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By Mike Johnson on 2024-05-25 02:40:00

May 25th
On this day in history in ....

1853 - William Muldoon, regarded as the first major American star in professional wrestling, is born in Belfast, New York.

1957 - Verne Gagne and Edouard Carpentier defeat Nikolai and Boris Volkoff for the Chicago version of the NWA World Tag Team Title in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ending the Volkoffs' second reign.

1959 - Kurt Von Poppenheim and Dan Manoukian defeat Nick Kozak and Al Kashey to win the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title.

1963 - WWWF ran Newark, NJ, headlined by WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeating Magnificent Maurice.1964 - The Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Roy Heffernan) defeat Bearcat Wright & Enrique Torres for the NWA Canadian Tag Team Title.

1964 - WWWF ran Washington DC at the National Arena, featuring:
-Don McClarity defeated Klondike Bill.
-Pedro Morales defeated Arnold Skaaland.
-Jerry Miller defeated Smasher Sloan.
-Bill Watts defeated Killer Kowalski.
-The Scufflin Hillbillies defeated Hans & Max Mortier.
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino, Bobo Brazil, & Ernie Ladd defeated Gorilla Monsoon, Jerry & Luke Graham.

1964 - WWWF ran New Haven, CT at The Coliseum with the following results:
-Tony Marino defeated Jerry Miller.
-Bobo Brazil & Ernie Ladd defeated Jerry Graham & Max Mortier via disqualification.
-Freddie Blassie defeated Hans Mortier.

1966 - WWWF ran a TV Taping in Philadelphia, PA, featuring:
-Arnold Skaaland defeated Angelo Savoldi.
-Curtis Iaukea defeated Ted Lewin.
-Waldo Von Erich defeated Ted Lewin & Angelo Savoldi in a handicap match.
-Curtis Iaukea, Smasher Sloan, & Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Johnny Valentine, Antonio Pugliese, & Arnold Skaaland.
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Frank Hickey.

1968 - WWWF held a TV Taping in Philadelphia, PA, featuring the following results:
-Bull Ramos defeated Louis Cerdan.
-Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Mike Paidousis.
-Gorilla Monsoon defeated Carlos Colon & Angelo Savoldi.
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna.

1968 - WWWF ran Elizabeth, NJ at the Armory, headlined by WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Victor Rivera fighting Virgil the Kentucky Butcher & Gorilla Monsoon to a draw in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match.  In Fall One, Sammartino defeated Monsoon at the 9-minute mark.  In Fall Two: Monsoon defeated Sammartino.  All four men were disqualified during the third and final fall.

1970 - WWWF ran White Plains, NY at the Westchester County Center featuring the following results:
-Johnny Rodz defeated Miguel Feliciano.
-Victor Rivera defeated Angelo Savoldi.
-Lou Albano defeated Mike Conrad.
-Joey Russell & Sonny Boy Hayes defeated Sky Low Low & Little Brutus.
-Mario Milano defeated Karl Kovacs.
-The Mongols defeated Gorilla Monsoon & John L. Sullivan.

1970 - WWWF ran The Civic Center in Pittsburgh, PA, drawing 9,000 fans for the following results:
-Ron Romano fought Frank Holtz to a draw.
-Jim Dillon defeated Frank Durso.
-Johnny DeFazio & Bobby Hunt defeated Crusher Verdu & Jim Grabmire.
-Dominic DeNucci defeated Prof. Toru Tanaka.
-George Steele defeated the Battman, Tony Marino.
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino pinned Waldo Von Erich at 16:12.

1972 - WWWF ran Lincoln Park in North Dartmouth, MA, with the following results:
-Manuel Soto defeated Chuck Richards via submission.
-Arnold Skaaland pinned Baron Scicluna.
-Prof. Toru Tanaka pinned Tony Contilles.
-WWWF Tag Team Champion Sonny King pinned Jimmy Valiant.
-WWWF Tag Team Champion Chief Jay Strongbow pinned King Curtis.

1973 - WWWF ran Harrisburg, PA at the Zembo Mosque, featuring:
-Joe Turco pinned Arnold Skaaland at 19:02.
-Mike McCord pinned El Olympico at 15:04.
-Tony Garea pinned Joe Turco at 12:02.
-The Fabulous Moolah & Dottie Downs defeated Ava Swedorff & Lily Thomas in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0.
-Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Freddie Blassie via count-out at 15:04.

1973 - Georgia Championship Wrestling ran the Omni in Atlanta, GA featuring:
-Billy Spears defeated Tiger Conway Jr.
-Bobby Duncum defeated Bill Dromo.
-Ramon Torres fought Stan Vachon to a draw.
-Southern Heavyweight Champion Buddy Colt defeated Norvel Austin (substituting for Jack Brisco)
-NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Danny Hodge defated Bob Orton Jr.  After the match, Orton was presented a trophy by Leroy McGuirk for being named the NWA 1973 Rookie of the Year.
-Bobo Brazil defeated U.S. Champion the Sheik (with Abdullah Farouk) in a No DQ match.
-WWWF World Champion Pedro Morales defeated Paul Jones.
-Mr. Wrestling #1 & #2 defeated Jack Brisco & Georgia Heavyweight Champion Bill Watts.
-Eddie & Mike Graham defeated Georgia Tag Team Champions the Super Infernos (with JC Dykes) via disqualification.
-Bob Armstrong defeated Bobby Shane; due to pre-match stipulations, Armstrong won Shane's Cadillac; Had Shane won, he would have received $8,500.

1976 - Bob Orton, Jr. defeats Jack Brisco to win the Florida Heavyweight Title, ending Brisco's fourth reign.

1976 - WWWF held an All Star Wrestling TV Taping at the Hamburg Fieldhouse in PA, featuring:
-Peter Maivia defeated Nikolai Volkoff via countout.
-Ivan Putski defeated Peter McKay & Sylvano Sousa in a handicap match.
-George Steele defeated Don Serrano.
-Tony Garea, Larry Zbyzsko, & Jose Gonzalez defeated Doug Gilbert, Johnny Rodz, & Rocky Tomayo.
-Don Serrano fought Johnny Rodz to a draw.
-Jose Gonzalez & Johnny Rivera defeated Frank Williams & Frank Rodriguez.
-SD Jones defeated Sylvano Sousa.

1979 - WWF ran Albany, NY at the  Washington Avenue Armory featuring:
-SD Jones fouht Baron Mikel Scicluna to a 20-minute time-limit draw.
-Bulldog Brower pinned Johnny Rivera after the 11-minute mark.
-Jimmy Valiant defeated Dominic DeNucci after the 12-minute mark.
-Greg Valentine defeated Steve Travis after the 16-minute mark.
-WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Hussein Arab (the future Iron Sheik) via count-out after the 35-minute mark.

1979 - WWF ran North Attleboro, MA at Witschi's Sports Arena with the following results:
-Dave Darrow defeated Sylvano Sousa.
-Johnny Rodz defeated Pete Doherty.
-Tito Santana defeated Mr. X.
-WWF North American Champion Ted Dibiase defeated Johnny Valiant via countout.
-Jerry Valiant defeated Fred Marzino.

1980 - Skull Murphy and Gypsy Joe defeat Rocky Johnson and Jimmy Valiant for the AWA Southern Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee.

1980 - Mark Lewin defeats Gino Hernandez for the WCCW Texas Heavyweight Title in Dallas, Texas, ending and beginning both mens' third reigns.

1980 - Perro Aguayo defeats Gran Hamada in Naucalpan, Mexico to win the UWA World Light Heavyweight Title.

1980 - The Great Hussan Arab (later known as the Iron Sheik) defeats Dewey Robertson (later known as the Missing Link) to win the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1980 - WWF ran Manchester, NH at the JFK Coliseum, featuring:
-Tor Kamata defeated Pete Doherty.
-Jose Estrada defeated Fred Marzino.
-Larry Zbyzkso defeated Pat Patterson via countout.
-Afa & Tor Kamata defeated Rene Goulet & Steve King.
-Rick McGraw defeated Johnny Rodz.


- New Japan Pro Wrestling ran Odate, Japan with the following results:

-George Takano pinned Hiroyuki Saito.


-Kuniaki Kobayashi pinned Shoji Kai.
-Haruka Eigen defeated Makoto Arakawa via submission with a camel clutch.
-Hulk Hogan & Bad News Allen defeated Williem Ruska & Osamu Kido when Hogan defeated Kido via submission with a backbreaker.
-WWF World Champion Bob Backlund pinned Kengo Kimura in a non-title match
-Dusty Rhodes pinned Riki Choshu.
-Seiji Sakaguchi defated Stan Hansen via disqualification.
-Antonio Inoki defeated Ryuma Go via forfeit.
-Antonio Inoki, Tatsumi Fujinami, & Strong Kobayashi defeated Andre the Giant, Chavo Guerrero, & Tito Santana in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match; fall #1 - Andre pinned Kobayashi; fall #2 - Kobayashi defeated Santana via submission with a backbreaker; fall #3 - Fujinami pinned Guerrero.

1981 - Kevin Sullivan and Wayne Farris (later The Honky Tonk Man) begin their second reign as AWA Southern Tag Team Champions, ending the second reign of Bill Dundee and Dream Machine in Memphis, Tennessee.

1981 - WWF ran Rochester, NY, featuring:
-Frank Savage fought Mike Hall to a draw.
-Johnny Rodz defeated the Great Yatsu via countout.
-The Chocolate Kid & the Carolina Kid defeated Sky Low Low & Farmer Jerome.
-Killer Khan defeated Rick McGraw.
-Tony Garea, Rick Martel, & SD Jones defeated Lou Albano & the Moondogs.
-WWF Interontinental champion Pedro Morales defeated Angelo Mosca via disqualification.

1982 - Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama) defeats Les Thornton to win the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title in Shizuoka, Japan, ending Thornton's fourth reign.

1982 - Steve Grey defeats Jim Breaks for the British Welterweight Title in Croydon, England, ending Breaks' sixth reign.

1984 - In his first NWA World championship defense after regaining the belt from Kerry Von Erich, Ric Flair fought Harley Race to a draw in Funabashi, Japan in a Best of Three Falls match as they went to a double countout in the third and deciding fall.

1984 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Charleston, SC at the County Hall, featuring:
-Brett Hart defeated Gary Royal.
-The Outlaw defeated Angelo Mosca Jr.
-NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard defeated Mark Youngblood.
-Rufus R. Jones & Brian Adidas defeated Ernie Ladd & Sandy Barr.
-Adrian Street defeated Pez Whatley.

1984 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Richmond, VA at the Coliseum, featuring:
-Keith Larson defeated Kurt Von Hess.
-Ron Bass defeated Jeff Sword.
-Vinnie Valentino defeated Doug Vines.
-Johnny Weaver defeated Paul Kelly.
-The Assassin defeated Angelo Mosca Sr.
-NWA U.S. Champion Ricky Steamboat fought Dick Slater to a double countout.
-Dusty Rhodes & Wahoo McDaniel defeated Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle.

1984 - WWF ran Pittsburgh, PA at the Civic Arena, featuring:
-Rene Goulet defeated Jose Luis Rivera.
-Terry Daniels defeated Johnny Valiant.
-Bobo Brazil defeated Tiger Chung Lee.
-Rocky Johnson defeated Sika.
-Bob Backlund defeated Afa.
-David Schultz defeated Ivan Putski.
-WWF Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana defeated Samula.
-Sgt. Slaughter fought the Iron Sheik to a double disqualification.

1984 - WWF ran St. Louis, MO at the Kiel Auditorium for a "Wrestling at the Chase" TV Taping, featuring the following results:
*Alexis Smirnoff defeated Larry Keen
*Bob Orton Jr. defeated Billy Travis
*Greg Valentine defeated Tony Garea via submission with the figure-four leglock.
*Don Muraco defeated Salvatore Bellomo.
*Jesse Ventura defeated Brian Madden via submission with the backbreaker.
*B. Brian Blair & Spike Huber defeated Pat & Mike Kelly when Huber scored the pin with a roll up.
*Big John Studd pinned SD Jones at 5:03 with an elbow drop.
*Jimmy Snuka defeated Roddy Piper via count-out at 6:54 when Piper left ringside after Snuka began whipping him with guest referee Lou Thesz’ belt; moments earlier, Piper took Thesz’ belt after the referee was knocked down and began choking Snuka with it until Thesz came to his senses and pulled Piper off.
*WWF champion Hulk Hogan defeated Paul Orndorff via disqualification after Orndorff attempted to use a foreign object.

1985 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Wilson, NC with the following results:
-Ben Alexander defeated Doug Vines.
-Denny Brown fought Pat Tanaka to a draw.
-Rocky Kernodle & Mark Fleming defeated the Rock 'n' Roll RPMs.
-Pez Whatley defeated the Barbarian.
-Jimmy Valiant defeated Superstar Billy Graham.

1985 - The WWF ran a show at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The results were:
- The Spoiler defeated Salvatore Bellomo.
- Paul Roma defeated Johnny Rodz.
- Bob Orton, Jr. defeated Paul Orndorff by disqualification.
- Charlie Fulton defeated Jim Powers.
- WWF Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Ken Patera.
- Big John Studd defeated Steve Lombardi.
- George Steele defeated Barry O.
- WWF Tag Team Champions The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff defeated The U.S. Express (Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo) by disqualification.

1986 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran a matinee at the Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio, drawing 4,000 fans with the following results:
-NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Denny Brown fought Steve Regal to a draw.
-Manny Fernandez defeated Black Bart.
-Ricky Morton defeated Thunderfoot.
-NWA U.S. Champion Magnum TA defeated Baron Von Raschke.
-Dusty Rhodes defeated NWA TV Champion Arn Anderson.
-NWA Tag Team Champions Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey fought the Road Warriors to a double countout.
-NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeated Robert Gibson.

1987 - Jin Crockett Promotions ran Greenville, SC, headlined by NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express, Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane defeating Barry Windham & Brad Armstrong.

1987 - Soldat Ustinov & Boris Zukhov defeat Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels for the AWA World Tag Team Title in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Five months later, Zukhov would leave for the WWF, and Doug Somers would take his place in the championship team.

1987 -WWF ran Louisville, KY at the Louisville Gardens, drawing 2,000 fans, featuring:
-Outback Jack pinned Steve Lombardi
-Ron Bass pinned SD Jones
-The Islanders defeated Don Muraco & Bob Orton Jr.
-The Can-Am Connection, Rick Martel & Tom Zenk defeated Kamala & Sika
-Brutus Beefcake defeated Johnny V; after the bout, the referee refused to let Beefcake cut Johnny V's hair so Beefcake cut the referee's hair instead
-WWF Tag Team Champions The Hart Foundation, Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart defeated The British Bulldogs, Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid in a steel cage match

1989 - Russian amateur wrestling great Salman Hashimikov defeats Big Van Vader for the IWGP Heavyweight Title in Osaka, Japan, ending Vader's reign at just one month. On the same show, Jushin Liger defeats Shiro Koshinaka to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title.

1989 - NWA ran Charleston, SC at the Johnson Haygood Football Stadium, featuring:
-Ron Simmons fought Scott Steiner to a draw.
-Butch Reed defeated Ranger Ross.
-Shane Douglas & Johnny Ace defeated the Raider & Jack Victory.
-Dick Murdoch defeated Trent Knight.
-NWA World TV Champion Sting defeated the Great Muta via disqualification.
-The Road Warriors fought the Samoan Swat Team to a no contest.
-NWA U.S. Champion Lex Luger defeated Michael Hayes in a lights out match.

1990 - Matt Borne defeats Kerry Von Erich to win the WCWA Texas Heavyweight Title in Dallas, Texas, ending and beginning both mens' second reigns.

1990 - Mariko Tsurugi defeats Eagle Sawai in Tokyo, Japan for the UWA Women's International Title.

1990 -WWF drew 5,435 fans (4,700 paid) to an event in Albuquerque, NM, with the following results:
-Paul Roma pinned Buddy Rose.
-Dino Bravo pinned the Red Rooster.
-The Barbarian pinned Jimmy Snuka.
-The Bushwhackers defeated Greg Valentine & the Honkytonk Man via disqualification.
-The Big Bossman pinned Ted DiBiase.
-WWF champion the Ultimate Warrior pinned WWF IC Champion Mr. Perfect.

1990 - WWF ran Scranton, PA at the CYC, featuring:
-Paul Diamond pinned Jim Powers.
-Koko B. Ware pinned Black Bart.
-Akeem pinned Hillbilly Jim.
-The Warlord pinned Tito Santana.
-The Rockers, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated the Orient Express via countout.
-Earthquake pinned Jim Duggan.

1991 - WWF ran Dallas, TX at the Reunion Arena with the following results:
-Jim Duggan pinned Col. Mustafa (Iron Sheik)
-WWF IC Champion Mr. Perfect pinned Davey Boy Smith.
-Jake Roberts defeated Earthquake via disqualification.
-The Rockers, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated the Orient Express when Jannetty pinned Tanaka.
-The Berzerker pinned Tugboat.
-Ricky Steamboat pinned the Brooklyn Brawler.
-The Ultimate Warrior defeated the Undertaker via disqualification.

1991 - WWF and SWS ran a combined card (well, WWF sent over talent) in Yokosuka, Japan, headlined by Yoshiaki Yatsu & King Haku defeatingRandy Savage & Naoki Sano when Yatsu pinned Sano at 16:02.

1991 - WCW ran Kansas City before 900 fans, featuring a card devoid of advertised talents The Junkyard Dog, Brian Pillman, Dan Spivey, and WCW Tag Team Champion Scott Steiner.  Pillman was out with strep throat.
-TC Carter defeated an unknown.
-Rick McCord defeated Mike George.
-Ranger Ross & Steve Ray defeated Rip Morgan & Jack Victory.
-WCW World TV Champion Bobby Eaton (sub. for WCW Tag Team Champion Scott Steiner) & WCW World Tag Team Champion Rick Steiner defeated Arn Anderson & the Angel of Death.
-WCW World TV Champion Bobby Eaton defeated Terrence Taylor.
-Sting defeated Barry Windham via disqualification.

1992 - Kenta Kobashi and Tsuyoshi Kikuchi defeat The Can-Am Express (Dan Kroffat and Doug Furnas) to win the AJPW All-Asia Tag Team Title in Miyaga, Japan, ending the Express' fourth reign.

1992 - WWF ran Edmonton, Alberta at the Coliseum, featuring:
-Virgil defeated the Brooklyn Brawler.
-Nailz defeated Jim Brunzell.
-Earthquake defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Ted Dibiase.
-Kerry Von Erich defeated Skinner.
-WWF champion Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair via disqualification.

1992 - SMW ran Spartanburg, SC at the Memorial Auditorium featuring the following results:
Rip Rogers defeated Johnny Del Rio
SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee pinned Barry Horowitz at 4:04
The Dirty White Boy pinned Tommy Angel at 3:13
Brad & Bart Batten defeated Joe Cazana & Scott Sandlin at 2:38 when Sandlin was pinned
Jimmy Golden pinned Ben Jordan at 2:34
Paul Orndorff pinned Dixie Dynamite at 5:40
Robert Gibson pinned Paul Lee at 2:02 with the bulldog; after the match, Bob Caudle interviewed Jimmy Golden who challenged Gibson to face him once more, with Gibson accepting and stating he would defeat Golden again
Killer Kyle pinned Tommy Angel at 2:40 with the Rub Out
Johnny & Davey Rich defeated Joe Cazana & Scott Sandlin at 4:33 when Davey pinned Cazana with a crossbody off the top
SMW Tag Team Champions Stan Lane & Tom Prichard (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated Joey Maggs & Ben Jordan at 3:49 when Lane pinned Jordan after the champions delivered their double-team backdrop; prior to the bout, the ring announcer warned the female fans not to touch the champions or they would be prosecuted; after the bout, Bob Caudle interviewed Cornette, Lane, & Prichard who claimed they would defeat any team at any arena
The Dirty White Boy (w/ Ron Wright) (sub. for Rip Rogers) defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee via disqualification at 8:55 when the referee saw Lee knock DWB out with the foreign object DWB bloodied the champion with moments earlier; prior to the bout, Wright bribed Rogers to let DWB replace him, with Lee double-teamed by Rogers & DWB early in the bout; after the match, as Hector Guerrero attempted to explain to the referee that DWB used the object first, Paul Orndorff hit the ring and attacked Lee with a briefcase, with DWB then hanging Guerrero from the top rope to the floor; moments later, Orndorff hit the piledriver on Scott Sandlin and DWB delivered the Bucksnort Blaster to Ben Jordan as they tried to help; the program ended with DWB & Orndorff double-teaming the champion
Danny Davis pinned Rip Rogers at 4:33 with a neckbreaker
Buddy Landel defeated Joey Maggs via submission at 3:56 with the figure-4 and using the ropes for leverage; after the match, Bob Caudle interviewed Landell, who claimed Tim Horner would soon be leaving SMW after he defeateds him in the ring
Dixie Dynomite pinned Paul Lee at 3:36 with the Confederate Kick
SMW Tag Team Champions Stan Lane & Tom Prichard (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated Tim Horner & Robert Gibson at 9:53 when Prichard pinned Horner with a clothesline after Buddy Landell came ringside and threw Horner head-first into the ringpost; after the commercial, Caudle interviewed the champions, who gloated about their title defense, with Commissioner Bob Armstrong interrupting, stating Landell would be suspended if he interfered in another match, and that Bobby & Jackie Fulton would be granted leeway in their upcoming titles bouts with the champions

1992 - Eastern Championship Wrestling ran the Original Sports Bar in Philadelphia, PA with the following results:

Salvatore Bellomo pinned Stevie Richards
The Super Destroyers defeated Chris Michaels & John Rock
Larry Winters pinned King Kaluha
ECW Champion Johnny Hot Body pinned Jimmy Jannetty
Tony Stetson defeated the Metal Maniac via disqualification
Max Thrasher & Glenn Osbourne defeated Mr. Anthony & Mr. Perez
JT Smith fought Mr. Sandman to a double countout
Tatsumi Fujinami defeated the Bouncer (Chris Duffy) via submission with a sleeper

1994 - WCW ran Atlanta, GA at Center Stage for a WCW Saturday Night Taping with the following results:
-Johnny B. Badd defeated Hyeeto (a masked Paul Diamond)
-The Guardian Angel (Ray Traylor) defeated Tony Vincent.
-Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma defeated Barry Houston & Todd Morton when Roma pinned Houston after Orndorff hit the piledriver.
-Ricky Steamboat defeated Buddy Wayne.
-Harlem Heat defeated Brian Armstrong & Barry Houston when Kole pinned Houston.
-The Gambler defeated Mike Winner.
-Bryant Anderson defeated Buddy Wayne via submission with an armbar.
-Dustin Rhodes & Arn Anderson defeated Harlem Heat when Anderson pinned Kole with the DDT at 3:45 after Rhodes grabbed Kane from the floor.
-The Guardian Angel defeated Butch Long.
-Frank Anderson pinned Ron Oates with a German suplex.
-Brian Pillman defeated Hyeeto.
-Johnny B. Badd defeated Chic Donovan.
-Jean Paul Levesque defeated Todd Morton.
-WCW World Tag Team Champions Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan (with Dave Sullivan) defeated the Nasty Boys via disqualification when Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma attacked Dave outside the ring, then attacked the champions and challengers.

1994 - WWF taped TV in Erie, PA, featuring the debut of Brian Lee as Ted DiBiase's fake Undertaker in the start of an angle to set up the legitimate Undertaker's return at Summerslam that year.  After a live interview segment on Shawn Michaels' Heartbreak Hotel, the fake Taker defeated PJ Walker (the future Aldo Montoya and Justin Credible).  On the same taping, an underage Jeff Hardy made his first appearance in a WWF ring, losing to the 1-2-3 Kid.  The complete results of the marathon taping saw:
-Raymond Rougeau & Virgil defeated two unknowns
-Razor Ramon defeated Jeff Jarrett
-Jeff Jarrett & IRS defeated Doink the Clown & Tatanka
-In a match taped for the WWF Slamfest '95 home video, Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji) pinned the 1-2-3 Kid with a belly to belly suplex as the Kid leapt off the top.  After the bout, Typhoon made the save.
-Lex Luger defeated Crush
-WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart
-Yokozuna & Crush (with Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette) defeated the Smoking Gunns when Yoko pinned Billy with a legdrop after Crush hit a gorilla press slam
-Doink the Clown defeated Derrick Stone
-IRS defeated Kenny Hendrix
-Duke Drose defeated Reno Riggins
-Jeff Jarrett defeated Mike Davis
-WWF Tag Team Champions the Headshrinkers wit Afa & Capt. Lou Albano) defeated the Quebecers (with Johnny Polo) at 7:18 when Fatu pinned Pierre with the splash off the top
-Tatanka pinned Dave Criner at 3:22 with a tomahawk chop off the top.
-Owen Hart defeated Koko B. Ware via submission with the Sharpshooter at 3:19.
-WWF Tag Team champions The Headshrinkers defeated Curtis Harrison & Lou Marconi at 1:46 when Fatu pinned Harrison with the splash off the top.
-Bam Bam Bigelow  pinned an unknown at 1:49 with a moonsault.
-Razor Ramon pinned Tracy.
-Mabel (with Oscar) defeated Nikolai Volkoff (wth Ted Dibiase) via disqualification at 1:44 when IRS interfered and attacked Mabel; moments after the bout, Tatanka, Owen Hart, Razor Ramon, and Bam Bam Bigelow also involved themselves in the brawl as a way to set the stage for that year's King of the Ring PPV.
-Typhoon pinned Quebecer Pierre (with Johnny Polo) at 5:49 with the splash.
-Well Dunn (with Harvey Wippleman) defeated John Paul & Gary Sabaugh at 2:57 when Timothy Well pinned Sabaugh following a forearm smash from Steven Dunn.
-Sparky Plugg pinned George South at 2:47 by reversing a crucifix into a roll up.
-The Undertaker (Brian Lee) (w/ Ted Dibiase) pinned PJ Walker with the tombstone at 2:10.
-The 1-2-3 Kid defeated Jeff Hardy via submission.
-Kwang (with Harvey Wippleman) pinned Chris Hamrick at 2:27 with the spin kick.
-Lex Luger defeated Barry Horowitz via submission with the Torture Rack at 1:37.

1995 - WWF ran Edmonton, Alberta with the following results:
-Techno Team 2000 defeated Tom Prichard & Mantaur.
-Skip pinned Barry Horowitz.
-Hakushi pinned Doink the Clown.
-Man Mountain Rock pinned Tatanka.
-Jean Pierre Lafitte pinned Virgil with the Cannonball.
-WWF Intercontinental champion Jeff Jarrett defeated Razor Ramon in a ladder match; Razor originally captured the title but the Roadie interfered, attacked Razor, and handed the belt to Jarrett.
-Jacob & Eli Blu defeated the New Headshrinkers after making an illegal switch.
-Bret Hart pinned Psycho Sid (with Ted Dibiase & Tatanka).

1997 - Shawn Michaels & Steve Austin defeat Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith for the WWF World Tag Team Title in Evansville, Indiana. The partners, who did not get along, would vacate the belts soon after.

1997- Extreme Championship Wrestling ran Evansville, Indiana featuring the following results:

-The Pitbulls defeated The FBI, Little Guido & Tracy Smothers.
-Chris Candido defeated Chris Chetti.
-Axl Rotten defeated Super Nova.
-Spike Dudley defeated Wolfie D.
-Stevie Richards defeated Raven.
-The Sandman defeated Balls Mahoney.
-Tommy Dreamer & Beulah McGillicutty defeated ECW World TV Champion Shane Douglas & Francine.
-ECW World Tag Team Champions The Eliminators defeated Big Dick & D-Von Dudley.

1998 -  WCW ran Evansville, IN at the Roberts Municipal Stadium for a WCW Monday Nitro taping, featuring:
-WCW TV Champion Fit Finlay defeated Mike Enos.
-Perry Saturn defeated Glacier.
-Chris Jericho defeated El Dandy.
-Konnan defeated La Parka.
-Juventud Guerrera defeated Billy Kidman.
-Dean Malenko defeated Lenny Lane.
-WCW U.S. Champion Bill Goldberg defeated Johnny Attitude.
-Best of 7 Series: Chris Benoit defeated Booker T; Benoit - 1, Booker - 0.

