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By Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson & Richard Trionfo on 2015-05-16 13:30:22

Here is the current card for Payback, which will take place on Sunday night from Baltimore, Maryland, along with out thoughts on what will happen.

WWE World Title Match: Seth Rollins versus Randy Orton versus Dean Ambrose versus Roman Reigns in a Fatal Four Way Match

Dave: I think it’s a good thing that they added Ambrose and Reigns to the match. Through no fault of their own, there wasn’t much buzz for Rollins vs. Orton three weeks ago. It wouldn’t have suddenly turned around for this show. The story is that the deck is stacked against Rollins so that usually means he will win in WWE booking. And honestly, he should. It’s too soon to take it off him and too soon to put it on Reigns. Ambrose is a wild card, but since he beat Rollins once, I don’t see that happening again. I see Kane doing what he has to do to help Rollins retain. And they had BETTER not turn Ambrose and/or Reigns. That would be beyond stupid if they did.

Mike: To me, the key to peaking interest here was adding Dean Ambrose to the main event. He was flailing even though the audience wanted him to be a player. Adding him brings a nice level of danger in that "we don't know which way things can go" sort of way. I just hope he isn't there to take the loss. I expect the match to be very good and it's interesting to see the first ever battle of the Shield isn't even being promoted as such. I don't see a title change here, but do expect a lot of Kane vs. Rollins stuff, including the potential babyface turn for Kane. I'll be surprised if they aren't wrestling at the Elimination Chamber. My gut here is Rollins retains.

Richard: I am glad that they are giving Ambrose a world title opportunity but I am afraid he was added to the match only to keep Reigns or Orton from being pinned in the match. While I don’t expect the Shield to reunite, it would be fun to see all three work together against Orton (maybe the return of the Cerberus Bomb?). They have done a good job to make it look like Ambrose has the advantage over the last week. This should be a solid match and everyone should be able to get their offense in and look strong at the end of the night (as much as Rollins needing help to win one more time can make you look strong). Kane’s job is on the line so I expect to see him actually help Rollins even though he stood there with a chair on Raw. What will Kane’s reward be? How about a title match at the Elimination Chamber Network Per View?

WWE United States Title Match: John Cena versus Rusev in an I Quit Match

Dave: One thing that can’t do is have Cena cleanly make Rusev quit. If they do, Rusev is done. That isn’t to say he won’t have a role, but the fans will never believe he is any more than a mid card guy, just like they now feel about Bray Wyatt. I would hate to see them do the “Lana plays audio of Cena quitting” finish, but if it is the only way Rusev can win in Vince’s eyes, it beats the alternative. I could also see a scenario where Cena somehow quits to save Lana some way (though I don’t see it being a physical situation, and it shouldn’t be). With all that said, it’s just hard for me to believe that Rusev wins here, which is sad.

Mike: This feud has lost so much steam. Cena is already on to the open challenges, which have been a far more interesting use of him than anything in the last few months. Rusev has lost his teeth as I don't think anyone believes he has a chance of beating Cena. My guess is that neither will quit and we'll see Rusev "black out" in the STF, losing his mind over it and setting the stage for Lana to reveal she's really American and turning babyface.

Richard: After watching Smackdown, we saw the “John Cena saying I Quit” video montage that could be used to screw Cena out of the title, but with Lana reacting to the crowd as well as the way she has been treated by Rusev, I could see her turning the tables and finding a clip of Rusev saying ?I Quit? and playing it for the referee to end the match. Of course this is wrestling where we have seen women ready to turn only to be part of a devious plot. Since he has been having very entertaining matches on Raw each week, I want to see Cena win to see what matches we can get, but a Rusev loss could put him on the Trans-Siberian Railway to the gulags. Regardless of the result, I hope we get a good brawl to set up the goofy finish.

WWE Tag Title Match: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro versus The New Day in a Two out of Three Fall Match

Dave: I see this one going three falls, with a lot of really good wrestling. New Day is getting over in their heel role so they use the 3 on 2 advantage to win and retain the belts.  

Mike: Way too soon to take the belts off New Day. I love the idea of the Best of Three Falls match here but expect they will rush through the falls at hyper-speed. The tag champions will retain, but if this is given time, it could be a real highlight of the show.

Richard: The last time we had a two out of three falls tag title match was Battleground and I was lucky enough to see that match live and it was the best match on that PPV. I would love to see the New Day use the “Freebird Rule” and switch up the team between falls to keep them fresh and allow for an unfair advantage. They have had great tag matches, but the singles matches have not been on the same level because they have not been given time to develop. The New Day promos have been great and the way that Kidd and Cesaro mock the cadence of the chant to time their kicks to “New . . . Day Sucks? is genius. I will be happy with the result regardless of the winner if they are given the chance to showcase what they can do. I hope this match gets close to 20 minutes and we get a lengthy Giant Swing spot as well as at least ten Irish whips and European uppercuts from Cesaro (that the crowd will know to count like punches in the corner). It is a FACT that the New Day Rocks.

