. Skipper then missed one as well. Garza hit a crossbody block for a two count, and then got another with a small package. Garza slammed Skipper and went to the top. He went for a moonsault, but Skipper moved. Garza landed on his feet and battled Skipper, hitting a facebuster for the pin. Garza scored the pin and the win for Team Mexico. Your winner, Hector Garza!

Team Mexico now leads the World X Cup with 3 points, while Team NWA received 1 point for going to the finals of the Gauntlet.

They aired a video feature on the Deadly Draw bout where Ron Killings won the NWA championship.

Jeff Jarrett came to the ring and told Mike Tenay to get in the ring. Jarrett said he wanted Vince Russo to come to the ring because he wanted confirmation that he would be challenging Ron Killings next week, 6/2 for the NWA championship. Jarett said that he was the last person Russo expected to see last week. Russo said that although he despises Jarrett, he wouldn't have denied Jarrett his rematch. Jarrett said Russo was riding his back Russo's entire career and next week he was exercising his right to a rematch. He said that Russo can then line up Raven, AJ Styles, America's Most Wanted and everyone else. Russo told Tenay that he's going to be a witness (what about all the fans?) And asked Jarrett to shake his hand, saying he's going to get his rematch on a handshake. They shook. Russo said they are going to do things Jarrett's way because it will be a rematch with Killings, Styles, Harris, and Raven in one night. He said that Jarrett claims to be the king of the mountain. Russo said next week will be the first King of the Mountain match. Russo said that 5 men will be in the ring and if someone is pinned, they are put in a penalty box for 2 minutes before returning to the match. The person who gets the pinfall is then given the NWA title and has the right to try to climb a ladder and hang it above the ring. The person who does so will be the new NWA champion. Jarrett tried to argue but Russo said that if he has a problem, they can just rip up the contract for Jarrett's rematch. Jarrett said that Russo has underestimated him for the last time.

Backstage, Scott Hudson interviewed Team NWA. Lynn said that everyone is second guessing Team NWA but it will be a different story at the end of the night.

Next up is a tag team match with Team NWA's Elix Skipper & Christopher Daniels vs. Team Canada's Johnny Devine & Bobby Rude. Rude tossed Skipper to the floor as they doubled on Daniels. Daniels clotheslines Devine over the top. Team NWA worked over Rude. Daniels gets a two count on Devine and then hit a back suplex. He set up Skipper who came in with a springboard legdrop on Devine as he was draped over the top rope. Devine hit a DDT and tagged in Rude. Rude hit a neckbreaker on Skipper. Rude tags in Devine who snapmares Skipper and hits a running dropkick off the ropes. They continue to beat on Skipper, who is trapped in their corner. Devine went for the pin but Daniels came in and broke it up. Devine goes for a shooting star press but Skipper moves. Skipper tags in Daniels who cleans house on Team Canada, hitting enzugiris. He covers Rude but Rude gets his shoulder up. Daniels hits an uranage but only received a two count. Daniels went for a Best Moonsault Ever but was cut off. Rude hit a TKO on Skipper, but Skipper gets his shoulder up. Devine hit a missile dropkick on Daniels for a two count but Skipper makes the save. Rude takes out Skipper. Rude hits a sit down powerbomb and Devine came off the top with a moonsault, but Daniels cuts off the pinfall. Devine went to come off the top but Skipper shoves him into the ropes and he crotched himself. Skipper walked the ropes and then hit a hurrancanrana into the ring on Devine who was sitting on the ropes. Daniels and Skipper hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo for the pin. The winners, Team NWA's Elix Skipper & Christopher Daniels.

The points are now:
Team Mexico - 3 Points
Team NWA - 3 Points
Team Canada - 0 Points
Team Japan - 0 Points

They aired a video feature on the Kid Kash & Dallas vs. James Storm & Dusty Rhodes feud. Kash cut a promo saying that he's been everywhere Rhodes has been and he's done it better and prettier. He said that they have a title match on 6/2, and they are gonna shove the title belts down Storm and Harris' throats.

Scott Hudson interviewed Dusty Rhodes and James Storm. Storm said it is amazing to have a good friend like Dusty Rhodes at his side. Rhodes said he looked at a book of great tag teams (Hey, Greg Oliver is working on that one!) And couldn't find anything about Kid Kash, but it said America's Most Wanted is a tremendous team. He said that Kash and Dallas can see their doom coming on 6/2. Rhodes said he can't wait to wear the belt in downtown El Paso, Texas and they are coming next week.

The next bout in the World X Cup features Team Japan's Ryuji Hijikata & Nobukazu Hirai vs. Team Mexico's Abismo Negro & Heavy Metal. Team Japan doubled on Negro in the early minutes of the bout. Mike Tenay discussed the history of All Japan and noted that Giant Baba and The Great Muta were both former NWA champions. Negro hit a dive on Hirai as Metal hit a cross body block over him on Hijikata. Hirai missed an elbow. Negro hit a frog splash off the top on Hirai for a two count. Hirai locked on a crossarmbreaker on Negro but Metal came in to break it up. Hijikata began stomping on Negro's arm. Mike Tenay made an analogy to Ronnie Garvin. Hirai locked in an arm submission but Metal broke it up. Team Japan continued to beat down Negro. Metal came off the top on Hirai. He hits a bridging suplex for a two count. Metal locked in a cradle but Hirai's shoulder was up. Hijikata jumped in the ring and kicked Metal in the head. Hirai hit a sit out powerbomb. Metal is hit with a hurrancanrana off the top on Hirai. Negro comes off the top with a frog splash. Hirai hits the ring and hits and exploder on Metal for the pin. Your winners, Team Japan's Ryuji Hijikata & Nobukazu Hirai!

The points are now:
Team Mexico - 3 Points
Team NWA - 3 Points
Team Canada - 0 Points
Team Japan - 2 Points

Backstage, Scott Hudson interviewed Team Canada, who are scoreless already. Scott D'Amore noted they are on the verge of elimination. He said that if Eric Young doesn't win, they are leaving 26 million people empty handed and letting down their corporate sponsors. He said this quietly and then began screaming to pep up his team.

The next bout is good for 4 points and features Team NWA Jerry Lynn vs. Team Mexico's Mr. Aguila vs. Team Japan's Ishikari Taichi vs. Team Canada Eric Young in a ladder match. Young hits Taichi outside the ring with a ladder. Lynn hit a back elbow on Taichi, who comes back with a running enzigiuri in the corner on Lynn. Aguila began working over Young. He set up a ladder in the corner. He whips Young into the ladder and charges. Young moves out of the way and Aguila flies into the ladder. Young hits Taichi with the ladder and sends him to the floor. Young hits a moonsault off the top rope on Lynn. Young works over Lynn's back. He retreats out of the ring, but Lynn planchas to the floor. Back in the ring, Taichi and Aguila battled. Taichi hits a head scissors on Aguila. Aguila went to the top but was crotched by Lynn. Lynn standing on a ladder perched across the turnbuckles, tried to superplex Aguila but Aguila reversed it and sent Lynn down into the ladder. Aguila set up the ladder in the center of the ring. Young dropkicked it into Aguila, but it bounced back and landed on Young. Lynn began stomping Young. Lynn slammed Young's face into the ladder. Taichi began using the ladder as an airplane spin weapon, like Terry Funk. Lynn sends Young into the ladder facefirst. Lynn hits a corkscrew legdrop on the apron on Young, who was laying on a ladder. Aguila legdropped Taichi. Lynn bridged a ladder across the guard rail and the railing. Lynn and Young battle on the turnbuckles outside the ring. Lynn went for a tornado DDT into the ladder but Young escapes. Lynn pulls his legs out from under him and Young falls facefirst on the ladder outside. Aguila locks Taichi's leg inside a ladder and began stomping. Lynn hits a legdrop on Aguila. Lynn went for headscissors on Young, but he spun around and dropped him facefirst on a ladder. Young sends Taichi into a ladder. Young charges but was backdropped into a ladder perched in the corner. All four men were down. Lynn goes for a running powerbomb but Taichi reverses it into a hurrancanrana into a ladder. Lynn hiptosses Young into a ladder. Aguila hit a springboard moonsault onto Young, who was draped on the ladder but hurt himself as well. Lynn goes for a rocker dropper but is caught with a powerbomb by Aguila. Taichi goes for a tornado DDT off the apron but Lynn reversed it into a Northern Lights suplex into the ladder. Young and Lynn battled on the ladder but Aguila pushed it over. Taichi sent Young into the ladder. They catapulted the ladder over the ropes, sending Young flying to the aisle. Taichi and Aguila climbed the ladder but Aguila powerbombed him off the ladder. Lynn tries to climb the ladder but Aguila pulls him off. Aguila hit a legdrop off the ladder but misses. Young climbs up the ladder but Lynn battles him and snapmares him to the floor. Lynn climbed the ladder but Taichi dropkicked him off. Taichi and Aguila climbed to the top but Young slammed the ladder over, sending them flying into the ropes. Young sets up the ladder. He nearly reaches the big X above the ring but Lynn climbs up. He sets up Young for a cradle piledriver off the ladder but Scott D'Amore hit the ring and broke a hockey stick over Lynn's back. Young grabbed the X and gained the victory. Your winner, Team Canada's Eric Young, who puts Team Canada in the lead.

The points are now:
Team Mexico - 3 Points
Team NWA - 3 Points
Team Canada - 4 Points
Team Japan - 2 Points

Team Japan is mathematically eliminated.

The final bout in the World-X Cup is Team Mexico's Hector Garza vs. Team Canada's Petey Williams vs. Team NWA's Chris Sabin in an Ultimate X match

Scott Hudson interviewed NWA champion Ron Killings. Killings said he is going to be the champion for a long time. Konnan said 3 Live Kru has Killings' back. BG Jammes said he doesn't like the fact that Killings has to defend against 4 men in his first title match but they have his back and they haven't forgotten about Vince Russo.

Don West did a hard sell for the NWATNA website, Impact, and the TNA wrestling school.

Team Mexico was interviewed in Spanish. Garza said that he already defeated 15 men in the Gauntlet and the X Cup is going back to Mexico.

The final match for the World X Cup is an Ultimate X Match featuring Team Mexico's Hector Garza vs. Team Canada's Petey Williams vs. Team NWA's Chris Sabin. Garza and Sabin double on Williams with stereo kicks to the ribs. They toss Williams out of the ring. Sabin hits a spinkick. Garza and Williams hit reversals on armdrags. Garza hit a dropkick on Williams. He hits a faceplant on Williams. Garza tried to climb the cables but Sabin dropkicked him and he fell and rolled out of the ring. Williams hit a dropkick to Sabin's face. Sabin hits a spinkick off the ropes. Williams tries to scale the cables and reaches the middle but doesn't get to grab the X. He instead grabs Garza from above and comes down with a DDT. All three men are laid out. Sabin goes for a German Suplex but Garza grabs Sabin and German Suplexes both men at once. Garza climbs to the top and begins making his way across the cables but Williams grabs his legs. Sabin springboards off the ropes and dropkicks Garza, knocking his grip from the cables. Sabin grasped at his knee. Williams floats over Sabin and hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Williams is sent over the top and crashes down on Garza. Sabin hits a springboard dive to the floor on Garza and Williams. Williams whips Garza into the guard rail. Williams grabs the cables and uses them to swing into a hurrancanrana on Garza. Sabin hits a shoulderbreaker off the ropes on Williams. Garza drills him with a kick. Garza hits a tiltowhirl slam on Sabin and goes for the cables. Garza tries to hit a German suplex on Garza but Sabin hits an enziguiri. Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer piledriver on Sabin. All three men began climbing towards the center cables. They all kicked each other down. Sabin hits a brainbuster on Garza. Williams hits a Michinoku Driver on Sabin. Sabin climbs the cables. Williams tries to scissor his body but is fought off. Garza tries to dropkick him off but Sabin evades him. Sabin grabs the X and Team NWA captures the World X Cup. Team NWA came out with American flags to celebrate while Daniels carried the flag of the NWA. The referees brought out the World Cup to present it to Team NWA. Garza shook Team NWA's hands as he left the ring.