1999 - WCW taped WCW Saturday Night in Augusta, GA at The Civic Center, featuring:
-Chris Walker defeated an unknown.
-Jerry Flynn defeated Dave Taylor.
-Hugh Morris (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Bobby Blaze.
-David Flair (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated Johnny Swinger.
-Van Hammer defeated Barry Darsow.
-Juventud Guerrera defeated El Dandy.
-El Vampiro defeated an unknown.
-Bobby Eaton defeated Scott Armstrong.
-Scotty Riggs defeated Mike Enos.
-Vincent (w/ Stevie Ray & Horace) defeated the Gambler.
-Evan Karagias defeated Barry Horowitz.
-Jim Duggan defeated an unknown.
-An unknown defeated Erik Watts.
-Perry Saturn defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker.
-The Disciple (Ed Leslie) defeated Disorderly Conduct #1 (w/ Disorderly Conduct #2).
-Buff Bagwell defeated Steve Armstrong.
-Stevie Ray & Horace (w/ Vincent) defeated Silver King & Villano V.
-Rick Steiner defeated La Parka.
-Billy Kidman defeated Psychosis.
-Brian Knobbs fought Fit Finley to a double disqualification.
-Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Lash LaRoux.
-Konnan defeated Curt Henning via countout.

1999 - The WWF taped the May 31 edition of RAW is WAR in Moline, Illinois, which featured Jeff Jarrett defeating The Godfather for the WWF Intercontinental Title, beginning Jarrett's fourth reign. Jarrett's late tag team partner Owen Hart, who died two nights earlier in an accident at Over the Edge in Kansas City, Missouri, had been scheduled to win the title from The Godfather prior to the tragedy that occurred that night. Also, on the same episode of RAW, The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Faarooq) won their first WWF Tag Team Title, defeating X-Pac and Kane.

Complete taping results saw:

Kurt Angle defeated Rob Conway.

Shotgun Saturday Night:
-D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry defeated Droz & Prince Albert after Droz accidentally hit his own briefcase.
-Edge & Gangrel (w/ Christian) defeated Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor following Edge's Downward Spiral.
-Matt & Jeff Hardy (w/ Michael Hayes) defeated the Blue Meanie & Goldust.

Sunday Night Heat:
-Test & Tori defeated Meat & Jackie (w/ Terri & Ryan Shamrock) at 2:58 when Tori pinned Jackie with a DDT.
-King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Ken Shamrock defeated Jeff Jarrett (with WWF Women's Champion Debra) via submission with the ankle lock at 2:55.
-King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Hardcore Holly pinned WWF Hardcore Champion Al Snow with a Michinoku Driver in a non-title match at 1:24.
-King of the Ring Qualifying Match: WWF Tag Team Champion X-Pac pinned the Big Bossman with a crucifix at 2:37 as Bossman laid across him making a cover.
-King of the Ring. Qualifying Match: Billy Gunn pinned Viscera with the Fameasser at 2:05 after Viscera hit the corner.

Raw is War:
-The Big Show defeated Billy Gunn via count-out when Gunn left the ring to avoid the chokeslam; the Road Dogg threw Gunn back in where Show leveled him with the move.
-Beaver Cleavage (w/ Mrs. Cleavage) pinned Christian after the Hardy Boyz and Michael Hayes interfered and hit Christian with a cane; Edge & Gangrel made the save after the match.
-Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra) pinned WWF IC Champion the Godfather to win the title at 3:41 after hitting him with Debra's WWF Women's title belt as the champion became distracted by both Debra and one of his hoes stripping on the ring apron.
-WWF champion the Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) defeated Vince McMahon via disqualification when Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco interfered; the champion easily beat them down.
-The Road Dogg defeated the Big Bossman via disqualification when Bossman used the nightstick on his opponent and the referee; Bossman was brawling with Mankind as the match with Road Dogg was scheduled to begin.
-The Acolytes defeated WWF Tag Team Champions X-Pac & Kane to win the titles at 4:44 when Bradshaw pinned X-Pac with the Clothesline from Hell after Shane McMahon interfered and blocked X-Pac's Bronko Buster attempt on Bradshaw with a steel chair.
-Val Venis (w/ Nicole Bass) pinned Ken Shamrock with a small package; Jeff Jarrett & Debra came ringside during the match to distract Val.
-Triple H (w/ Chyna) pinned Mankind in a No DQ falls count anywhere match after hitting him in the knee with a sledgehammer; the Rock made the save after the match.
-Steve Austin defeated WWF champion the Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) via disqualification when the Corporate Ministry interfered; the Higher Power, covered in a cloak, came to the ring after the match and allowed Austin to see his face but didn't reveal himself to the crowd.

Super Astros:
-Papi Chulo defeated Tiger Mask.
-Apollo Dantes defeated Sho Funaki.
-Taka Michinoku defeated Super Loco.

1999 - Fantasia last eliminates The New Jersey Devil in a battle royal to win the vacant House of Pain Wrestling Federation Cruiserweight Title in Hagerstown, Maryland.

2000 - The 3rd Annual Brian Pillman Memorial Show was held, featuring talent from WWF, WCW and ECW, in addition to independent talent. Here is Mike Johnson's original live report from that event.

Pillman 2000's Independent wrestling showcase began with Jeremy Lopez and Jet Jaguar, from Florida, taking on "Rapid Delivery" Rory Fox and "The Future" Logan Caine. Caine is Al Snow's brother. Fox is the Les Thatcher student seen in the MTV "My Life" Documentary on pro wrestling. Fox and Lopez started off with some nice counter wrestling. Fox and Lopez began exchanging knife edge chops. Fox hit a nice head and arms Tazplex. The babyfaces combined to hit a double dropkick on Lopez. Jaguar tagged in and hit several suplexes on Caine. Jaguar hit several uppercut forearms in the corner. Caine hit a handspring elbow in the corner. Fox leaped over the ropes, snapping Jaguar's throat over the ropes, and followed up with a dropkick. Jaguar hit a running clothesline on Fox, then tossed him to the floor. Jaguar hit a springboard plancha to the floor which got a nice reaction from the crowd. Lopez hit a brainbuster on Fox. Fox got a twocount with a sunset flip, but was cut off with a clothesline by Lopez. The heels continued to get heat on Fox. Lopez hit a tiger driver on Fox, The heels continued to work over Fox, and the referee missed a tag. Jaguar gets a 2 count with a splash off the top rope. Fox makes the hot tag to Caine, who cleans house and hits a spinebuster on Jaguar, followed by a frog splash. All four brawled in the ring. Lopex had Fox on his shoulders, and Jaguar dove off. Fox hit a victory roll on Lopez, which caused Jaguar to hit nothing but mat. Both babyfaces made simultaneous pins. Good finish to a good traditional style tag team match.

Ring announcer Dave Penzer from WCW pointed out Ricky Steamboat signing in the building with proceeds going to the Brian Pillman Memorial Fund.

The next match was a battle of World Wrestling Federation developmental talent, as B.J. Payne, managed by Heartland Wrestling Association manager G.Q. Masters III faced Rico Constantino from Ohio Valley Wrestling. Masters demanded a standing ovation from the crowd, saying he was the greatest wrestling manager in attendance. He ripped on Constantino, calling him a third rate American Gladiator knockoff. Masters guarantees that Payne will not get screwed out of a victory tonight. Constantino made his way to the ring. Constantino landed on his feet after being hiptossed and hit a spinkick and a somersault legdrop. He began working on Payne's arm. Payne went to the top rope, but Constantino bounced off the ropes, crotching him, then hit a hurancanrana off the top into the ring. Payne powerslammed Constantino for a two count. He began choking Constantino in the corner, and followed up with a legdrop off the ropes, which missed. Payne got a two count wiht a face first suplex. Constantino was hit with a spinning gut buster, but came back with a DDT. He began unloading with rights, and hit a backdrop, then a flapjack. Constantino did a standing backflip into a splash for a two count. Masters got on the apron and was grabbed by Constantino. Payne hit him with Master's clipboard and then a chokeslam into a tiger bomb for the three count. Your winner, B.J. Payne. Another solid match with both guys and Masters all working hard. Constantino is going to be a star one day.

In a World Championship Wrestling Powerplant match, the New Blood's "Main Event" Chuck Palumbo came out to Lex Luger's old theme music and got a big heel reaction. He did the Lex Luger posing bit. His opponent, Sean O'Hare got a modest reaction. He's got a great physique. After some stalling, they locked up, and O'Hare caught Palumbo in a side headlock. Palumbo powered out and put a hammerlock on him. O'Hare reversed and went back to the headlock. Palumbo drilled O'Hare with a clothesline. Palumbo began beating him with kicks, and hit a suplex. Palumbo hit a dropkick. Palumbo hits a flying clothesline off the top for a two count. Much slower paced match than the previous two bouts. They battled. O'Hare did a standing flip off the ropes, landed on his feet and hit a karate kick on Palumbo. It got a nice rise out of the crowd. Palumbo kicks him low and locked him in the Torture Rack for the submission. O'Hare showed some promise. Palumbo, well, he came off like Lex Luger, which I guess is the idea. Whether it's a good idea you can decide for yourself.

The next match featured another WWF Developmental talent bout, as Reckless Youth from Memphis Championship Wrestling came out to a nice pop. Youth has started to grow his hair out. His opponent is Scotty Sabre, who looks somewhat like the WWF's Edge. They started off quick with Youth shoulderblocking Sabre, and Sabre coming back with a series of armdrags. Good exchange of wrestling moves. Youth hit a headscissors which got a nice pop. Sabre backdropped Youth to the floor. Sabre ran to do a dive, but Youth shoulderblocked him. Sabre got awesome hangtime on a running dive over the ropes to the floor, getting a huge pop. Sabre went to the top, but Youth dropkicked him off, and he went to the floor. Youth hit an awesome running senton over the ropes to the floor. Youth began choking Sabre, and ran him into the turnbuckles. He hit a nice side kick on Sabre after whipping him into the ropes. Youth worked him over with a side chinlock. Sabre fought to his feet and hit a DDT. Both men struggled to their feet as the referee began to count them out. Youth hit a shortarm clothesline on Sabre, then missed a springboard moonsault. Sabre hit a standing dropkick on Youth. The women in the crowd are popping for Sabre big time. Sabre hit a springboard missile dropkick for a two count. They battled atop the ropes and Youth hit an inverted atomic drop on Sabre. Youth hit a swinging DDT and a splash off the top. The crowd is popping for everything. Sabre saved a miscue on a piledriver, hit it, then it an awesome moonsault. he went to the top again, but Youth caught him and tried to superplex him off, but Sabre caught him with a sunset flip off the top into a powerbomb for the pinfall. Another great match! Youth is as great as those of us who had the pleasure of seeing him in the Northeast already knew and Sabre is a star waiting to be found. Both men got a nice ovation after the bell.

The next bout saw Flash Flanagan and Matt Styker, managed by the HOT Helena Heavenly challenge the HWA Tag Team champions, "Surfer" Cody Hawk and "Mad Anthony" McMurphy, the taxi driver. (I'm not kidding, his gimmick is he's a taxi driver!). Stryker and Hawk did some nice counter wrestling. Flanagan and McMurphy tag in. McMurphy armdrags Flanagan, who begs off. The crowd began chanting "Taxi."The heels regrouped at ringside, but Taxi was right back at it, working over Flanagan's arm. Hawk tagged in and the Surfer gave Flanagan more of the same. The heels again backed out of the ring to regrp, but Cody hit a sliding kick out of the ring on Flanagan. He's taking a ton of abuse! Taxi clotheslines Flanagan over the ropes to the floor. I told ya! McMurphy cleans house on the heels, then does a plancha over the ropes on Flanagan. Flanagan comes back with a bulldog from behind on McMurphy. Stryker hit a great suplex on McMurphy, followed by an uppercut forearm that would make Dory Funk, Jr. proud. Flanagan hit a great running senton off the ropes. Cody Hawk did a flip off the ropes on both. Stryker then dove off the top on all three. Flanagan hit a sunset flip over the top to the floor, powerbombing Hawk to the concrete which got a big pop. They brawled on the floor. Flanagan brought a chair in the ring, and sprinted across the ring, off the chair, and springboarded off the ropes to the floor on McMurphy. The crowd is really into the match now after a slow start. Flanagan locks a chin lock on Cody. The crowd gets behind Cody, who makes a comeback and tags McMurphy. Stryker hit a high knee on McMurphy. McMurphy hit a flip into a sunset flip for a two count. Flanagan tagged in and did a corkscrew legdrop after bouncing off the ropes. Heavenly choked McMurphy, and got a ton of crowd heat. McMurphy came back to hit a powerbomb on Flanagan, who has taken a ton of great bumps. Cody Hawk got the hot tag and cleaned house on the challengers. Heavenly got on the apron and Hawk pulled her into the ring The faces whipped the heels into her, and then McMurphy pressed and tossed her over the top onto Flanagan. Hawk got the pin after jumping off McMurphy's shoulders on Stryker to retain the HWA Tag Team championships. Another strong match that got better as it progressed. Everyone was really good, especially the hot as hell Helena Heavenly.

A ceremony honoring Pillman was held, with Les Thatcher, The Pillman family, Ricky Steamboat, Dallas Page, Kevin Nash, and others.

In the next match, HWA Cruiserweight champion Shark Boy took on Jamie-San of WCW's Jung Dragons, managed by Tony Marinara of the early WCW Mamalukes storyline. When Shark Boy's music started, the lights went out and a spotlight began racing around the arena. He got a nice pop when he came out. They started with some counter wrestling and Shark Boy got a near pin with a rollup. They continued to counter each other's moves and got an ovation when jumping to their feet. Shark Boy tossed Marinara over the ropes when he tried to interfere, then dove on Jamie and Marinara. Jamie whipped Shark Boy into the guard rails and began chopping him. He tossed Shark Boy back in the ring, and and hit a running chop. Jamie tossed Shark Boy into the corner, but jumped up and over into a twisting sunset flip for a two count. Jamie worked over Shark Boy with a side chinlock and the crowd began chanting his name. Shark Boy is over! Shark Boy hit an inverted atomic drop and a DDT. Shark hits a flying hurrancanrana off the top on Jamie. Shark Boy goes for Diamondust, his finisher, but Jamie catches it and reverses it into a reverse DDT in a nice exchange. Jamie misses a swan dive headbutt of the top. Shark Boy goes for Diamondust again, hits it, and scores the pinfall to retain the HWA Cruiserweight championship. Solid match. After the bout, Marinara shoved Jamie-San, who returns the favor by kicking him and shooting him into the air, landing face first. Marinara retreated as Jamie-San's music played.

In the finals of the HWA Heavyweight championship Tournament, Chip Fairway took on Race Steele. D-Lo Brown, who once held the championship, was introduced as presenting the championship belt to the winner of the bout. Brown took the mic, and says that he came to the show to pass the torch for the championship he never lost. He says he is going to watch the match and make sure the best man wins. Fairway showed some good mat skills early on in the match. He wears argyle boots and has a preppy golfer gimmick and moves well for a guy his size. Steele is a big muscular guy. Fairway hits some of the hardest chops I've ever seen. Steele presses and slams him, then connects with a pair of clotheslines. Steele hits a killer Frankensteiner. Steele nearly killed himself with a dive over the ropes to the aisle on Fairway. They brawled on the floor, where Steele took an awesome backdrop on the concrete. Back in the ring, Fairway got a two count with an Alabama Jam. Steele began battling back with punches but Fairway hit a spinebuster, followed by a quebrada. Fairway missed a nasty elbow off the top. The local DJ who was in Fairway's corner got on the apron, and D-Lo took Fairway's golf club from him. Seele whipped Fairway into the DJ, who took a bump, then hit a diamond cutter for the pin and the championship. Several of the HWA workers who performed earlier in the evening came out with champagne to celebrate the victory, which was a nice touch as it made the title change seem important. OK match with Fairway and Steele both taking good risks and bumps

Cody Michaels, who broke into the business in the same class with Mick Foley, Brian Hildebrand and Shane Douglas, took on the Taxi Driver, Mad Anthony McMurphy, who's doing double duty. Michaels started out fast dropping him throat first over the railing and beating him around the ring, then tossing him back in the ring. Michaels dives off the top on McMurphy on the floor. McMurphy charged Michaels, who caught him with a boot and got a two count by putting his feet on the ropes. McMurphy got a small package for a near fall and a powerslam for another. McMurphy goes to the top rope, but gets crotched by Michaels. McMurphy knocks Cody off the ropes and hits a sunset flip off the top for the pinfall. Your winner by pinfall, Mad Anthony McMurphy. McMurphy looked tired from his earlier match, while Michaels looked really crisp. The heat for this match wasn't up to the level of the others, possibly because a camera crew was following Shark Boy around and he was getting SWARMED by fans. The guy was over!

A brief note on the last match: Terry Taylor was scheduled to face Michaels, but I was just told he suffered a neck injury and could not work.

Dr. Tom Pritchard made his way to the ring, preparing to face "White Lightning" Tim Horner, managed by Missy Hyatt. It's a Smoky Mountain Wrestling reunion! Well, except for Missy. Hyatt says that last year she managed Pritchard against Terry Taylor, and he lost, so she tells Horner to "kick his butt." They start off with a lot of good mat wrestling and exchanges of holds. Lots of old school wrestling tonight. Steve Corino would be proud. The crowd applauds a clean break by Horner. Lots of back and forth work on the mat. Horner keeps working on Pritchard's arm. They fight a bit on the floor. Pritchard suplexes Horner in for a two count. Pritchard works over the reverse chinlock, and then tosses Horner to the floor when he fights his way up. Horner gets the pin with a sunset flip. Pritchard tried to grab the ropes but Missy flashed up her Pillman 2000 Tshirt, shocking him, and allowing Horner to get the pin. Solid match. The crowd was very respectful of the match, considering it was mostly basic wrestling and matwork.

The next match featured Ron and Don Harris taking on Billy Kidman and Disco Inferno, who is a substitute for David Flair. No idea where Flair is, although Les Thatcher did say they had some people with travel problems during the opening of the show. I am pretty sure this is true, as I had a hell of a time flying down here this morning. By the way, Vampiro is here and dressed to work. Torrie Wilson is at ringside....WOW. They introduced special referee Shawn Casey, the first baseman for the Cincinnati Reds. Kidman starts out with one of the Harris Boys and gets tossed around. Kidman hits headscissors on the Harris Boys and he retreats out of the ring. The Harris shoves referee Casey, who shoves back. This Red ain't taking no crap! Disco tags in and takes over the Harris with an armdrag. The Harris hits a sidewalk slam. Kidman hits an Acid Drop like bulldog after running the ropes. The Harris Boys work over Kidman in the corner. Kidman tags in Disco, who hits a neckbreaker on one Harris, but the other breaks the count. Out of nowhere, Kidman turned on Disco and the Harris Boys hit the H Bomb. Sean Casey refused to count the pin so WCW referee Charles Robinson hit the ring and counted three. Casey and Robinson argued and Casey cleaned house on all the heels, getting a big pop. Your winners, the Harris Boys.

Captain Rection, the artist formerly known as Hugh Morrus, made his way to the ring. Vampiro's music began and the place just erupted. He is OVER. I could see Vampiro psyching himself up before he came out to the crowd, and he is just intense. Cap takes down Vampiro with a massive shoulderblock. He missed a running clothelsine, but Vamp rebounds off the ropes and hits a spin kick. Vampiro dove out of the ring on Cap. Cap gets whipped into Kevin Nash who was sitting inside the rails. Nash isn't happy about it, and gets into a brief brawl with Vamp. Cap and Vampiro brawl into the crowd and at one point are right below me. They brawl towards the entranceway with the crowd swarming. Morrus drops an elbow from the first level of the building onto Vampiro on the floor. They set up a table against the wall of the building and take turns throwing each other into it. The crowd chanted "ECW." Vampiro one upped Cap by diving off the level. They brawl back to the ring. Cap hits a powerslam but missed a beautiful moonsault. Vamp hits the Nail of the Coffin for the pinfall. Great brawl!

Steven Regal, wearing purple tights comes out to a huge pop. Regal is in awesome shape. The crowd starts chanting "Regal." His opponent is the WWF Intercontinental champion, Chris Benoit. The crowd chants, "Benoit." They tie up and Benoit muscles Regal into the corner. They vie for the advantage, and Benoit finally gets it working over the shoulder and arm. Benoit muscles him over into a hammerlock. Regal reverses, sweeps Benoit's legs and holds him down pin a wristlock and hits him with a fireman's carry. Fluid wrestling! Benoit holds Regal down, but he kips up and monkey flips Benoit over. Regal floats over and Benoit headbutts him, opening him hardway. Benoit dropkicks Regal out of the ring, then yanks him facefirst on the canvas outside. Benoit gets a two count, then follows up with a belly to back suplex. Regal sweeps Benoit's legs and locks on an STF. The crowd applauds, they are starting to get into the match. Regal hits a standing dropkick to Benoit's face. Regal locks up Benoit's legs, and then pulls him back into a bow and arrow, then pulls reverse chinlock on the stretched Benoit. The crowd is popping for the moves like an All Japan match. Benoit hits a German suplex. They start trading chops, headbutts and kicks. It's stiff as hell. Regal gets the better of it and the crowd chants "Regal." Benoit hits the trinity of German suplexes. The crowd stands up for the spot. Benoit goes to the top rope but Regal cuts him off. Regal hits a butterfly superplex. The Arena is going nuts! The two butt heads in the middle of the ring. Benoit goes for the cover but can't get a three count. Regal floats over a suplex attempt and rolls up Benoit for a two count. Benoit gets a two count with a backslide. Regal scored with European uppercuts, and goes for a tombstone. Benoit reverses and hits it. He goes to the top rope and the place goes nuts. He dives off but misses the swan dive headbutt. Both men are down and the referee is counting, and the crowd is counting with him. They get up and after a series of reversals, Benoit hits a Dragon Suplex and locks on the Crippler Crossface for the submission. The Arena gives both men a standing ovation. Les Thatcher says, "I don't know what you see on television, but you just saw a wrestling match here tonight." Benoit gives Regal a hand getting up and the crowd chants Regal's name. Benoit tells Regal he's been away for awhile, but all the boys and the fans missed him and it is great to have Regal back. The crowd chants Regal's name. Benoit and Regal leave together. This was the best wrestling match of the year BY FAR. Nothing anyone has done anywhere this year can touch this match. It was Regal's return to form, and it was a very special moment with a crowd reacting in a way rarely seen today anywhere. An amazing match on an amazing night, yet there is still more to come.

Shane Douglas' music began to play and the "Franchise" made his way to the ring in street clothes. Douglas said he would have been at Pillman '99 but Les Thatcher told him that there was someone who was booked on the show last year that didn't want Shane there. Shane rips on the person he says has held him back in the sport, and came to WCW on a mission of a shoot, a clear mission to take that "jackass Dick Flair" and run him out of WCW. Douglas says he is more efficient than he thought, because he beat Flair once and Flair was gone. He says he beat the man, and that makes the "Franchise" the man. Douglas says that there are some "old jackasses" who won't give the younger wrestlers what is rightfully theirs. He says Hulk Hogan always talks about how Andre the Giant passed the torch to him, but he won't do the same. The crowd chants "Hogan sucks." He says that if they won't pass the torch, then it will be taken by force. He rips on the Millionaire's Club. Douglas says that everyone says Diamond Dallas Page is the hardest working man in wrestling and Shane disagrees. He says that the one thing he will agree on is that DDP had the hottest looking b*tch in wrestling. Page's music hits and he comes out drinking a beer. Shane and Page begin brawling in the ring, and Shane is beating him down. DDP hits the Diamond Cutter out of nowhere, counts his own pinfall, and leaves the "Franchise" laying. When Shane finally gets up, he says, "God bless you Brian. That was for you buddy."

Next up is the ECW World Heavyweight championship match! Raven made his way to the ring first, followed by the ECW World Heavyweight champion, Justin Credible. There was no ring music and sadly, no Francine. The crowd chanted "ECW" as the guys came out. The crowd was on Credible immediately, chanting "Just an @ssh*le." Credible says he comes all the way here out of the kindness of his heart for a good cause for a real wrestler and a great family, but obviously the fans don't have respect for a true World Heavyweight champion. He tells the fans that they suck, then tells Raven that everyone knows Credible has beaten Raven and taken his girl. Raven says, "That's alright, because I had your Mom." Credible goes to cane him, but Raven ducks under and whips him into the corner. Credible bumps up and over to the floor. Raven drills him with a chair. Justin is busted open above the eye. Raven chokes Justin with the cane, then tosses him to the floor. They brawl to the floor and across the Arena. Raven tosses Credible into a row of chairs. They fight back to the ring, where Raven tosses a chair in the ring. He whips Credible into the ropes, but the champion reverses and hits a drop toe hold into the chair. Raven is now busted as well. Justin is busted open bad, possibly the most blood I've ever seen him lose. They brawl around the ringside area. Justin chokes Raven down with a side chinlock. Justin sets up a table at ringside. Justin locks on a sleeper. Raven hits the "Mr. Wrestling 2" kneelift and uses the snotrag. Justin hits a superkick for a two count. Both guys have been looking good. Raven hits the evenflow DDT for a REALLY close two count. Justin hits a lowblow and rolls up Raven for a near fall. Justin hits the That's Incredible spinning tombstone, but Raven gets his shoulder up. Raven hits the drop toe hold on the chair on Justin for an near fall. Justin goes for That's Incredible again, hits it, and scores the pinfall, retaining the ECW World Heavyweight championship. Solid match. When Raven got up, he got a huge ovation from the crowd.

Before the main event, Les Thatcher talks about how all the performers on the show tonight gave up a free night at home to wrestle and support the Pillman family. The crowd gives them a huge ovation. They introduce Diamond Dallas Page, who comes out with Brian and Brittany Pillman. Page draws the winner for auctions giving away a piece of artwork of Pillman signed by everyone on the show and a specially made Brian Pillman championship belt signed by everyone on the show. Page did a great job entertaining the crowd which was obviously tired after over five hours at the show. They announce that the Brian Pillman Memorial Fund had raised $36,936.00. They presented a supersized check to the Pillman family.

This leads into the main event, as Eddy Guerrero comes out and takes the mic, saying that Mamacita couldn't be here tonight, so he and she decided to have Young watch out for Eddy. Young says that he was told to watch Eddy's back and he can do that because he's bad. Guerrero says he's mad about someone in the WWF using his frog splash, and tells D-Lo Brown to come out. D-Lo's music hits and he comes out with Reds player Danny Graves. Brown tells Guerrero to back up so he can talk about it to the Strikeout King, Dimitri Young. Graves says that he and Brown are going to take out Guerrero and Dimitri. Brown rips on Eddy's frog splash and the fight is on. They go back and forth with Brown mostly in control. They chop each other back and forth. Brown hits a suplex. He follows up with a belly to back suplex. D-Lo hits his trademark legdrop. Eddy superplexes Brown off the top rope. Dean Malenko hits the ring and attacks both men. As he brawls with Eddy, Perry Saturn hits the ring. It ends up with Eddy & D-Lo against Dean & Perry. Eddy takes the mic and says that if they like jumping people from behind, he and Brown have two things in common, the frog splash and D-Lo has "Brother Heat." D-Lo challenges them to make it a tag team match and we are on!

Perry Saturn asks the crowd if they want to see a tag match and they cheer in anticipation. Saturn says to forget it and he and Malenko walk out. Brown and Guerrero rip on Malenko and Saturn, and they hit the ring. Our new main event is underway! Eddy and Dean start off. Dean shoots Eddy into the air, and then into his corner, where Saturn chokes him with the tag rope. Saturn presses Eddy and drops him into a jackhammer, but Guerrero reverses it into a Mexican armdrag. Saturn locks a chinlock on Eddy, but Guerrero suplexes him and tags in Brown. Brown cleans house on Perry, but is distracted by Malenko, and taken out. The Radicals double team Brown. Malenko pumps Brown's arm and works on an armbar. Eddy pokes him in the eye, which allows the Radicals to switch places while the referee admonishes him. Saturn locks a short arm scissor on Brown, Brown works his way to his feet and throws Saturn off. Perry cuts off Brown and tags Malenko, who hits him with a high running kick to the face. Perry works over Brown's arm and Eddy comes in and dropkicks him. The referee forces him back allowing more double teaming. Brown and Malenko hit a neckbreaker on each other and after recovering, struggle to tag their partners. The hot tag is made and Eddy cleans house on Saturn, hitting a dropkick. He hits a high kick on Malenko. All four brawl and Malenko and Brown are whipped into each other. Brown hits a frog splash on Saturn for the pin. Good finale. Your winners, Eddy Guerrero and D-Lo Brown...Brother Heat?

