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By Mike Johnson on 2015-05-06 13:20:44
The Global Force Wrestling press conference is currently ongoing in Las Vegas at the Orleans. Notes from the conference:

*Jeff and Karen Jarrett are in attendance as are executives from The Orleans.

*The first taping will be July 24th.

*Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen was announced as "expert analyst" for the company.

*Sonnen then announced the first competitors for the debut taping:

-Davey Boy Smith Jr. aka DH Smith.

-PJ Black aka Justin Gabriel.

-Doc Gallows aka the former Luke Gallows.

-Karl Anderson.

-Chris “The Adonis” Mordetsky aka Chris Masters.

-Quinn “Moose” Ojinnaka [same Moose as ROH]

-Former TNA star Lei’D Tapa.

-Former TNA star Thea Trinidad aka Rosita.

The Jarretts and Sonnen did photo-ops for local media and that was it.

There will be additional talents announced for the tapings and working the GFW live events beyond those announced today.

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