Final points:
Team Mexico - 3 Points
Team NWA - 7 Points
Team Canada - 4 Points
Team Japan - 2 Points

They aired a video on the King of the Mountain match to close the show.

2004 - WWE Raw ran Dublin, Ireland.  Ed Murphy filed the following live report:

The Opening saw Stephanie McMahon come out, although I missed what she said.

Some of these might be slightly out of order but here goes:

Matt Hardy and Lita vs Tyson Tomko and Trish:
Big pops for Matt and Lita, not a lot for Tomko, and loads of 'sl*t' chants for Trish. Good opener, Lita and Matt get the win.

Rhyno vs Sylvain Grenier (w/ Rob Conway):
Good match, big pop for Rhyno, and lots of ECW chants. Rhyno gets the win after Eugene makes his way to ringside to a great reaction to play with La Resistance's flags, distracting Grenier.

Rob Conway vs Eugene (w/ William Regal):
Conway challenges Eugene on the spot after Grenier's loss. Eugene obliges and takes a beating for the first few minutes before getting in some offense. Regal helps out by keeping Grenier out of the ring and flooring him. Eugene gets the win after the double axehandle from the top.

Six Man Tag match: HBK, Jericho and Edge vs. Evolution (minus HHH)
Huge pop for Edge who comes out first, another good reaction for Jericho, then probably the biggest pop of the night for HBK. Flair gets a great reaction, with lots of 'Woooos'. Started with Flair and HBK, boos for HBK when he put Flair in the figure 4. Cheers for all 3 members of Evolution being put in figure fours after a run in. Really good, strong match with Flair and Jericho doing the lion's share of the work. Batista spent little time in the ring, but everyone held up their end really well. Win came with Sweet Chin Music on Flair.

Women's title: Victoria vs Molly:
Short, but pretty good match, though the crowd wasn't into it. Victoria retains with the Widow's Peak.


Stacy Keibler comes out to a good reaction, and offers to dance. Eric Bischoff interrupts. Johnny Nitro shows up with a cake to sing Happy Birthday to Bischoff. The cake goes on Bischoff's face at the hands of Stacy. Nitro goes to throw her out of the ring, but the Hurricane makes the save. Garrison Cade runs in to help out Nitro. Bischoff sets up a handicap match.

Hurricane vs Cade and Nitro
Good match. Cade and Nitro mostly in control. Nitro hit a fantastic looking legdrop that started out as a swinging one handed handstand. Hurricane gets the win after Rosie interferes while the ref was busy trying to stop Cade from coming in with a chair.

Nitro brings out 'Fit' Finley and praises him until Finley turns his back and is then on the recieving end of a short attack. Finley makes a comeback with a few power moves and finishes nitro off with a piledriver.

Kane vs Shelton Benjamin:
Good match, with both getting in their trademark moves. Kane wins with a chokeslam.

HHH vs WWE champion Chris Benoit:
Both men got a huge reaction from the crowd. The first ten minutes consisted of a great back and forth battle of words between the two, that also featured a run-in from a member of the audience, which no one took kindly to. He didn't try to get at either wrestler, but had time to do so if he had wanted. The match itself was great, somewhere between 20 and 25 minutes of the calibre of wrestling you'd expect from these two. Benoit got the win with the crossface. Only really notable moment was when HHH sent Benoit into the barrier outside the ring. Benoit took the barrier with him into the first row. No one got hurt as far as I could see.

Overall a fantastic night, the crowd was very, very enthusiastic and all the wrestlers worked hard and put in a good show.

2005 - With their one year deal with the FOX Sports Network coming to an end, TNA announced all planned Impact tapings were canceled.  They would run their series online for several months before signing with SpikeTV, where Impact has remained since.

2005 - Ring of Honor announced that former ECW World champion Shane Douglas would appear at their matinee event in New York City, being held prior to that evening's ECW One Night Stand PPV.

2005 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We start off tonight's show with photos from theI Quit match from Judgment Day, including John Cena running the exhaust pipe into Bradshaw, who had just quit.

It is time to go to Carlito's Cabana as Carlito walks to the ring with Matt Morgan. Carlito welcomes us to his Cabana, and says that Judgment Day was "cool".  Carlito says that his guest tonight is the man who made the biggest impact at Judgment Day. After a brutal battle, he earned the respect of not only the fans, but the people in the locker room. Carlito's guest is Carlito himself. Carlito reminds us that he is cool. His first question is how did he beat the Big Show all by himself. Carlito says that he loves the Cabana and he says that he could not do it without the help of his big backup, Matt Morgan. Carlito tells Matt that his actions at Judgment Day spoke louder than his words. We see footage of Matt Morgan giving Big Show an F-5 at the pay per view. Carlito says that he could look at it all day. He says that Matt made Big Show look like a little baby, and that is cool. With Matt Morgan behind him, Carlito says that he can beat Big Show any day. From out of nowhere, it is time for the Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long (with the walk of the swinging arms) to come to the ring. Carlito wants to know why Teddy is interrupting the Cabana because that is not cool. Teddy says that it is not cool to run your mouth when "your stuttering friend" helps him win. Teddy tells Carlito to tell Matt that if he steps on his feet, Matt will be sus-sus-suspended. Teddy talks about how the draft will be in two weeks and reminds us that next week is the last night for someone on Smackdown, and that includes Carlito and Matt. Teddy has an idea. There will be a "winners choice" battle royal where the winner will get a match against any person of their choice as long as they are on Smackdown. Carlito likes the idea and wants to be in. He says that he wants to face John Cena for the WWE title when he wins. Carlito says that he already beat John Cena for a title, so why not do it again. Teddy also announces another match for tonight. Since Carlito said that he can beat the Big Show on any day, that day is today because Carlito will face Big Show. We go to commercial with the ECW pay per view commercial.

We are back and Rey Mysterio Junior is in the locker room getting ready. Josh Mathews wants to have a few words with Rey. Josh wants to know if Rey will be physically able to wrestle tonight in the battle royal after being brutally beaten with a chair by Eddie Guerrero at Judgment Day. Rey says that Eddie should have done what he said he would do. Eddie should have taken his life, because Rey will stop at nothing to make Eddie pay. Rey says that he will win the battle royal and then come after Eddie.

It is time for our first match of the night as the tag team champions, MNM (Plain, Peanut, and Almond) come to the ring (with paparazzi and red carpet). Their opponents are the same men who faced MNM at Judgment Day, Charlie Haas and Bob Holly. Holly and Mercury start things off. Before they lock up, Nitro hits Holly from behind and Mercury with an Irish whip, but Holly with a hot shot and belly-to-back suplex. Mercury with a forearm to Holly and then he slams Holly's head into the turnbuckle. Mercury with chops to Holly. Holly returns the favor and chops Mercury repeatedly. Holly pulls Nitro into the ring and Holly chops him too. Mercury with a kick to Holly followed by a punch. Mercury holds on to the ropes, but Holly grabs Mercury and kicks him in the solar plexus. Holly follows that with a double axe to the head. Haas tags in and he drops Mercury's arm on the top rope. Haas with an arm bar and then he lifts Mercury in the air followed by an Oklahoma Roll. Nitro tags in and he kicks Haas in the hamstring. Haas with a monkey flip to Nitro, but Haas still favors his leg. Nitro comes off the second turnbuckle, but he jumps into a standing drop kick from Holly. Haas with a front face lock, but Nitro backs him into the ropes. Mercury tries to hit Haas from the apron while Nitro distracts the ref. Haas with a forearm to Nitro. Mercury tries to interfere from the apron, but Haas slides under Mercury and Haas pulls Mercury to the floor and Mercury's head hits the apron. Haas with a shoulder to Nitro followed by a reverse atomic drop. Mercury trips Haas as he comes off the ropes and we go to commercial.

We are back and Haas tries for a sunset flip. Before Mercury goes over, he tags in Nitro and then Mercury holds Haas to allow Nitro to work on Haas' back. Nitro with a European uppercut. Nitro with a reverse chin lock on Haas. Haas with a clothesline to Nitro, but Mercury with a knee to Haas' back. Nitro with a rollup. Nitro and Mercury with a double gut breaker to Haas. Mercury with a Northern Lights suplex on Haas. Mercury tries for another suplex, but Haas with a small package. Mercury with a clothesline to Haas and Mercury tags in Nitro who kicks Haas and has Haas in a rear chin lock. Haas with an arm drag and then he tries to make the tag by leaping over Nitro, but Nitro grabs Haas and pulls him back into the corner. Mercury with a tag and he chokes Haas in the ropes. Melina slaps Haas and Holly chases after Melina and then it is time for a Chinese Fire Drill as Nitro and Mercury go in and out of the ring while Holly chases after them. Holly stands over Haas and Melina chokes Haas while Holly returns to his corner. Mercury punches Haas and then Mercury taunts Holly. Haas fights out of the corner and hits a Magnum TA belly-to-belly suplex and both men are down. Mercury grabs Haas' leg, but Haas is able to make the tag to Holly. Holly knocks Nitro off the apron and then he clotheslines Mercury and then gives him a back body drop. Holly with a full nelson slam to Nitro. Holly with a drop kick o Mercury and a clothesline to Nitro that sends Nitro to the floor. Holly goes up top for a clothesline and in addition to hitting Mercury, Holly hits the ref. Holly with the Alabama Slam to Mercury, but the ref is still down. Nitro grabs a chair and hits Haas in the back with it and then Nitro hits Holly with the chair. The ref calls for the bell. Haas gets the chair as Nitro and Mercury run to the back, but they return to ringside to get Melina. Haas checks on Holly. We go to commercial.

We are back and Steve Romero is in the back with Booker T and Sharmell. Steve wants to talk about how Booker was not the only person to get revenge at Judgment Day. We see footage of Sharmell attacking Kurt Angle after Booker's match with Kurt Angle on Sunday. Steve wants to know if Booker knew that Sharmell had that might fight in her. Booker says that he knew that she had it in her. Now he won't forget to take out the trash again. Sharmell says that Booker did all of the work. Sharmell says that nobody messes with her man. Sharmell is looking forward to seeing Booker win the battle royal tonight, and then go on to win the WWE title.