2001 - The Memphis Championship Wrestling Tag Team Title switches twice in Marmaduke, Arkansas as The Island Boys (Ekmo and Kimo) defeat Russ and Charlie Haas, then the Haas' win the titles back.

2001 - Samir defeats Dash Riproc for the NWA Texas Junior Heavyweight Title in North Richland Hills, Texas, beginning his second reign.

2002 - Steve Corino defeats Danny Doring in a tournament final for the vacant NWA Florida Heavyweight Title in St. Petersburg, Florida.

2002 - WWE Raw ran Winnipeg, Manitoba at the Arena.  Colin Morris filed the following live report:

WWE returned to Winnipeg for the third time in just under a year. Once again, we provided another hot crowd, and were rewarded for that show of support with a card that went just under 3 hours.

The shows begins with Whooooooooo, an appearance by Ric Flair. He gets a loud face pop to start the evening. He announces that due to events of this past Monday, there would be a cage match between RVD and Undertaker for the undisputed WWE title. He goes on to say that his objective is to win over the trust of Stone Cold Steve Austin, and after Monday where he was attacked by Eddie Guerrero he has booked the two in the main event tonight in the hopes of "making things right".

The evening festivities begin with......

Crash defeated Jacqueline - Crash tries to taunt Jackie at the beginning, who does not appear the least bit intimidated by one half of a former tag team that used to weigh 800 pounds in total. I could be wrong, but I always thought that was a bit of an exaggeration. Anyway, after a few pie faces and shoves, they exchange chops, with Crash taking the brunt of the beatings. In the end, Crash pinned Jackie with his feet on the ropes while the ref wasn't looking. Decent opener, but I was disappointed that Flair didn't come down and order the match to continue due to the illegality of the pin. I'm sure if it were for any kind of title he would have. Yeah, sure. Nothing like starting off the recap with a bit of sarcasm! Oh well, next match!!

Hardcore Title - Steven Richards defeated Raven who defeated Tommy Dreamer who defeated Steven Richards. My brain hurts. A few good spots in the first match, Richards versus Dreamer. At one point, Richards dropped Dreamer onto a chair. Normally we see this as a face plant into the seat of the chair set up in the ring, but this time, the face plant was right into the top edge of the back of the chair, as it was facing in the opposite direction. Make sense? Good. Funny moment when both were outside the ring and Dreamer grabbed a fan's beer at ringside and chugged it back. He then did the Tajiri mist spit right in Richards' face, and then the rest of it up in air a la HHH. Crowd got a kick out of that. Ending came with the Steviekick and pin to Raven, who DDT'd Dreamer, who pinned Richards. Got it? Did I mention my brain hurts? Oh, and to top that off, on a side note, before the event started, a group of fans were hanging out outside the arena to see the stars as they came in. Richards and Dreamer, along with Crash Holly, arrived in the same car. Oh, my brain hur....never mind.

Next, we have William Regal defeating Spike Dudley. Short match, with Spike doing most of the bumps like usual. I was paying attention to Regal's work during this one, and he told a story right from the beginning, working on Spike's head right from the bell. The ending made perfect sense then, Power of the Punch to the head. Did I mention that the brass knuckles somehow made their way onto Regal's fist? There you go, 1, 2, 3 Regal's your winner.

Brock Lesnar defeated Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba got in some offense and managed to take the big guy down a few times. It wasn't a squash like Lesnar has on TV all the time, but a pretty good contest. Bubba did the Dusty dance routine. Not sure if the ending is any indication of future storylines, but William Regal came down and interfered, allowing for the Brockbuster and pin for Lesnar.

Big Slow (that's not a typo) defeated Bradshaw. I guess the push is over huh? X-Pac accompanies BS (those initials were never more appropriate) to ringside wearing Kane mask. He sticks his nose into the action after about 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back, and business picks up a bit as he suffers a bit of a beatdown at the hands of Bradshaw. Boot to the face, clothesline from hell, all in plain sight of the ref. Bradshaw then turns right into a chokeslam and pin.

INTERMISSION to set up the cage!!!

Undertaker defeated RVD in a steel cage match. RVD did pretty much all his signature moves and was mounting a lot of offense in this one. The end came when Undertaker caught RVD trying to escape over the cage at the corner, managed to get him turned around, and gave him the last ride from the top rope down to the canvas. On another note, it's been reported that Undertaker is working through a sore hip. If I can editorialize for a moment, this guy deserves a lot of credit for being the leader that he's been and working through these types of injuries. He did a spot tonight were he was climbing over the cage, only to be caught, dragged down to the top rope, and beaten a bit more so that he was hanging upside down from the top rope against the cage. When the match was over, RVD left first, and Undertaker was in no hurry to leave. He sat on the ring steps for a few moments to the applause of the crowd. Winnipeg fans have always been appreciative of efforts such as this, and I think Undertaker knew it. Sure, sometimes he's in stinkers, but it takes two to tango and he sure didn't need to do the things he did tonight at a non-televised event. Give the guy a break.

The preceding comments were mine alone and are not necessarily the opinions of anyone important.

INTERMISSION to take down the cage!!!!!

Planet Stasiak and D'Lo Brown defeated Goldust and Justin Credible. The highlight of this one was at the beginning when Stasiak was looking skyward (in an arena with a roof, what an idiot!!), and Goldust did the same then smacked his face. D'Lo looks in pretty good shape, hopefully he gets a chance again sometime soon. Hmmmm, maybe they'll bring back the Nation of Domination?? Sorry, I'm rambling again. Another 10 minutes of my life down the drain.

Trish defeated Molly Holly. These ladies both worked very hard. I was distracted by how good they both look but that's another subject. Trish won when Molly was attempting a backdrop. Trish used the ropes to sling herself back and turned it around right into the bulldog for the pin.

Booker T defeated Matt Hardy. Good back and forth match with the typical spots from both participants. Big pop for the Spinarooni. Booker won clean without any sign of fellow NWO members. By the way, his entrance now incorporates his old "can you dig it sucka" mixed with the NWO entrance music. I really hope this stint is a swerve, Booker is proving he can be the next big thing. He's very entertaining and has what it takes. Putting him with X Pac and Big Slow won't help him.

Main event time!! Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Eddie Guerrero. This was the best match of the night, both guys busted their asses and put on a show for the crowd. SCSA has a new way of fingering the ref. It's not as direct, but rather it involves the fingers doing a bit of a dance routine before settling on the middle digit firming point up in the ref's face, pretty funny to see. This one had a pretty exciting finish beginning with the ref bump. God, Hebner is the senior official and gets laid out more than anyone in the history of Sports Entertainment, what is up with that? Marty Milner never had that problem!! But, I digress. While Hebner's lying on the mat taking a nap, Flair comes down to the ring and pretends that he is going to stop the match since the ref is down. He then slugs Austin and puts him in the figure four. The ref begins to stir, so Flair releases it, exits the ring, and then shakes the ref more just as Eddie is going for the frog splash. Austin rolls out of the way, then puts Guerrero in the figure four!! Flair is not real pleased so he comes in the ring and kicks at Austin. Austin gets up and they start to slug it out. Flair pulls out a move from his back of tricks, the Greco Roman eye gouge, to gain a bit of an upper hand. SCSA comes back and Flair ends up taking the face bump. He then stunners Flair just as the ref has finished his miraculous recovery, and he and Guerrero exchange a few more chops before finally Austin hits the stunner again for the pin.

After the pin, Flair comes back and wants to fight more, ripping off his shirt. He gets stunnered again and stumbles his way back to the dressing room. Austin consumes several beverages, four corner salute then leaves to a very loud ovation. He comes back for a curtain call if you will, giving the crowd, the heart to raised fist salute. Everyone goes home happy.

As mentioned, this show went almost right on 3 hours. No return date was announced, however we do know that we will not see another show this year. The local promoters are hoping that with the continued and vocal support that Winnipeg provides to WWE, a TV or PPV event will be brought here at some future point.

As for pops and heat, well there was a mixed bag. I got the sense a lot of the heels were getting face pops and vice versa. Here's how I heard it:


Austin - as I mentioned last time WWE(F) was here in October, he's the man, best in the business today.
Booker T - I believe this is his first time here. Spinarooni did it for the crowd.
Flair - first promo of the night, he tried to get heel heat, but when it wasn't coming, he didn't pursue it.
Trish - just for being Trish.
RVD - first time here also, fans appreciate his work. Undertaker - yes, he did get a face pop, despite working RVD. I won't editorialize again!!


William Regal - he can milk the crowd also.
Flair - interference in main event drew his heat back. He is an icon. Whoooooooooooo!!!!
Matt Hardy - got boos in the match with Booker T. Also got the squeals from the pre-pubescent girls, but when Booker got some face pops, Matt got some heat.
Xpac - because he sucks perhaps??

2002 - WWE Smackdown ran Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with the following matches taking place:
-Sho Funaki pinned Christian with a reversal of a roll up.
-Test pinned Maven with the boot to the face.
-Billy Kidman, Hugh Morrus, & Mark Henry defeated Rev. D-Von, Deacon Batista, & Albert after Kidman hit the Shooting Star Press.
-WWE Cruiserweight Champion the Hurricane defeated Tajiri and Chavo Guerrero Jr. after the champion hit the chokeslam.
-Lance Storm pinned Hardcore Holly with the superkick in a Canada vs. USA match.
-Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo defeated Val Venis & Randy Orton.
-Torrie Wilson defeated Ivory and Stacy Keibler in a swimsuit contest.
-Chris Jericho defeated Edge.
-Triple H pinned Kurt Angle with the Pedigree.

2003 - The final World Wrestling All-Stars event, a pay-per-view in Auckland, New Zealand, is held. The show was headlined by a "Title Unification" match which saw NWA champion Jeff Jarrett defeat WWA champion Sting after Rick Steiner interfered, hitting Sting with a guitar as he had Jarrett trapped in the Scorpion Deathlock.

The best match on the show was said to be a Four Corners match which saw NWA TNA X-Division champion Chris Sabin defeat Johnny Swinger, WWA Cruiserweight champion Jerry Lynn, and Frankie Kazarian to win the Cruiserweight belt and retain the X-Division championship. One report called this the best WWA match to date.

Bret Hart gave a speech before the live crowd, noting the anniversary of his brother Owen Hart's death had just passed, and noted other recent deaths in the industry.  The complete transcript of the speech:

"It took me a long time to get here, thank you very much.  Where do I start? I promised myself that I would not come out here and sing any sad songs. I just want to say a few words and try not to take too long here, get too long-winded. It's taken me such a long time to get down here to New Zealand. It's a beautiful country.  You have to forgive me a little bit, it's been a little while since I've been in front of a camera. It's not easy to come out here for me. It's something that I've wanted to do. And, I appreciate the fact that the WWA gave me the chance to come out here, and in a lot of ways, address fans all around the world.  You know, last year, when I had suffered my stroke, the last thing in my mind was coming down here to see anybody. When Andrew McManus called me a few months ago, I was happy to know that I'd recovered enough that I thought I could come down here and do this. This is the first time I've really ever come out in public to talk to anyone.  It reminds me of a conversation I had about a year ago; about a month before I had a stroke. I was talking to a guy that was the head of WWE in Canada. He was talking to me about having seen me on a WWA show, that my stock was at an all-time low (fans clearly yell out bull sh*t). And I got news for him, cause I don't have stock anymore in wrestling. I'm happily, or was anyway, happily retired.  You know, yesterday was the four-year anniversary of the death of my brother Owen. And I know my brother Owen would be very proud to see me sitting here right now talking to you people. It's been a tough year in wrestling, lost some good friends. Lost the British Bulldog this past year. Also lost 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig. And, we recently lost Miss Elizabeth. I just want to say that they're all really decent people, and we're going to miss them.  I like to think of myself, sitting here today, that I'm a survivor. I've survived a hell of a lot. Life is short and death is long. When I was in the hospital and when I had my stroke, I got emails from all over the world. I got them from fans here in New Zealand. I got them from people in places like Iraq and Russia and Philippines. I like to think that for me I was a world champion, not just a champion.  The Hitman was not just some wrestling character created in a board room by marketers or writers. I'm happy to tell you that I'm a real person. When I thought about coming out here I was worried about what I was going to wear or how I was going to look. And, I don't give a shit about any of that. I'm just glad to be here. Anyway, I'm going to make room for the main event, and I just want to let you all know that I appreciate all your prayers. And, I don't want you to ever stop worrying about me or thinking about me.  Thank you very much, New Zealand!"

Other results from the PPV:
*Rick Steiner pinned Mark Mercedes
*Teo defeated Puppet and Meatball in a Three-Way Hardcore match.
*Devon Storm pinned Konnan in a Hardcore Match.
*Sabu pinned Joe E. Legend and then brawled with Shane Douglas. Douglas did a promo earlier in the show.

2003 - Rory Fox wins his fourth HWA Cruiserweight Title, defeating J.T. Stahr and T.J. Dalton in Cincinnati, Ohio.

2003 - WWE Raw ran New Orleans, LA at the Lakefront Arena, featuring the following results:
-Val Venis, Goldust, & Lance Cade defeated Lance Storm, Steven Richards, & Mark Jindtrak when Val pinned Richards.
-WWE Women's Champion Jazz defeated Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, and Victoria in an elimination match; Molly was eliminated; Trish eliminated Victoria; Jazz defeated Trish via submission with the STF after Victoria distracted the referee as Trish grabbed hold of the ring ropes - Jazz pulled her into the middle of the ring and got the win.
-Rodney Mack & Christopher Nowinski defeated Maven & Spike Dudley when Mack defeated Spike via submission with the Black Out.
-The Dudley Boyz defeated Rosey & Jamal in a tables match.
-WWE Intercontinental champion Christian pinned the Hurricane by holding onto the ropes for leverage.
-Scott Steiner defeated Rico.
-WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Rob Van Dam & Kane defeated Sylvian Grenier & Rene Dupree following the chokeslam / Five Star Frog Splash combo.
-World Heavyweight Champion Triple H defeated Kevin Nash via reverse decision; the challenger had originally won the title - despite interference from Ric Flair - but referee Earl Hebner, who had been knocked out by Nash earlier in the bout and did not count the pinfall, overruled the decision.

2003 - WWE broadcast Sunday Night Heat.  John Keanie filed the following TV report:

Matches taped on 5/19 in Greenville, South Carolina.

Your Announcers are Jonathan Coachman and Al Snow.

Pyros go, Coach and Al welcome us in and get in a bit of hype for next month’s Raw-only Bad Blood PPV. On to business…

1st Match: Molly Holly and Women’s Champion Jazz, with Theodore Long, vs. Ivory and Jacqueline. Referee is Charles Robinson.

Mild heat for Jazz and Molly, polite pops for Jackie and Ivory. Pre-match we get footage of Jazz pinning Jackie at last Sunday’s Judgment Day PPV to earn her newest run as Women’s Champ (also competing in this ‘Fatal 4-Way’ match were Victoria and former champ Trish Stratus.) Bell rings, Jackie and Jazz circle to start, lock up, Jazz slaps on a side headlock, takes Jackie down to the canvas. Jackie counters with a head scissors, Jazz powers out, both women quickly get to their feet. Jackie applies the side headlock, Jazz tries to counter with a modified sidewalk slam, Jackie rolls through, both women down, headlock is maintained. Jazz brings Jackie to her feet, elbows out, shoots Jackie to ropes, drops to canvas, Jackie scouts it, puts on brakes, applies a body scissors, rolls Jazz into a pinning situation, just gets 1.

Both women up, Jackie ducks under a forearm, goes behind, backslide gets Jazz down for 2. Both women up, Jazz charges blindly into a drop toe hold, quickly gets to feet, Jackie gets a lightning-quick small package, Jazz again down for 2. Up, Jazz scores with a boot to the gut and a clubbing forearm to the back, sets for powerbomb, Jackie floats over, sends Jazz down with an armdrag. Jackie follows up with a low dropkick to the face, Jazz crawls to corner, tags in Molly and exits. Jackie ducks under a clothesline, Ivory comes in untagged, scores with a dropkick of her own, Molly goes down and rolls to the outside. Jackie and Ivory celebrate, Molly staggers around the ring, re-enters, goes down to a casual side kick by Jackie. Ivory gets shooed out of the ring, Jackie hauls Molly up, lets fly with forearms to the face, tries for a whip, reversed, Jackie goes back first into a knee from Jazz on the apron. Jackie forearms Jazz to the mats outside, Molly scores with a running double axehandle to the back, Jackie down. Molly hauls her up, backbreaker sends Jackie down for 2. Molly again hauls Jackie up, shoots her off ropes, looks for another backbreaker on the rebound, Jackie counters with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors, Molly down. Jackie tags Ivory in, exits as Molly staggers to her feet, Ivory goes up top, flying crossbody sends Molly down or another 2. Ivory hauls Molly up, whips her off ropes, scores with a textbook sidewalk slam on the rebound, Molly down for yet another 2 count. Ivory goes old school, grabs Molly’s legs, drops her to canvas after a Giant swing, elbow drop follows, Molly down for, you guessed it, 2. Molly slowly gets to her feet, Ivory leisurely sets for snap suplex, scores, gets 2. Ivory hauls Molly up at ropes, tries for the whip, Molly puts on the brakes, brings Ivory up, drops her neck first onto top rope. Molly distracts the ref, Jazz sends Ivory down with a boot to the face from the apron. Molly goes for the leisurely cover, just gets 2. Molly brings Ivory up by grabbing the hair, slams her right back down, keeps up the pressure by tossing Ivory face first into turnbuckles. Ivory goes down to a hair-pull snapmare, Molly goes behind, scores with the rolling neck snap, covers for 2. Molly brings Ivory to a seated position, applies a rear chinlock, Ivory slowly gets to her feet, elbows free, tries to tag in Jackie, gets sent back down with a pull on the hair. Ref issues warning, Molly hauls Ivory to the center of the ring, yells at ref, Ivory takes advantage, rolls her up for 2. Molly gets to her feet, again sends Ivory down with a hair-pull slam as she tries to crawl toward Jackie. Molly tosses Ivory into home corner turnbuckles, tags in Jazz, grabs Ivory’s legs as she enters, drops her back first onto Jazz’ knee. Ref sends Molly out as we go to break.

Back, Jazz is laying in forearms to Ivory’s back, scoop and a slam follows, good for 2. Jazz brings Ivory to a seated position, locks in a surfboard. Ivory slowly gets to her feet, Jazz fires off headbutts to the back of her neck, shoots her off ropes, tries for a hiptoss on the rebound, Ivory counters with a move I’m tempted to call a fisherman’s backslide, Jazz down for 2. Ivory again crawls toward Jackie, Jazz brings her to a halt with a double axehandle to the back of the neck. Jazz hauls Ivory to the center of he ring, scores with a quick butt-drop, brings Ivory to her feet, whips her into neutral corner turnbuckles, Ivory goes face first to canvas as she rebounds. Ivory groggily crawls toward Jackie, Jazz quickly slams her back to canvas and covers for 2. Jazz gets in a quick kick to the gut, goes off ropes, attempts splash, Ivory gets her knees up, Jazz to canvas. Both women down for a count of 4, Ivory tries for the tag, Jazz grabs her leg, hauls her toward center of ring, Ivory gets to a one-legged standing position, sends Jazz down with an enzugiri, finally tags in Jackie and rolls out. Jackie charges in right past Jazz, knocks Molly off the apron with a forearm to the face. Jackie turns, Jazz tries for a kick, Jackie catches the boot, whips the leg, forearms to the face follow, Jazz to ropes, Jackie whips her off opposite, scores with a shoulder as she rebounds, Jazz down and up. Jackie follows up with a dropkick, Jazz down and up slowly, Jackie clotheslines her out of her boots. Jackie hauls Jazz up at ropes, goes for another whip, Jazz goes down to a flapjack as she rebounds, Jackie covers, Molly runs in to break it up with a boot to the back.

Ivory charges in, his Molly with a spear variant, they brawl their way to the outside as Jackie and Jazz get to their feet. Jazz tries for a whip, Jackie puts on the brakes, ascends Jazz’ shoulders, tries for a victory roll, Jazz retains leverage, sends Jackie to canvas with a legdrag. Jazz slaps on the STF until clobbered by a low dropkick from Ivory. Molly’s back, she tosses Ivory to the outside, follows as Jackie and Jazz slowly get to their feet. Jackie connects with a pair of forearms to the face, tries for a whip, reversed, Jackie into corner, Jazz charges, Jackie gets the boot up to the face. Jackie again tries to get up on Jazz’ shoulders, has too much momentum, lands on feet after what looked like a leapfrog. Jazz fires off forearms to the back, tries for a belly to back suplex, Jackie keeps her leverage, counters with a victory roll, good for all 3. One of the best-and very definitely the longest-women’s match I’ve ever seen on Heat.

Winners: Jacqueline and Ivory.

Post-match Theo gets on the mic, furiously accuses Jackie of playing ‘whitey’s game’ and challenges her to go one on one with Jazz. Jackie indicates she’ll have no problem facing his client anytime, anywhere.

We’re reminded that 2 weeks ago on Raw Bill Goldberg was nearly run down by a car driven by an unknown assailant. More on the issue after we break.

Back, we get video of the attempted vehicular assault on Goldberg. Last week Raw co-General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin launched his own investigation of the matter and rather quickly identified the culprit as Lance Storm. Lance claimed he was acting under another party’s orders, but wouldn’t reveal the name to the Rattler. Lance only spilled his guts after being unceremoniously squashed in a match with Big Bill-he revealed that Chris Jericho was his co-conspirator while being choked out.

Out in the parking lot of the arena Coach caught up with Y2J as he prepared to make a hasty exit. He proudly admitted to being the brains behind the attempted assault, then stated Bill would be his guest on tomorrow’s edition of ‘Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel’. Break.

WWE Rewind: From last Sunday's Judgment Day PPV, Christian becomes the newest holder of the recently reinstated Intercontinental Championship by being declared the winner of a Battle Royal. End was WAY screwy- Booker T appeared to have gotten the win, having ‘eliminated’ Christian after the ref had been ‘knocked out’. Pat Patterson (original holder of the IC title) tried to give the belt to Booker, but Christian seized it, clobbered the Book and tossed him out of the ring. Ref recovered, saw Christian the last man standing and declared him the winner.

Straight back to work…

2nd Match: Goldust vs. Damien DeNucci. Referee is Chad Patton.

Damien already in the ring, nice pop for Goldust. Bell rings, very quick bit of circling into a lockup, Goldust slaps on a side headlock, Damien shoves him to ropes, wriggles free, shoots Goldust off ropes, goes down to a shoulder block as he rebounds, Goldust covers for 2. Both men up into another lockup, Goldust forces Damien into corner, ref calls for the break, Damien manages a reversal of positions, ref still wants the break, Damien does so cleanly-then goes for the cheap clothesline, easily ducked under by Goldust. Goldust goes into a bit of his old posing routine, Damien responds with a shove, Goldust plays it cool, we get another lockup, Damien gets the side headlock, Goldust gets him to ropes, shoots him to opposite, sends Damien down with what Al referred to as a Japanese armdrag on the rebound. Damien up quickly, Goldust scores with a regular armdrag into an armbar, Damien gets to his feet, Goldust wrings the arm, Damien manages to shove Goldust into corner. Another ram into corner follows, Damien follows up with a whip into opposite corner, Goldust to canvas as he rebounds. Damien takes a pose break as Goldust gets to his feet, Damien scores with a textbook body slam, gets 2. Damien brings Goldust up, scores with a snapmare into a surfboard, Goldust gets to his feet, elbows out, sends Damien to the ropes with a forearm to the face. Goldust whips Damien off opposite ropes, connects with the butt-bump as he rebounds, Damien down. Goldust takes a breather in a corner, Damien gets to his feet, approaches, scores with a pair of uppercuts to Goldust’s midsection. Forearms to the back and face follow, pair of punches appear to drive Goldust into a frenzy, he fires off a trio of punches that send Damien to the canvas. Goldust hauls Damien up, tries for a whip, reversed, Damien sets for the back body drop, Goldust rebounds, drops to canvas, scores with an open palm to Damien’s face. Damien gets to his feet, walks into an inverted atomic drop, Goldust follows up with a clothesline, Damien down for 2. Damien retreats to a corner, Goldust approaches, ascends 2nd turnbuckle, gets in the full 10 count of punches. Goldust whips Damien to opposite corner, charges, Damien gets a boot up to the face, Goldust staggered…well maybe not, Damien charges STRAIGHT into a powerslam, Goldust covers, 1-2-3.

Winner: Goldust.

Coach and Al get in some quick hype for tonight’s Main Event: Coming up soon, Chris Nowinski takes on The Hurricane. Break.

Coach and Al return for more Raw recap. Last Monday Stone Cold, disgusted with HHH for getting himself disqualified during his title match with Kevin Nash at Judgment Day, told him that like it or not he’d be involved in a match later that night. Considerate soul that the Rattler is, he allowed Hunter to select his own opponent-with the stipulation being he name a former World Champion (Austin specified either Kane, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho or Kevin Nash). Hunter cagily selected another former World Champion-his good friend Ric Flair. Backstage, Hunter told the Nature Boy that he expected him to simply lay down for him. After a pep talk from Shawn Michaels and some soul searching, Ric, fired up as all hell informed HHH he had no intention WHATSOEVER of taking the dive-he intended to find out if he was really worthy of being known as ‘The Game’. Match went on as scheduled, Ric gave it his all but eventually succumbed to the Pedigree in one of the best Raw main events in recent history. Post-match Nash made his way down to the ring and Hunter did the scalded dog routine up the ramp. At it’s top he was confronted by Stone Cold, who informed him that at Bad Blood he would be giving Big Kev another shot at his title-in Hell in a Cell.

Bit of hype for Harvard graduate vs. Superhero precedes our final break.

Burn of the Night: Last Monday Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley picked up a decisive win over Rosey and Jamal. Post-match the latter team’s manager/partner Rico angrily announced his association with the 2 had come to an end.

Main Event…

3rd Match: Chris Nowinski, with plexiglass face mask, vs. The Hurricane. Referee is Jack Doan.

Big heat for Chris, loads of love for the boy with green hair. Pre-match Chris puts over his Harvard degree-AGAIN-and insinuates Hurricane got his ‘degree’ from the National Weather Service. Bell rings, the 2 masked men circle, lock up, Chris slaps on an arm-wringer, Hurricane rolls through, scores with a single leg takedown, just gets 1. Both men up, Hurricane slaps on a side headlock, Chris wriggles free, shoots Hurricane off ropes, goes down to a shoulder as he rebounds. Hurricane takes a quick pose break, goes off ropes, leaps over Chris, goes off opposite ropes, Chris gets to his feet, tries for a hiptoss, Hurricane counters with an armdrag, Chris down and up. Hurricane scores with a hiptoss of his own, Chris gets to his feet, Hurricane slaps on an armbar, abruptly shifts position and takes Chris down with a snapmare. Hurricane immediately goes back to work on the arm, Chris gets to his feet, forces Hurricane into corner, ref calls for the break, Chris gets in a quick rabbit punch before complying. Chris gets in a quick boot, then staggers back-it appears his arm is giving him trouble. Hurricane recovers, gets in a chop to the chest, follows up by ramming Chris face first into turnbuckles. Chris staggers to the center of the ring, Hurricane ascends 2nd turnbuckle, tries for the Overcast (AKA Buff Blockbuster), Chris sidesteps, Hurricane goes back first to canvas. Chris gets in a quick boot, hauls Hurricane up, whips him to corner. Hurricane appears staggered, Chris lifts him up, scores with a backbreaker, Hurricane down for 1. Chris applies a rear chinlock, Hurricane slowly gets to his feet, grabs the arms, drops to canvas, rolls Chris up for 2. Both men up, Chris connects with a forearm to the face, Hurricane doubled over, Chris goes off ropes, Hurricane makes the ol’ Hurri-recovery, sends Chris down with a clothesline. Hurricane sets at ropes as Chris gets to his feet, short arm clothesline sends him back to canvas. Chris up quickly, Hurricane gets in a pair of forearms to the face, follows up with an inverted Atomic Drop and a reverse facebuster, Chris down for 2. Hurricane calls for finisher, Chris ducks the Shining Wizard, gets to his feet, connects with a clubbing forearm to the back. Chris sets for his full nelson slam, Hurricane counters with a modified backdrop into a bridge, gets 2. Both men up, Chris to corner, Hurricane approaches, fires off forearm shots to the face, Chris counters with a headbutt, Hurricane down, Chris goes for the cover with his feet on the ropes for leverage, Hurricane reverses with a rollover, gets the count of 3.