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella versus Naomi and Tamina Snuka

Dave: If they want to get any traction here, the need to have the heels go over (though I still find it hilarious that the Bellas are suddenly babyfaced even though there was never an explanation for it). Naomi and Tamina need to get the beat down on the Bellas to build sympathy for the sisters to get their heat back, and also to set up viable contenders to the Divas Title.

Mike: I expect this will be the segment where Paige returns, likely hitting the ring to save a Bella from a beatdown. Before that, the most logical thing would be for Naomi to pin Nikki, so she reinforces her "claim" to the title.

Richard: Naomi has a new attitude and new music but does that mean the women who are related by marriage can beat the women who are related by blood at Payback? If Naomi and Tamina can win and get the pin on Nikkik they move into the number one contender spot . . . or does Paige move back into that spot? It does not help that we have Sasha Banks versus Becky Lynch three days after this one.

Neville versus Wade Barrett

Dave: While Barrett isn’t exactly scorched Earth, he has not been booked well of late. Neville has lost too much as well, but his have been really good, close matches against Seth Rollins and the DQ win over John Cena. Neville has not been ruined yet by the booking yet. The right decision is to have him go over Barrett and allow Creative to give him more of a push and see where it goes. Neville is so good that he can get over with his work alone if need be.  

Mike: I am with Dave here. Neville getting the win here is a smart idea, as it avenges the King of the Ring loss and gives them a chance to continue the series.

Richard: This has been a good feud and we have been able to see Neville have some success against a larger opponent, but this is the fourth or fifth time in a month that we have seen this match. I think these are two of the six men who will battle for the Intercontinental Title inside the Elimination Chamber. I expect a good match from these two since we haven’t seen a bad match from them. I want to see Neville attempt the Red Arrow only to fall victim to the BullHammer as the King reigns supreme over his subject.

Sheamus versus Dolph Ziggler

Dave: Ziggler won the first one on PPV so it looks like Sheamus will win this one to tie it up. Sheamus will use chicanery to get the victory.

Mike: There's a ton of talk that Sheamus ends up with the Intercontinental title, so my guess here is Ziggler gets the win as WWE loves to have their champions losing right before they get the belts.

Richard: Another match we have seen a lot of over the last few weeks. Will Ziggler finally get Sheamus to kiss his arse since he lost out on that opportunity at Extreme Rules. I also expect to see these two men in the Elimination Chamber match for the Intercontinental Title in two weeks. The big question is which number will be higher: Number of times Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag or number of times Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick. I kind of want to see Ziggler get the win so we can get a pissed off Sheamus promo on Monday night demanding that he and Ziggler be put in the Elimination Chamber match.

Bray Wyatt versus Ryback

Dave: As mentioned above, Wyatt has been booked badly for the last year, and that’s why no one gave him any chance of beating Undertaker at WrestleMania this year. Ryback has had his ups and downs, booking wise, but there is still potential for him. A Wyatt win would hurt Ryback. A Ryback win really doesn’t effect Wyatt. So Ryback should win.

Mike: I am calling it. Ryback has Bray beaten. Lights out and the Wyatt Family reunites and attacks Ryback.

Richard: This is another Wyatt feud that Is not connecting with me. If this is a one match feud, does the loser fall further into the abyss of oblivion? The Eater of Worlds versus the man who wants to be fed more. It is a buffet of opportunities for both men, but will either man be able to grab the brass ring to allow them into the dessert room? Wyatt wins because If not, the Firelfies may migrate for the summer.

The Ascension versus Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow (Kickoff Show Match)

Dave: OK, they have blown it with Sandow. He should have stood up against Miz, beaten him and them moved up the card as a “real” character. It didn’t happen and he went back to mimicking again. Somehow though, the angle with Axel was interesting and while I think they could get more out of both guys, they have a chance of being an interesting team (especially to Vince). The Ascension, on the other hand, started poorly in WWE and have gone downhill from there. The team on the rise beats the team on the descent.

Mike: Does anyone care? Obviously Sandow and Axel get the win but the true loser here is Sandow, who watched as his window to move into a larger role got scripted to close by WWE Creative.

Richard: The Meta Powers Explode against the Powers of Demolition Warriors in a match three decades have made us not want to see. After everyone wanted Sandow to stop mimicking Miz, he is mimicking Randy Savage in a not quite Jay Lethal impression because Curtis Axel interrupted a backstage promo on Main Event. The best thing about this feud is the fact that The Ascension?s promos are criticizing Sandow and Axel for parodying Savage and Hogan when they are DOING THE SAME THING they are critical of. Let’s hope that Sandow has an epiphany and walks away and returns to the Rhodes Scholars era Damien Sandow.

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