It is time for John Cena to come to the ring, but he does not have the same transportation from the pay per view. Cena has a mic and he has something to say. John takes off his hat to show the scars from his match with Bradshaw. Cena thanks the crowd for the ovation. Before Sunday, there was a lot of talk about how John Cena was a one-hit wonder and a bad champion. About not being able to live up to the hype. Cena says that two words changed all of that. Those two words are ones that never came out of his mouth. Those two words are why the champ is here. John says that Bradshaw was right about a lot of things. He said that Cena would go through the toughest match of his life. Bradshaw was right. Bradshaw said that Cena would bleed and suffer, and Bradshaw was right. However, the "wrestling God" said that he would take Cena's soul and become the WWE champion. He was wrong about that. Cena says that Bradshaw must feel like he lost everything because he quit. He must be humiliated and embarrassed for losing on Sunday. He says that Bradshaw must feel like a pathetic cowardly shell of a man. Cena says that he has something for Bradshaw tonight. However, before we can see what Cena has for Bradshaw, the JBLimo comes out and Bradshaw emerges and gingerly (copyright Mike Johnson) walks to the ring. Bradshaw has a mic and he has something to say. Bradshaw says that he does not make excuses and that is why he has been a success in everything that he has done. That is why he is rich, was the longest reigning WWE champion in the last decade. He has never failed in anything . . . until Sunday. Bradshaw says that Cena was the better man on Sunday and he gave Cena everything that he had. He says that Cena would not quit on Sunday. While he was being treated on Sunday after the match, he has beaten everybody, but John Cena. Bradshaw says that he does not know if he can beat Cena. Bradshaw says that Cena is on a roll with his title, CD, and movie. However, that is for now. People like Cena succeed for a short time. It is hard to be great forever. Bradshaw tells Cena to think about others who had greatness, but self destructed. Bradshaw says that Cena will implode also. He might be a great champion for a while, but he will burn out and crash. Bradshaw will be there to pick up the pieces. Bradshaw says that he will be the WWE champion again and he will hold it for a long time. Cena says that Bradshaw does not get it because history writes itself. The people decide your legacy. Cena lives like there is no tomorrow, and if he goes down, he will go down in a blaze of glory. He is a soldier and he does not care about his legacy. Cena says that he had something for Bradshaw before Bradshaw came out on his high horse, but he tells Bradshaw to forget it. Bradshaw wants to see what Cena had for him. Cena says that he has a tribute video, but since Bradshaw came out the way he did, he does not want to air it. Cena says that it was nothing special. Bradshaw wants to see the video. Cena asks the crowd if they want to see the video, and they want to see it. Since the crowd wants to see it, Cena tells them to air the JBL Tribute video. The video starts off with Bradshaw's music, but cuts away to Bradshaw repeatedly saying "I Quit" from Judgment Day. Cena says that Bradshaw is the most celebrated quitter in WWE history. We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for our next match as Carlito (with Matt Morgan) comes to the ring. His opponent is Big Show for this rematch from Sunday night. Show comes after Carlito and slaps Carlito as the bell rings. Show with a head butt followed by more open hand slaps to Carlito's chest. Show with a forearm to Carlito's back. Matt and Show have some words. Show with a short arm clothesline to Carlito and then Show walks on Carlito's chest. Show with a big boot off the ropes. Show comes off the ropes and Matt tries to trip Show. The ref sees it and sends Matt to the back. Carlito tells Matt that they will go back, but the ref tells Carlito to get back in the ring. While Carlito and the ref argue at ringside, Show pulls Carlito in by the afro and then gives Carlito a hip toss from the apron. Show with the Shhhh slap to Carlito and Carlito goes down. Show sets up for the choke slam, but Carlito rakes the eyes. Show tries for a big boot, but Carlito moves and Show crotches himself on the top rope. Carlito punches Show, but Show pushes Carlito off. Carlito with a missile drop kick from the second turnbuckle and Show goes down. Carlito with a boot to the head, but Show picks up Carlito and choke slams him for the three count. After the match, Matt Morgan returns to the ring and he kicks Show in the head, sending Show out of the ring. Morgan with an Irish whip that sends Show into the ring post. Matt rearranges the announce table and then he gets Show up for an F-5 through the announce table. Carlito and Matt go to the back while Show is still down at ringside and we go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of the end of the Big Show/Carlito match and the F-5 through the announce table.

We see Tazz and Cole by the wreckage at the announce table.

It is time to see the footage from the ECW funeral on Raw. They have added footage from ECW, including the graphic of ECW on TNN. We see the footage of Vince McMahon's statements, including more footage from ECW. We hear from Paul Heyman, with more ECW footage included.

We see Kurt Angle in the locker room and he is watching a monitor. He leaves the locker room as we go to commercial, and Kurt does not look happy.

We are back with the Smack of the Night: Sharmell attacking Kurt Angle at Judgment Day.

It is time for Kurt Angle to come to the ring and he has his "armed guards" with him because it is time for the Kurt Angle Invitational. Kurt has the mic and he is going to talk first. Kurt says that it is a dark time in the life of your Olympic hero. Not only did Kurt Angle lose to an inferior man, but he was embarrassed by his gutter slut wife, Sharmell. That is not the only joke going on here. Apparently Vince McMahon was in his office and figured out how to flush money down the toilet to disgrace wrestling. Vince decided to bring back ECW. Kurt says that ECW can kiss his ass because Kurt Angle knows wrestling. He eats, sleeps, and drinks wrestling. ECW is garbage. Angle says that he knows it first hand. He was at an ECW show in 1996, and it was so disgusting that he left halfway through the show and vowed never to come back. It looks like Kurt Angle is going to go back. Kurt is going to lead a group of Smackdown volunteers to ruin ECW, just like ECW ruined wrestling. Kurt says that he is going to bounce around Tazz's ECW buddies, just like Paul Heyman bounces checks. Tazz takes off his glasses and stares at Angle. Kurt tells his opponent that he is not in a good mood between Booker T, Sharmell, and ECW. Angle asks his opponent his name. He says that his name is Robert, but Angle hits him in the face. Angle kicks Robert in the ribs and the head. Angle with a European uppercut followed by a rear chin lock and crossfaces. Angle with a kick to the head followed by double sledges to Robert's back. The straps go up and Angle kicks Robert in the gut followed by the Angle slam and an ankle lock and Robert taps.

After the match, Angle gets on the mic and says that was fun. Angle says that it is time to start the battle royal. Out next is Heidenreich. He is followed to the ring by Carlito and Matt Morgan. We go to commercial.

We are back and Booker T comes to the ring. During the commercial, more Smackdown wrestlers have entered the ring. The next man to come out is Rey Mysterio Junior. While Rey walks to the ring, he is attacked from behind by Eddie Guerrero with a chair. Eddie hits Rey in the back with the chair two more times before officials come out to get Eddie away from Rey. Rey is helped to the back. The bell rings and everyone goes at it in the ring. Eddie goes outside the ring and watches everything from ringside. Paul London is the first person eliminated. Funaki and Billy Kidman almost go out, but they roll under the ring. Angle works over Funaki and hip tosses Funaki over the top rope to the floor. Matt Morgan helps keep Carlito in the ring. Joey Mercury is the next man eliminated. Matt continues to keep Carlito in the ring. Akio is the next man eliminated as Booker sends him over the top rope. Heidenreich eliminates Mark Jindrak. We see Eddie watching from ringside with blood coming down his nose and we go to commercial.

We are back and Matt Morgan is still shadowing Carlito. During the commercial, Johnny Nitro is eliminated by the Bashams. Carlito chokes Booker in the corner. Meanwhile, Bob Holly eliminated Billy Kidman who lands awkwardly on the floor. Heidenreich charges at Angle, but Angle with a back body drop to Heidenreich. Nunzio tries to eliminate Doug Basham, but Danny makes the save. Matt continues to save Carlito. Carlito and Chavo try to eliminate Scotty 2 Hotty, but Scotty is able to roll back in. Chavo Guerrero Junior is eliminated by Scotty 2 Hotty. Angle eliminates Charlie Haas with a single leg toss and Haas is down in pain at ringside. Matt Morgan pulls Nunzio and Shannon Moore over the top rope. However, with Matt out of position, Booker T eliminates Carlito. Eddie finally re-enters the ring and he throws Scotty 2 Hotty over the top rope to eliminate him. The Bashams work on Booker T. Eddie and Bob Holly go at it in the ring. Kurt Angle works on Holly's leg. Guerrero and Angle help eliminate Bob Holly. Rey Mysterio Junior hits the ring and he goes after Eddie. Eddie chops Rey and then throws Rey over the top rope, but Rey lands on the apron. Rey with a belly-to-belly suplex from the apron to eliminate Eddie. Rey with a seated senton splash onto Eddie on the floor. Rey punches Eddie on the floor. The agents and referees try to hold Rey back as we go to another commercial.

WWe are back and we are down to the following people in the battle royal: Doug Basham, Danny Basham, Orlando Jordan, Rey Mysterio Junior, Booker T, and Kurt Angle. Rey fights off Doug and Orlando. Angle and Danny work over Booker T. Angle works on Booker's leg and so does Danny. Danny and Kurt make a wish with Booker. Doug saves Orlando Jordan when Rey tries to recreate the ending of the 2004 Royal Rumble with Chris Benoit and Big Show. Danny and Angle throw Booker to the apron, but Booker rolls back in. Booker with a clothesline to Angle while The Bashams and Orlando Jordan work over Rey. Booker clotheslines Orlando Jordan and punches the Bashams. Booker with a super kick to Orlando Jordan followed by a clothesline to Angle. Booker with a spinebuster to each Basham, but Orlando with a shot from behind to Booker. Angle kicks Rey in the corner. Booker ducks under a double clothesline from Orlando and Danny and responds with a flying clothesline of his own to Danny and Orlando. Booker with a punch to Doug and Orlando. Booker clotheslines Danny over the top rope to the floor followed by a belly-to-belly throw that sends Orlando Jordan over the top rope to the floor. Booker with a back body drop that sends Doug to the floor. Angle throws Booker to the floor and we are down to Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio Junior. Angle and Rey are at opposite corners. Angle charges at Rey, but Rey ducks and Rey punches Angle and chokes him in the corner. Angle with a double leg carry and throw by Angle. Angle sends Rey over the top rope, but he hangs on to the ropes and rolls back in. Angle with a suplex to Rey. Angle with a forearm to Rey and Rey bounces off the ropes. Angle with a European uppercut followed by punches. Angle with a sunset flip, but Rey rolls through and hits a drop kick on Angle. Rey throws Angle over the top rope, but Angle holds on and rolls back in. Rey with a drop kick, but Angle holds on one more time. Rey tries for a 619, but Angle ducks. Angle with a single leg take down and then Angle puts Rey in the ankle lock. Angle with a waist lock and then he puts Rey on the top rope and puts Rey in the ankle lock. Rey pulls Angle over the top rope and both men are on the apron. Rey and Angle exchange punches on the apron. Angle with a suplex attempt, but Rey lands in the ring. Angle is dropped on the top rope, and he hangs inches from the floor before rolling back into the ring. Angle with a clothesline to Rey. Angle looks like he is going to toss Rey over the top rope, but Rey is able to escape and Angle goes over the top rope, but lands on the apron. Rey with running forearms, but Angle holds on. Angle with a shoulder to Rey and Angle gets on the second rope. Rey almost eliminates Angle one more time, but Angle rolls back into the ring. Angle with a kick to Rey. Rey with punches to Angle. Angle with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Angle stalks Rey, but when Angle charges, Rey with a drop toe hold followed by a 619. Rey tries for a springboard move, but Angle with an uppercut to the groin. Angle with an Angle slam that sends Rey over the top rope to the floor. After the match, Angle gets on the mic and he says that since it is his choice to pick an opponent. There is one thing that he had before that he does not have now. There is something that he is obsessed with. Angle says that tonight is John Cena's lucky night because Kurt is giving John the night off next week. Next week, Kurt Angle versus . . . Sharmell. We go to credits.

2006 - WWE releases Orlando Jordan after there was concern over someone he was bringing on the road.

2006 - WWE Raw ran Boise, Idaho with the following results:

The Highlanders defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Harry Smith defeated Rob Conway
Umaga defeated Eugene
Torrie Wilson pinned Victoria.  Viscera was the guest ring announcer for the bout
WWE Intercontinental champion Shelton Benjamin defeated Rob Van Dam and Carlito
WWE Raw Tag Team Champions the Spirit Squad defeated Goldust & Gene Snitsky
WWE World Champion John Cena defeated Edge in a steel cage match; Ricky Steamboat was the guest referee for the bout.

2006 -

2006 - TNA ran Mooreseville, NC.  Eddie Medlin filed the following live report:

I attended the TNA show last night in Mooresville, NC at the Lake Norman high school. Here are the results.

Petey Williams defeated Chris Sabin with the Canadian Destroyer. Good back and forth action. Real good opener>
Sonjay Dutt and Amber O'Neal defeated Matt Bentley and Tracy Brooks when Dutt pinned Bentley. Lots of stalling to begin from Bentley & Brooks but decent action when it got started. Dutt was really good, hitting some good moves.

The James Gang defeated A-1 & Bobby Roode when Kip James hit the Famouser on I believe A-1. Pretty good match. James Gang was really over with the crowd crowd was chanting "We want steak sauce" at A-1.

Amercia's Most Wanted defeated The Naturals when one of the Naturals was hit with handcuffs and pinned. AMW had good heat with due to their pre-match promo.

Rhino defeated Monty Brown with the gore. Pretty good big man match. I believe they broke something in the ring when Brown threw Rhino down with a hiptoss.

Jeff Hardy & Ron Killings defeated Jeff Jarrett & Eric Young when Hardy hit Young with the Swanton. Hermie Sadler was supposed to be in the match but he came out and said he had a replacement and it was Ron Killings. Good match. Crowd was really into Hardy & Killings. Killings was especially over with the crowd. They really like his rap overall it was a good show and crowd went home happy.

2006 - Raw ran Boise, Idado.  Matt filed the following results:

- The Highlanders defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch.

- Harry Smith defeated Rob Conway.

