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By Mike Johnson on 2015-04-21 08:24:07
For those who asked about this, former NWA, WCW and ECW personality Melissa "Missy Hyatt" Hiatt was indeed arrested last month and charged with grand theft after turning herself in on 3/26 in Tallahassee, Florida upon learning charges were being pressed against her.

According to Hiatt, the charges were pressed because of a civil war reenactment jacket being lost in her car. Hiatt (who routinely takes part in reenactment events) noted in an email that another woman had left the jacket in a rental car Hiatt returned, which Hiatt was not aware of.

When Hiatt was asked about the jacket, Hiatt told the woman that she didn't have it and the women went to local police claiming the jacket was worth $10,000, leading to charges being pressed for grand theft. Hiatt claims she found the same style jacket on Ebay for less then $200.

Hiatt noted that the woman pressing charges showed no proof or receipt or even an item on her home owner's insurance proving the worth of the jacket. Hiatt turned herself in, was processed and released three hours later. She is currently waiting to see whether the DA will drop the charges due to lack of evidence.

Hyatt joked, "When this goes to court, it will be laughed at/thrown out/or bumped down to a civil matter. There is a moral to the story, do not accidently leave stuff in any vehicle that I’m turning in. Do not leave anything with me. Failure to do so will result in me being arrested. That’s why I’m mailing back a 7 disc Terry Funk DVD set that somebody loaned me. I just can’t take the risk of being detained about it."

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