Winner: The Hurricane.

Coach and Al quickly hype tomorrow night’s Raw to end the show.

2003 - WWE Smackdown ran Ft Meyers, FL.  John Keane filed the following live report:

Just got back from the show. Arena seemed about half full, I’ll estimate 2500-3000 in attendance. Lights went down right at 7:30, Tony Chimmel welcomed us in and we got to work…

1. Brian ‘Spanky’ Kendrick, Bill Demott and Rikishi defeated Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli. Great when Nunzio and Spanky were one on one, decent enough otherwise. Rikishi got the win for his team, pinning Nunzio with a butt-drop out of a countered sunset flip.

2. Crash defeated Orlando Johnson (who looks like a slightly bulkier Shelton Benjamin). Crowd was totally dead for this one. Orlando hit some nice moves but his transitions seemed very tentative. Crash got the win with a roll-up while holding the ropes out of the ref’s line of sight.

3. The A-Train and Chris Kanyon defeated Doug Basham and Danny Hollie. Competitive when Kanyon was in the ring with the rookies, squash-like otherwise. A-Train got the 1-2-3 after hitting Danny with the derailer.

4. Rhyno defeated Sean O’Haire. Crowd perked up for this one initially, heat died down as Sean continually tried for the submission. Rhyno got the pin after the Gore.

5. Next match was to see Matt Hardy putting his Cruiserweight title on the line in a triple threat match with Jamie Noble and Rey Mysterio. Jamie hit the ring first, Matt in second, Rey tried to follow-but was attacked from behind by Mattitude followers Shannon Moore and Crash. Rey got tossed into the ring, Jamie joined Matt and his flunkies for a 4 on 1 beatdown, save was made by Bill DeMott, Spanky and Rikishi. Heel crew took simultaneous stinkfaces from the ‘fan favorite’ group before getting out of Dodge. Obvious ‘no contest’ here. Post-‘match’ Bill, Rey, Rikishi and Spanky demonstrated their dancing skills.

Tony announces an intermission.

6. Eddy Guerrero and Tajiri got a victory over Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin to retain their WWE Tag Team Championships. Near TV-quality match, loads of cheating by both teams, especially faked tags. End saw a ref bump and Charlie going for a belt shot. Eddy ducked it-but quickly fell to the canvas when he saw Tajiri reviving the ref. When he saw Eddy down and Charlie holding the belt he gave the champs the DQ win.

7. Chris Benoit defeated John Cena. Match of the night. John teased bailing early on but charged back into the ring before the ref could count 10. Chris was in control until hit by a low blow out of the ref’s line of sight. End saw John going for the F.U.-Chris floated over, slapped on the Crossface and got the submission victory.

8. Torrie Wilson defeated Nidia. Funaki was the guest referee for this one. Standard SD brand women’s match (i.e., some definite bowling shoe tendencies). Nidia did manage a nice snap suplex before the inevitable catfight, Torrie got the win with a schoolgirl roll-up. Post-match Nidia went for the beatdown, got hauled off by Funaki and de-pantsed by Torrie. Never though I’d see SpongeBob Squarepants thong panties…

Tony gets back on the mic, makes it REAL clear he’d appreciate if we cleared out immediately after our Main Event…

9. Brock Lesnar defeated The Big Show to retain his WWE Championship. LOADS of stalling to start, Show continually teased bailing, action finally began when Brock tried to haul him into the ring and was sent shoulder first into a ring post. Show took control, applied a rear chinlock that seemed to go on for days, Brock eventually made the comeback and scored with a powerslam. End saw Brock floating through a chokeslam attempt and hitting Show with the F5 to pick up the win.

Notes: Most of the wrestlers cut pre-match promos, but since I couldn’t understand a word they said due to TECO Arena’s crummy P.A. system I didn’t mention them in the above report. Some nut entered the ring with Rikishi and co. during the opening match-no idea what may have become of him (betting he’ll be calling in sick for work tomorrow). Overall a pretty good show, though the Cruiserweight schmozz was a big disappointment.

Biggest pops:

1. Brock Lesnar.

2. Rey Mysterio.

3. Chris Benoit.

4. Eddy Guerrero and Tajiri.

5. Rhyno. (Matt Hardy also got a lot of positive response-want to mention he and Brian Kendrick were the only wrestlers I saw signing autographs outside the arena after the show.)

Most heat:

1. John Cena.

2. The Big Show.

3. Team Angle.

4. The Full Blooded Italians.

5. Sean O’Haire

2004 - WWE taped television in Milwaukee, WI at the Bradley Center with the following results:

Sho Funaki & Orlando Jordan defeated John Heidenreich & Brad Cooper when Funaki pinned Cooper with an inside cradle.

-Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli defeated Billy Kidman & Paul London when Nunzio pinned Kidman after Stamboli pushed Kidman off the top rope at 6:43.
-Mark Jindrak (w/ Teddy Long) pinned Shannon Moore with the Mark of Excellence at 4:59.
-Billy Gunn pinned Sakoda with the Fameasser at 5:10

-The Dudley Boyz defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. & Rob Van Dam when D-Von pinned Mysterio after Paul Heyman interfered, leaving his seat in the front row, and Bubba dropping Rey face first on the announce table.
-Booker T pinned Scotty 2 Hotty with the scissors kick.
-WWE World Champion Eddie Guerrero fought Danny Basham (with Doug Basham) to a no contest when, before the match, Eddie cleared the EMTs away from the ring, who Kurt Angle had told Eddie would be there incase he collapsed again, and attacked both Bashams; Kurt Angle then appeared and cancelled the match because he thought that Eddie would fake an injury just so that he could sue Angle and Angle told Eddie he would have to sign an agreement if he wished to wrestle again so that if the champion is injured again it wouldn't be Angle's responsibility,
-Torrie Wilson & Spike Dudley defeated Dawn Marie & Jamie Noble when Spike pinned Noble with the Dudley Dogg onto Dawn at 5:16.
-WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Classic (with Chavo Guerrero) pinned Akio after Chavo Jr. gave Akio a spinning DDT on the floor at 2:12.
-WWE U.S. Champion John Cena pinned Rene Dupree with the FU in a lumberjack match.

2006 - The Bad News Allen Tribute Supershow was held in Cochrane, Alberta.  Michael Peck filed the following live report:
About 600 fans were in attendance. The show started at 8:30pm with a tribute to Bad News Allen. All the wrestlers and dignitaries came to the ring and a plaque was presented to the family of Bad News Allen and a 10 bell salute was done in his honor.
Match 1
Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination match - The Funky Bunch (Phoenix Taylor & Marky Mark) defeated The A-Team (Dusty Adonis & Michael Avery) and the New Karachi Vice (Tiger Raj Singh & Gamma Singh Jr.) in an outstanding opening bout! Lots of high flying moves and impressive aerials from some relatively small guys. A scary moment came when Phoenix Taylor tried a moonsault from the top rope onto the unprotected concrete floor and didn't achieve full rotation in the air. He landed hard outside on his head and the arena was silent as everyone held their breath to see if he was ok. After a minute or so he got up and finished the match, clearly moving at half the speed he was prior to the botched spot. After winning the match he was assisted to the back.
Match 2
Triple Threat Match - The Highlander defeated Steele and Tex Gaines. The Highlander and Steele ganged up on Tex Gaines for most of the match. The finish came when the Highlander rolled up Steel from behind and scored the pin. Average match at best.
Next, Scotty Mac came out to cut a promo talking about how everyone was there to see only him and none of the other superstars for the evening. TNA's Havok then came to the ring. He was going to say something about being part of Serotonin but then broke kayfabe and said that he was not going to wrestle at a tribute show dressed as a stupid cartoon character. He then ripped off his Havok outfit and wiped off the paint on his face and said tonight he would kick Scotty Mac's butt as The Devine One, Johnny Devine. Scotty Mac left the ring and said the would fight later in the show.
Match 3
Brandon Van Danielson defeated Chuck The Wonderboy in a mediocre match. Both tried to do numerous high spots off the top rope but it seemed like the rope was not tight enough and neither of them could keep their balance to pull off any really good moves.
Match 4
Ravenous Randy was scheduled to do battle with former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Goldust. Randy came to the ring, took the mike and did a scathing shoot promo on Goldust, saying that the promoter paid Dustin half his appearance fee, $800.00 and then Dustin no-showed. He said everyone was pissed and the promoter was fired up that Dustin had traded in his plane ticket the day of the show for another $900. Randy then pulled out a cell phone to "prank call" Goldust. He said he was "talking" to Goldust and everyone thought Goldust would appear. As it turned out, Goldust really did no-show the event and a guy called T-Bone took his place. Ravenous Randy dispatched him in a quick, uneventful match.
Match 5
Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and Tito Santana fought to a double countout. This match started as a classic old school bout. The two were trading moves like it was 1989. If you popped in a dvd of the two of them fighting in the 80's it would be move for move what they did in this match! After about three minutes they were both sucking wind and moving very slow. The finish came when Neidhart whipped Santana into the ropes and Santana attempted a leapfrog over Neidhart. Santana could not jump high enough and Neidhart ran right into him! Santana rolled to the floor, in obvious pain. Neidhart followed him out and tried to roll him back in the ring but Santana was finished. He could barely make it to his feet and the ref counted them both out. Obviously not how the match was supposed to end as Neidhart was legitimately ticked off and even tried to buy time on the house mike hoping that Tito would want the match to start again, but Tito was injured bad enough to be helped back to the dressing room by event staff. Really, a pathetic match by two over-the-hill wrestlers. If I was the promoter I would be furious at this poor showing.
Match 6
Johnny Devine defeated Scotty Mac in a pretty good match. The match was a bit long but they told a good story, going back and forth, trading blows until Devine got the upper hand and scored the pinfall.
Match 7
TNA's Samoa Joe and The Juggernaut fought to a double DQ when Scotty Mac and Johnny Devine interfered in their match. The match was one of the best on the card with Samoa Joe and Juggernaut having a classic "big man" match. They challenged each other to knock the other down, they trading big blows until Joe got the upper hand. The crowd was clearly behind Samoa Joe during this match and Samoa Joe rewarded them with all his famous spots. Joe had Juggernaut set up for the "Ole, Ole" outside the ring when Scotty Mac and Johnny Devine hit the ring for the DQ's. Juggernaut and Joe then teamed up to dispatch the two and Scotty Mac was the recipient of a huge Muscle-buster from Joe!
Joe then grabbed the mike and said that he was honored to be fighting on the Bad News Allen Tribute Show and ended by saying, "I am Samoa Joe and I am pro wrestling!"
Match 8
Hannibal defeated Abdullah the Butcher in a steel cage match. The match did not start until after midnight as it took well over half an hour just to set up the cage! Let me say that Abdullah is one of a kind and an icon in the business but it is time for him to hang up the wrestling boots! He is just painful to watch as he waddles so slowly around the ring. The last section of cage could not be put up until Abdullah was rolled into the ring!
The match started outside the ring when Hannibal attacked Abdullah as he was making his entrance. The plunder came right away as Abdullah took a beer bottle and broke it on the ring post and began to rake it across Hannibals face. Later a fork came into play and the two rolled into the ring where Abdullah continued to use the fork on the head of Hannibal. The match continued at an agonizingly slow pace until the Great Gamma Singh game to the ring with The New Karachi Vice and threw fire in the eyes of Abdullah. While this was going on, Hannibal was able to escape the cage and win the match. Hannibal then returned to the ring to help Abdullah fend off the Karachi Vice. He was able to get a fluorescent Tube Light and smash it across the back of Gamma Singh Jr and fight them off, saving Abdullah The Butcher.  A piece of the cage was then removed so that Abdullah could roll back out and leave to the dressing room.

2007 - Vince McMahon made a surprise appearance at a Chaotic Wrestling charity event.  Steve from Maine sent this report.

We went to meet John Cena today at Triton (not kidding) High School in Byfield Ma. for an autograph session. We arrived about 3:20 PM and waited outside with a good size crowd, but not out of control by any means. Cena's brother is a local policeman and they had plenty of police around so it was a real nice and peaceful wait. The whole process was extremely organized, which is relaxing to parent of an 7 year old boy.

We moved into the gym and they had a table set up at one end with John Cena sitting there with his brother next to him. The session was 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., but the line moved fairly quick, not because the were rushing people but because they had it set up perfectly. For all the fans who don't like John Cena I can tell you the guy is a class act. The way they had the gym set up you could see him interact with people while you waited. The guy was a gentleman, first class. He did everything people asked of him. If a woman wanted a picture with his arm around her, he politely hopped up from behind the table and came around and posed. I must have seen him do about 10 different poses with people (and I was in the first third of the line) and every time he treated the fan like he was thanking you for coming out not, like he was doing you a favor. I was worried he'd only sign the photo they gave out and my son insisted on bringing his "The Marine" poster that we got from the video store. I didn't want to be greedy and ask him to sign it but John saw me holding it and pointed at the poster and motioned to give it to him and signed it for my son. He posed for a few photos with my son and my friend's son, who is older but has some special needs. When his camera's battery was dead and John could see he was disappointed, he told him to wait and had me come back over and take a picture of them together. With a large line waiting to meet him that was really classy. He signed everything people asked. It was the beginning of an unbelievable night. My son also got an autograph from Killer Kowalski.  I told my son in front of Killer it was like meeting wrestling's version of Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays and Killer smiled. When we approached him I said, "I always wanted to meet one of the Executioners" and Killer's wife chuckled. I told him growing up in the 70's my older brother would keep me in that darn stomach claw for 15 minutes at a whack thanks to him and current wrestlers should bring back the move. We all laughed.

The Chaotic Wrestling Show started about 8 PM and had some real good action. I was very impressed with the hard work these guys put in. When one of the heels beats up the ref early on, John Cena came out to announce that he would ref the title bout. Cena gave his speech and it was great. It was such an intimate setting it was like he was doing the show personally for you. The gym went crazy.

Eugene wrestled and they worked him and another guy pretty hard for almost the whole 20 minutes, with Eugene getting the win.

In the Main Event, Cena got hit over the head by the Chaotic Champ's belt and was out cold on the mat. While Cena was out, none one other than Vincent Kennedy McMahon came to the ring and helped the heel champ beat down the challenger. Cena finally came to, got up and FU'd Vince and then the Chaotic Champ. The place was going bonkers and it was almost 11 PM and we had been there since 3 PM. Vince slipped out the back door and Cena DQ'd the champ.

After the match they had a raffle with Cena signing about 50 items, including an exact replica spinner belt with his autograph on it. He announced the winning number and presented it to winner personally. He walked back through the crowd hugging kids, signing things, he was great. I can see why Vince would come out to a small HS gym in Massachusetts on a hot and humid holiday weekend night to help John Cena and his family raise money for local police and M.A.D.D.  It's because he knows and respects Cena for the class act that he is. Change your mind Cena haters, the guy really is a Champ in and out of the ring. I saw it firsthand.

2007 - The excellent book "The National Wrestling Alliance: The Untold Story of the Monopoly that Strangled Pro Wrestling" by Timothy Hornbaker was officially released by ECW Press.

2008 - WWE ran in Loveland, Colorado.  Scott Foster filed the following live report from the combination Smackdown/ECW event:
Here's a report from tonight's show in Loveland Colorado (WWE Smackdown/ECW Wrestlemania Revenge tour house show)

WWE came to Loveland, Colorado tonight for the Wrestlemania  Revenge tour- this is the first night of a 3 night stop in Colorado-  Denver is home to RAW tomorrow night, and SMACKDOWN/ECW tapes their television in Colorado Springs on Tuesday..

Overall, it was a fairly good show!  I was a bit surprised at the  crowd- We haven't had any WWE wrestling since an ECW house show in the  fall of 2006, also at in Loveland.  Tonight's show was not sold out at  all.  The entire floor was full, and one side of the arena was full,  but the back portion and the far side of the arena were sparsely to half full.  I'd estimate the crowd maybe 3000-4000 tops, and that may be a liberal estimate..

Our show was fortunate enough to have Sign guy (the guy w/ the blue shirt and red hat who has all the good signs and was on Deal or no  Deal) 2 sections over from where i was sitting.  He had some great  signs, including "True blonde- Britney Spears, Fake blond- Shelton  benjamin", "Miz and Morrison- work actors for the dirt sheets", "Diva Mammograms (pointing to 2 cut out circles...) (during the Divas  match.)  "Chavo, get back to work" (with sign guy holding up a broom).  Sign guy came back after intermission with 2 beers, and  offered one to MVP after his match with Matt Hardy.  MVP took it, clinked aluminum bottles w/ sign guy, poured some in his face, and promptly dropped the bottle (looked from my angle like he legit dropped it while trying to take a drink)

Before the show started, we were told we could 'vote' for which type  of match the main event would be- our choices were 1- falls count  anywhere match, 2- 2 of 3 falls match, and 3- no DQ match.

Armando Estrada came out, and stopped the ring announcer from doing  his duties.  He then proceeded to tell us some of the matches that "he  had made" for the night...

The matches started out with Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin.  Not a bad match.  Kofi wins

Next up was Funaki (Smackdown's #1 announcer!) vs. Vladamir Koslov.  Koslov looked ok, Funaki was Funaki.  Koslov wins

Next up we had Cherry vs. Natalya.  Natalya's kind of short in person.  Natalya started off berating Cherry for not being good enough to be in the ring with her, did she know that Natalya was a '3rd generation Diva'...

Following the Divas was a WWE tag team match, with Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore against Morrison and the Miz.  This was probably the  highlight of the show's first half.  Both teams worked well together and played  well to the crowd.  some good work, some good bumps.  Miz and Morrison won

Next up was CM Punk vs. Chavo Guerrero, with Bam Neely.  CM Punk had a 'guest manager', a young guy that won a trivia contest of one question earlier in the night.  This was another good match- CM Punk is very over with the Loveland crowd. He had the briefcase with him, and CM Punk gets the win.

After Intermission, we had MVP Vs Matt Hardy for the US title- a great match, MVP and Matt Hardy work well together.  Matt's got the beginnings of a gut on him, actually, but that certainly did not matter to the ladies in the audience (including those yelling right near my section.... ).  You could see the rope marks where he was slamming in to the ropes during the match.  A good match, with Matt Hardy getting the win.

Next was Mark Henry (who came in dripping wet) vs. The Big Show.  Big Show is , well, BIG in person!  A somewhat plodding match, though once they got going after playing the 'can't knock me down' gimmick, it was ok- Big Show wins with a punch that knocks Mark Henry down after he had kicked out of a big show pin.  Show played to the crowd well.

Finally, it was time for the Main event- we were told we'd 'voted' for  a no DQ match.  Edge came out first, and took a long time getting down the aisle, stopping at one point to rip up a fan's sign.  He really is the best heel going in the WWE right now- he plays up the role very well.  Taker came out next, and the crowd went nuts.  This match took  a bit to get going, as Edge kept playing the coward role, at one point jumping out of the ring and running almost to the curtain before turning around and coming back.  Taker wins a very good match, prob. 15-20 minutes long.

That's the show!

Biggest Pops:

1- Undertaker
2- CM Punk / Matt Hardy (tie)
3- Jimmy Wang Yang / Shannon Moore & The Miz / John Morrison

an honorable mention (4th place) to Sign Guy, who got some great reactions from the crowd AND the wrestlers.

Biggest Heat:

1- Edge
2- MVP
3- Mark Henry..

Overall, a good night of wrestling- one down, one to go!


2009 - In his first match back on the main roster, Ken Kennedy suffered some form of wrist injury last night on Raw while taking an RKO from Randy Orton. He immediately rolled out of the ring holding his wrist and when the referee went to raise his arm, Kennedy immediately pulled it away in pain.  See the below report...

2009 - After all the controversy over a double booking in Denver, CO with an NBA playoff game, WWE broadcast Raw from Los Angeles.  Of course, this being WWE, they had to take their frustrations over the situation out.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV Report:

Tonight’s show starts off with a tribute to those people who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

We are live from Los Angeles, California and your announcers are Jim ‘Dan Issel’ Ross and Michael ‘Fat Lever’ Cole.

It is time for the insanity to begin as ‘E. Stan Kroenke’ comes to the ring. We see the footage from the coverage of the issues between Raw and the NBA playoffs on the same night.

‘Stan’ sees ‘Jack Nicholson’, ‘David Stern’, and ‘Jerry Buss’ in the front row. Stan introduces himself to the Los Angeles crowd and they are not big fans of his. He says that he cannot stand the WWE or its fans. He says that he does not care about screwing thousands of WWE fans and calls them ‘you people’. He points out that he is a billionaire. He says that he has been made fun of by the WWE, the media, and everyone in Los Angeles. We see the graphic that has been all over WWE television this week where he is depicted as the devil. Stan says that he is no devil and Vince is no angel.

Cue the music and Vince does his walk to the ring. Vince takes the mic while ‘Stan’ backs off. Vince says that he is announcing the formation of a new basketball league. It will be called the XBA. Vince says the league will be a total miserable failure. That is because he will have ‘Stan’ and his staff run it. Vince tells ‘Stan’ that this did not have to happen. Vince tells ‘Stan’ that he could have said that he screwed up and did not expect to have a team in the playoffs. Vince says that they are going to have fun. Vince comments on Stan’s name. He says that he does not trust anyone with an initial as a first name. Vince says that he thinks he knows what the ‘E’ stands for. Vince says that it stands for Enos. Vince says that Enos rhymes with some words and mentions Venus. Vince says that it also rhymes with genius, but that isn’t the case with him. Vince says that ‘Stan’ has Enos envy. Vince says that ‘Stan’ disrespects WWE fans. Vince says that ‘Stan’ cannot push around the WWE Universe because they push back, and Vince pushes ‘Stan’.

The Miz comes out and he says that he does not want to come out to interrupt Vince. He has something important to say to the WWE fans. Miz says that he became a huge television star in Los Angeles, the home of the Lakers. Miz says that everyone in the building thinks they are going to be the NBA Champions. Miz says that he is from the city where the future NBA Champions reside. Miz reveals a Cavaliers’ jersey and says that he is from Cleveland. Miz says that the Cavs are down 2 games to 1 but they will overcome the odds because they are awesome. He says that Cena is an overrated phony poseur, just like Kobe Bryant. Miz says that he will run John Cena out of this town just like Kobe ran out Shaq. It will be more painful than Magic Johnson’s talk show. Miz says that he will make it 6-0 against John Cena.

John Cena comes out and he is attacked from behind by Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. Batista comes out to help Cena and Batista with a round of spinebusters. Big Show comes to the ring and he attacks Cena and Batista. Jerry Lawler comes out in Lakers colors and he punches Show. Show with a head butt and Lawler goes down. Cena and Batista clothesline Show over the top rope to the floor.

Kelly Kelly is stretching in the back and then she walks in split screen with Maryse as we go to commercial.

We are back with the WWE Rewind: Kelly Kelly getting her title match by winning a battle royal.

Match Number One: Kelly Kelly versus Maryse for the Divas Title

Maryse does her pose for no reason before they lock up and then Kelly mocks her. Maryse with a spear and then she punches Kelly. Maryse with an uranage back breaker for a near fall. Maryse slams Kelly’s head into the mat and then she yells at her. Maryse tells off the referee before returning to Kelly. Maryse with a punch to the back of the head. Kelly with an Irish whip and a splash in the corner. Kelly with a clothesline followed by an Irish whip. Kelly with a handspring back elbow and drop kick for a near fall. Kelly punches Maryse and then they roll around the ring. Maryse goes out of the ring and Kelly follows. Kelly is sent onto the announce table and then Maryse pushes Kelly over the announce table as Maryse returns to the ring, but the referee has disqualified Maryse.
Winner: Kelly Kelly

After the match, Kelly attacks Maryse in the ring but Maryse leaves the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the Bellas are walking with ‘Jack Nicholson’. Goldust is there and he says that he is a big fan. Hornswoggle jumps into the scene. Goldust was hoping for some acting lessons because they have a scene to do for him. They do the courtroom scene from A Few Good Men and it looks like Hornswoggle learned some new words and Goldust’s Tourette’s might be coming back.

We go to footage from last week when Ric Flair told Randy Orton that he would be facing Batista again at the next big pay per view and they will be inside a steel cage.

Ric Flair and Batista are in the locker room. Flair says that he is going to call out Randy Orton tonight because he is Ric Flair. Batista wonders if it has to be tonight. Batista says that he has Orton in a cage in two weeks. Batista wants Flair to wait until after the cage match to call him out. Flair says that he can handle himself. Flair is going to walk out tonight and call out Orton. He tells Batista if he does not want to see it, don’t watch it.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Did you Know that a lot more people watch Raw than any other show on cable on Mondays.

Match Number Two: Match Number Two: Matt ‘I doing this on protest’ Hardy versus William Regal versus Kofi Kingston in a Number One Contenders Match for the United States Title

Kofi kicks Hardy and then Regal goes after Kofi. Regal with knees to Kofi while Hardy is on the floor. Regal with a punch to Kofi followed by an Irish whip and a forearm for a near fall. Regal with an uppercut and then he tries to throw Kofi out of the ring but he bounces off the ropes and then hits a monkey flip. Kofi does laps around Regal and then he is grabbed by Hardy on the floor. Regal and Kofi with clotheslines and Hardy tries for near falls on both men. Hardy with a hard Irish whip and then he sends Kofi into the turnbuckles.

Montel Vontavious Porter comes to the ring to watch as we go to commercial.

We are back and Regal has Kofi in a full nelson and then Regal hits a half nelson suplex. Hardy stops a cover with a sunset flip for a near fall. Regal works on Hardy’s injured wrist. Kofi with a shoulder to Regal from the apron and then he tries for a sunset flip but Regal stays up. Hardy throws Regal out of the ring. Hardy with a neck breaker to Kofi. Regal with a chin lock and arm bar. Regal and Kofi exchange forearms and Regal with a side head lock. Hardy with a clothesline in the corner followed by a punch to Kofi. Regal works on Hardy’s wrist again. Kofi with an Irish whip and then he is sent to the apron. Kofi goes up top and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall but Hardy stops the cover. Kofi with a stunner and chops followed by a drop kick. Kofi with a leaping clothesline and then it is time for the Boop Boop Leg Drop for a near fall. Kofi with the leap into the corner for punches but Regal pulls Kofi off and hits an Exploder Suplex on Kofi. Hardy with a Side Effect to Regal for a near fall. Hardy with a Side Effect to Regal for a near fall. Regal counters the Twist of Fate with a belly-to-back suplex. Regal pulls down the knee pad but Kofi with Trouble in Paradise but Hardy breaks up the cover. Hardy misses with the cast but Hardy falls victim to Trouble in Paradise for the three count.
Winner: Kofi Kingston

After the match, Kofi goes to the announce table and goes to Montel Vontavious Porter and Porter says that he is looking forward to facing Kofi next week for the title.

Ric Flair is walking as we go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Last week’s handicap match that was won by the team with the disadvantage.

Ric Flair comes to the ring. Flair points out that Randy Orton sucker punched him and had his way with him. Flair says that all he could think about was what Jericho did to him and that is not going to happen again. Flair was thinking that he is a sixteen time World Champion. Randy Orton is the current World Champion. He wants Orton to try to beat him up and do it to his face. Flair takes off his jacket and he wants Orton to come to the ring.