- Matt Striker came out and cut an anti-Mormon and anti-USA promo. This brought out Hacksaw Jim Duggan who attacked Striker. When Duggan left, Umaga took him out. This went into...

- Umaga defeated Eugene.

- Torrie Wilson defeated Victoria. Viscera acted as the special guest ring announcer.

- Shelton Benjamin defeated Rob Van Dam & Carlito to retain the WWE IC Title in a Triple Threat Match.

- World Tag Team Champions The Spirit Squad defeated Goldust & Snitsky.

- WWE Champion John Cena defeated Edge in a Steel Cage Match. Ricky Steamboat acted as the special guest referee.

2007 - WWE's Raw brand ran Ottawa, Canada.  Darrin filed the following live report:

OK, I pretty much suck at doing these recaps, but since no one else is likely to do one, I thought I would send in this live report from last night's WWE Raw house show from the Civic Centre in Ottawa, ON.

The place had about 1200-1500 people in attendance, but I could be wrong. It's a smaller venue than the Corel Centre where events normally take place so it didn't look that empty. But there were still a lot of empty sections, especially on the far ends of the building.

It also should be noted that the show was plagued by a very poor sound system. The announcements were very muffled and it was hard to make out some of the theme music. I don't know if it was the fault of the person running the sound, if it they just had bad equipment in the building, but luckily there were no long promos (except one).

Johnny Nitro vs. Chuck Palumbo
Decent match with Palumbo getting the pin on Nitro. Palumbo was doing the new biker gimmick that's been talked about before. I don't know who Nitro has pissed off in that company, but getting pinned by Chuck Polumbo in the opening match doesn't speak highly of your place in the company (with all due respect to Chuck).

Sylvain Grenier vs. Carlito
Another decent match here. While Sylvain did get a relatively positive reaction when he came out, Carlito got a bigger one. And Carlito was definitely the favorite here. It was probably a combination of people not into Sylvain, or Carlito not getting over as a heel yet, but I don't think this was the reaction WWE was expecting. I suspect Sylvain will get a much better reaction at the Montreal show tonight. Sylvain did get the pin here.

Val Venis vs. Dan Rodman
Dan Rodman appears to be the former Daniel Rodimer from the Smackdown Tough Enough contest. He cut a cocky heel promo before Val came out, which came through pretty clear for some reason, despite the earlier sound issues. Basically, he put himself over as better than his opponent and everyone else. Val got the win here after a Money Shot.

The Great Khali vs. The Highlanders
A very short squash match here, which I don't think lasted longer than 2 minutes. Which, if I'm going to get a Khali match, that's the best kind. Khali pinned Robby (I think).

Intercontinental Title Match
Santino Marella vs. Chris Masters
Another decent match, but nothing special. Santino pinned Masters to retain the title.

After the intermission, we were treated to a visit from Maria and Eugene to throw out T-shirts to the audience, but no bazooka. Afterwards, Maria took off the t-shirt she was wearing, and gave it to someone at ringside, who I wasn't able to see from where I was sitting, so it may have been someone disabled or something.

WWE Women's Title Match
Melina vs. Mickie James
Good match from the ladies here. Not surprisingly, the cameras were flashing frequently throughout this match. Melina got the rollup on Mickie James with some leverage from the ropes.

World Tag Team Title Match
The Hardys vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Easily the best match of the night here. The Hardys were over big time here, and probably had the biggest pop next to Bobby Lashley(it may have even been bigger). Good back and forth match here, with Cade and Murdoch still doing their "playing by the rules" gimmick. They teased leaving the match and going back to the locker room, before changing their minds and going back to the ring. I believe Jeff got the pin on Murdoch with the Swanton.

Bobby Lashley vs. Randy Orton
Don't know why Lashley was on this show, other than maybe to make up for Shawn Michaels(who was advertised) not being there. The match was pretty good all things condsidered, with Lashley getting the pin on Orton.

All in all, it was a pretty good show. I had fun, which I always do at live shows regardless. Of course, it helped that we had a lot of eye candy all through the night (well, I did anyway). So, my opinions may be a little biased.

2008 - WWE broadcast Raw, including the announcement of Vince McMahon giving away a Million Dollars a week live on Raw.  Ed Sherriffs filed the following TV report:

The May 26 "Yes we know it's a holiday, but we still have to go home" special Memorial Day edition of Monday Night Raw comes to us live from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. We are just 8 days removed from Judgment Day and 6 days away from One Night Stand.

The show opens with the usual tribute to the troops that WWE.

Vince tells us to listen to the excitement of the crowd. He reminds us that Regal was fired last week, then asks if the audience is getting what they deserve. He says the fans deserve appreciation and will even welcome input from the wrestlers. This appreciation could mean something never done in WWE before.

Todd Grisham welcomes Randy Orton and Triple H to the ring for a face off before their Last Man Standing Match at One Night Stand for the WWE Championship. Their entrances are too long.

Grisham's first question is for Orton. He says that Triple H had an extra match the night Orton beat him in a Last Man Standing, so why does Orton think he can win? Orton wants to know why he is a joke even though he has beat everyone who has gotten in his way. He says the laughter is over on Sunday. Trips says they are laughing because he is an ass. HHH says he is not laughing because he knows how good Orton is. HHH calls him a scared little boy in a man's world and if he says he is good enough times, maybe the "bad men will go away". Triple H says to be the best, you have to thrive against the best competition, and you have to rise to the occasion.

Orton gets upset and says HHH doesn't thrive, he makes threats friends, or he eliminates them. He befriends Shawn Michaels. He broke up Evolution when Orton won his first World Title. Trips says he and Flair helped Orton realize his potential, but when he got in the ocean, the sharks were his to deal with. It's every man for himself at the top.

Orton says it will be hard for HHH to say he is the best thing going when he loses at One Night Stand and is beaten until he can't get up. Orton starts to walk away, but HHH says that is not the last word. The last word is Sunday night. Either the Age of Orton continues or the last seven months were all for nothing. HHH is going to leave Orton lying in the ring and it will be like the Age of Orton never existed. He moves past Orton and gets onto the apron. He holds the belt in Orton's face. Commercial.

Beth Phoenix joins King and JR for commentary. Jillian Hall is already in the ring. She says she loves Melina, but she has to side with Beth when it comes to the victor of this Sunday's I Quit match.

Melina vs. Jillian Hall Hall wastes no time and takes Melina to the mat, punching her. She whips Melina into the corner and hits a handspring elbow, then takes her to the mat for one. She pulls on Melina's hair. Jillian chokes her in the ropes. Melina takes down Beth for one. Melina with a dropkick that sends Jillian to the corner. She drives Jillian's face to the mat. Jillian puts Melina in a fireman's carry, but is rolled up by Melina for two. Melina applies a Muta Lock aka California Dreamin' for the submission victory.

Your winner, Melina!

Chris Jericho is in the back with Vince. McMahon wants to know his idea. Jericho says the fans deserve to see a rematch of his match against Shawn Michaels tonight. Vince says it is on, but it is not for the IC Belt. Jericho says that Vince's theme needs a rock update. He then suggests a skat version, showing off his vocal abilities. Cryme Tyme walk in next. Vince tries to act black. Cryme Tyme have an idea...they want to auction off Regal's pictures. Auction auction, yeah yeah! Commercial.

Sadly, the auction took place over the break.

World Tag Team Championship Match: London & Kendrick vs. Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes (c)

London and Rhodes start. Cody gets him to the mat with a side headlock. London shoves him off, but runs into a dropkick. Kendrick tags in and they double dropkick Rhodes for two. Kendrick with a Crucifix for two. Rhodes whips Brian hard into the corner. He drives Kendrick into his corner and tags Holly in. Holly pounds him to the mat, then clotheslines Kendrick for two. He puts Kendrick in the corner and tags Cody back in. Rhodes with a double axe handle, and then he applies a waistlock on the mat. Kendrick gets to his feet and elbows out. He walks into a mule kick, but Rhodes misses a dive off the middle rope.

Holly and London tag in. London with a couple dropkicks and a rana. Spinning heel kick to Rhodes. Holly goes for an Alabama Slam, but Kendrick dropkicks him into a London pin for two. Spinning Heel Kick for two. Kendrick gets knocked out of the ring and then London takes Rhodes out. As he skins the cat, Holly hits an Alabama Slam for the win.

Your winners, Bob Holly & Cody Rhodes!

Just as the pin is counted, The Million Dollar Man comes out and says their days are numbered. He introduces his son, Ted DiBiase. Junior comes out and says in his first match, he will become a champion. He puts Rhodes and Holly on notice, cause everybody has a price, but he is simply priceless.

Slam of the week is Santino getting some cake in his face courtesy of Cousin Sal. Their match is on...Smackdown? We get some clips of Sal training with Roddy Piper in LA. Piper asks him if he is ready, then he slaps him. Sal tries to beg off. Jimmy Kimmel walks in and asks how things are going. Piper clubs him like a baby seal. Kimmel joins in and tells Piper to try some unique moves, like the Paris Hilton and the Tickle Me Elmo. Piper stretches Sal. Jimmy says the entire Kimmel clan is depending on Sal. Piper puts him in a Sleeper Hold. While Sal is knocked out, Jimmy draws a mustache on his face, then goes off with Piper to eat.

Mickie's big idea is to have schools send in tapes of why they love RAW. The winning school gets a Diva for a day. Can non schools send tapes in? JBL makes an escort service joke. Awww man...why couldn't it be to Ashley (though it is clearly who it is meant for). JBL has some ringside memorabilia in mind. He says they can cut open the pieces of the mat that have John Cena's blood on it. JBL says that Mickie might not have exchanged blood, but she has exchanged other bodily fluids with Cena. Whatever turns you on (RIP Dick Martin!).

Several soldiers have messages for loved ones.

John Cena & Jeff Harvey vs. Umaga & JBL

Cena and JBL start off. Cena is all fired up, but JBL opts to tag Umaga in before they face off. Ewww...close up of JBL's cellulite. I've never been more glad to not have HD. Cena goes for an early FU, but Umaga is too fresh. Umaga punches Cena in the corner. Cena dodges a charge and fights back for a pro Cena crowd. He goes for a cross body, but is driven to the mat for two. Commercial.

Cena tags in Hardy back from the break. He kicks Umaga, but is shoved off a Twist of Fate. He blocks and dodges a charge, then knocks JBL off the apron. Umaga takes advantage of the distraction and shoves him to the floor. JBL drives Hardy into the apron. Standing splash from Umaga for two. JBL comes in and knees Hardy in the corner. Abdominal stretch by JBL. He hits the kidneys with some forearms. Hardy makes the ropes to break it up. Boot to the head and elbow drop by JBL for two.

Hardy comes back with Whisper in the Wind and both men are down. Cena tags in and hits a Blue Thunder Driver, then clocks Umaga. 5 Knuckle Shuffle to JBL. Umaga shoves him. Hardy tags in, but misses a Swanton and gets nailed with a Clothesline from Hell by JBL for the loss.

Your winners, Umaga & JBL!

Michaels is in the back with Vince. HBK has doubts about Vince doing anything...decent. Vince swears that he will show appreciation and even Shawn will have to give the devil his due. Michaels says Vince would know about that and walks off.

Several Denver Broncos are pointed out in the crowd before a video package that highlights the Mexican Tour.

Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito

They lock up briefly. Carlito pounds Kennedy to the mat. He misses a springboard back elbow. Carlito blocks the Mic Check and gives Kennedy a neckbreaker for two. Kennedy gets choked in the ropes. Snapmare and chinlock by Carlito. Kennedy elbows out, but is put down again for a one count. Carlito with some lefts. Kennedy ducks and comes back with his own shots. Standing Green Bay Plunge for two. Kennedy with some bootscrapes. Carlito gets two with a powerslam. Carlito hits an elbow to Kennedy, but walks into a Mic Check as Kennedy wins.

Your winner, Ken Kennedy!

Katie Lea comes out and says that not everyone is happy he got rid of Regal. Paul Burchill comes from behind and attacks Kennedy, hitting a neckbreaker. He says Regal was a great man, then hits a Curb Stomp.

