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By Mike Johnson on 2015-05-09 11:59:11
TNA President Dixie Carter was being followed around by cameras all day and night at the Impact Wrestling taping in Florida. I was told Carter was being filmed for a potential reality project. She's wanted to get a reality series off the ground for some time and one source believed that material that was filmed last night was so there was more "current" material that could be edited into the existing pitch reel, which had been put together by a Dallas company a year or so back.

According to those I spoke with, Billy Corgan got high marks for his interactions with the wrestlers last night and how he approached them with ideas and suggestions.

After last night's live episode, TNA taped half of the 5/15 episode, including The American Wolves vs. Bobby Roode & Austin Aries and Robbie E. vs. Jesse Godderz.

The word backstage was that Bully Ray's appearance, as of now, was just a one shot appearance. He has not signed a contract with the company.

While I can't confirm whether she signed a deal or not, the belief backstage was that Velvet Sky is back with TNA on a regular basis. Sky departed the company when her last deal expired in January 2015. She was written off in a backstage vignette that stretched logic where she was fired after taking a "Feast or Fired" briefcase in a match she wasn't technically even in. Sky has always been one of the top merchandise movers in the company, so this return will obviously help that end of TNA's business.

TNA had a full house last night, but once the live taping ended, it started to empty out and was hard for the wrestlers to elicit a big reaction out of the crowd.

Chris Hero was backstage last night visiting friends alongside former WWE NXT staffer Rob Naylor.

The great Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible aka Gail Kim's husband, was also backstage.

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