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By Mike Johnson on 2015-04-03 11:01:23

We've gotten a lot of emails about this story in the last day and initially, it seemed like one of those silly wrestling rumors that you dismiss, but once we looked into it, it's 100% true.

Former WCW World champion Scott Steiner was barred from entering the WWE Hall of Fame event this past Saturday as security was given photos of Steiner in order to prevent him from entering the SAP Center.

From speaking to those in the company, the decision was made after Hulk Hogan requested that Steiner not be allowed to enter.

The version of the story that we have heard is that Steiner was on the same flight into San Jose as Hulk Hogan's wife Jennifer. While the two were waiting for their luggage at baggage claim, Steiner allegedly approached her, pretty much saying that the next time he saw Hulk Hogan, there was going to be an issue. I am told that at the time this happened, Hogan's wife wasn't even really aware of who Steiner was, so the entire exchange was pretty traumatic to her.

I was told that Hulk Hogan was telling those over the weekend that he has no idea why Steiner would do that or that the two sides even had an issue.

While we can't say this is 100% why there was an incident (and it should be pointed out there's no word yet on what Scott Steiner's side of this is) It's possible that Hogan, having been long-gone from TNA at this point, has forgotten that TNA and Steiner have an on-going legal issue stemming from Steiner's Twitter comments about Hogan and his daughter Brooke, Eric Bischoff and others after Steiner departed TNA.

In 2012, TNA filed a breach of contract and defamation of character suit against Steiner, alleging that Steiner's Twitter comments were in violation of his contract. At the time, Steiner said he was speaking out for the good of those in the company who couldn't because he could see the road TNA was going down. He later counter-sued TNA and claimed that he could not have been in violation because his last TNA contract had expired and he had turned down a new contract. That suit was later dropped but he filed a separate lawsuit alleging he was injured at a TNA live event against Jeff Hardy, who Steiner claimed was in no condition to perform.

The Steiner vs. TNA lawsuit is set to go to trial on 6/8 in Nashville, TN, which means the case has been going on for three years now.  That would certainly give Steiner a reason to be angry towards Hogan.

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