Randy Orton comes out very methodically and he has a mic with him. Orton asks Flair what he thinks will happen if they get in the ring and fight. Orton says that he would love to fight Flair and beat him down on principle alone. He cannot do it because he lowered himself to punching a sixty year old man. Flair says that he wants Orton to do it again. Orton and Flair talk over each other. Orton says that it is over for him and it has been over for him. Six years ago, it was over for Flair in Evolution. Triple H kept Flair around because he felt sorry for Flair. Orton says that he is starting to feel sorry for Flair and so are the fans. Orton tells Flair that it is over.

Orton gets face to face with Flair and he says that it is over. Flair slaps Orton and then Orton punches Flair and Orton leaves the ring when he sees Batista coming to the ring. Batista has to hold Flair back. Orton tells Batista to waste his time watching after Flair. After he gets done with Batista at Extreme Rules, Batista will be just like Flair because it will be all over for him.

Ken Kennedy’s music plays and he comes out. The microphone comes down from the ceiling. Kennedy says that Orton looks a bit surprised. He asks Randy if he thought it was over because it is just getting started. It is just the beginning. Tonight is the official return of a man who will very shortly be the WWE Champion as well as the final man in the main event. That man happens to be Mr. Kennedy.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Santino Marella and Mickie James versus Chavo Guerrero and Beth Phoenix with Rosa Mendes in a Winner Gets to Choose the Stipulation for Santina’s match against Vickie Guerrero in their Extreme Rules Match

Chavo attacks Santino as the bell rings and he connects with a Latino uppercut. Chavo with a Saito suplex for a near fall. Chavo chokes Santino in the ropes. Chavo punches Santino in the corner and then Beth chokes and punches Santino while Chavo distracted the referee. Beth tags in and Santino gets out of the ring. Mickie with a forearm to Beth followed by a drop kick for a near fall that is broken up by Chavo. Chavo charges at Santino and Santino moves and Chavo goes to the floor. Mickie with a crucifix for the three count.
Winners: Mickie James and Santino Marella

After groping Mickie after the win, Santino gets the mic but Vickie Guerrero comes out and excuses herself a few times as she waves regally. Vickie congratulates Santino on his victory, but she tells him that she will not be worried because Chavo will be in her corner. Santino says that he has a number of match ideas in his head. He says that he will choose a hog pen match.

The Miz sees Big Show in the hall and Big Show tells Miz that he does not like him and nobody likes him. Show says that he does not have any problem with Miz being in the ring with John Cena, but he will not be pinning John Cena. Show says that nobody will be pinning John Cena. He will make John Cena tap out tonight. Show walks away and Miz asks rhetorically if it was just like at Judgment Day. Show asks Miz if he said anything and Miz says that he didn’t say anything.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we go to an Earlier Tonight Moment when Vince McMahon uttered the three letters we wanted to hear ‘XBA’.

The Colons are at the announce table to join Cole and Ross. We see footage from the Colons’ victory over The Brian Kendrick and Goldust.

Match Number Four: Goldust and Hornswoggle versus The Brian Kendrick and Festus

Festus comes to the ring in a Clippers jersey.

The bell rings and Festus goes after Goldust and Hornswoggle tags himself in. Festus is confused by Hornswoggle’s size. Hornswoggle with a baseball slide to Kendrick. Kendrick wants to be tagged in and he tosses Hornswoggle around and gets a near fall with an inside cradle. Kendrick kicks Hornswoggle but Hornswoggle with a DDT and Goldust is tagged in. Goldust with a clothesline and a reverse atomic drop and clothesline. Goldust with a drop down uppercut. Kendrick with a drop kick and Festus refuses the tag and Kendrick slaps him. Goldust with a power slam and Hornswoggle with a frog splash and Goldust hits the Final Cut for the three count.
Winners: Goldust and Hornswoggle

After the match, Kendrick yells at the catatonic Festus and then he brings in a chair. Primo gets up and he rings the bell before Kendrick can use the chair. Kendrick leaves the ring before Festus can get him.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for Jim Ross and Michael Cole to talk about the Extreme Rules pay per view.

We have the Lakers’ PA Announcer and it is time for the announcements of the Nuggets (Heels). They are followed by the Lakers (faces)

Match Number Five: The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Big Show, and Randy Orton versus John Cena, Montel Vontavious Porter, Ken Kennedy, Batista, and Jerry Lawler

Lawler and Rhodes start things off and they lock up and Lawler with a punch and a slam. Batista is tagged in and he sends Rhodes into the corner and connects with shoulders and a clothesline followed by another shoulder. Batista with a snap mare and a running boot to the head. Porter is tagged in and he punches Rhodes. Porter sends Rhodes into the turnbuckles and then he punches Rhodes. Rhodes with a kick and then he hits a clothesline and then he tags in DiBiase who kicks Porter and punches him. DiBiase with a kick and Porter with a back body drop but Orton made the blind tag and Orton hits a back breaker. Show with a clothesline on the floor as the referee was distracted. Orton with a near fall as we go to commercial.

We are back and DiBiase with a reverse chin lock on Porter. Porter with a jawbreaker and Miz stops Porter from making the tag. Miz with a kick and a rear chin lock. Porter punches Miz but Miz with a knee. Porter with an overhead belly-to-belly throw and both men are down. Porter tags in Kennedy and he punches Miz. Kennedy with a clothesline. Kennedy with a kick to Miz in the corner and then he hits a roundhouse kick for a near fall after missing a kick a few seconds earlier. Rhodes and DiBiase pull Kennedy out of the ring and they send Kennedy into the ringside barrier. Miz gets a near fall on Kennedy. Orton tags in and he punches Kennedy. Orton with a kick to the ribs and then he stomps on Kennedy’s abdomen. Orton with a knee to Kennedy’s head. Show tags in and he kicks Kennedy in the chest. Show with a head butt to Kennedy followed by a slam and elbow drop for a near fall. Show with a forearm to the back and a chop to the chest.

Rhodes tags in and he kicks and punches Kennedy. DiBiase is tagged in and he kicks Kennedy in the chest. DiBiase with a punch and then he tags Rhodes back in. Kennedy gets double teamed by DiBiase and Rhodes and then Rhodes gets a near fall. Miz tags in and he kicks Kennedy and follows that with a leg drop. Miz with a reverse chin lock. Kennedy punches Miz but Miz backs Kennedy into his corner and DiBiase is tagged back in. DIBiase with punches and knees followed by a near fall. DiBiase asks who wants Kennedy and Orton tags in. DiBiase holds Kennedy for Orton and Orton gets a near fall. Orton with a reverse chin lock. Orton with a drop kick to Kennedy for a near fall but Batista breaks up the cover. Kennedy with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down.

Rhodes and Cena tag in and Cena with the flying shoulder tackles and then he hits the Blue Thunder Bomb. Porter tags in and it is time for a double barreled Five Knuckle Shuffle and Ballin Elbow. Lawler with a vintage punch to Miz. Porter with the Playmaker on Rhodes for the three count.
Winners: John Cena, Batista, Montel Vontavious Porter, Jerry Lawler, and Ken Kennedy.

After the match, DiBiase hits the Million Dollar Dream Slam on Porter. Kennedy with the Mic Check to DiBiase. Orton with an RKO to Kennedy. Cena and Batista with a double suplex to Show.

2009 - Ring of Honor broadcast ROH on HDNet.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:
We are live on tape from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Dave Prazak and Mike ‘His Name is Flipper’ Hogewood.

The American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards come to the ring with Shane Hagadorn. There is a table in the ring and Davey has a mic. He says that the table brings back some memories. He says that the last time they were in the ring, they put the golden boys of Steen and Generico through a table. Richards says that Steen and Generico are going through a table, but the next time the American Wolves will be named the new Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions.

Kevin Steen and El Generico come to the ring and Richards and Edwards leave the ring. Shane Hagadorn is not as lucky and Steen has Hagadorn by the throat as Steen gets on the mic and suggests that these wolves do not travel in packs, but in pairs because they left him behind. Steen says that they aren’t the type to put some poor bastard who did nothing to them through a table despite wearing a horrible sweater vest. Generico tells Steen something and Steen remembers that Shane helped attack Steen’s knee so they power bomb Hagadorn through the table.

Mike and Dave announce that because of what has happened between the American Wolves and the team of Kevin Steen and El Generico that there will be a table’s match next week for the ROH Tag Titles.

We go to comments from Jerry Lynn where he talks about the Four Way Match for the ROH World Title. Jerry says that it is like any other match but he has three opponents. He says that he tries to be in the best physical condition and wants to study his opponents to know their strengths and weaknesses. He talks about the three opponents and he says that he knows how to play dirty if necessary. He says that the night he won the title was the biggest night of his career. He says that things are not going to be any easier because the wrestlers are hungry for the title.

Match Number One: Kenny King versus Kenny Omega versus Jay Briscoe with Mark Briscoe

King refuses to shake his opponent’s hands and he mocks Mark Briscoe’s injury. King and Briscoe push each other and Omega tells them to behave. Briscoe does not like that and he slaps Omega. King and Briscoe laugh about it and then Briscoe slaps King and throws Omega out of the ring. Briscoe with a shoulder tackle to King and then Briscoe with a leg lariat. Briscoe chops Omega but Briscoe misses a clothesline and Omega grazes King as he hits a flip dive to the floor. Briscoe joins them on the floor and he kicks Omega as Omega forgets that there is someone else in the match. Briscoe chops King and then he sends King into the guardrails. Omega punches King and then he breaks the referee’s count by returning to the ring. Briscoe and Omega sends King into the guardrail and then they try to send King into the apron but King jumps on the apron and he hits a flip dive onto Omega and Briscoe. King kicks Omega while Mark checks on his brother.

King and Omega return to the ring and King with a suplex and he floats over and punches Omega. King chokes Omega in the ropes. King with a knee in Omega’s back and Briscoe with a boot to King’s head. Briscoe with a forearm and chop to Omega. Briscoe with a slam to Omega followed by a double stomp on the chest. Briscoe punches Omega but Omega with a boot and a leap frog bulldog for a near fall. King throws Omega to the floor and King works on Briscoe. King charges into an elbow and then Jay with a flatline into the turnbuckles. Omega breaks up the cover and then Briscoe and Omega exchange punches until Omega is thrown outside the ring again. Briscoe chops King but King with the wheel kick for a near fall. Omega gets thrown to the floor one more time, but by King this time. King punches Briscoe and chokes him in the corner. King pulls Briscoe out of the corner and Briscoe lands on his neck and King takes advantage and gets a near fall. King and Briscoe exchange punches and forearms. King and Briscoe are staggered by the punches and Omega hits a cross body onto both and then he hits a double hurricanrana. Omega with an enzuigiri to King and King goes to the floor. Omega sets for a move to the floor but Briscoe with a clothesline to Omega. King hits a springboard blockbuster on Briscoe while Briscoe hits a DDT on Omega. King gets a near fall on Briscoe.

All three men struggle to get back to their feet and King goes up to the top but Omega stops him. Omega is stopped by Briscoe. Briscoe with an Irish whip but he misses the charge when Omega moves out of the way and Omega hits a lungblower while King is on the turnbuckles. Briscoe with an inside cradle but Omega breaks up the cover. Omega with punches and a jumping back kick but Briscoe with a spinebuster for a near fall. Briscoe with forearms to Omega and Briscoe slams Omega to the mat and then he goes up top. King with a jumping kick that sends Briscoe to the floor. King celebrates what he just did to Briscoe. King tries for the Coronation and Omega counters with a sunset flip into a jackknife cover for the three count.
Winner: Kenny Omega

Match Number Two: Irish Airborne (Jake and Dave Crist) versus Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis and Kory Chavis)

Chavis and Davis ignore the handshake and attack Irish Airborne as the bell rings. Davis and Chavis with punches and forearms. Chavis charges but he goes to the floor when Dave moves out of the way. Dave with a back kick to Davis and Jake with a kick to the head. Irish Airborne with a gut buster to Chavis and then Jake hits a leaping neckbreaker on Chavis. Davis with a running shoulder tackle to Irish Airborne and then Davis works on Dave. Chavis tags in and he kicks Dave in the back. Chavis punches Dave and Davis tags in. Davis attacks Jake on the apron. Dave escapes a double team move but Chavis with a kick and then Davis and Chavis go high and low on Dave but he is able to make the tag to Jake. Jake goes up top but he is caught and they hit the power bomb and neck breaker combination for the three count.
Winners: Dark City Fight Club

Kyle Durden is in the back with Necro Butcher and Delirious. Necro talks about how Jimmy Jacobs brought him to Ring of Honor and Jacobs talked about a cause. They have been battling for the last few months and the numbers have been in Jacobs’ favor. Necro asks Delirious to talk about Jimmy Jacobs and Delirious comments as only Delirious can.

Kyle Durden is with Jimmy Jacobs and Brodie Lee. Jimmy says that he knows a lot about both men they are facing tonight. He says that Delirious is strong willed but weak minded. Necro Butcher is tough as shoe leather and almost as smart. Without a leader, they are lost. It is like running head first into a brick wall. He points out that Brodie Lee has taken everything that Necro has given him and he is still standing.

It is time to get comments from Bryan Danielson. Danielson says that he thinks that nobody trains as hard as he does for a title match. He trains up to five hours a day with different disciplines. His cardio is at a part where he does not get tired and his submissions are such that nobody can escape. He says that his kicks are to the point where when he connects, it will blister somebody. The strategy for the four way match is similar to a standard match but you have to neutralize two additional wrestlers so it is more difficult especially since he is a submission wrestler. His goal is to take away Tyler Black’s high flying moves, Austin Aries’ kicks and brainbusters, and Jerry Lynn’s cradle pile driver. He says that there is no other feeling than to be the Ring of Honor World Champion. You know that your opponent is bringing everything with them. He wants to become the first two time Ring of Honor World Champion.

We get comments from Chris Hero and Eddie Kingston.

Match Number Three: Eddie Kingston versus Chris Hero with Sara Del Rey

Kingston attacks Hero before the bell rings and he kicks Hero and connects with forearms. Hero goes to the floor to avoid Kingston but Kingston with chops on the floor. Kingston chokes Hero and kicks Hero as they continue on the floor. Hero puts Del Rey in front of Kingston and the distraction allows Hero to hit a baseball slide to Kingston. Hero puts one of the ringside mats on top of Kingston and Hero with a senton splash onto Kingston. They return to the ring and Hero with kicks to Kingston and Hero gets a near fall. Kingston punches Hero but Hero with chops. Hero slaps Kingston and then he kicks Kingston in the head. Hero with a chop but Kingston responds in kind. Kingston with knees to the midsection but Hero with a flash kick for a near fall. Hero with kicks and chops and Kingston wants more from Hero. Hero with an elbow to the head and Kingston stays up. Kingston with a kick to the head followed by an Implant DDT. Kingston with a chop to Hero. Kingston with the backdrop driver to Hero followed by punches and kicks in the corner. Kingston does not stop despite the referee counting to five. The referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Chris Hero by disqualification

After the match, Kingston punches the referee.

We take a look back at the assistance that the Embassy gave to Claudio Castagnoli last week and the save made by Colt Cabana.

Kyle Durden is with Brent Albright in the back. Kyle asks about the interference by The Embassy. Brent says that they had a war last week and he had Claudio in the Crowbar and then he got hit with a shoe and then he got kicked in the balls and got pinned. Brent talks about Colt Cabana making the save for him. Colt comes into the interview and he says that he wants to lighten things up for Brent. He wants to have Brent’s back because of what The Embassy did to him.

Match Number Four: Jimmy Jacobs and Brodie Lee versus Necro Butcher and Delirious

Necro and Delirious go after Jacobs and Lee on the floor and we have split screen action. Jacobs and Delirious battle while Necro and Lee square off. Delirious sends Jacobs into the guardrails and then he chops Jacobs. Necro hits Lee with a chair and then Lee punches Necro. Jacobs with a rake of the eyes. Necro sends Lee into the guardrails. Jacobs moves the ringside mats but Delirious sends Jacobs into the ring and the match officially begins.

Delirious with a clothesline and back elbow followed by a spinebuster. Delirious tosses Jacobs by the head and then he slams Jacobs to the mat and hits a back senton. On the floor, Lee chokes Necro with a chair. Lee punches Delirious and Delirious goes to the floor. Necro and Lee are now in the ring and they slap each other. Necro and Lee with punches and Necro gets the advantage but Lee with a series of roundhouse punches. Necro sends Lee over the top rope to the floor. Necro goes out after Lee and he hits a double sledge to Jacobs and then he runs Jacobs and Lee’s heads together with a double noggin knocker. Delirious with a somersault splash onto Lee and Jacobs.

Necro brings some chairs into the ring and Delirious kicks Lee. Lee punches Delirious on the floor while Necro brings Jacobs into the ring. Necro tries to suplex Jacobs onto the chairs in the ring but Lee stops Necro and then Necro is suplexed to the floor by Jacobs and Lee. Delirious battles Jacobs in the ring but Lee grabs Delirious and takes him into the corner. Jacobs gets rid of the chairs. Delirious chops Lee but Lee with a shoulder tackle. Lee misses an elbow drop and Delirious takes Jacobs down. Lee with a big boot when Delirious turns around. Lee gets a near fall. Jacobs tags in and he hits a double sledge from the turnbuckles while Lee holds Delirious. Jacobs can only get a near fall on Delirious. Jacobs with a neck breaker and then he pulls Delirious by the tassels on his mask. Lee tags in and he hits a back elbow. Delirious tries to slam Lee but Delirious collapses and Lee gets a near fall. Lee with a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Delirious with a head butt to Jacobs but Lee with a European uppercut. Jacobs with a shoulder into the corner and Lee is tagged back in. Lee punches Delirious and then he hits the running boot into the corner.

Jacobs with a senton splash from the top and Necro breaks up the cover by pushing Jacobs onto Lee. Necro with a boot to Jacobs and then he punches Lee. Necro punches Lee in the corner. Jacobs gets the plastic bag and he throws thumbtacks onto the mat and Necro runs on them. Jacobs with a spear to Necro but Delirious with a clothesline that sends Jacobs over the top rope to the floor. While the referee deals with Jacobs and Delirious, Necro throws the tacks in Lee’s face. Necro slams Lee on the tacks and then Delirious goes up top for Shadows Over Hell on the tacks for the three count.
Winners: Necro Butcher and Delirious

2010 - Zavr Peygumbari, the Mickie James fan who, upset with her' release from World Wrestling Entertainment, called WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT more than 20 times to place threats against the company was in court to face the charges against him as Peygumbari applied for an "accelerated rehabilitation" probation program. Peygumbari was arrested in late August and charged with four counts of fourth-degree threatening, one count of second-degree harassment and two counts of second-degree threatening.  He was previously ordered by Judge William Wenzel not not to contact WWE employees, go near the Stamford offices or attend WWE events following his arrest.  

2010 - Mattel released their first WWE Legends action figures, featuring Ricky Steamboat, Steve Austin, The Road Warriors., Dusty Rhodes and Sgt. Slaughter.

2010 - WWE broadcast NXT.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV Report:

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at the four previous eliminations and the eliminated rookie’s best promos after their elimination.

We are live on tape from Cleveland, Ohio and your announcers are Josh ‘Must be Thanksgiving because I am sitting at the adult table’ Mathews and Michael ‘Anyone have Dragon Repellant’ Cole. Your host is Matt ‘The reason for the SAP button’ Striker.

Matt is in the ring and he brings out the seven NXT pros, well six since Matt tells us after he introduces CM Punk that because of what happened at Over the Limit, CM Punk will not be out tonight, but they leave a chair open for him as a memorial to his lost hair.

It is now time for the four rookies who remain in the competition to come out. Matt congratulates them for making it to the semi-finals since they are the final four. Matt says that each of them wants to win so they can go on to become the WWE’s next breakout star and earn a title match on pay per view. Matt says that time to make an impact is fleeting. Matt lets us know that next week is the season finale. One person will be eliminated and will go home. Matt allows the rookies to talk to the pros and the WWE Universe

Wade Barrett says that Justin is not man enough to win. It could be David Otunga because he reminds him of an episode of the Benny Hill Show and he hates Benny Hill. Wade says that the Ginger Ninja Heath Slater should go home because he cannot stand Heath’s offensive hair.

Justin Gabriel says that if he is asked the question three times, he would have three different answers. He says that it should be David Otunga because while he might be good on the mic, he has no idea what is going on in the ring.

David Otunga says that he is not worried about Wade because he is boring and here for the money so he can buy his favor. He says that the guy to his right irritates the mess out of him. He says that he is going to let Carrot Top’s evil twin hang around a little longer. Otunga says that Gabriel is a glorified gymnast and if you put a mic in his hands, he is a deer in the headlights and a bumbling stumbling idiot.

Heath Slater says that Wade Barrett should go home because he doesn’t know how Wade’s face is still on television with such a crooked nose.

Matt says that the rookies will team with their pros in tag team action.

Match Number One: R Truth and David Otunga versus Christian and Heath Slater

Slater and Truth start things off and Truth wants to know ‘what’s up’. They lock up and Truth with a double leg take down into a side head lock. Truth with a hammer lock but Slater with a side head lock. Slater with a flying shoulder tackle but Truth with a hip toss and arm drag into an arm bar. Otunga tags in and Otunga works on the arm. Otunga with an Irish whip but Slater floats over and hits an arm drag into an arm bar. Slater wrings the arm and tags in Christian. Christian with a double sledge from the turnbuckles and then he continues to work on the arm. Christian with a hammer lock. Christian with a punch and drop kick for a near fall. Truth tags in and Christian with a rollup for a near fall. Christian with a punch but Truth with a leg lariat for a near fall. Otunga tags in and he kicks Christian. Otunga with a back elbow for a near fall. Otunga with a chin lock but Christian with elbows. Otunga with a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Otunga with a rear chin lock but Christian with punches to get out of the hold. Otunga with a kick followed by an Irish whip and Otunga charges into boots from Christian and Christian with a back elbow from the turnbuckles and Slater is tagged in. Slater with a running forearm or two. Slater with a running forearm into the turnbuckles followed by a hesitation drop kick for a near fall. Otunga with a punch but he misses a clothesline. Slater with a neck breaker but Otunga gets his foot on the ropes. Otunga sends Slater to the floor. Slater with a punch from the apron and then he hits a cross body from the turnbuckles but the momentum sends Otunga over for the three count.

Winners: R Truth and David Otunga

We see the pros who were not in the match.

We see Daniel Bryan in his sweater vest waiting in the back as we wonder if he will apologize to Michael Cole.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole is in the ring with security. Cole says that he knows the show is not about him, but he wants to talk about something that happened to him last week and he says that it was the most unprofessional thing to happen to him in his career. We go to the video tape.

Cole says that he has problems watching that and then he talks about the traumatic week. Cole says that he has been meeting with his team of attorneys and they suggested that he have his own security unit. Cole says that he can sue Bryan for everything that he is worth, but Cole says that he is going to be more of a man than Daniel Bryan ever was. He is going to let Bryan come out and publicly apologize for what he did. If he doesn’t apologize, then he is taking Bryan to court.

Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring. Daniel says that he is going to apologize and says that there is no need for security. Bryan says that being in the WWE is his dream and he doesn’t have a job now. He will do what is right. Cole wants to make sure that Bryan is going to apologize. Bryan says that he will apologize. Cole says that he will be a man about it and shake hands and let bygones be bygones. He wants Bryan to admit that he was wrong. Cole tells security to leave but stay at ringside.

Bryan tells Michael that he is sorry. He is really really truly sorry. He says that he is truly sorry. Cole wants to know if it is all over. Cole offers his hand and Bryan shakes it. Bryan says that he is sorry that Cole is the worst announcer in WWE history. Bryan says that Cole can’t even escape a handshake and hide behind security and an announce table. Bryan says that management has been holding him back. They put him with the Miz who was the worst pro. Bryan says that when Miz decided to show up, he only talked about himself. Bryan says that Cole never earned the job behind the announce table. Cole says that he ripped Bryan because he didn’t deserve it. Bryan says that he has more heart than anyone in the locker room. He says that he is the best wrestler in the back. Cole says that Bryan is no longer in the competition and maybe Bryan should look at himself in the mirror and stop blaming the Miz and himself. He says that Bryan should stop talking about the submission specialist because the only person to tap out in the competition was Daniel Bryan. Cole says Bryan tapped out because he is a loser. Cole says that losers have no heart. Cole slaps Bryan and Cole leaves the ring. Bryan is stopped by security. Bryan escapes security and he goes after Cole.

Cole holds his head and he tells Bryan to apologize while Bryan is taken to the back.

Miz says that Bryan doesn’t deserve to be here and he should leave. Bryan punches Miz and then security has to separate Miz and Bryan.

Back at the ring, Cole calls Bryan a maniac as we go to commercial.

We are back and Matt Striker has replaced Michael Cole at the announce table. Josh and Matt talk about what just happened. Matt says that you always respect the people here before you and he tells people to consider that when you think about who was right. We then see the many brawls. While Striker says that you show respect to the pros, Mathews says that some times you have to respond.

Match Number Two: Wade Barrett versus Justin Gabriel

Gabriel with a waist lock and he lands on his feet on a hip toss. Gabriel with a series of kicks but Barrett tosses Gabriel in the air and then Barrett kicks Gabriel. Barrett with a hard Irish whip for a near fall. Barrett with a gourdbuster and then he kicks Gabriel in the midsection while Jericho throws in some commentary. Barrett with a big boot for a near fall and then he connects with forearms across the chest and then he puts Gabriel in a seated abdominal stretch. Gabriel with a kick to the head and then Barrett misses a charge into the corner. Gabriel with kicks to the chest followed by a jumping back kick. Gabriel with another spin kick followed by a roaring elbow. Gabriel with a cross body into the corner and he hits a springboard cross body for a near fall. Barrett with a slingshot back breaker for a near fall. Barrett puts Gabriel on the top turnbuckle but Gabriel with a sunset flip power bomb and then Gabriel goes up top for the 450 splash and he hits it for the three count.

Winner: Justin Gabriel

After the match, we see the rookies in the last match with their pros. Matt gives Justin a pep talk based on his victory.

We go to commercial.

We are back and American Bang, the band who has poisoned our minds with ‘Wild and Young’ are in the front row.

It is time for the Raw Rebound.

Matt lets us know that it is time for the pros to get into a circle so they can figure out who is going to go home.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the rookies have graduated to the ring for the announcement of the Pro’s Poll.

Wade Barrett is still in first place despite losing tonight. David Otunga stays in second place with his victory.

Matt brings Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater to the spots of potential elimination. It is time to see that the man who is going home is Heath Slater because Justin Gabriel moved up to third.

Matt asks Heath for some parting comments. Matt asks Christian why Heath was eliminated. Christian says that he thought that the cards were stacked against him from the start. He said that it was going to be a dogfight and he needed to scratch and claw for everything. Christian says that he thought Heath could have done it. He says that Jericho only cared about Wade Barrett. Christian says that Heath has a bright future.

Matt asks Miz why he voted Heath Slater off was because he never showed the wow or gave his all. He never felt the passion. When you come to WWE, you bring it full throttle all the time. Some times he was good, but some times he was off and you can never be off in the WWE.

R Truth says that Slater was busting his butt and he did everything asked of him. Slater found out that it was a survival of the fittest and he wishes Slater luck in the future.

Chris Jericho is asked for his thoughts on Slater. Chris says it is axiomatic that Heath would be eliminated. He says that Otunga and Gabriel will be eliminated since Wade Barrett will be the winner. He tells Wade not to lose again to a clown like Gabriel or Otunga. He tells Barrett to start acting like he is the best. He wants to make sure that Barrett understands him.

Matt asks Heath for some final words. Heath says that all good things must come to an end. He says that he has done too much to go away. He was the first rookie to beat a pro and the first to win a challenge. He says that he was voted most impressive by the WWE Universe. He mentions that he had to lose to Kane to end his streak. Heath reminds Chris Jericho, a six time World Champion, a man who beat Stone Cole and The Rock in one night, that he beat Jericho. Heath says that they may have pulled the plug on the one man rock band, but be ready for the encore because he is going to blow their mind.