Trevor Murdoch is regaling Vince his a country version of No Chance. Vince tells Murdoch that he wants every superstar in the ring after this next match.

Backlash recap and more soldiers and more commercials.

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels

Michaels and Jericho go hold for hold. Wristlock by HBK. Jericho reverses and ten applies a side headlock. Hip toss by Michaels. Back elbow by Jericho right in the kisser. Jericho dives over the top, but Michaels gets out of the way. Commercial...come on, WWE!

Back from the break, Jericho has a chinlock applied on the mat. HBK fights back and chops Jericho. Back slide by Michaels for two. Step up enziguri by Jericho for two. Jericho with some charges in the corner. He then puts the boots to HBK before choking him. Michaels shoves Jericho off a bulldog into the corner. Inverted atomic drop and a chop, followed by a flying forearm. HBK nips up, but Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho. Inside cradle by HBK for two. Jericho clotheslines him, but misses the Lionsault. HBK goes to the top, but doesn't connect with the diving elbow. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker, but Michaels holds the ropes to send him off. Jericho ducks the Sweet Chin Music and applies the Walls of Jericho. HBK struggles, but makes the ropes. Jericho stomps him and the ref pushes him off. Jericho, knowing what happened in the match he refereed, hesitates and kicks Michaels out of the ring. On the floor, Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho again, resulting in a double count out. Lame finish aside, this is as good as it gets for tv these days.

After the bell rings, Jericho drops an elbow across Michaels back, then applies the Walls of Jericho again. He grabs a steel chair, but doesn't do anything with it as HBK looks up at him. Jericho offers his hand and Michaels takes it. Jericho puts the chair down and walks off. Color me intrigued.

Vince walks to the ring for his big announcement.

The entire roster is on the stage as Vince McMahon comes out. He says the crowd deserves NEW. They deserve every superstar converging for the draft in four weeks. But wait, there's more! He says it's all about the money. What if he were to give away cash money every week during RAW. Like a thousand dollars. Even ten. Maybe even one hundred thousand dollars. Will that get ratings up? Vince says each and every week, from his own personal bank account, he is going to give away one million dollars. No word on whether that is a grand total or what. All the details have yet to be worked out. Stay tuned, and tell your friends with Nielsen Boxes to watch, please!

2008 - WWE star Gregory Helms was served with a criminal summons ordering him to appear on 7/8 in court to answer charges of assault and battery.  The charges were brought against the former WWE Cruiserweight champion by Dustin Narron, who was arrested on 5/6 following an altercation where he struck Helms at the N&N Sports Bar during an argument over who a pool table. Helms was not taken into custody.

According to local media reports earlier this month, Helms was in the midst of an argument with one of Narron's friends over a pool game when Narron "balled his fist" and struck the former WWE Cruiserweight champion.  A scuffle did ensue but was quickly broken up.  Narron was released after posting $500 bond.  Lt. Keith Powell told the Raleigh News & Observer at the time that Helms was not arrested because he "did not strike back." 

Helms discussed the incident on 5/9 on his Myspace account, writing:


Just a quick note to let everyone know I'm fine.  I hate when my name is attached to such retardedness (is that even a word) but sometimes, no matter how hard one tries, trouble can find it's way to you.  Kinda like how bugs are drawn to a light.  After breaking my neck and losing my mom in the same year, the last thing I need to happen is to be arrested for beating up some chumpstain in a bar fight.  

I've always been amazed when people try to fight pro wrestlers.  I mean, I understand or at least I try to understand that having any kind of celebrity status, no matter how major or minor, puts a bull's-eye on your back, but what do these people think?  Do they think that they are gonna get our contract if they somehow win the fight?  Do they really think it's gonna prove anything?  I remember one time watching some guy try to fight Meng and I was just shocked because there was no way in this world that this guy could beat Meng, yet there he was acting like a total tool!  Why???  

And then, take my altercation for example, this guy is pretty much known as a career-loser, so did he think that fighting me would somehow make his life better?  And what would I have to gain by whooping his ass?  Nothing!  Which, is why I was trying my best to ignore this jackoff.  At least until he decided to swing on me. 

Important note here, he only swung when he saw I was being held.  We got a name for that where I come from, it starts with a "B" and rhymes with bitch!  :)  Hell, he's lucky [TNA Knockout] Velvet Sky [Helms' girlfriend] didn't get a hold of him, as mad as she was, I'd bet a year's salary that she woulda beat him down.  :)


2009 - WWE broadcast ECW on Sci Fi.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live from Los Angeles, California and your announcers are Josh ‘Sleestak’ Mathews and Matt ‘Cha-Ka’ Striker.

Christian comes to the ring and he has something to say. He says that it is fitting that ECW is live in Hollywood tonight because tonight more than anywhere will his peeps understand what he is saying. When you are on a reality show and you get some fame, but when the show is over, you don’t realize that it is really over. Then you act like you are the most famous person in the world, you are just a dork who won’t go away. Jack Swagger is that dork. Last week, Jack ruined his title match with Tommy Dreamer. This situation with Swagger will not go away until he does something about it. He is going to do something about it right now. Christian wants Jack Swagger to come out because his fifteen minutes of fame are about up.

Jack Swagger comes out and he has a mic. He asks if his fame is running out? He says that he is a two time All-American so his time is just beginning. Jack tells Christian that his time as ECW Champion is running out. Jack gets in the ring and he tells Christian that since he cheated twice, the justice that he asked for has been served. Jack says that he has been granted an ECW Title match at Extreme Rules.

Christian asks what the stipulation is for Extreme Rules and wonders what the stipulation is.

Tiffany comes out and she stands between Christian and Jack Swagger. Tiffany tells Jack that he needs to get his story right. Because of what he did last week on Superstars, the match will not be one-on-one, it will be a Triple Threat.

Their opponent is Tommy Dreamer.

Swagger points out that Dreamer’s contract ends the night before Extreme Rules. Tiffany says that Dreamer has signed a one day extension so he is in the match and he either wins the title or he walks away. Dreamer dances and gyrates in the ring as Tiffany announces that the match will be under Hardcore Rules.

Tiffany leaves and Dreamer throws Swagger out of the ring. Christian high fives him and then Dreamer throws Christian out of the ring.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Vladimir Kozlov versus Russ Taylor and Joey Munos

Kozlov starts with Taylor and Kozlov with a kick and Munos is tagged in. Kozlov with an elbow and a hip lock. Kozlov with shoulders in the corner and then he chokes Munos in the corner. Kozlov drops Munos on the turnbuckles and then he kicks Munos to the floor. Kozlov goes to the floor and he returns Munos to the ring and he hits a series of head butts to the chest followed by an overhead belly-to-belly. Taylor tags in and he tries for a cross body but Kozlov with a head butt and then he hits the spinebuster for the three count.
Winner: Vladimir Kozlov

Dreamer and Christian are arguing in the locker room and Christian wants to know why he attacked him. Dreamer says that he was made a part of the match at Extreme Rules and they both ignored him. Dreamer says that he would have won the title last week if it wasn’t for Swagger. Dreamer and Christian fight until Finlay comes into the locker room and he loves to break up a fight. We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Mark Henry with Tony Atlas versus Evan Bourne

Bourne avoids a lock up and Bourne tries to kicks Henry in the leg but Henry pushes Bourne into the corner. Bourne grabs the leg but Henry with an elbow and head butt. Henry continues to use his size advantage with a hard Irish whip. Henry throws Bourne onto the turnbuckles but Bourne with a kick and then he leaps over Henry but Henry with a body block and Bourne goes down hard. Henry with a punch to the head and then he steps on Bourne’s chest. Henry does the same to Bourne’s back. Henry chokes Bourne in the ropes. Bourne with kicks to the leg but Henry kicks Bourne in the head and Bourne goes across the ring from the impact. Henry with a near fall but Bourne is under the ropes. Henry kicks Bourne to the floor and Tony Atlas attacks Bourne while Henry distracts the referee. Bourne returns to the ring and Henry continues the assault. Henry with a back breaker and then he stretches Bourne on his knee. Bourne tries to get out of the hold but Henry sends Bourne back to the mat. Bourne with another back breaker and then he stretches Bourne on his knee again. Bourne with knees to the head and he escapes the hold.

Bourne with kicks to Henry followed by a drop kick to the back of the head for a near fall but Henry throws Bourne off. Henry with a head butt in the corner and then he charges into the corner but Bourne moves out of the way. Bourne with a drop kick to the knee followed by an enzuigiri and Henry is on the mat. Bourne climbs to the top but Henry rolls to the floor. Bourne with a moonsault but Henry catches him. Henry goes into the ring post and then Bourne with the double knees to the chest as he takes Henry down. The referee continues his count and Bourne uses Henry as a springboard into the ring before the ten count.
Winner: Evan Bourne by count out

After the match, Henry is not happy with the result and he takes it out on the ring steps.

We are told by Josh and Matt that Finlay has an eye injury so he is out of the main event.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Tiffany is with Tommy Dreamer and Christian. Tiffany blames Dreamer and Christian for Finlay’s injury. The match will take place and because it is those guyzes fault it will be a two-on-three match. Tiffany wishes them luck.

The Hart Dynasty comes out and Natalya wanted to give everyone a lesson. She says that Tyson Kidd is the protégé of Bret Hart. She points out that the other man is the only son of the British Bulldog. Natalya reminds us that she is the daughter of Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart. She says that they are a part of something that nobody in the crowd will be a part of. It is something that nobody in the back will be a part of. Collectively they are the Hart Dynasty.

Match Number Three: The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd with Natalya) and Jack Swagger versus Christian and Tommy Dreamer in a You Hurt Finlay so it is Mike Epsenhart’s favorite match . . . A HANDICAP MATCH

Christian and Smith start things off and Christian with a waist lock but Smith works on the arm and puts Christian in a hammer lock. Christian with a double leg take down and a front face lock. Smith runs Christian into the corner and Smith with a clean break. They lock up again and Smith works on the arm and takes Christian to the mat. Christian with a fireman’s carry into a key lock. Dreamer is tagged in and there is unity within the team as Dreamer works on the arm before tagging Christian back in with a double sledge from the turnbuckles. Smith with a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Smith kicks Christian in the corner but Christian kicks back and then hits a sunset flip. Smith with a knee to Christian and then he tags in Swagger who takes Christian down and then rolls him on the mat. Swagger continues with the waist lock. Swagger with another take down and then he runs Christian into the corner. Swagger with a clean break but it was a ruse and Swagger misses a charge. Dreamer is tagged in and Christian with a drop toe hold and Dreamer with an elbow drop for a near fall. Swagger with an Irish whip but he charges into a boot and Dreamer with a clothesline from the turnbuckles. Christian tags in and they hit a double suplex for a near fall.

Dreamer is tagged back in and he punches Swagger. Dreamer sends Swagger into Dreamer’s boot and then Christian is tagged in. Dreamer and Christian argue and Swagger charges but they duck down and Swagger goes to the floor. Dreamer and Christian punch Kidd and Smith. Christian with a cross body onto Swagger on the floor. Swagger with a belly-to-belly take down on Christian but Christian goes up top. Swagger jumps up and he tries for a gutwrench from the turnbuckles but Christian stops him. Swagger drives Christian chest first into the mat as we go to commercial.

We are back and Swagger has some words for Christian in the corner and he puts the champion on the turnbuckles and slaps him. Christian punches Swagger off and Christian with the Tornado Inverted DDT and both men are down. Dreamer is tagged in and he clotheslines Swagger and drop kicks Smith off the apron. Dreamer with a neck breaker to Swagger and a sit out spinebuster for a two count. Dreamer puts Swagger in the Tree of Woe and it is time for the E. . . C . . . W drop kick. Swagger with a belly-to-belly suplex and both men are down. Smith tags in and punches Dreamer. Smith kicks him and then Kidd with a leg drop while the referee was not looking. Smith gets a near fall. Smith with a chin lock and the arm is isolated. Dreamer with a jawbreaker and both men are down again. Smith stops Dreamer from making the tag and he connects with an elbow. Smith with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Smith with a reverse chin lock.

