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By Mike Johnson on 2015-04-04 10:59:47
The retirement of AJ Lee has been the talk of pro wrestling the last 12 hours. Based on the post-match scene of her Wrestlemania bout, where Lee appears to hug Paige goodbye and tells her that she loves her, one could surmise Lee had plans in place to retire.

Obviously Lee, who has been with the company since signing a developmental deal in 2009, was in a rough place personally and professionally since she married CM Punk, who WWE officially released on their wedding day after he walked out citing medical problems in January 2014.

With WWE throwing their support behind the lawsuit WWE Doctor Chris Amann filed against Punk and Colt Cabana after the Cabana "Art of Wrestling" episode discussing why Punk left the company with Punk stating that Amann refused to treat and cut out a growth on Punk's back, which later turned out to be a MRSA staph infection, according to Punk.

In the midst of the lawsuit filed, WWE called Lee to return to the ring from a neck injury, putting her into a situation where she now had to go back to work for the company that was endorsing a lawsuit against her husband, who the same company fired on her wedding day.

For those are asking if Lee intends to work the independent scene, we have no clarification on that. If she has retired, WWE will likely hold her to that until the end of her WWE contract. Whether Lee chooses to wrestle again remains to be seen. It's far too soon to know what her plans are and chances are, if there are any long-term plans, she's going to play them close to the vest.

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