2011 - The Associated Press reported that the State of Connecticut ruled that WWE owed $7,316 in underpaid unemployment compensation for "certain WWE employees" following a two year investigation into the company.  WWE, while not agreeing with the audit, paid the amount "under protest" since it was cheaper to pay the amount then challenge the issue legally.  The issue was brought to light during Linda McMahon's failed bid to become a Senator for the Nutmeg State. 

2011 - Layla El underwent surgery on her torn ACL and MCL.  She would not return to the ring until April 2012.

2012 - During a WWE event in Brazil, CM Punk was in the ring waving the Brazilian flag.  Chris Jericho took the flag and disrespected it.  Officials immediately entered the ring and gave Jericho the option of being arrested or apologizing to the crowd.  He chose the latter.

WWE said that the stunt was not planned and Jericho chose to do it on his own.  They then released the following statement:

"Chris Jericho has been suspended indefinitely  due to an irresponsible act of denigrating the Brazilian flag at a WWE event in Sao Paulo on May 24. The WWE has apologized to the citizens and the government of Brazil for this incident."

2013 - ROH broadcast Ring of Honor TV.  Richard Trionfo filed the following report:

We are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and your announcers are Kevin ‘Guardrails’ Kelly and Steve ‘Announcing is in the family’ Corino.


Match Number One: Colin Delaney versus Mark Briscoe


Mark stomps around the ring before locking up. Delaney with a kick and punches to Briscoe. Briscoe with punches to Delaney followed by a shoulder tackle. Briscoe blocks a hip toss and he connects with a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Briscoe blocks another hip toss but he misses a clothesline. Mark catches Delaney and hits a power bomb.

Briscoe with a belly-to-belly suplex and Delaney goes to the floor. Briscoe with a hesitation drop kick and then he throws a chair into the ring. Briscoe with punches to Delaney and then he drops Delaney on the apron with a suplex on the floor.

Briscoe sends Delaney into the guardrails and then he sends Colin back into the ring. Briscoe with a forearm and a suplex. Mark gets a near fall. Delaney with a back elbow but Briscoe with a forearm. Delaney kicks Mark in the face and then he hits a swinging neck breaker and he gets a near fall.

Colin chokes Mark in the ropes and then he connects with an elbow in the corner. Delaney with an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow. Delaney with a drop kick. They exchange punches and Briscoe escapes a suplex and he chops Delaney to the apron. Delaney with an enzuigiri and then he skins the cat into an elbow drop and he gets a near fall.

Delaney gets another near fall. Briscoe with a shoulder from the apron and then he connects with a series of chops. Mark dances around and then he kicks Delaney in the head. Mark runs into a boot but Mark with a rolling Death Valley Driver and then he goes up top for the flying elbow drop and the three count.


Winner: Mark Briscoe


We go to commercial.

We are back and Nigel McGuinness is in the ring and he has an announcement for Best in the World. Nigel has Mark and Jay Briscoe in the ring. He says that on June 22nd, it will be brother against brother. Jay Briscoe versus Mark Briscoe.

While Steve Corino had some anger over the decision, the music for the American Wolves plays and Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards make their way to the ring.

Davey says that it will be brother versus brother at Best in the World. Davey Richards will face Eddie Edwards. Davey says that they will be the one who makes it famous at Best in the World.

Steve Corino comes into the ring and he says that this is absolutely ridiculous. He has no beef with Eddie or Davey. He has some issues with Jay and he tells Nigel that Nigel had the opportunity to make things up to him and right a wrong.

Nigel put his hands on him at Border Wars. He wants to know if Nigel is a management man or a coward. Steve says that he could have called HR and said that this was an unsafe working environment. Steve says that he was surprised that he gave a title shot to Mark even though he lost to Kevin Steen.

Corino says that he doesn’t care who it is who is the World Champion after Best in the World because they will have to defend that championship against his best friend, Matt Hardy. Steve tells Nigel that there is nothing . . .

Corino touches Nigel and Jay Briscoe swings at Corino but he misses and hits Davey instead. Eddie goes after Jay and that means that Mark goes after Eddie. They push back and forth and then they punch. Since this isn’t a Friday night, we do not have an impromptu match that will take place due to an even number of people in the ring. Security and officials do their best to separate these two teams.

Michael Elgin makes his way through the curtain and he watches what is going on in the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back with comments from Veda Scott. She says that she is normally asking questions, but she is here with answers. MsChif tried to intimidate her because she thought that Veda would never fight back. She thinks that Veda is a nobody. Veda says that she has nothing to lose. Veda says that she is more than a journalist and she wants a match against MsChif.


Match Number Two: Cherry Bomb versus MsChif


MsChif with forearms and chops to Cherry Bomb but Cherry Bomb with a head scissors and drop toe hold followed by a rollup for a near fall. Cherry Bomb with a rollup for a near fall. MsChif with a kick but Cherry Bomb with a rollup. Cherry Bomb with arm drags but MsChif avoids an arm drag.

MsChif with a short arm clothesline and she connects with another one. MsChif with a forearm to the back and she stretches Cherry in the ropes. MsChif with a camel clutch in the ropes and the referee warns MsChif. MsChif with knees to the back of the head.

MsChif with a forearm to the back and she chokes her against the ropes. MsChif with knees to the midsection. MsChif with a vertical choke into a sit out power bomb. Cherry Bomb with a jawbreaker but MsChif with a knee and she drives Cherry Bomb into the mat and she gets a near fall. MsChif with a chop but Cherry Bomb chops back. MsChif with forearms.

MsChif stretches Cherry Bomb and then connects with a gutbuster for a near fall. MsChif with a near fall but Cherry Bomb counters and applies Cattle Mutilation but MsChif gets to the ropes. Cherry Bomb with a sliding clothesline that sends MsChif’s neck against the ropes. Cherry Bomb misses a running knee into the corner and MsChif with a running knee into the corner.

MsChif gets a near fall. MsChif kicks Cherry Bomb around the ring and shows her no respect. Cherry Bomb screams at MsChif but MsChif with a low kick and a series of crossfaces. From out of nowhere, Veda Scott comes to the ring and she yells at MsChif. Veda drops MsChif on the top rope and Cherry Bomb with a missile drop kick and a running Death Valley Driver for the three count.


Winner: Cherry Bomb


We go to commercial.

We are back with Inside Ring of Honor.

The first topic is Ring of Honor’s debut in San Antonio on June 1st. Jay Briscoe will defend the World Title against Davey Richards. Michael Elgin and BJ Whitmer will face two members of SCUM. ACH will face Jay Lethal.

ACH says that he could talk about being excited about facing his hero on June first. He will be going home to do it. He will get to show Jay why ACH is pure motivation.


The countdown to Best in the World intensifies.

Kevin Steen interrupts Nigel McGuinness. He wants to know when he gets his rematch. Nigel says that Steen not holding up his end of the bargain got SCUM a title match and that puts them ahead of them. Nigel wonders if Steen is still part of SCUM.

Kevin wonders if stuff is still messed up in Nigel’s head to think that he is working with SCUM. Kevin tells Nigel to put every member of SCUM in the ring with him and he will show that he is owed a rematch.

Nigel says that if Kevin gets the job done, he will get his title rematch.


Kevin Steen will get to face members of SCUM, but what is in store for Steen?

We go to commercial.

We are back and Roderick Strong says that he has been asking for competition for months. He says that he is no stranger to Ishimori, but this is the first time that Ishimori will be in a Ring of Honor ring against Mr. Ring of Honor. Roderick thanks Nigel.


Match Number Three: Taiji Ishimori versus Roderick Strong


They lock up and Strong with a wrist lock. Ishimori with a reversal but Strong with a cartwheel and a reversal. Strong takes Ishimori to the mat and holds on to the wrist lock. Ishimori kips up and he applies a hammer lock. Strong with a side head lock.

Strong with a shoulder tackle and after a series of leap frogs, Ishimori lands on his feet on a hip toss attempt and Ishimori with an arm drag and a drop kick. Strong goes to the floor to regroup but Ishimori teases a dive. Strong goes to the apron and Ishimori with a drop kick that sends Strong to the floor. Ishimori with a baseball slide but Strong moves. Strong with chops and a knee. Ishimori with an elbow and kick. Strong stops Ishimori on the apron and Strong with a back breaker onto the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Strong with shoulders in the corner and then he hits a back breaker and he gets a near fall. Strong with a reverse chin lock. Ishimori with elbows but Strong with a knee to the midsection and he gets a near fall. Strong with a seated abdominal stretch on Ishimori. Ishimori gets to his feet and Ishimori with punches but Strong with a drop toe hold and forearms to the back.

Strong with a boot to Ishimori and he chops Ishimori in the corner. Strong puts Ishimori in the ropes and he connects with a flying shoulder and then he gets a near fall. Strong with a waist lock to work on the ribs and lower back. Ishimori with elbows and he escapes. Strong catches Ishimori and Strong hits two back breakers and then he tosses Ishimori into the turnbuckles and gets a near fall.

Strong picks up Ishimori and he punches him. Strong with a chip and Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Strong with a kick and he tries for a power bomb but Ishimori counters with a DDT. Ishimori with a handspring into an enzuigiri and then he hits a flip dive onto Strong on the floor and both men are down.

Ishimori returns to the ring first and he hits running knees into the corner followed by a standing power slam and a double stomp for a near fall. Ishimori goes to the apron but Strong with an enzuigiri to stop Ishimori. Strong sets for a superplex but Ishimori pushes Strong to the mat. Ishimori with a double knee drop to the head and he gets a near fall.

Strong with a version of a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and then he hits a running knee into the corner followed by a running shoulder into the corner and an Exploder for a near fall. Strong tries for a half nelson back breaker but Ishimori with a crucifix for a near fall. Ishimori with a back heel kick and then he goes for another handspring move but Strong catches him and hits a back breaker. Strong goes for the Strong Hold and Ishimori reaches for the ropes as he tries to fight through the pain. Ishimori is able to get to the ropes and Strong releases the hold.

Strong tries to get Ishimori on his shoulders but Ishimori blocks it and Ishimori with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Ishimori tries for a tombstone but Strong counters. Ishimori counters and he gets Strong up and falls back and hits a gutbuster. Ishimori with a Shining Wizard for a near fall.

Ishimori rolls Strong towards the corner for the 450 splash and he goes up top but Strong moves and Ishimori lands on his feet. Strong with a series of kicks and he gets Ishimori on his shoulders and hits Death by Roderick but he can only get a two count. Strong tries for the Gibson Driver but Ishimori counters with a flip hurricanrana but Strong kicks out at two.

Strong and Ishimori exchange forearms with Ishimori getting the advantage but Strong with a leaping knee and he tries for End of Heartbreak but Ishimori escapes and he hits a super kick and a round kick for a near fall. Ishimori goes up top but Strong grabs the leg to prevent the 450 splash. Strong goes up top for a superplex but Ishimori drops Strong on the turnbuckles and then he hits the 450 splash for the three count.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

We go to credits.

2014 - CHIKARA held their "You Only Live Twice" iPPV in Easton, PA.  Joshua Higham filed the following live report:

Chikara "You Only Live Twice"
Live iPPV report
Easton Funplex, iPPV via

The Spectral Envoy (Ultramantis Black, Hallowicked, and Frightmare) vs. Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Ares, Nokken, and Tursas w/ Milo Schnitzler)

As the Spectral Envoy made their way to the ring, Ultramantis Black tried to make a challenge, but was interrupted by Tursas attacking him from behind. So Tursas wrestled instead of expected Milo Schnitzler. Ares got the pin on Frightmare after hitting the triple-team Ragnarok.

"Kentucky Gentleman" Chuck Taylor vs. "Smooth Sailing" Ashley Remington

A bonus match as the newcomer Ashley Remington took on Chikara stalwart Chuck Taylor. Remington was introduced to Chikara audiences by the Rough Waters YouTube videos in the last few weeks. Remington got the win with the Anchors Away leglock, and then proceeded to give Chuck Taylor a fruit basket for his troubles.

Robbie Ellis, the man who bought Chikara at auction last year, and Shayne Hawke were introduced. Ellis took this opportunity to introduce the new Director of Fun, none other than "Lightning" MIke Quackenbush. Quackenbush took the mic, thanking the fans for their support. He talked about the community of wrestling for the fans and wrestlers alike, which is actually a point he's made in most recent interviews such as on The Art of Wrestling.

The Batiri (Obariyon, Kodama, and Kobald) vs. Sinn Bodhi and the Odditorium (Oliver Grimsly and Qefka the Quiet)

The Odditorium had control for most of the match, with Qefka and Grimsly working well together. The Batiri got the disqualification win after Bodhi very blatantly fouled Kodama in front of the referee.

Juan Francisco de Coronado vs. Jervis Cottonbelly

de Coronado got massive boos as he took the mic, but Cottonbelly got a huge reaction for his entrance, handing out roses as he walked to the ring. de Coronado won after spinning Cottonbelly's mask around and hitting a German suplex for the three.

Four Corner Elimination Match: 3.0 (Shane Matthews and Scott Parker) vs. Pieces of Hate (Jigsaw and The Shard) vs. GEKIDO (17 and deviANT) vs. The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield and Mr. Touchdown)

Throughout the start of the match, it looked more like an atomicos (4 vs 4) match with the tecnico teams working together and the rudo teams cooperating. 3.0 is eliminated first after eating a double stomp from Jigsaw and a double cover from Jigsaw and 17. Dasher Hatfield rolled up deviANT to eliminate the GEKIDO contingent. After the elimination, Kid Cyclone, the new Equinox, and a third student from the Wrestle Factory went after 17, trying to get revenge for what happened to Private Eye Jr on National Pro Wrestling Day. (Private Eye Jr was the lookout at the back door where he encountered members of the Flood when they invaded,) The trio of students were pulled away by their trainer, Hallowicked. The Throwbacks eliminated Pieces of Hate after Mr. Touchdown pinned The Shard after a stalling superplex.

Under Chikara's original tag rules, that would give the Throwbacks 2 points, if those rules are still in place.

With that, we went to intermission.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Archibald Peck

Jimmy Jacobs picked up the win with a springboard ace crusher after his goons got involved.

The Colony (Green Ant, Fire Ant, and Worker Ant) vs. The Colony: Xtreme Force (Missile Assault Ant, Orbit Adventure Ant, and Arctic Rescue Ant)

Xtreme Force scored the pinfall win when Missile Assault hits the Missile Launcher on Fire Ant into an exposed middle turnbucket. After the win, Xtreme Force celebrated with the King of Trios 2011 medals, which were given to them by Wink Vavasseur last April. The Colony then attacked Xtreme Force, and took back their medals.

An awesome Lego-themed video aired hyping the King of Trios 2014. No date or location was shown in the video. Gregory Davis, who was in attendance, told me the live crowd was told it would take place in Easton, presumably in September (since that month is free on their calendar so far).

Chikara Grand Championship: Eddie Kingston (c) defends against Icarus

As the match went on, the Chikara locker room emptied out to watch the match. Eddie Kingston focused on Icarus' neck throughout the match. Icarus kicked out at one after a super uranage.  The fans remained solidly behind Icarus, which is a crazy sight considering Icarus was top heel/most hated for so long. Icarus finally won the Grand Championship after Eddie Kingston passed out to the Chikara Special.

The iPPV went off the air and shortly returned to air with members of the Flood coming to ringside. With them was Soldier Ant and Delirious (under hoods) being led by a very large masked individual. Delirious attacked Ultramantis Black as soon as his hood was taken off, and Soldier Ant dove out on to his former Colony teammates. A giant brawl ensued until Kobald tried to spear the masked 7-footer, but was felled by a chokeslam to the knee. The Flood left as the Chikara locker room checked on Kobald. Chikarason, on commentary, was claiming that this 7-footer (size was his estimation) must be the leader of the Flood, and not Jimmy Jacobs. Kobald gets carried off as the feed goes offline for real.

Notes: Leonard F. Chikarason took his spot at commentation station with Bryce Remsburg joining for the first half of the event and Ultramantis Black for the second half. Newly appointed Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush replaced Ultramantis for the main event. Jon Barber was referee for the first four matches, before Dan Yost and Bryce Remburg rotated control for the last four matches.  The newly tecnico Icarus switched his gear once again, opting for the t-shirt and tights, presumably to cover his heat-getting tattoo. Hype videos for the return of the Podcast a Go Go and the Rudo Resurrection kickstarter were shown at breaks. Promos from the recent Event Centers played during intermission. Chikara returns to live action with events in Chicago and Detroit next month.

2015 -  It was announced that Jim Ross would narrate the "Mid-Atlantic Memories" documentary.

2015 - WWE ran their final event at the original Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Long Island as the venue was being ripped apart for a renovated, smaller configuration.  Mike Johnson filed the following live report:

Raw live notes:

They are selling a special shirt to commemorate the final event here at Nassau Coliseum.

Former WWE star Pete Gas is visiting.


*Heath Slater pinned Adam Rose. Large We Want Ryder chant during match.

Lots of New Day Sucks chants during breaks.

Harper and Rowan defeated Macho Mandow and Curtis Axelmania.

Before Raw went live on the air, Vince McMahon came out on stage at the Nassau Coliseum and noted that all good things must come to an end that tonight was the last the WWE event in the Coliseum.

McMahon said he wanted to take a moment to thank every "Superstar" who ever appeared on a WWE event in the Coliseum, every fan that ever attended a show in the building and especially everyone at Raw tonight.

Vince then promised a great show tonight for the fans in Long Island.

Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We begin this week's episode with the annual message from the WWE about Memorial Day.

We go to the arena for a ten bell salute.

We are in Uniondale, New York and your announcers are Michael Cole, Booker T, and John Layfield.

We start off with the Authority, featuring Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Seth Rollins, Kane, Joey Mercury, and Jamie Noble, making their way to the ring.

We see what happened last week on Raw when Dean got his match against Seth Rollins at The Elimination Chamber thanks to the return of the cinder blocks of doom.

Seth starts off the talking and says before we start off the festivities, he wants everyone to give Dean Ambrose a round of applause. Last week, Dean acted like nothing more than a common thug. He extorted and intimidated his way to get what he wanted, a shot at the WWE Championship.

Seth responds to the "You Sold Out" Chants by saying this is not about him. He says that Dean is a hero and role model to everyone in the WWE Universe. Seth says the Authority made the decision under duress and that is not how they operate because that is not best for business.

Seth reminds Stephanie that she said Dean did not earn a title shot and he does not deserve a title shot. Seth says that they could take the title shot from him right now. Seth says that is the truth. Seth suggests that Dean could be fired right now. Seth says that Hunter considered it before Seth told him not to.

Seth says that he is a benevolent human being. Dean is not really a threat to him. He is not on his level and never was. Dean was riding his coattails the entire time in the Shield. There is a reason why you selected him to be in the Authority.

Hunter says that while they have a verbal agreement with Dean Ambrose, they will need something more concrete. Hunter tells Dean if he would like to receive his WWE Title match against Seth Rollins at the Elimination Chamber is come down right now to sign the contract.

Dean Ambrose's music plays and he makes his way to the stage. Dean says there might be something wrong with him. Dean says he has been having trouble sleeping at night and instead of counting sheep, he counts punching Seth in the face. By the time he gets to 200, he is sleeping like a baby. He says beating up Seth Rollins makes him happy. Dean says that since he had so much fun in the past beating up Seth, he wanted the next time to be for the WWE Title.

Dean says that he hoped the WWE Universe appreciated it as much as him. On Sunday, their golden boy gets replaced by someone you call a lunatic, but everyone else will call the New Face of the WWE. Dean says that when that happens, he wants to make some changes.

Dean says that J&J Security will go barefoot, just like the Hobbits they are. Kane will wear a collar since he is the obedient lap dog. He says that Seth can drunk dial Selena Gomez since he is everyone's Little Justin Bieber.

Seth says that the people called him a sell out for so long and now they call him Justin Bieber and it should anger him? Justin is rich and famous. Maybe it is because Justin is the most successful artist of his generation. Maybe Dean Ambrose wishes he could be Seth Rollins.

Seth calls Dean a cockroach. They are good at surviving, but they never thrive. They never win. You are destined to be a loser your entire life. You just want to be Seth Rollins. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise because he is sick of chasing Dean away from the WWE. If you are man enough to come to the ring and sign on the dotted line, he will wipe your face off his boots for the last time at Elimination Chamber.

Dean says he would rather be a cockroach than the wrong side of the Authority's Human Centipede.

Dean makes his way to the ring and he circles it and he stands by the announce table, maybe near where he used to come to the ring when he was in the Shield.

Roman Reigns' music plays and he comes to the ring to play security for Dean.

Stephanie says it seems like you Shield boys are always together. Stephanie tells Dean he has until the end of the show to sign the contract. Stephanie makes a main event for later tonight with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns versus Seth Rollins and Kane.

However, we are going crazy because this main event is going to happen now.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Kane and Seth Rollins (with Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury) versus Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Kane and Ambrose start things off and Kane with uppercuts and he sends Ambrose into the turnbuckles. Kane with punches and he sends Ambrose into the turnbuckles. Ambrose with chops and punches to Kane against the ropes. Ambrose with a drop kick to Kane against the ropes followed by a cross body and punches. Dean with a snap elbow drop and then he stomps on the chest and walks over Kane.

Reigns tags in and he punches Kane and sends him into the turnbuckles. Kane is sent into the turnbuckles again. Kane with punches to Reigns and Reigns with a kick. Reigns punches Kane a few times but Kane with a kick to Reigns. Kane tries for a suplex but Reigns blocks it and Reigns with a suplex of his own. Ambrose tags back in and he goes up top and hits an elbow to the arm. Ambrose with a wrist lock and Kane rakes the eyes.

Rollins tags in and he punches Ambrose and drops him on the top rope. Rollins with a front face lock and suplex for a near fall. Rollins works on the neck. Ambrose with a kick and Reigns tags in and they hit a double clothesline. Reigns with a side head lock take down. Reigns with a shoulder tackle and he catches Rollins on a leap frog attempt and Reigns with a Samoan Drop.

Reigns is sent to the apron and he drops Rollins on the top rope. Mercury and Noble distract Reigns from hitting the Juggernaut Broad Jump drop kick and Rollins kicks Reigns into the ringside barrier. Reigns is sent back into the ring and Rollins gets a near fall. Rollins with a reverse chin lock.

Reigns with a forearm to the back of Rollins' head and he tags in Ambrose. Dean with a running body block and he punches Rollins and he punches and kicks Rollins. Ambrose with an Irish whip followed by a forearm and bulldog. Ambrose clotheslines Rollins over the top rope and then he hits a suicide dive onto Rollins. Kane misses a clothesline and Reigns punches Kane.

Ambrose and Reigns go into the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and Rollins punches Ambrose but Ambrose with a forearm but Rollins with a Slingblade for a near fall. We see footage from the commercial on the WWE app when Rollins hit a hesitation drop kick while Ambrose was in the Tree of Woe. Rollins with a clothesline. Ambrose is able to get away from Rollins and he tags in Reigns. Kane tags in as well.

Reigns with a clothesline followed by a boot when Kane Irish whips him. Reigns with a clothesline off the turnbuckles and he hits a running clothesline in the corner followed by more short clotheslines and kicks. Reigns knocks Mercury off the apron and then he hits Noble with a Superman punch. Kane with a boot to Reigns and he sets for a choke slam on Reigns.

Kane tries for a choke slam but Reigns with elbows. Kane with an uppercut and Reigns falls to the ropes and Ambrose tags in. Reigns with a Superman punch and Kane gets up so Ambrose with an elbow off the turnbuckles for a near fall. Rollins tags in and hits the springboard knee to the head and he gets a near fall.

Rollins with an enzuigiri and Ambrose tries to rebound off the ropes but Rollins moves. Ambrose with a backslide for the three count.

Winners: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

We are reminded by the announcers that the only way you can watch the Elimination Chamber is on the WWE Network. It is still free for first time subscribers for the rest of the month.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dean Ambrose is in the interview area and Renee Young reminds Dean he still has to sign the contract. Dean says he has played the game before so he will sign the contract by the end of the night.

Jamie Noble says they brought the contract, but Joey appears to have forgotten it.

Dean says that is okay and he beats up Noble and Mercury. He also takes care of a cameraman.

Michael brings up the John Cena US (title) Open Challenge and wonders who will accept the challenge. We take a look at the man who came out last week.

Kevin says he was never supposed to make it this far, but now that he is here, he will fight everyone and anyone. Kevin says he would not hesitate to call Sami a "brother".

Rusev makes his way to the ring and he is now carrying the Bulgarian flag again.

We go to commercial.

We are back and a limo pulls into the arena. The cast of Entourage emerge from the limo.

Match Number Two: Rusev versus R Truth

They lock up and Rusev sends Truth to the mat. Truth with a punch and forearm. Truth with a corkscrew flying forearm for a near fall. Rusev with an Irish whip and Truth floats over and he kicks Rusev. Rusev with a jumping thrust kick and he stomps on Truth's back and applies the Accolade. Truth taps out.

Winner: Rusev

After the match, Rusev gets on the mic and he tells Lana that they need to talk. Rusev asks her to please come down to the ring.

Rusev says he is not leaving until she comes down to the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rusev is still begging for Lana to come to the ring to talk. Rusev says that she owes this to him for everything they have done together.

Rusev speaks in Bulgarian and that gets Lana to come out to the ring.

Lana says that Rusev asked her to come and she came. Now she is waiting.

Rusev tells Lana he knows she cares about him despite what she did at Wrestlemania or Payback. Regardless of her kissing that disgusting Dolph Ziggler twice. He says he knows why she is doing this. It is because you are a woman and you women do these things to get him to pay attention.

Lana says she did this all for him.

Rusev says that Lana wants to crush America as much as he does. Ever since they met the first time in Bulgaria, they can still make it happen.

Rusev yells at the people chanting USA.

He tells Lana to take his hand and all will be forgotten. Rusev offers his hand for Lana and she does not accept it.

She thinks about it and she does accept his hand and they hug. Rusev holds up Lana's hand and he has a smile on his face.

Rusev tells Lana that she needs to say those three little words. Those three magical words . . . I . . . WAS . . . WRONG.

Lana turns around and leaves the ring. She says she was not wrong because you said I Quit.

Rusev calls Lana a liar. He never quits. He was nice to her and now you need to know your place . . . woman. Rusev says he owns Lana, she is his. He tells her to get back in the ring.

He calls Rusev a liar since he did say he quit. He will not accept responsibility for his actions. She is no one’s property. She will no longer be the victim. She will no longer listen to his caveman and moronic comments again.

Dolph Ziggler comes out to the stage walks past Lana. Lana stops by Dolph and she kisses Ziggler.

Dean Ambrose is in his locker room and Hunter and Seth Rollins enter. Dean wants to know if they have the contract or are they doing this the "fun" way.

Hunter brings in the cameraman who was knocked over. Hunter asks if he wants to press charges. When he says something that was not on script, Seth hits the cameraman and he says he wants to press charges.

Dean is arrested and as he is taken away, he says it looks like they are doing it the ‘fun’ way.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dean Ambrose is being taken through the back and The members of the Authority mock Dean as he is put in the back of the police vehicle.

We see Seth, Jamie, Joey, and Kane celebrate.

Match Number Three: Wade Barrett versus Ryback

They lock up and Ryback with a side head lock and Thesz Press and he slams Barrett’s head into the mat. Ryback with a splash and he hits a running power slam. Ryback sets for the clothesline but Barrett rolls to the floor. Barrett with a back heel kick on the floor and he sends Ryback into the corner of the ringside barrier.

Barrett gets back into the ring and then Barrett sends Ryback into the turnbuckles from the apron. Barrett with forearms to the back and he kicks Ryback on the top turnbuckle. Barrett gets a near fall. Barrett with an elbow drop for a near fall. Barrett with knees to the back. Barrett with a surfboard to Ryback. Ryback with elbows and he sends Barrett into the turnbuckles and connects with shoulders.

Barrett with an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow from Ryback. Ryback goes to the turnbuckles but Barrett pulls him off and Barrett with Wasteland for a near fall. Barrett sets for the BullHammer but Ryback collapses to the mat, but it was a trap to allow Ryback to hit a spinebuster. Ryback with a musclebuster for the three count.