Kidd tags in and he kicks Dreamer. The referee yells at Kidd and that allows Smith and Swagger to work over Dreamer. Kidd with a near fall and then he applies the reverse chin lock. Dreamer is about to make the tag but Kidd pulls Dreamer back into his corner and Smith tags in. Smith with kicks and a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Smith with a knee to the back and then he puts Dreamer in a front face lock. Dreamer with a chop to Smith but Swagger is able to tag in and he hits an elbow for a near fall. Swagger returns to the waist lock. Dreamer is almost to his corner but Swagger hits Christian with a forearm to prevent the tag from being made.

Kidd tags back in and he kicks Dreamer and reapplies the reverse chin lock. Dreamer with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down as Dreamer tries valiantly to make the tag and he succeeds. Christian punches Kidd and then he hits a back body drop. Kidd with a knee and he tries for a suplex but Christian escpaes. Kidd avoids the Killswitch but he does not avoid the pendulum kick and an uppercut from the corner. Christian knocks Swagger and Smith off the apron. Christian with a missile drop kick. Dreamer clotheslines Smith over the top rope to the floor. Kidd with a spinning kick and then he tags in Swagger who sends Christian into the ring post and then Swagger hits the Doctor Bomb for the three count.
Winners: Jack Swagger, Tyson Kidd, and David Hart Smith

After the match, Dreamer goes after Swagger but the Hart Dynasty attack Dreamer and they hit the Hart Attack on Dreamer as they celebrate in the ring.

2009 - A representative for Linda Hogan attacked her estranged husband Hulk and daughter Brooke in an email to gossip website Perez Hilton, writing:


"Perez, if Brooke continues to spew lies on behalf of her father's lame attempt to distance himself from the reality that he is no different from the homicidal OJ Simpson, Charlie will be forced to put aside his paramedic/firefighting career path and release an album called "Redemption" which will easily surpass any of Brooke's records sales.

Brooke has always had a problem telling the truth. If it is her claim that her breasts are natural or she hasn't been banging the crap out of the pot head $tack for the last 3 years, then her comments of Charlie being a year and a half younger than her are again a complete fabrication (they are 4 months apart). She only judges Charlie because of his long hair and age, Linda doesn't judge.

Here are some cold hard facts; these people who say Linda is doing drugs are friends of Hulk Hogan. Brooke is Hulk's only remaining mouthpiece and a pawn in his game of control. Linda will walk into any drug testing facility and take a random test and the truth will be she is clean. Put your money where your mouth is Brooke aka Hulk. Brooke "thinks" she's doing drugs is a hypocrisy when her father and $tack are rolling and Smoking joints together in Brooke's recording session, and Brooke knows it. As for Charlie, he is an accomplished Spring board diver (4th in the Nationals), eagle scout and certified captain in commercial boating with his bigger goal of joining the fire department. Linda's definition of a good time is hitting a 8:30 am mass at St Max's grabbing some Cuban food at Versailles (her fav). We aren't here to kiss anyone's ass but Linda would love spend a fun California day with Perez with or without that famous garlic chicken, but you have to go to mass.

Gary Smith on behalf of Linda Hogan
Global PR Inc"


2010 - Former Wrestlemania headliner Bobby Lashley announced that he suffered a knee injury and would be unable to fight for Strikeforce at their Los Angeles card in June 2010.

2011 - Kurt Angle claimed a reality show would air in the Fall of 2011 following his path to the 2012 Olympics.  The show never debuted and Angle, citing injuries, would pull out of his plans to return to the Olympics, where he won a gold medal in 1996.

2011 - TNA star Ric Flair was found in civil contempt earlier  during a hearing regarding Flair not adhering to a mediated Settlement Agreement in the lawsuit brought against him by online retailer  An order for Flair's arrest was then issued in the County of Mecklenburg in North Carolina.

According to the order, the court found that Flair had agreed in mediation to a Settlement Agreement with and was required to pay them $35,000 as well as sign 300 photos in order to provide restitution for the issues between the two sides.  Doing so would end the long-standing legal issues between the two that began when Flair borrowed money from Highspots during a period the two sides were doing business with each other.

Flair, despite signing the agreement to do so, failed to adhere to the terms in a timely manner. then took to Superior Court to enforce. They sided with Highspots and ordered Flair to adhere by 4/29.

At today's hearing, the Court decreed that Flair, who "has the assets and income required" to make the Settlement Agreement instead "willfully violated and continues to willfully violate" the court's mandated order. The court also noted that Flair was doing so despite being "able to comply with the Order" or being "able to to take reasonable measures" towards complying.

The Court ruled that Flair was in "willfull civil contempt of the court" and issued an arrest order, which reads:

"Therefore it is ordered, adjudged and decreed that Defendant Richard Fliehr is hereby held in civil contempt for his failure to comply with the Consent Order to Enforce Settlement and that the Defendant be imprisoned for as long as he remains in civil contempt for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days from his date of imprisonment. This imprisonment shall commence on June 27, 2011 without further action of the court."

The court then ruled that Flair could cancel the arrest order by paying the $35,000 he previously agreed to and by signing and returning the 300 photos, which court documents indicate are the hands of Flair's attorneys.

The court also ruled that if Flair was unable to do so, he could also hand over the NWA World championship belt that he had provided to as collateral previously (based on the order, it appears the belt is currently back in Flair's hands) and authorize that they can have the ownership and rights of the belt, in order to sell it off as a means to regain the money owed. That aspect of the order noted that the NWA belt needed to be "free of all liens and encumbrances", which could be an issue for Flair, since there is already one other entity with a lien against him for the belt.

Flair did eventually make payment, finally settling the matter. 

2011 - TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Welcome to the TNA Impact Report here on!

The show opens with a graphic in memory of Randy Savage, then we go to a video package looking back at the Sting-Anderson confrontation from Sacrifice and Anderson's assault of Sting to close the show last week.

Hit the opening video package and we're off to the Impact Zone and right into our first match!

Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray vs AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

The fight starts right away at ringside, with AJ (wearing a neck brace) going after Dreamer and Daniels brawling with Ray, who tears his shirt off and lays in some hard chops. AJ and Dreamer fight through the crowd and up onto the mezzanine where Dreamer takes another spill to the floor below. AJ, neck brace and all, climbs up on the railing and dives onto Dreamer from what must have been a good ten to twelve feet up. Back in the ring, Daniels is pulling all kinds of garbage cans and lids and kendo sticks out from under the ring, and he repeatedly bashes Ray in the head with the lids until Ray does a Flair Flop...face first into another trash can lid. Daniels goes for the BME but Ray gets the boot up and hits a uranage for 2. AJ comes in and ducks a kendo stick swing, then hits a Pelle Kick on Ray. AJ charges Dreamer in a corner, but Dreamer gets his boot up and then tears AJ's neck brace off, then clubs him in the back of the neck with forearm shots. Ray gets a Rude Awakening on AJ, Dreamer gets one of his own. Then Ray hits a third as Dreamer kicks Daniels off the apron and to the floor. Ray and Dreamer set up for a spike piledriver, but Daniels knocks Dreamer off the top and then hits an enziguiri on Ray. AJ whacks Ray in the head with a kendo stick and then he and Daniels hit a spike piledriver on Dreamer for the win.

Winners: AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

We go out to the garage where Hulk Hogan is arriving at the Impact Zone, and tonight, Kurt Angle will face Rob Van Dam in the main event!

We're back for the Scorpion Sitdown, which has Ken Anderson dressed as Neon Sting doing a Piper's Pit type segment. Anderson says he can't wrestle anymore, so he'll do what every washed up wrestler does and get an interview segment. For our first show, he wants to bring out someone we all know very well, and brings out the Disco Inferno, who dances his way down the aisle and joins Ander...I mean, Sting. Anderson says that he remembers Sting's Vanilla Ice look and flattop and Liberace outfits, and Disco says he really is an asshole. Disco says he didn't know why Anderson brought him here, but he'll tell us the truth about Sting, and there were thousands of fans everywhere and...he can't finish because Anderson keeps cutting him off with the Sting howl. Disco says that wherever he went, he commanded respect, and he knows that when Anderson grew up, he was painting his face just like everyone else. Anderson says he's had enough and says this is his show and he leads, and he didn't bring him out here to swing from Sting's nuts, he brought him here to bury Sting because that's what this segment was designed for. He asks if Disco has anything to add to his quest to bury Sting, and Disco just has one question: why does Anderson refer to himself as an asshole when the reality is that he's just a dick? Crowd starts chanting “dick” at Anderson, and Disco dances for a few seconds, grabs Anderson's drop down microphone, and repeats that Anderson's a dick. Anderson gets up with a big smile on his face and cracks him in the head with the microphone, then sits on top of him and starts drilling him in the face. Sting's music hits and he comes after Anderson, who slides out of the ring and bails over the barricade and to the back as Sting checks on a bloody Disco Inferno.

Velvet Sky is backstage, and she's...WALKING!

Eric Young goes into the men's room looking for Gunner and finds him in one of the stalls. Gunner looks really pissed off at getting interrupted, and Young says there was a slight misunderstanding because his title wasn't on the line in the battle royal. He has an idea for tonight: Gunner's a low level player in Immortal and both of them were at home in 1999 watching Hogan and Nash at the Georgia Dome, and he propses a Fingerpoke Of Doom tonight where Young jobs the title back to Gunner. Gunner tells Young that he better go down or Gunner's going to put him down.

Out to the ring for a thought provoking interview segment with Velvet Sky, who has some unfinished business with ODB. The attack from behind doesn't fly with her, so she wants ODB to come out here and say what her problem is. ODB joins Velvet in the ring and says that about a year ago she got a call that she wasn't needed around here anymore, and she wondered if it is because of her bad attitude or lack of talent, and she decided it was because Velvet got her fired. Velvet has no idea how she could have gotten ODB fired and she's tired of everyone blaming Velvet for everything because she's earned her spot here in TNA and has proven herself by working her ass off to get where she is. ODB says she worked her ass off by spending time on her back and asks if she breaks a sweat grinding her ass on the ropes coming into the ring and makes fun of her giant silicone boobs. Velvet gives her a death stare and ODB asks if she's going to cry about it, and tells Velvet she'll give her something to cry about, and suckerpunches her, then gets on top of Velvet and chokes her while yelling “You like it on your back, don't ya?” TNA security runs in and tries to pull them apart, but ODB breaks loose and goes after Velvet again with her belt. Velvet scurries out of the ring and ODB goes after her again and needs to be restrained again.

Coming up tonight, Jeff Jarrett faces Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle faces Rob Van Dam!

We go to a video package where Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle talk about being the best and why wrestling matters to them going into their match tonight.

We look back to last week when Ric Flair went too far and Robert Roode locked him in a Fujiwara armbar, only to get laid out and have his arm injured by Immortal. We then go backstage to Beer Money in Eric Bischoff's office, as he gets an interesting text message from the doctor, who says that his arm's in bad shape and if Beer Money can't defend the title at Slammiversary, they'll be stripped of the title. James Storm protests the decision and Bischoff says he's in a tough spot and will need to find a suitable replacement, and he sees Storm as a mystical hillbilly prophet type of guy who can heal people with manure. Storm can't heal anyone, but he can stick his foot up Bischoff's ass. Bischoff threatens his job, and says to think about their future and the tag title, and says that he's sorry about Beer Money's damn luck.

We look at the recent Xplosion taping where Devon got pissed that Pope came up to his wife at ringside and kissed his hand. Pope says he doesn't know why since he can't think of a better role model than himself.

We go to Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan, and Angle warns him to ignore Karen and focus on Jeff Jarrett. That match is up next!

Time for our next match...

