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By Steven Fernandes on 2015-01-22 01:06:58
Former WWE Diva/TNA Knockout Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria/Tara in WWE/TNA) was the guest on Jim Ross' latest podcast.

While discussing her time in TNA, Marie told Ross that she once spent $6,000 of her own money to promote a show they were going to do in Chicago and did a lot of promotion for the show without being asked to do. She noted that when she was sent posters for the show, they didn't feature her (a local celebrity) but instead another woman featured on the show.

When she spoke with Dixie Carter about all the things she did to help the company, all Dixie said was, "Yeah, I heard".

Later on, Marie stated that two people from the TNA offices sent an email to the roster telling them to promote another pizza place in the area (Varon owns the Squared Circle restaurant in Chicago) as the best pizza they've ever had.

Varon said that when she found out about it, she blew up and told Bruce Prichard, "The day I quit my job, I am going to punch that c*** in the face", referring to Dixie. Prichard, Varon says, responded, "You'll be doing all of us a favor."

Varon also noted the company was disorganized to the point she once learned she was booked to appear on a PPV when it was announced on Twitter, but had no travel information for the show and hadn't even been informed she was booked.

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