Winner: Ryback

Hunter is on the phone in his office and he says that Dean is on his way to central processing so he won’t be able to come back in time to sign the contract.

The cast of Entourage arrive in the office and they are happy to be here. Kevin Dillon says that Jeremy Piven would have been here but he is busy promoting SummerFest.

Stephanie says they are huge fans and are looking forward to the movie.

They mention the cameos and one of them mention that Ronda Rousey beat him up, and Stephanie knows something about that.

Stephanie is no longer happy to see them and tells them where there room is.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Stardust gets in the face of the star of Arrow.

Match Number Four: Stardust versus Neville

Stardust goes for the injured knee but Neville with a front face lock into a side head lock. Neville goes for an O’Connor Roll but Stardust holds the ropes. Neville is sent to the apron and he connects with a shoulder to Stardust. Neville with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip in the ropes. Stardust with a delayed vertical gourdbuster for a near fall. Stardust with a single leg crab.

Bo Dallas makes his way to the ring to check on the man he will face on Sunday at the Elimination Chamber Special (Neville).

Neville kicks Stardust and punches him but Stardust with a kick. Neville lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt but his knee buckles a little. Stardust punches Neville and puts him on the turnbuckles. Neville with a forearm to knock Stardust off the turnbuckles. Neville with a tornado DDT and both men are down.

Neville rolls Stardust into the corner and Neville goes up top, despite the injury to his knee for the Red Arrow and he connects for the three count.

Winner: Neville

After the match, Bo Dallas comes into the ring and he tells Neville he can get back up, if he BOLIEVES. Bo drop kicks Neville in his injured knee.

We see the members of the cast of Entourage walking in the back and some of the Divas stop him. They talk about how much they are looking forward to the movie and they talk about how much they love the Divas.

Zack Ryder is talking to one of the members of the cast and they meet to talk about a plan for Ryder.

Lana and Dolph are giggling in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back with a video package for the Money in the Bank pay per view.

Match Number Five: Dolph Ziggler versus Sheamus

Sheamus misses a punch but Ziggler does not. Ziggler with a shoulder in the corner but Sheamus with a knee to the head. Sheamus sends Ziggler into the turnbuckles and then he kicks Ziggler in the corner. Sheamus with a European uppercut. Ziggler with a kick but Sheamus with a double sledge.

Sheamus with a knee drop to the head and he chokes Ziggler. Sheamus with a snap mare and reverse chin lock. Ziggler punches Sheamus and stomps on his foot to get away. Sheamus sends Ziggler to the floor. Sheamus follows and he tries to send Ziggler into the announce table but Ziggler blocks him and sends Sheamus into the announce table. Sheamus kicks Ziggler in the knee.

Ziggler lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and he drop kicks Sheamus and then he hits a Mick Foley clothesline that sends him over the top rope to the floor. Sheamus with a tilt-a-whirl power slam on the floor.

Lana comes out to watch Dolph as we go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler punches Sheamus and the referee pulls Ziggler out of the corner and Sheamus avoids a splash and then Sheamus hits a uranage back breaker for a near fall. Sheamus punches Ziggler but Ziggler punches back. Sheamus with more punches and kicks to Ziggler.

Ziggler with punches and a jawbreaker followed by an elbow and boot to Sheamus. Ziggler with punches to Sheamus. Ziggler with running forearms to Sheamus followed by a flying forearm. Ziggler goes for the Stinger Splash but he is sent to the apron so he drops Sheamus on the top rope. Ziggler goes up top for a cross body and then hits a Fameasser for a near fall.

Sheamus goes for White Noise but Ziggler escapes. Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick and then he is sent into the turnbuckles by Ziggler and Ziggler gets a near fall.

Rusev comes out and he walks past Lana and gives her an evil smile.

Ziggler kicks Rusev off the apron and Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

After the match, Sheamus leaves the ring and goes to the back while Rusev gets on the apron.

Lana makes her way to the ring.

Rusev looks at Lana and then he knees Ziggler in the midsection. Rusev with a punch to Ziggler. Ziggler punches back but Rusev with a kick and then he stompson Ziggler' back and he has Ziggler in the Accolade while looking right at Lana.

Rusev tells Lana to kiss Ziggler now and then he releases the hold.

Rusev leaves the ring and looks at Lana before heading to the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is the start of the third hour, so it must mean time for the John Cena US Open Challenge.

John makes his way to the ring and he is given his usual serenade by the crowd.

John says for over ten years, you, the WWE Universe can be summed up in five simple words. "Let's Go Cena . . . Cena Sucks."

There are some of you who fight with him, and some who fight against him. John tells the people chanting "Let's Go Cena", you believe in what he believes in. Hustle, loyalty, respect. You never give up when your backs are against the wall. They have shared the agony of defeat and the triumph of victory. We have formed a fraternity, a family, and a bond that will never be broken no matter how hostile they may be. For those of you chanting "Let's Go Cena", he is eternally grateful for you providing your unwavering support over the years.

Then there are the others who chant, among other things "Cena Sucks."  Why? Because for over ten years, they have been clamoring for someone who is everything that he is not. Someone to knock him down and keep him down. This is where it gets difficult for Cena sucks people. Name after name, hopeful after hopeful have tried . . . and failed.

John says he was forcefully introduced to the latest hopeful last week on Raw, a man named Kevin Owens.

Last Monday, Kevin Owens debuted on Raw and was incapacitated. He broke the internet and then two days later, he broke his best friend Sami Zayn in half. That is why the "Cena Sucks" people think that Kevin Owens is the man who will keep him down. That is why you think Kevin Owens will be the ones who think that things need to change around here.

Maybe you won't chant "Cena Sucks" on Sunday because you will chant "Fight Owens Fight". John says that is the sound of you tuning into Elimination Chamber and see things you will not believe. You may not believe your ears because you might hear "Let's Go Cena . . . Fight Owens Fight."   That does not mean Win Owens Win.

Kevin proved that he knows how to start a fight. On Sunday, we will find out if he knows how to finish a fight.

It is Monday, not Sunday, so it is time to see who will accept the US Open Challenge on Memorial Day.

The Cast of Entourage make their way onto the stage and they have something to say. John says the challenge is open to anybody, so which one of you are going to step in the ring with him.

While they would love to fulfill a childhood fantasy and get in the ring, they are here to introduce a Superstar who will take John up on the challenge. He is a Long Island Boy . . . Zack Ryder.

Match Number Six: John Cena versus Zack Ryder (with the cast of Entourage) for the United States Title

Cena with a side head lock take down. Cena with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Cena with a side head lock. Cena gets a near fall. Cena with a punch and Irish whip followed by an elbow. Cena charges into the corner but Ryder with knees and a missile drop kick. Ryder with a running forearm in the corner and he sets for the Broski boot but Cena gets up and hits the two flying shoulder tackles followed by the Blue Thunder Bomb.

Cena sets for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Kevin Dillon gets in the ring and then he realizes he may have made a mistake and he leaves the ring. Ryder with a rollup for a near fall. Ryder with an Unprettier for a near fall. Ryder with the Broski Boot for a near fall. Ryder with the Rough Ryder for a near fall.

Ryder goes up top and misses a 450 splash. Cena gets Ryder up and hits an Attitude Adjustment for the three count.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Cena, Ryder, and the cast of Entourage celebrate in the ring.

Kevin Owens comes into the ring and he kicks Cena and hits a pop up power bomb on Cena. Owens stands on the US Title belt while holding the NXT Title belt over his head.

Stephanie tells Hunter that Kevin Owens is impressive and scary. She says they know how to pick em. Seth says he knows Kevin so don't get ahead of yourselves.

Renee Young enters and wants an update on the Dean Ambrose situation. Stephanie says that Dean still has until the end of Raw to sign the contract. They will be in the ring at the end of the show for him to sign it.

Renee asks about them having Dean Ambrose arrested. Seth says they did not get Dean arrested, he got Dean arrested by hitting an employee.

We see how Dean became a guest star of Law and Order: Superstars Victim Unit.

Nikki and Brie Bella make their way to the ring to watch the next match.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Seven: Tamina Snuka (with Naomi) versus Paige

They lock up and Paige goes for the leg. Tamina with forearms but Paige with a slap and a kick to the knee. Paige goes to the apron and she connects with knees to Tamina and she screams. Tamina knocks Paige off the apron. Tamina brings Paige back into the ring and sends her to the mat. Tamina works on the neck. Tamina sends Paige to the mat.

Tamina continues to work on the neck but Paige with punches. Tamina with punches of her own. Paige with forearms and Tamina with punches. Paige with a kick and Naomi gets on the apron. Paige with a rollup as she avoids Tamina. Paige with a back heel kick and short arm clotheslines followed by a drop kick.

Paige with a thrust kick and Tamina goes to the floor. Paige goes to the apron and hits a cannonball off the apron. Paige rolls Tamina back into the ring and Tamina kicks Paige as she gets back into the ring. Naomi hits Paige with her shoe while the referee might have been distracted or looking right at her. Tamina with a Samoan drop for the three count.

Winner: Tamina Snuka

Cole asks if Nikki will retain the title and Booker believes that Naomi will walk out as the champion.

The New Day make their way to the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and the New Day is in the ring and Big E wants everyone to be quiet. Xavier says this is outrageous. They are being persecuted for being positive? They are being forced to defend the title in the Elimination Chamber against five teams. Big E says they could lose the titles and Kofi says no one wants to see it.

Big E wants everyone to pipe down. Even you people in this decrepit and decaying arena that is going to be torn down with a hockey team that has left . . . and will forever be known as losers. Even you can recognize champions.

Xavier says New Day Rocks.

They clap but the crowd is not singing the proper song.

Kane comes out and he tells the New Day of their concerns. You have a one in six chance of winning in the Elimination Chamber, the same as any other team so the match is fair. Unfair would be your match tonight. You are facing the team of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd . . . and Los Matadores . . . and The Ascension . . . and The Prime Time Players . . . and The Lucha Dragons in a ten on three handicap match.

Match Number Eight: Xavier Woods, Big E, and Kofi Kingston versus Tyson Kidd, Cesaro, Darren Young, Titus O'Neil, Fernando, Diego, Kalisto, Sin Cara, Konnor, and Viktor (with Natalya and El Torito)

The match is joined in progress and Big E comes in and punches Kalisto. Woods tags back in and applies a cobra clutch on Kalisto. Kalisto with an arm drag and then Woods hit the Honor Roll on Kalisto. Everyone attacks Woods and the referee does not care enough to control the situation.

Winners: Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods

The numbers in the ring get smaller as people are sent to the floor. Fernando is caught by the Ascension but Diego with a dive to take care of them. Kalisto and Sin Cara go up top and they hit a splash onto three men each.

The New Day are in the ring and they celebrate their victory.

Kidd with a missile drop kick to all three men and then Cesaro with a spinebuster to Woods followed by the giant swing and drop kick from Kidd.

We take a look at a sneak peak of the Daniel Bryan DVD that can also be seen on the WWE Network.

We are back and we are told that Daniel Bryan will appear on MizTV on the Kickoff Show before the Elimination Chamber.

We take a look at why Dean Ambrose has been unable to sign the contract.

We see an alternate angle of Seth Rollins pushing the cameraman into Dean Ambrose to lead to Ambrose knocking out the cameraman.

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Seth Rollins, Kane, Joey Mercury, and Jamie Noble make their way to the ring.

Seth says what you just saw doesn't matter. The fact of the situation is that Dean Ambrose physically assaulted a cameraman and he was justifiably arrested earlier tonight. Seth says Dean is nothing more than a common thug who takes pride in his lunatic fringe nickname. Recklessness can only get you so far. It almost got him a shot at his title last week. This week, he is behind bars.

Stephanie says that workers behind the scenes deserve respect for their hard work. Stephanie points out that the cameraman Dean hit is the father of newborn triplets. We cannot handle such hazardous situations for our employees. They are here to foster a nurturing environment. Stephanie says that since this is an ongoing investigation, they cannot comment.

Hunter says that they were going to give Dean the opportunity to fight Seth Rollins at Elimination Chamber, but all he had to do is sign the contract. That unstable mental state came back to bite him, but that did not happen.

Hunter is going to announce . . .

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring and he goes after Seth Rollins but Joey and Jamie pull Roman off. Kane goes after Reigns and it is a four on one attack. Kane blocks a Superman punch and choke slams Reigns.

Seth holds the contract in front of Roman and has something to say to him.

The police van pulls into the arena and Dean is at the wheel. Ambrose makes his way to the ring and he has a nightstick. Dean takes care of Mercury, Noble, and Kane. Rollins takes Dean down. Kane tries for a choke slam but Dean hits the ropes and clotheslines Kane. Rollins grabs the nightstick but Reigns and Ambrose hit Rollins with it.

Noble, Mercury, and Kane work over Ambrose and Reigns, but Reigns with an uppercut to Kane and a spear to Mercury and Noble. Reigns is sent to the floor and he hits Kane with a Superman Punch. Dean with a double underhook DDT to Kane.

Reigns gives Dean the contract and he signs it before Hunter and Stephanie do what JBL suggested and tells them to go off the air.

Mike Johnson:  After Raw went off the air:

After Raw went off the air, Randy Orton faced and defeated Bray Wyatt with the RKO. So, that will go down in history as the last match in the original Nassau Coliseum.

Nothing additional to commemorate the Coliseum after the show.

2020 - All Elite Wrestling debuted with their first live PPV, Double or Nothing from the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.  Richard Trionfo filed the following PPV report:

Welcome to’s coverage of All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing pay per view from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Your announcers are Alex Marvez and Excalibur.  They run through the card.

Match Number One:  Casino Battle Royale (Winner Earns AEW Title Match): Sonny Kiss versus Brandon Cutler versus Ace Romero versus Glacier versus Brian Pillman Jr. versus Sunny Daze versus Maxwell Jacob Friedman versus Joey Janela versus Dustin Thomas versus Billy Gunn versus Jimmy Havoc versus Michael Nakazawa versus Jungle Boy versus Isiah Kassidy versus Marq Quen versus Luchasaurus versus Shawn Spears versus Orange Cassidy and more

The first five entrants in the match are Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Dustin Thomas, Sunny Daze, Michael Nakazawa, and Bradon Cutler.  

Friedman attacks Thomas in the corner but Cutler stops Friedman.  Cutler with punches.  Daze punches Nakazawa.  Nakazawa blocks a suplex by Daze and he applies baby oil.  Cutler and Nakazawa lock up.  Daze with a waist lock on Nakazawa and Nakazawa goes for the oil and he slides out of Daze's hands.  Nakazawa with a kick and Daze with a head butt.  Daze punches Cutler and sends him over the top rope but Cutler holds on.  Daze punches Cutler but Cutler holds on to the ropes.  Cutler with a shoulder.  Friedman punches Cutler and Cutler with a flying forearm.  Nakazawa chokes Daze in the corner.  

Daze with forearms to Nakazawa's back while Friedman hokes Cutler.  Thomas is down in the opposite corner.  Friedman tries to kick Thomas to the floor.

The next group is Brian Pillman Jr., Isiah Kassidy, Jimmy Havoc, Joey Janela, and Shawn Spears.

Pillman sends Kassidy into the rails.  Havoc and Janela go after Pillman.  Friedman with an eye poke to Spears.  Spears with a thumb to the eyes and he htis an Ushigoroshi.  Spears shows Friedman who is number one.  Spears chops Friedman in the corner.  Spears with another chop to Friedman.

The third group is Billy Gunn, Glacier, Jungle Boy, Ace Romero, and Mark Quen.

Jungle Boy with a spike rana to Janela.  Friedman punches Gunn and rakes the eyes.  Friedman sees Glacier and Friedman with a crane position.  Glacier with a kick and he gives Friedman a leg sweep.  Daze hits Glacier from behind and Glacier goes through the ropes to the floor.  Daze sends Nakazawa over the top rope but he lands on the apron but Daze eliminates Nakazawa.  Daze goes to the turnbuckles while Janela lights a cigarette.  Glacier freezes Daze and knocks him to the floor.  Friedman eliminates Glacier.  Janela's cigarette is stapled to his head by Havoc.  Gunn sends Friedman to the apron and Friedman with a shoulder to the midsection.

Pillman with a springboard clothesline to Janela.  Cutler punches Havoc while Janela is sent to the apron.  Kassidy and Quen run into boots from Pillman.

The fourth group is Marko Stunt, Luchasaurus, Sonny Kiss, Tommy Dreamer, and Orange Cassidy.

Stunt with a codebreaker to Gunn.  Friedman hits Stunt from behind and then he knocks Dreamer off the apron but he was not in the match yet.  Romero with a suicide dive onto Dreamer, Kiss, and Luchasaurus.  Spears punches Gunn.  Janela with a forearm to Jungle Boy on the apron.  Luchasaurus kicks Romero.  Dreamer throws a trash can into the ring and then he hits Gunn and many more with the lid.  Dreamer hits Havoc with the trash can and hits a cutter on Havoc.  

Dreamer punches Janela but Janela punches back.  Luchasaurus grabs Quen and Kassidy and choke slams both of them.  

The Wild Card is in and it is Adam Page.

Page punches Gunn, Romero, and anyone else he sees in the ring.  Friedman with a kick to Page but Page with a clothesline out of the corner.  Page catches Jungle Boy and hits a fallaway slam.  Janela and Page square off.  Page and Janela exchange punches and Janela with a forearm.  Page with a roaring elbow and Dead Eye.  Spears chops Romero in the corner but Romero gets in chops of his own.  Romero slaps Luchasaurus when Page moves.  Page tries to get Romero up but that fails.

Havoc is on the apron while Stunt and Jungle Boy go after Romero.  Romero catches Stunt and Jungle Boy kicks Romero.  Romero drops back and lands on Jungle Boy.  Stunt is POUNCED over the top rope by Romero and he lands on Private Party.  Jungle Boy with a drop kick to the back and he eliminates Romero.  Janela hits Jungle Boy from behind.  Janela kicks Thomas.  Spears kicks Janela and hits a DDT.  Janela falls into the ropes and Spears tells Thomas to go for the Tiger Feint Kick and he hits it.  Thomas with a slingshot senton onto Janela.  Friedman kicks Thomas and puts him on the turnbuckles.  Spears stops Janela and Thomas eliminates Spears.  

Freidman eliminates Thomas.  Gunn with a Fameasser to Cutler but Cutler eliminates Gunn.  Friedman eliminates Cutler.  Janela with a roaring elbow to Luchasaurus but Luchasaurus with a heel kick and then he choke slams Janela through a table but his feet do not hit the floor.  Dreamer hits Luchasaurus with a trash can lid.  Kiss uses his assets to smother Dreamer in the corner but Kiss is eliminated.  Orange Cassidy finally makes his way into the ring.  Cassidy kicks Dreamer in the legs very gingerly.  Cassidy is eliminated by Dreamer.  Dreamer picks up Havoc but Havoc uses his staple gun and Havoc eliminates Dreamer.

Luchasaurus puts Jungle Boy on his feet and then he hits a tornado flatliner on Havoc.  Havoc bites the fingers of Jungle Boy to eliminate him.

We are down to Page, Havoc, Luchasaurus, and Friedman. Page, Luchasaurus, and Havoc team up on Friedman and Friedman falls to the floor.  Havoc and Page work over Luchasaurus.  Luchasaurus punches Page and Havoc with a discus lariat followed by a forearm.  Havoc with an uppercut and rolling Death Valley Driver and kick to Page.  Page drops Havoc on the apron and Luchasaurus kicks Havoc off the apron.

Luchasaurus misses a splash into the corner but he kicks Page.  Luchasaurus with a gourdbuster and then Luchasaurus goes over the top rope.  The bell rings despite Friedman still being in the match.  Page hangs on to the ropes and then he hits the Buckshot Lariat and sends Friedman over the top rope to the floor.

Winner:  Adam Page

We see highlights of the Battle Royal.

We go to Alicia Atout backstage and she is with Kylie Rae.  She says she is doing well and she is excited for tonight.   Peter Avalon interrupts and he says as the librarian he is sick of how loud the ladies are.  Leva Bates interrupts and she says she is the librarian.  We get a Shhhh Off between Peter and Leva.

We have a video package for the Cody and Dustin match.

Match Number Two:  Kip Sabian versus Sammy Guevara

They lock up and Sabian with a take down while they hold on to the collar and elbow tie up.  Guevara with a side head lock.  Sammy holds on to the side head lock.  Sabian with a head scissors and Guevara escapes.  Sabian with a side head lock take down.  Guevara with a head scissors and Sabian escapes.  Sabian with a springboard head scissors take down and a leg lariat.  Guevara with a drop kick.  Guevara is sent to the apron and Sabian teases a springboard drop kick and he gets Guevara to cover up.  Sabian kicks Guevara to the floor.  Sabian with a springboard senton onto Guevara on the floor.

Guevara is sent into the ring but Guevara with a suicide dive onto Sabian.  Guevara with a shoulder in the corner followed by a chop.  Guevara with a double stomp to the back and he punches Sabian.  Guevara kicks Sabian in the back and chest.  Sabian with a dragon screw leg whip and then he applies a spinning take down with a Trailer Hitch and Guevara gets to the ropes.  Guevara with an Irish whip and power slam but he misses a moonsault but hits a second moonsault and shooting star press for a near fall.  Sabian with an enzuigiri and springboard drop kick.

Sabian with a running kick into the corner followed by a running kick to the chest for a near fall.  Sabian with forearms and a head butt to the midsection.  Sabian goes for a suplex but Guevara lands on his feet.  Sabian with an elbow but Guevara with a forearm.  Sammy suplexes Sabian to the floor and they land on their feet and Guevara hits a suplex on the floor.  Sammy tells the people in the front row to move and Sabian is put on the guardrails.  Sammy with a shooting star press off the apron onto Sabian.  

Sammy sends Sabian back into the ring and Sammy goes up top for a 630 splash but Sabian gets his feet up.  Sabian with Deathly Hallows for the three count.

Winner:  Kip Sabian

We have a video package for Sadie Gibbs.  

Jim Ross walks in the back to make his way to the announce table.

A vehicle arrives in a parking garage and we see Cody and Pharoah along with Brandi Rhodes.  

Kenny Omega is in the back and he walks down the hall.  We see Matt Jackson and he sees Michael Nakazawa.  Matt keeps walking and he sees Nick.  They are asked for their credentials and Nick super kicks that man.

Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, Kenny Omega, Cody, and Brandi Rhodes make their way into the arena.

Everyone fights over who gets to welcome everyone.  Kenny Omega welcomes everyone to AEW's inaugural show.

Kenny says he is not going to lie that he didn't have butterflies but the energy in the building is great.  Matt says it is so cool to see 20,000 people . . . he is told by Cody the building only holds 13,000.  Matt says this is pro wrestling, you round up.  Cody says we just broke the attendance record at the MGM Grand with 20,000.  Brandi says that tonight is the first sensory inclusive event in wrestling history.  

Welcome to Double or Nothing from the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Your announcers are Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Alex Marvez.

SCU has something to say before the match.  Scorpio Sky says this is the worst town he has been in.  Daniels says Las Vegas is a bad bad town.  Their favorite worst town, but tonight, you're gonna have yourselves a real good time.  The All Elite Era starts tonight.  Who better to kick it off than the official ambassadors of California love.  Kazarian says he has three letters to say and he gets everyone to say SCU.

Match Number One:  SCU (Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, and Scorpio Sky) versus Strong Hearts (Cima, T-Hawk, and Lindaman)

Cima and Daniels start things off.  They shake hands and they lock up.  Daniels with a side head lock.  Cima with a wrist lock take down.  Cima with a side head lock and they go back and forth with shoulder tackles until Daniels takes Cima down.  Daniels with an arm drag but Cima with an arm drag.  They each go for an arm drag but both go to a stalemate.  Kazarian and Hawk tag in and Kazarian with a side head lock.  Hawk with a wrist lock.  Kazarian with a reversal.  Kazarian blocks a hip toss and Kazarian with a fireman's carry for a near fall.  Kazarian with a short arm clothesline for a near fall.

Hawk chops Kazarian and Hawk with a shoulder tackle.  Hawk with a waist lock and Kazarian with an elbow.  Sky tags in and hits a drop kick.  Sky goes for a suplex but Hawk blocks it and Sky with a waist lock.  Hawk catches Sky on a leap frog attempt and hits a power bomb for a near fall.  Daniels and Kazarian are knocked off the apron.  Lindaman tags in and they hit a double back elbow and Lindaman with a splash for a near fall.  Sky with an elbow and forearms.  Daniels holds Sky on the ropes and Sky with a slam.  Daniels with a slingshot elbow drop and Kazarian with a slingshot leg drop.  Cima and Hawk are knocked off the apron.  Sky with an elbow to LIndaman and Daniels with a leg sweep and Kazarian with a hesitation drop kick for a near fall.

Daniels tags in and he punches Lindaman.  Kazarian with a neck breaker and Daniels gets a near fall.  Lindaman holds on to the ropes.  Lindaman sends Daniels into the ropes and Cima with a springboard knee drop to the back.  Hawk tags in and he is sent into the turnbuckles but Hawk with a drop kick to Sky's knees and Hawk chops Kazarian off the turnbuckles.  Cima with a running double knee strike to Daniels.  Hawk with punches to Daniels.  Cima tags in and Hawk with a snap mare and Cima with a slingshot senton.  Sky is held back by the rferee and Daniels is given a double back elbow.  Daniels is sent to the mat and Hawk and Cima with a double drop kick.

Lindaman tags in and he kicks Daniels and connects with a forearm.  Daniels with elbows and forearms.  Lindaman with a jaw breaker and he knocks Sky and Kazarian down in the corner.  Lindaman sends Daniels into Hawk's boot.  Hawk tags in.  They Irish whip Daniels adn Lindaman with a splash and Hawk with a hip toss.  Cima and Lindaman with a double drop kick while Hawk has Daniels in a leg submission.  Sky hits Hawk to break up the hold.  Daniels lands on his feet on a suplex attempt and hits an STO.  Sky and Lindaman tag in and Sky with clotheslines to Lindaman and a back elbow to Hawk.  Sky with a double stomp to Cima's back.  Sky with an elbow to Lindaman and then Hawk with a knee and Cima with an enzuigiri.  Lindaman with a German suplex on Sky for a near fall.

Lindaman with a slam and he goes to the turnbuckles but Daniels grabs the leg.  Lindaman with a sunset flip but Sky rolls through and hits a drop kick.  CIma and Kazarian tag in and Kazarian with elbows and a spinning heel kick.  Kazarian with a neck breaker to Hawk.  Kazarian with an O'Connor Roll to Cima and hits a Northern Lights suplex on Hawk for a near fall.  Deniels tags in and hits a stomp from the turnbuckles and htis a suicide dive on Lindaman.  Cima drop kicks Kazarian and then he hits a MIchinoku Driver.  Sky is tripped by Lindaman and he hits a drop kiick.  Kazarian with a shoulder and slingshot DDT.  Hawk sends Kazarian to the floor and they Daniels and Hawk with clotheslines at the same time.

Daniels gets to his feet to stop the count.  Daniels with a forearm and Hawk with punches.  Daniels hits Angel's Wings but he does not realize Lindaman tagged in and he hits a deadlift German suplex for a near fall.  Cima with Meteora and Lindaman gets a near fall.  Cima is sent to the apron and Kazarian with a guillotine leg drop.  Kazarian with a head scissors to Hawk on the floor.  Sky with a flip dive onto Hawk and Cima.  Lindaman with a kick and Irish whip to Daniels.  Kazarian gets Lindaman up for the Best Meltzer Ever and the three count.

Winners:  SCU

Allie joins the announce team.

Match Number Two:  Britt Baker versus Nyla Rose versus Kylie Rae

Before the match starts, Brandi Rhodes comes out and she is in wrestling gear.  Brandi says don't look confused and look at her like she lied to you.  When she said each of you could win this match, she meant it.  When she said this Triple Threat match could be a great match, she meant it.  Brandi says she wants a match that is awesome.