Jeff Jarrett vs Matt Morgan

Jeff Jarrett puts Karen in a chair at ringside, but referee Earl Hebner forces her to move into the aisle because he doesn't want her sitting right at ringside. Jarrett pokes Morgan in the eye and snaps him down on the top rope, then hits a flying bodypress for 2 to start the match. Morgan reverses a whip into the corner and follows in with a charging clothesline and then hits the rapid fire elbows and a side suplex for 2. Jarrett tries a leapfrog but Morgan doesn't run under him and faceslams him into the top turnbuckle. Morgan misses a running knee into the corner and Jarrett starts kicking his leg out from under him. Jarrett comes off the ropes with a crossbody, but Morgan catches him and hits a Hallaway slam for 2. Karen pops out of her chair and hobbles screaming to ringside as Morgan hits a tilt-a-whirl suplex for 2. Karen hands her crutch to Jarrett behind the referee's back and Jarrett nails him and hits the Stroke, but only gets 2. Jarrett comes off the second rope right into a goozle and Morgan gives him a chokeslam into an inverted atomic drop and then hits the Carbon Footprint. Karen distracts the referee again as Scott Steiner comes out of the crowd and hits the FlatSteiner and rolls Jarrett on top for the win.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Jeff and Karen celebrate by making out at ringside.

Hulk Hogan is backstage, and he's...WALKING!

Oh, and for those who are counting, we're now halfway through the show and have had less than ten minutes of wrestling.

We see a video package looking at the recent revalation of Mick Foley as the Network representative, then we go to Eric Bischoff in the ring. He tells the fans how much he loves them and talks about last week when Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley were in New York at a meeting with the Network, but he knew Hogan would come out on top of the meeting and make the Network understand that Foley can't slap his hands with his ass in the wrestling business. He introduces Hulk Hogan, who comes out to tell us that all it took was a good, old fashioned sitdown and when he sat down with the executives, it was unanimous that there was only one man sailing the ship around here and that man is Hulk Hogan. Still, it blew his mind that his genius for this business wiped out any doubts anyone had, and the executives stood up and gave him a standing ovation. But enough about Hogan, he wants to talk about Bischoff, because the strides Bischoff made to improve the show and wipe out the X-Division were sheer genius, and the fans said the X-Division doesn't matter and Bischoff was the one who did something about it.

Wait, Mick Foley's music hits and he comes out to join Hogan and Bischoff in the ring. Hogan tells Foley that nobody invited him out here, but Foley says he doesn't need an invitation because he's a Network executive. After Hogan walked out of that meeting, all he succeeded in doing was pissing the Network off because then Foley took them on a trip down memory lane and showed them that the X-Division was what put TNA on the map and made the company better, and showed them how wrestling can't matter without the X-Division. Foley will spend the next few weeks scouring the globe for the best X-Division wrestlers in the world, and when he gets back he's going to put them in the Ultimate X. Bischoff says he knows Foley spent his career falling on his ass and running around with a sock on his hand and that makes him an expert on the X-Division. Bischoff says that Foley is a Network executive and that means that he doesn't have any power over the PPVs, but Foley says that's not true because they can't promote PPVs without TV, and he tells them he'll see them at Destination X. Hogan suggests Foley do something to help the X-Division and gives him the opportunity to get in the ring and fight for the X-Division Title and he'll have to face Abyss, the real Mr Hardcore. Hogan asks if the Hardcore Legend is still alive, or if he's hiding behind the Network.

Okay, now Brian Kendrick's music hits and he comes out with the Kindergarten crew to confront Bischoff and Hogan. He rambles again, but the point is they're there to eradicate Immortal. Hogan tells “Kendricks” to take his boys and get to the back where they belong, but Kendrick says it's stupid to put Foley in the match and challenges Hogan to put him in the ring with Abyss instead. Hogan is flabbergasted, but says this is better than Hogan taking the blackhead off the pimple standing in front of him, and tells Foley that the blood is on his hands for this one.

Winter is backstage giving Angelina Love a candlelight massage and saying the world is about to see them for what they are. They're going to fulfill the promise they made to each other in another lifetime, and she promises that whatever happens to them tonight, she will be here forever. Okay.

Speaking of Winter, she's facing Mickie James next!

Add a fifteen minute promo just now and we're at 10:15 with less than ten minutes of wrestling.

Knockouts Champion Mickie James vs Winter

Mike Tenay cracked me up during entrances, acting flabbergasted that the relationship between Angelina and Winter goes back centuries, then talking about how Mickie James is a fighting champion even though this is non-title. Bless him for trying. They tie up and Winter nails Mickie with a back elbow and yanks Mickie down by the hair. Mickie fires back with right hands but Winter gets a short Irish whip into a Northern Lights Suplex for 2 and then yanks Mickie up by the hair. Mickie gets a chinbreaker and a snapmare, then a running baseball slide. Mickie with a flying headscissors and a flapjack, but Winter goes to the eyes and goes for her Cyclone slam, but Mickie blocks and gets a leaping DDT for the win.

Winner: Mickie James

Winter appears to be bleeding from the mouth, and Angelina comes into the ring and attacks Mickie, driving her to the floor and viciously stomping her into oblivion before ramming her headfirst into the stairs. Angelina goes back into the ring to check on Winter and looks zombified.

Abyss is behind a fence backstage and says Eric Bischoff gave him clearance to exterminate Brian Kendrick and the X-Division, and that's what he's going to do. He grabs Janice and the X-Division Title and starts for the ring, but Frankie Kazarian comes out of nowhere and lays him out, then takes Janice and tells Abyss he'll never use her again.

That match added a whopping three minutes to our wrestling total, bringing us to 13 minutes as of 10:26.

X-Division Title Match: Abyss vs Brian Kendrick

Kendrick attacks Abyss before the bell, then dodges Abyss as he charges and lets Abyss ram himself into the steps. They head into the ring where Kendrick hits a running forearm in the corner. Abyss goozles Kendrick, but Kendrick bites his hand, slides between his legs, and hits a leg lariat. He comes off the ropes and runs into a back elbow by Abyss, who then gouges his face in the corner and whips him hard into the corner across the ring. Abyss hits the charging splash in the corner, then picks Kendrick up in a bearhug. Kendrick gives Abyss a noogie to escape and goes back to the ropes, but runs right into a big boot. Abyss with a big forearm to the back and then presses Kendrick above his head, but Kendrick escapes and hits a pair of leg lariats and a pop-up dropkick. Kendrick with a missile dropkick for 2 and then goes back up top, but Abyss shakes the ropes and Kendrick tumbles down on the top turnbuckle and then to the mat below. Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam and that's all she wrote.

Winner: Abyss

Abyss says scary things to the camera and then we go back to the same RVD-Angle video package we saw earlier to build tonight's main event.

Kurt Angle is backstage talking about how he's wrestling RVD tonight, and RVD is dangerous and will make great preparation for Jeff Jarrett at Slammiversary, and he can't look past RVD because he's that good, but he's ready for him.

Time for our next match...

TV Title Match: Gunner vs Eric Young

EY tells Gunner to do the Fingerpoke of Doom, Gunner does it, Young falls on his face and Gunner tries to cover him, but Young catches him in a small package and pins Gunner to win the title just like that in about twenty seconds.

Winner and NEW World TV Champion: Eric Young

Gunner is REALLY pissed off now, and chases Young all the way to the back.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett join Tenay and Taz at the broadcast booth, and then it's main event time!

Rob Van Dam vs Kurt Angle

It's now 10:54 and we've only had 18 minutes of wrestling on the show where wrestling matters. Tenay tells us this is the historic first ever match between these two...not counting the match they had on ECW On Sci-Fi. Or Angle's last WWE match in White Plains. Or the matches they had during the InVasion. Angle gets a side headlock and gets fired into the ropes, but takes RVD down with a shoulderblock. Angle blocks a monkey flip, RVD blocks a German suplex and gets a leg lariat and straight side kick, followed by Rolling Thunder. Angle bails out to the floor to collect himself, then gets back in and goes back to the headlock, taking RVD down with it. RVD escapes so Angle hits a shoulderblock and RVD immediately responds with a side kick and nearly monkey flips Angle through onto his face. Angle catches RVD out of nowhere with a belly to belly suplex, then a snap vertical suplex for 2. Angle gets a rear waistlock, but RVD escapes so Angle gets a hard knee to the midsection and covers for 2, then gets a rear chinlock with his knee in RVD's back. RVD elbows his way out, kicks Angle right in the face, and starts firing himself up. RVD goes up top and hits a flying jump kick for 2, but Angle gets a German suplex with full rotation for 2. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but RVD reverses to a DDT and goes for the frogsplash, but Angle runs up the corner and suplexes RVD off the top for 2. Angle goes for the anklelock and RVD struggles, then manages to kick Angle off and wipe him out with a spinkick to the jaw. RVD goes back up top and goes for the frogsplash, Angle moves and hits the Angle Slam for the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Not a bad match, and at least we got a clean finish. Jeff Jarrett gets up from the broadcast booth and applauds Angle from the aisleway as we call it a show.

2012 - What would turn out to be the final Urban Wrestling Federation PPV would air on PPV.  Mike Johnson filed the following "Turf War" PPV:

The Urban Wrestling Federation Turf War PPV opened up with Steve the Hustler (owner Steve Karel) calling someone on a "burner phone" because the "powers that be" were monitoring his regular phones. He told them to send the word out that he was going to be leaving town and laying low for awhile. The implication was that the authorities were onto him for something.

We see a hot woman walking down the street. She goes to enter a car and gets mugged. There's a mixture of camera footage and "security" footage to make the shot plausible.

We go back to Steve who tells the person on the phone to call the "shot callers" as it's "all on them". He said that they've brought all the heat down on him and the UWF because of what they have pulled. He said that he taught them how to make money "in the other racket" and now they thank him by bringing all this down on him with "all the sh** they pull in the street."

We go to footage of Ruckus and Grim Reefer (who represent Atlanta) from "three hour after Street King", which was the PPV where they crowned Rasche Brown the UWF champion. Of course, after he did that, he was shot and killed. Yes, he was. HOOD JUSTICE! They were talking about laying low and not knowing what they were going to do. Someone walked up to them and they implied that they were selling drugs on the corner.

Back to Karel, he was packing his things in a briefcase, including his phones, ID and a lot of money. He shook his head and walked out. So, the idea here is that Karle brought all these thugs into wrestling to make money for himself and their crews and all their thuggery (is that even a word?) and crimes on the street has led the head back to the UWF, so he's getting out of dodge.

We go into the opening montage for the UWF.

Uncle Murda met with the LEP Bogus Boys. Murda said he was surprised they were still walking around. They blew him off. Murda said he was here for the money. They basically told him they were here to handle business and he told them he liked their drive and to "let the best man win." When they left, Murda warned his girl not to tell anyone her name.

DJ Self and Sun met and agreed to work together.

We went to the ring. There was a voiceover from Shawn Credle noting that Steve The Hustler had settled the issues between Robby Mireno and Julius Smokes from the last PPV when Mireno attacked Smokes, upset about comments he made about "crackers". Obviously, this was to cover that the matches that were being shown were shot prior to that angle going down, but smart of UWF to offer some sort of explanation.

Rage and Riot (with Uncle Murda) vs. The Phat Pack (with LEP Bogus Boys)

The LEP Bogus Boys promised his team was going to kick their ass.

Rage started out with the Biggs. He nailed several right hands and chops, then went to an armbar, trying to wear the big man Biggs, as I will call him, backed Rage hard into the corner and choked away at him. He nailed a suplex. He picked Rage up and tagged in Big Baby Daddy, who is built, literally like Abdullah the Butcher. Immediately, he dropped the Abby elbow.

Rage fought back and nailed some STIFF chops but was taken down with a slap and chops to the back. Daddy poured water over Rage's back and chopped it. He whipped Rage into the corner and nailed a big running Avalanche. Biggs tagged in and drilled Rage, covering him for a two count.

Biggs locked in a sleeper and turned it into a choke. Rage fought to his feet but was shot back down. Biggs began nailing him with boxing combinations. Rage fired back with several rights and chops. Biggs raked his eyes. Rage was whipped into the corner but nailed Biggs with a elbow as he approached. Rage went to the top and nailed a dropkick.

Riot tagged in and brawled with Daddy. He nailed several hard clotheslines but Daddy wouldn't move. A third one took him down. Rage and Riot double-teamed Daddy with chops and clotheslines. Daddy shoved him away and nailed a rolling kick. That was pretty damn impressive.

Daddy began climbing the ropes but Riot nailed Biggs. Rage and Riot powerbombed Daddy off the ropes. They nailed Biggs with a double back suplex. Rage and Riot hugged and the Pack double splashed them. Biggs did the Randy Orton hanging DDT as Daddy splashed the back of Rage. That was damn scary.

