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By AfterBuzz TV on 2015-05-13 20:51:58

WWE Superstar and Tag Team Champion Big E spoke with Christian Rosenberg this past Tuesday on AfterBuzzTV.

Here are some highlights from that interview:

When asked about the creation of New Day’s entrance music:

“Originally when we found out or came upon what the idea would be, we were first given some music that was very old timey gospel. Sounded like it was made 60 years ago. We knew this wouldn’t really work for what we were trying to do so we went back we actually listened to Kirk Franklin and found a couple songs that we liked and then we sent them to Jim Johnston and the people that work on music, and they were able to come up with something you hear every week now.”

Big E also talked about the experience he had being in Dolph Ziggler’s corner when he cashed in MITB to become World Heavyweight Champion

“It’s something that I think if you pay attention and pan over the reactions, I feel like there were very very real emotions, very real reactions after he won the title and it really felt like there was no need to have to put on a smile or to be excited. AJ and I were very proud of him, very happy for him. It was something that was a long time coming. Unfortunately because of the issue with the concussions he never really had the kind of run that we thought he would have with the title right afterwards. But when you think about timed moments and think about big memorable moments and like i said as far as reaction is concerned, that’s one of the loudest that I can remember ever hearing. And it’s really cool even though I was just standing at ringside for that, it’s still cool to be a part of that and be around for it and even just to have one of the best seats in the house standing ringside for a moment like that, that’s something that I won’t forget anytime soon.”

The former Intercontinental Champion also talked about dropping ‘Langston’ from his name:

“The word I got was that Vince thought ‘Big E’ sounded more powerful without the last name so you show up and sometimes you know with what we do there’s a debate or a discussion or you talk more say so and it’s a little more hands on. And in this case it was a matter of me showing up and this is who you are now so you deal with it.”

You can view the entire interview here:

Listen here:

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