Match Number Two:  Britt Baker versus Nyla Rose versus Kylie Rae versus Awesome Kong

The bell rings and Rose and Kong go face to face.  Rae and Baker go after Kong and it has no effect.  Kong with a spinning back fist and kick to Rose to send Rose to the floor.  Rae goes for a sleeper but Kong with a snap mare.  Kong slams Baker onto Rae. Kong misses a splash and then she goes to the floor when Baker moves.  Rae with a rollup for a near fall.  Rae with a shoulder tackle and Rose is knocked off the apron.  Rae with a rolling senton and Baker gets a near fall with a rollup.  Baker with a Japanese arm drag.  Rae with a forearm and Baker fires back.  Rae with an Irish whip and misses a splash into the corner.  Baker with a cross body off the apron onto Kong but Kong catches Baker.  Rae with a suicide dive to take Kong and Baker down.

Rose gets a near fall on Rae.  Rose with a leg drop for a near fall.  Rae with forearms to Rose's back.  Rose with a spinebuster.  Rose gets a near fall.  Rose goes for a power bomb but pushes Rae way when Baker gets back in the ring and Baker with Slingblade for a near fall.  Baker kicks Kong back to the floor and then Rose with a forearm to Baker and a Samoan drop.  Baker is kicked to the floor and Rose kicks Rae and goes for a power bomb but Rae with punches and a sunset flip for a near fall when Baker breaks up the cover.  Baker with an Irish whip to Rae and follows with a knee but Rose with a splash on both.  Rose slams Rae.  

Rose goes to the turnbuckles but Baker with a forearm to stop Rose.  Rae goes to the turnbuckles as well for a double superplex.  Kong gets back into the ring for the Tower of Doom.  Kong goes to the floor after Baker.  Kong sets for a power bomb but Baker escapes and Kong with a spinning back fist to Baker.  Kong sets for a power bomb on the apron but Baker escapes and hits a super kick.  Rae kicks Kong off the apron and Rose spears Kong into the ring steps.  

Baker with a rollup on Rae for a near fall.  Rae with a hip toss and rolls through for a thrust kick.  Rae with a waist lock but Baker with elbows and a standing switch.  Baker with a forearm and a swinging neck breaker for a near fall.  Rae blocks a super kick from Baker and Rae with a German suplex for a near fall.  Baker with a super kick and shoulder breaker for the three count.

Winner:  Britt Baker

We take a look at Kenny Omega in the back.

We also see Chris Jericho in the back.

Match Number Three:  Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent) versus Angelico and Jack Evans

Evans and Trent start things off and Evans with a side head lock.  Evans holds on to the side head lock.  Evans goes for shoulder tackles but he bounces off Trent.  Trent with a shoulder tackle to show Evans how it is done.  Taylor tags in and he hits a drop kick.  Taylor kicks Angelico and then Trent and Taylor with forearms into opposite corners.  Trent and Taylor go for a hug but Angelico and Evans with drop kicks to the back.  Angelico and Evans kick Trent and they Irish whip Trent into the corner.  Evans with an elbow into the corner and then he hits a stomp to the chest when Trent was on Angelico's shoulder.

Angelico and Evans with kicks to Trent.  They hit a modified dream sequence and then Evans is flipped onto Trent with help from Angelico for a near fall.  Angelico tags in and hits a back elbow.  Angelico with a slam and then he applies a single leg crab.  Angelico runs into boots from Trent and Trent gets a near fall.  Evans kicks Trent and then knocks Taylor off the apron.  Evans tags in and they Irish whip Trent and Trent is on the turnbuckles and then he falls to the mat.  Trent with a clothesline to flip Evans.  Taylor tags in and he clotheslines Evans and hits a back elbow.

Taylor with a drop kick and Angelico tags in and connects with a knee.  They Irish whip Taylor and Angelico hits the turnbuckles when Taylor floats over.  Taylor sends Evans into Angelico in the corner and then Taylor with a Falcon Arrow and he gets a near fall.  Taylor with an Irish wip and Evans sends Chuck to the apron.  Taylor with an Asai DDT to Angelico on the floor.  Taylor goes to the turnbuckles but avoids Evans.  Taylor with a double stomp to Angelico's back.  Trent with a tornado DDT on Evans.  Taylor with a double stomp onto Evans' back for a near fall. 

Trent tags in and Evans with a jaw breaker to Taylor.  Evans kicks Trent away and hits a Pele Kick.  Taylor with a knee to Evans and Trent with a flying boot to Evans.  Taylor with Sole Foot and Trent with a half and half suplex to Angelico.  Trent and Taylor hug Taylor with a crucifix toss into a cutter from Trent for a near fall.  Evan with a reverse Yoshi Tonic to Trent followed by a spinning heel kick to Trent.  Angelico sends Evans onto Trent for a near fall.

Taylor holds Angelico and Evans comes off Trent's back for a moonsault onto Taylor on the floor.  Trent jumps into the corner but is met with a knee from Angelico.  Angelico with a Crucifix Buckle Bomb followed by a 630 splash from Evans but Taylor breaks up the cover.  Taylor with forearms to Angelico but Angelico with a knee.  Taylor is sent to the floor.  Trent with an inside cradle for a near fall on Evans.  Angelico punches Trent and Trent is sent into the turnbuckles.  

Angelico misses a pescado on Taylor.  They hit a Doomsday Knee on Evans and Taylor with a flip dive onto Angelico.  Trent gets Evans up for Strong Zero and the three count.

Winners:  Best Friends

After the match, Angelico is reluctant to shake hands but they all hug.

The lights go out.

The Super Smash Brothers appear in the ring

The lights go back on

The lights go out again.

The lights come back on and there are masked men around the ring and they pull Trent and Angelico to the floor.

They hit a twisting Flatliner on Evans and then a back breaker on Angelico.  They take care of Trent.

The lights go out again.

All Out is announced for August 31 at the Sears Center.

Match Number Four:  Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki, and Emi Sakura versus Hikaru Shida, Riho Abe, and Ryo Mizunami

Shida and Yuka start things off and Yuki stops Shida and tells her to look at something but Shida does not do it and she misses.  Shida misses a kick and Kong and Ryo tag in.  They lock up and Kong pushes Ryo away.  They lock up and Ryo tries to move Kong and Kong does not budge and she backs Ryo against the ropes.  Kong with a chop and Ryo goes for a shoulder tackle but Kong does not move.  Ryo tries a few more times and has the same result.  Ryo finally takes Kong down.  Kong iwth slaps to Ryo.  Kong with a double sledge to Ryo.  Riho and Sakura tag in and they go for a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock.  Riho bridges and gains the advantage.  Riho with a satellite rollup for a near fall.  Sakura with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker.  Yuka tags in and she hits a seated splash.

Yuka with a head scissors take down.  Riho with an Irish whip and Yuka with a boot.  Yuka with a drop kick for a near fall.  Yuka with a slam and Sakura tags in.  Sakura with Mongolian chops and she toss Riho by the hair.  Saukra with a surfboard and she tosses Riho away.  Kong tags in and snap mares Riho and kicks her in the back.  Riho with forearms and Kong with a head butt.  Kong iwth a slam to Riho followed by an elbow drop for a near fall.  Sakura and Yuka hold Ryo and Shida aside.  Kong with a piledriver for a near fall when the cover is broken up.  Yuka tags in and gets a near fall.

Riho with a rollup and double stomp.  Ryo tags in and she hits shoulder tackles but then she tries it on Kong.  Ryo with a spear to Kong.  Ryo chops Yuka.  Ryo with rapid fire chops followed by an Irish whip and running forearm into the corner.  Ryo with a running clothesline into the corner Yuka blocks a uranage but Ryo with a German suplex and clothesline.  Riho and Kong tag in and Riho with a head scissors take down followed by a Tiger Feint Kick.  Riho comes off the turnbuckles and is met with a kick from Kong.  Kong with a back drop driver for a near fall.  Kong misses an elbow drop off the turnbuckles. 

Shida tags in and she goes for a suplex but Kong blocks it.  Shida with an enzuigiri and Sakura with a knee to Shida's back.  Kong misses Shida with the can and Shida grabs the kendo stick.  Shida hits the can a few times.  Kong hits Shida in the knee and head with the can.  Sakura tags in and she hits a cross body into the corner and hits a butterfly back breaker.  Shida with a forearm and Sakura with a forearm.  They go back and forth with forearms.  Sakura with a chop and Shida with a knee and Riho with a knee to the back.  Shida sends Sakura into the turnbuckles and then sets for a Gorilla superplex.  Ryo with a leg drop from the turnbuckles but Yuka breaks up the cover.

 Riho with a knee to Yuka.  Kong with a chop and a double suplex to Riho and Ryo.  Yuka with a cross body onto Riho and Ryo.  Kong with a brainbuster to Shida and Sakura goes up top and hits a moonsault for a near fall even though the bell rings.  Sakura goes for a butterfly driver.  Kong with a back fist that hits Sakura by accident.  Shida with a flying knee for the three count.

Winners:  Hikaru Shida, Riho Abe, and Ryo Mizunami

Match Number Five:  Cody versus Dustin Rhodes

Brandi goes under the ring and gives Cody a sledgehammer and Cody goes up the ramp and destroys the throne on the stage.

Both men show the emotion from the Dusty chants before locking up.  They lock up and Cody sends Dustin to the mat.  Cody with a drop down uppercut and he sends Dustin to the floor.  Cody with a suicide dive.  Cody with a forearm to the back and then he sends Dustin back into the ring but Dustin spins on the apron and kicks Cody.  Dustin with a cannonball off the apron and they return to teh ring.

Dustin with a bulldog and then he climbs the turnbuckles and punches Cody.  Dustin with jabs and then he goes for a Bionic double sledge but Cody goes to the floor.  Cody goes into the crowd to calm things down.  Dustin holds on to the ropes on an O'Connor Roll and Brandi throws a beverage in Dustin's face.  Cody with a cutter for a near fall.  Cody with a seated abdominal stretch.  Cody with a dragon screw leg whip for a near fall.  Dustin with punches but Cody with a kick.  Dustin with an Irish whip and Cody floats over and Dustin goes into the turnbuckles. 

Cody with a power slam for a near fall.  Dustin with clotheslines and a drop down punch and boot to the head.  Cody with an Irish whip and he misses a splash into the corner.  Dustin with a punch and then he puts Cody in the ropes.  Cody removes the turnbuckle pad and tosses it at Dustin.  Dustin throws the pad into the crowd and Cody sends Dustin into the exposed turnbuckle.  Cody kicks Dustin in the corner and Dustin falls to the floor.

Brandi with a spear to Dustin and Cody says he did not approve of that.  Brandi is sent to the back by the referee.  

Diamond Dallas Page comes out and carries Brandi to the back.

Dustin is bleeding from the forehead and Cody punches Dustin in the wounded forehead.  Cody sends Dustin into the ring.  Cody takes some of Dustin's blood and wipes it on his chest.  Cody with a boot and he gets a near fall.  Cody punches Dustin and kicks him in the head.  Dustin misses a punch and falls to the mat.  Cody with a drop kick.  Cody gets a near fall.  Cody with a punch to the forehead.  Cody kicks Dustin in the corner.  Cody with more punches to Dustin's forehead.  Cody with a hard Irish whip.  Dustin with an Irish whip but Cody holds on to the turnbuckles and avoids a punch.  Cody with a curb stomp for a near fall.  

Cody goes to the turnbuckles and htis a double sledge to Dustin.  Dustin avoids Cody off the turnbuckles and Dustin with a power slam for a near fall.  Cody with a figure four leg lock.  Dustin tries to roll over to reverse the hold but Cody blocks it.  Dustin is able to reverse the hold.  Cody rolls to the ropes and the hold is released.  Cody takes off his weight belt and he is going to whip Dustin with it.  The referee takes the belt and Dustin with an atomic drop.  Dustin pulls down Cody's tights and hits him in the rear end with the belt. Dustin with Code Red for a near fall.

Dustin puts Cody on the turnbuckles and punches Cody.  Dustin with a superplex and Dustin follows with Final Cut for the three count.  Cody with a low blow and Beautiful Disaster followed by CrossRhodes for a near fall.   Dustin with a head butt and Dustin with CrossRhodes and Cody kicks out.  Dustin and Cody exchange punches.  Cody with a kick and drop down uppercut.  Dustin with a kick and drop down punch.  Cody with a bicycle kick and Dustin with a slingblade variation but Cody gets a near fall.  Cody with a Kudo Driver.  Cody stops the referee from making the ten count for Dustin.  Cody with CrossRhodes for the three count.

Winner:  Cody


After the match, Cody returns to the ring and he takes the mic.

Cody says you don't get to retire here.  Cody has a favor for Dustin.  In front of God and the whole world.  Before AEW was a thing.  It was him, Kenny, Matt, Nick, and it was Tony.  He put his name on a match for Fight of the Fallen.  It was him and a partner of his choosing against the Young Bucks.  Cody says he doesn't need a partner.  He does not need a friend.  He needs a brother.

Dustin and Cody hug.

The announcers talk about the AEW title.  

We see highlights from the Battle Royal on the Buy In Show when Adam Page earned a title match against the winner of the Kenny Omega/Chris Jericho match.

We go to Jack Whitehall in the ring and he introduces Bret Hart to present the AEW World Championship Belt.  

Bret says it is great to be back in Las Vegas.  He defended the World Title here 26 years ago.  It is great to be here to tonight.  He says he wants to thank AEW to be the first presenter of the title belt.  He brings out Adam Page.  

Maxwell Jacob Friedman makes his way to the stage.  Maxwell says you are looking at the youngest and fastest rising star in wrestling today.  Maxwell makes a comment about someone coming up behind Bret.  Maxwell says you boo him because you are jealous.  You are jealous that you are looking at the quintesential future of AEW.  You are jealous that you are looking at the future face of this company because a horse cannot be the face of this company.

Maxwell says that as strong or fast a race horse is, do you know what happens when they have a bum leg.  They become as useful as these white trash hicks so you take them around back and blow their stupid little brains out.  How about you do the right thing and save the agony of him coming into the ring to beat him to a pulp.   We know you got a fluke victory.  How about you relinquish your title shot for a real man.  He tells Bret he is going to be the best there is, the best there was . . . that catchphrase sucks.  Why not give up your title shot because he is better than you.

Page misses with a punch and he tells Seabiscuit to take it easy.

Jungle Boy comes out behind Friedman and he tells him to get back to the ring.  

Maxwell says he is busy and it was a good chat.

Jimmy Havoc's music plays and Friedman is not sure what to do.  

Friedman tries to talk to Page to get out of this but he backs into Havoc and Jungle Boy.  

Friedman tries to punch Jungle Boy but he blocks the punch.  Jungle Boy and Havoc punch Friedman.  Page sends Friedman into the crowd and Havoc and Jungle Boy go after him.

We see Bret holding the belt over his head.  

Match Number Six:  AAA Tag Title Match: The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) versus The Lucha Bros (Pentgaon Jr. and Rey Fenix)

Pentagon and Matt start things off.  They have some words before locking up.  Pentagon removes his glove and Matt stops Pentagon from saying Cero Miedo.  Pentagon goes for the Penta Driver but Matt escapes.  Fenix tags in and Matt wants to stay in.  Matt with a kick and side head lock.  Nick makes the tag and Matt almost bumps into Nick.  Matt and Nick iwth a slingshot but Fenix counters with a double arm drag that sends them to the floor. 

Nick with a single leg take down and Fenix with a handspring flip and he lands on his feet.  Fenix goes to the floor and Nick goes to the apron and misses a thrust kick on the apron.  Nick and Fenix miss super kicks and round kicks.  They push each other on the ramp.  They go back into the ring and Nick with a shoudler tackle but Fenix stays on his feet.  Fenix goes for a shoulder tackle but Nick stays on his feet.  Fenix with a chop and Nick chops back.  Nick with forearms and Fenix with a rolling drop kick and then Matt is sent into the turnbuckles and Pentagon with a kick and Fenix with a forearm.  Fenix and Pentagon with a double super kick.  Nick gets a super kick from Pentagon and Fenix.  Pentagon with slingblade.  Fenix hits a Victory Bomb of Pentagon onto Nick for a near fall.

Nick with a round kick to Pentagon and Nick with a head scissors and arm drag on Pentagon and Fenix.  Matt tags in and flips over Pentagon and clotheslines Fenix.  Matt with a clothesline to Pentagon.  Matt sends Pentagon into the turnbuckles.  Matt drops Fenix from a military press and spears Pentagon.  Nick tags in and he hits a double sledge off the turnbuckles.  Matt tags in and hits a double sledge to the arm.  Nick tags back in and comes off the turnbuckles but Pentagon pulls Matt into the way and Nick with a double stomp to Matt.  Nick kicks Pentagon.

Matt tags back in.  Matt and Nick kick Pentagon and Nick with a head scissors to Pentagon.  Nick drop kicks Fenix off the apron.  Matt punches Pentagon.  Matt with an Irish whip but Pentagon floats over.  Nick runs into Matt and Pentagon monkey flips Nick into Matt.  Fenix tags in and he misses a splash into the corner.  Nick is crotched and then he kicks Nick and htis a springboard rana on Nick.  Fenix with a rolling cutter for a near fall.  Fenix chops Matt against the ropes.  Fenix tags Pentagon in and Pentagon kicks Matt in the leg.  Pentagon with more kicks to the leg.  

Pentagon with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot.  Matt with a cutter in the corner and both men are down.  Fenix tags in and he kicks Nick off the apron and Matt with a Northern Lights suplex into a second one and then he rolls through into a third one.  Matt rolls through into a Sharpshooter but Matt with a Northern Lights suplex to Pentagon.  Nick tags in and he clotheslines Fenix and then kicks Pentagon on the apron.  Nick with a slingshot X Factor to Fenix followed by a moonsault off the apron to Pentagon.    Nick with a running knee to Fenix in the corner followed by a bulldog to Fenix and clothesline to Pentagon.

Matt tags in and they pull Fenix and Pentagon down and hit a double sunset flip into stereo sharpshooters.  Fenix and Pentagon get to the ropes to force a break.  Nick with a springboard 450 to a hanging Fenix for a near fall.  Matt sends Pentagon to the floor.  Matt sets for a buckle bomb and Nick with an enzuigiri.  Nick tags in and they hit a Shiranui and Power bomb combination for a near fall.  Pentagon chops Matt and Nick even if he is not the legal man.  Matt with a super kick followed by one from Fenix.  Nick with a super kick and Pentagon with one too.  Pentagon and Matt with clotheslines and both men are down.

Matt and Pentagon are on the apron and Pentagon with a kick to the leg.  Matt with a punch.  Pentagon with more kicks and Matt with more punches.  Both with boots and both are down on the apron.  Fenix with a forearm to NIck and Nick sends Fenix to the apron.  Fenix with a kick to Nick from the apron and Pentagon with a Destroyer off Fenix's back to Matt and Fenix with a Destroyer to Nick for a near fall.  Fenix with a splash off Pentagon's shoulders onto Matt and Nick on the floor.  Pentagon with a Gory Special to Matt and hit hits a package pile driver onto Nick.  Fenix with a senton for a near fall.  

Pentagon tags in and he attempts to hyperextend the arm and shoulder.  Matt kicks Pentagon and he tags in.  Matt with a Tiger suplex and Matt and Nick with a double super kick to Fenix.  Matt with a Yakuza kick to Fenix and then he puts Fenix on the turnbuckles.  Matt sets for a superplex but Matt hits a turnbuckle brainbuster.  Matt and Nick go for More Bang for Your Buck and hit it but Pentagon kicks out.  Matt goes for a package piledriver and hits it while Nick hits a double stomp and Nick with a dive onto Fenix while Matt gets a near fall.  They set for a Meltzer Driver but Fenix stops Nick.  Pentagon pulls at the arm and then he hits the Pentagon Driver for a near fall.  Fenix tags in and he hits a super kick on Matt.  Fenix with another super kick.  Fenix with an arm wringer and a super kick to the arm pit.  Fenix with a chop as he puts Matt on the turnbuckles.  Fenix charges at Matt and Matt gets Fenix up and Nick gets to the apron for the Meltzer Driver for the three count.

Winners:  The Young Bucks (retain Championship)


Match Number Seven:  Chris Jericho versus Kenny Omega (Winner Wrestles for AEW Championship against Adam Page)

Jericho argues with the referee to remove the cracker barrel from the ring.

They lock up and Omega backs Jericho into the corner but Jericho gets out of the corner and he pie faces Omega.  Omega slaps Jericho.  Jericho with a side head lock and Jericho with a shoulder tackle.  Omega with chops.  Jericho misses a chop in the corner and Omega with punches and an Irish whip.  Omega runs into an elbow and then Omega goes for a V Trigger but hits the turnbuckles when Jericho moves.  Jericho with chops.  Jericho kicks Omega and Omega goes for a rana but Jericho counters into a Walls of Jericho but Omega gets to the ropes.  Jericho with a baseball slide to Omega.

Jericho sends Omega into the announce table and then he rings the bell as he sends Omega into the table.  Omega and Jericho exchange chops and forearms.  Omega slams Jericho onto the timekeeper's table.  Jericho with forearms.  Jericho Irish whips Omega into the guardrails but Omega stops and goes to the guardrails but Jericho pushes Omega into the front row.  Jericho takes the camera and films Omega but Omega spits a liquid in Jericho's face and Omega with a jumping side kick.  Omega with an elbow as they return to the ring.  Omega with chops.  Omega gets Jericho on his shoulders and Omega with a Finlay Slam followed by a moonsault for a near fall.

Jericho sends Omega into the turnbuckles.  Omega tells the referee about his eye and Jericho kicks Omega.  Jericho with a face wash.  Jericho with chops.  Omega with a chop and Jericho chops back.  Omega with an Irish whip and he runs into a boot.  Jericho with a missile drop kick for a near fall.  Jericho punches Omega in the head.  Omega chops Jericho.  Jericho with a punch and Omega with chops.  Omega with chops and Jericho with a clothesline.  Omega and Jericho exchange punches and Omega with a rana.  Omega clotheslines Jericho over the top rope to the floor.  

Jericho gets a table from under the ring.  Omega goes for a suicide dive and Omega sees the table so Omega with a baseball slide into the table followed by a plancha onto Jericho holding the table.  Omega drops the table onto Jericho.  Omega with a springboard double stomp on to the table on top of Jericho.  Omga sets up the table on the floor.  Omega sends Jericho face first into the mat and gets a near fall.  Omega with a spinning heel kick to the back of the head and then he goes for a V Trigger to the back of the head against the turnbuckles.  

Omega puts Jericho on the turnbuckles and sets for a belly-to-back superplex but Jericho blocks it.  Jericho knocks Omega off the turnbuckles.  Omega goes for a Dragon Superplex but Jericho with elbows to stop Omega.  Omega with a belly-to-back superplex and both are down.  Omega gets a near fall.   Omega runs into a back elbow and Jericho with a Lionsault onto Omega's knees.  Omega with a V Trigger and sets for One Winged Angel but Jericho escapes and hits a German suplex.  Jericho with a Lionsault.  Jericho with another Lionsault for a near fall.  Omega blocks a Codebreaker and Omega with a V Trigger.  Omega goes for a Tiger Driver but Jericho blocks it and Omega is back dropped over the top rope through the table on the floor.  

Omega struggles to get up and he gets to the apron.  Jericho punches Omega and Omega fires back.  They go back and forth.  Omega with a head butt and Jericho with a punch and springboard drop kick.  Jericho sends Omega into the turnbuckles and then he sets up for a superplex but Omega blocks it.  Omega punches Jericho off the turnbuckles to the mat.  Omega goes off the turnbuckles and is met with a Codebreaker.  Jericho gets a near fall.  Jericho slaps Omega and punches him.  Omega with a punch.  Omega with a Dragon suplex.  Omega follows with another Dragon suplex.  

Omega sets for a third Dragon suplex but he turns it into a V Trigger.  Jericho rolls through and goes for the Liontamer but Omega powers out of the hold.  Omega with a kick and power bomb for a near fall.  Omega sets for a V Trigger and he hits it but does not hit it perfectly so Jericho is able to apply a Liontamer.  Omega gets close to the ropes but Jericho pulls Omega into the center of the ring and puts his knee in Omega's back.  Omega rolls over and kicks Jericho.  Omega with a discus punch and Omega with a V Trigger.  Omega goes for One Winged Angel but Jericho counters with a DDT but Omega gets a near fall.  

Jericho with an enzuigiri and then he knees Omega in the head.  Omega stops Jericho on a springboard move and he tries for One Winged Angel but Jericho counters into a DDT.  Jericho with a Codebreaker.  Jericho hits Judas Effect for the three count.

Winner:  Chris Jericho

After the match, Jericho has the mic.  He asks if you want to boo him after that.  Jericho says he does not care.  He says he got the crap kicked out of him but he is smart enough to know that his time is now.  For months, he has been saying that Chris Jericho is AEW.  This is not a company for the fans.  This is a company for him.  To prove to you the name value of Chris Jericho.  We got a company, a fancy logo, a TV deal, we sold 13,000 tickets in 14 minutes.  That happened because of him.  He says when he beat Kenny Omega he was going to demand one thing from all of you and from AEW.  Jericho says he is demanding a thank you.

Jon Moxley makes his way through the crowd and into the ring but Jericho does not realize it until he is in the ring.  Jericho wants to know what is he doing here.  Moxley kicks Jericho and hits Future Shock on Jericho.  Moxley with a kick to the referee and he hits Future Shock.

Moxley stands over Omega and he picks Kenny up.  Moxley kicks Omega and goes for Future Shock but Omega sends Moxley through the ropes to the floor.  They fight into the crowd.  Omega and Moxley fight to the back and Omega hits Moxley in the back with a chair.  Omega sends Moxley onto the stage area and they fight onto the poker chips.  Moxley with knees and Future Shock.  Moxley gives Omega a Death Valley Driver onto the stage.  

We go to credits.

Mike Johnson filed the following live news and notes:

After Double or Nothing went off the air, Cody, The Young Bucks, Hangman Page and Matt Jackson’s wife Dana came out.  They helped Kenny Omega up.  Cody cut a great promo saying this was a family and that if the fans would follow them where they go, they promised to never let the fans down. Omega, joking that he likely needed medical attention, did his goodbye line.

The promotion was absolutely ecstatic about the way their first PPV went down.  AEW President Tony Khan said that he felt it was one of the all-time best PPVs and that when they get to weekly TV, it’s going to be a “better quality of life” for wrestling fans as they want to make shows that are fun and not a chore to watch.

On the segment where Cody destroyed what was obviously supposed to be a replica of Triple H’s throne on the PPV, Khan said that at the end of the day, they are just trying to create the best show possible and if creating a sense of competition assisted that, it was a good thing.

Bret Hart slipped down the stairs as he was returning backstage and fell but was said to be OK after.  The belief was that since Hart returned a different way than he entered the entrance stage, he missed a step and fell.

As noted in the press release issued by AEW, Jon Moxley will be with the company full-time.  Tony Khan stated after the show he will be doing some select indy dates until the TV show launches.  Khan said that once Moxley was free contractually, he approached Khan and they worked out a deal.  Moxley's official in-ring debut will be at Fyter Fest in Daytona Beach, Florida on Saturday 6/29. 

Chris Jericho vs. Hangman Page will determine the first AEW Champion.  Tony Khan declined to comment on when that match will take place.

Mike Tyson was backstage at the show.

JWOW of the Jersey Shore was also at the show.

Tony Khan’s father Shad Khan was sitting ringside during the PPV.  Noelle Foley was sitting in the front row.

Among those at the show were Kelly Klein, Tracy Brooks, Scarlet Bordeaux, Killer Kross and Bill Apter.

The team that attacked the Best Friends were Canadian stars the Super Smash Brothers.   Since they weren’t identified on the PPV, it’s always possible they are getting a new persona.

There was a lot of excitement about the TNT deal backstage among the wrestlers.

The Young Bucks vs. Cody & Dustin Rhodes will take place at the Fight for the Fallen event in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Dustin Rhodes commented on how he was feeling after his match with Cody, writing:

Mark Henry was backstage doing interviews for SiriusXM's Busted Open.

The 8/31 All Out event will be held at the Sears Center in Chicago, IL.

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