Your winners, The Phat Pack!

It was better than I remembered live but nothing overly impressive. Daddy moves well for a guy his size.

Outside, Facade told Daemon Slugga that he was going to be leaving to join the Triple Cs and would be leaving Cuban Link. Slugga said none of the young guys know anything about loyalty. Facade said he needed to get paid and take what he could. Slugga shook his head disgusted and walked off, then turned around and attacked Facade, throwing him into some metal construction fencing. He told Facade to respect that and walked off, leaving him prone on the sidewalk.

The Phat Pack showed up after getting dressed. The LEP Bogus Boys gave them static for coming back so late and gave them a piece of paper. They sent the Pack out to handle something and told them not to come back without it.

We went back in time to "four hours" after Street King. As my old friend Rakeem would say, "This some Marty McFly sh**" people. Uncle Murda arrived to speak to Ruckus and Reefer. They said they were out of product and had no money and informed him that Rasche Brown had sold the UWF title. Brown told them he took money, sold the belt and was done. They pointed him in the direction Brown headed. Murda told them to sit tight because he'll go handle it.

Somewhere in the hood. Brisco and Billy Blue met up. Blue told Brisco to hand over the product. Brisco said he had the money. They started talking trash to each other. Brisco said it wasn't about money. He said let's do it double or nothing. Blue said that if they are doing that, they are going to do it his way.

Grimm Reefer vs. Daemon Slugga (with Cuban Link)

Slugga used his power early to try and intimidate Reefer. He worked him into the corner and peppered him with punches, then nailed a big hiptoss. He charged Reefer but missed and went to the outside. Reefer hit a dropkick through the ropes They exchanged chops on the outside. Reefer went for a move but Slugga grabbed his leg and nailed him into the apron.

Back in the ring, Slugga worked him over in the corner with running kicks, sending him to the outside. Slugga stalked him on the floor and whipped him into the railing. They went into the crowd briefly, Slugga brought Reefer back into the ring but was caught with a jawbreaker. Reefer came off the top with a dropkick for a two count. He went to the top but was kicked in the face as he came down with a splash.

Reefer locked Slugga in a Crippler Crossface but Slugga made his way to his feet and fell backwards. Reefer rolled over and held onto the move, even using Slugga's hair for leverage. He bodypressed Slugga for a two count. He went to the top but was kicked in the face Slugga used a TKO and scored the pin.

Your winner, Daemon Slugga!

Entertaining stuff.

We go back to Brisco and Blue. They are somewhere. They agreed it was going to be one on one and no interference. The Triple C's and UWF champ Slymm showed up and said they wanted in on "their little dog fight." Blue wanted to know how they knew about any of this. He said if they wanted in, they needed to put some money in.

Inside a limo, Cuban Link and Daemon Slugga were speaking to someone off camera.

The announcers said they were going to go to footage that Billy Blue and Brisco had set up of a rematch between Bestia and Masada, double or nothing. This was actually filmed at the SATs school in Brooklyn, NY.

Masada vs. Bestia - Underground Fight Club Brawl

The two crews were on opposite sides of the club.

Bestia went to nail him with a chair but was stopped and Masada began beating him with it. He chopped Bestia on the floor and whipped him into some guard rails. They brawled outside to the street. Bestia nailed him again and again as Masada dared him to nail him harder.

They brawled outside in the street with a chairs, Bestia threw it into his face. Bestia nailed him across the back and chopped at him. They battled back into the club, where Bestia nailed him with a piece of plaster that shattered. He used a jagged piece of it to carve up Masada's face, busting him open.

Masada slammed Bestia backwards into the turnbuckles and ripped at his face. He stabbed Bestia in the head with acupuncture needles, with them sticking to the top of his head. A ladder was brought into the ring and Masada slammed Bestia atop of it. He went to drop an elbow but Bestia rolled out of the way.

Bestia slammed his arm on the ladder and went for a suplex. Masada fought it off and reversed it, suplexing Bestia atop the ladder. Masada opened the ladder and prepared to use it but Bestia fired back on him in the corner with a series of shots. He placed the ladder between his legs and continued working over Masada with punches. He was handed a chair by someone and drilled it into the ladder, using it as a battering ram to the groin. Masada went to the floor, writhing in pain.

Bestia continued the battle, running him into a chair and then bringing him back into the ring. Bestia tied Masada to the tree of woe, hanging him upside down. He nailed a skateboard dropkick to Masada's face and covered him for a two count.

Bestia pulled up Massada and slammed him into the turnbuckles face-first. He continued kicking away at Masada and working over his face. He placed the ladder between two chairs and went for a rana off the top on Masada. Masada caught him to stop it but Bestia nailed him with a series of rights and hit the rana, sending him through the ladder for a two count.

Bestia nailed an atomic drop across the ladder and a quebrada for a two count. Masda fought back and set up a ladder in the corner. He nailed a powerbomb onto the ladder, breaking the legs. Masada stuck the acupuncture sticks into his head and then inside Bestia's mouth, which we got to see with a sickening close-up.

With the sticks obviously about to pierce his face, Bestia tapped out crazed, scared for his well being.

Your winner, Masada!

Brutal, gritty hardcore brawl with a sick finish. Other than some of the footage being dark while being filmed outside, if you like crazy brawls, this was fun stuff.

Outside, the Maximos are recruited by 4o Glocc, who said he's moving into the Bronx and wants them in the family. They said they wanted to be on the winning team and agreed.

Element and T-Mizzle (with Triple Cs) vs. The SATS (with 40 Glocc)

Joel and Mizzle start off and have a nice back and forth sequence. Mizzle kicked Joel out of the ring and hits a nice tope suicida to the outside. Element and Will go back and forth. Element killed him with an awesome spinning headscissors and a running knee in the corner but is cut off with a tiltowhirl backbreaker.

The SAT work over Element in the corner with a double dropkick. They locked Mizzle and Element in a double submission and battled to the outside. Glocc raised his foot and Maximo threw Element into it. Joel locked Element in a Sharpshooter but Mizzle broke it up. Joel tossed Element into the corner and whipped him across the ring Element hit the ropes and nailed headscissor, sending Joel into the buckles.

Mizzle tagged in and worked over Joel. Joel was sent into the ropes and nailed a rollup on Mizzle for a two count. Mizzle came back with a series of kicks and choked him against the ropes. Joel caught him with armdrag coming off the ropes. Will nailed Mizzle with a belly to back suplex for a two count. As they were on the mat, Element leapt over them to nail a rana on Joel.

Will and Mizzle battled back and forth in the ring with reversals until Will locked on an STF. The SAT began double teaming Mizzle. Joel chopped away at him in the corner. Mizzle kicked him off as Joel charged. Joel avoided a DDT attempt but was caught with a tornado DDT coming off the ropes.

Element tagged in. He nailed Joel with a 619 and did a crazy dive to the outside. Mizzle locked a forward choke on Will, who was able to turn that into a suplex in the corner. Element went into the balcony of the club and dove off into the ring, bodyypressing Will.

Joel brought a table into the ring. He placed Mizzle on it. Element attacked. He was backdropped to the apron but landed on his feet. He kicked Joel. They battled in the corner. Will attacked. Mizzle returned. He was back suplexed by Will and then grabbed by Joel and dropped in a Kryptonite Krunch. It looked like he took it on the top of his head. The SAT nailed the Spanish Fly on Element and scored the pin.

Your winners, The SAT!

Really entertaining tag match.

Daemon Slugga hit the ring and laid out the SAT. He chokeslammed Joel through a table.

Cuban Link mocked Joel and ripped on him, saying they were taking over NYC and laughed that Joel was "knocked the f*** out."

The announcers thanked everyone for watching Turf War.

They showed Steve The Hustler walking down a hallway and pressing a button, waiting for an elevator.

We then saw a shot of Riot and Rage looking through a door for someone. They watched Big Baby Daddy from the Phat Pack, who was telling someone he had the $100,000 and would be there soon.

Uncle Murda and Slyck Wagner Brown found The Triple Cs and Slymm, who had the UWF title. Murda said that he sees they have the belt and they don't know how that happened. OK, so we are in the past again.

Back in the present, Rage and Riot got into Daddy's room. They worked him over and stole the money.

Back in the past, Murda told the C's that the next fight should be between Slyck and Slymm. They told him to worry about the LEP Boys. Murda said he'd see them when it was time.

Jeez from Billy Blue's crew was on the phone when a taxi pulled up. Suntan (his first appearance) from the crew said that he jacked it and told Jeez to get in the back. He told Jeez to get in the back. He said they were going to get them. Jeez agreed.

We saw Joey Ace and Angel Ortiz (first appearances) from Brisco's crew on the street. They went to call a cab and you can guess what cab it was. Jeez began strangling one from behind. They all started brawling out of the taxi and into the streets. In the end, Brisco's crew ran off. Jeez and Suntan jumped back in the cab and drove off.

We see Steve Karel getting into a car and it drives off, literally, into the sunset.

2013 - WWE signed Samuray del Sol to a developmental deal.  He is currently working in NXT as Kalisto.

2013 - Hector Garza passed away.  Mike Johnson filed the following piece on his life and career:

Lucha star Hector Garza, who had runs in both WCW and TNA, passed away earlier today following a battle with lung cancer. Garza would have turned 45 next month.

Son of Mexican legend Humberto Garza, Hector was a really good in-ring performer who knew how to get the crowd into his matches with his wrestling style and his high flying skills.

A native of Monterrey, Mexico, Garza broke into Monterrey independent FILL. He worked as a babyface for EMLL for several years, putting over heel talents while winning the promotion's Trios championship.

He jumped to AAA several years later, paving the way for an appearance in the 1997 Royal Rumble PPV. The show was held in San Antonio, Texas and WWF had brought in several Lucha talents as part of a planned talent agreement with AAA that didn't last long as well as attempting to draw Latin fans to the Alamodome that housed the PPV.

During the height of the Monday Night Wars, Garza was one of many top Lucha talents brought into WCW at Konnan's suggestion. He defeated Scott Hall in a forgotten bout but was cast, like many Lucha talents were, as mid-card and undercard workers who had solid matches but were never, ever pushed, although they ended up in the mix as part of the Latino World Order.

When WCW fell apart, Garza was among the Mexican talents who returned to their home country. In AAA, Garza feuded with Latin Lover, losing his hair for the first time in his career.

In 2004, TNA began using Garza among other Mexican talents in the World X Cup tournaments. Team Mexico, featuring Garza, won the tournament as part of an attempt to build a relationship with AAA. The idea was to showcase TNA as an international force and get media attention in Mexico while also tapping into the AAA talents. AAA's relationship with TNA prevented Garza from returning to the States when he instead jumped back to CMLL, citing money issues with AAA.

When TNA and AAA's working agreement unofficially ended, the door was open for Garza to return to the promotion. He was brought in for TNA's first major three hour PPV, Victory Road and won a Gauntlet bout. The idea at the time was to create a Latin star. Garza was pushed hard underneath and even challenged Jeff Jarrett for the NWA title on an episode of Impact.

That all ended one eventful day in Houston, Texas. Garza flew into the United States and was found to be carrying steroids that he purchased legally in Mexico but were not allowed here in the States. The belief among those I spoke to at the time was that Garza was likely bringing them into the States as a favor for some of the TNA talents. In the end, Garza was deported from the country, ending his run with TNA and his careers here in the States. He may have worked some Lucha shows in the States but never returned to a national platform here.

Garza remained a full-time star for CMLL until 2011, where he announced he was joining Perros del Mal, an independent promotion that worked at times with both CMLL and AAA doing invasion angles. That run led to him winning the AAA Mexican National Championship.

Garza disclosed in October 2012 that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, immediately retiring to begin chemotherapy to combat the disease.

Hector's brother, Humberto Garza Jr. will announce of where and when the funeral will take place, as he is working on finalizing all the details.

World Wrestling League announced this evening that their 7/7 event in Monterrey will be dedicated to Garza's memory.

On behalf of everyone at, we'd like to express

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