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By Joshua Higham on 2014-12-07 13:27:32

Chikara Tomorrow Never Dies report
2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA
December 6, 2014

During the free preview-a-go-go, Heidi Lovelace defeated Missile Assault Ant with her huracanrana DDT to win the 2014 Young Lions Cup. She is the first female to win that trophy.

The main iPPV broadcast started with Smooth Sailin' Ashley Remington facing Juan Francisco de Coronado in German Suplex Classic, where a pinfall would only be counted after a German suplex. de Coronado entered the arena with two women in Spanish colonial garb, but Remington entered with four of Ashley's Angels. de Coronado hit more German suplexes, but Remington hit the one that mattered, deadlifting him from outside the ring to get the pin. De Coronado rejected the post-match fruit basket that Remington attempted to gift.

Jimmy Jacobs, wearing Kid Cyclone's cape and accompanied by his pet Lithuanian Snow Troll and Volgar, took on Eddie Kingston. After a backfist to Volgar and two to Jimmy Jacobs, Eddie Kingston got the win and his third point to challenge for the Grand Championship. After the match, Kid Cyclone, the last remaining member of the Green Horn Militia, came out and attacked Kingston with a wrench. He unmasked, saying that Kingston can't be forgiven for feeding his former partners (Create-a-Wrestler II and Equinox 3) to a "known killer." He identified himself as Kevin Condron, saying "if you follow me, I will break your heart." He then freed the Snow Troll from his chains.

The match for the Compeonatos de Parejas was next. Devastation Corporation picked up the first fall after a Death Blow on Mr. Touchdown. After a Death Blow on Dasher Hatfield, Mr. Touchdown made the save and rolled thru with a La Magistral to pick up the second fall. Devastation Corporation took the third fall and the titles after Blaster hit a top rope elbow drop on Mr. Touchdown, who was in a torture rack on Smashmaster's shoulder. Sidney Bakabella lost his wig at one point, and Blaster McMassive seems to have tweaked an ankle pretty early on. the Throwbacks lose the titles in their second defense.

The Loser Leaves Chikara match was next. Delirious wore green and black body paint. Throughout the course of the match, Ultramantis Black kicked out of three Praying Mantis Bombs. Referee Jon Barber got crunched in the corner, which eventually led to (the formerly crooked?) Derek Sabato taking over. After a Cosmic Doom and Praying Mantis Bomb, Ultramantis Black got the pinfall and expels Delirious from Chikara forever. Hallowicked and Frightmare come to celebrate, but before the celebration gets too joyous, Delirious pulls out the Eye of Tyr and puts Hallowicked under its spell. Hallowicked hits Ultramantis Black with a big boot and leaves with Frightmare.

Soldier Ant won Cibernetico Royale, last eliminating Fire Ant.
Order of elimination:
Worker Ant eliminated Jaka with a lariat. Volgar was eliminated after a Skull Bronzing by the Batiri. Flex Rumblecrunch eliminated Kodama with a powerbomb. Jervis Cottonbelly eliminated by Soldier Ant’s rolling forearm. Oleg eliminated after being caught with a sunset flip by Worker Ant. Oliver Grimsly eliminated after a series of double team moves from the Portal. Amasis eliminated by Nokken after a double underhook piledriver. Worker Ant, who was heavily favoring his knee, quickly submits to an Indian deathlock variant from Soldier Ant. Obariyon eliminated by Soldier Ant. Ophidian passed out to a sleeper hold from Soldier Ant. Nökken tapped out to CHIKARA Special Green. Fire Ant eliminated Flex Rumblecrunch with his prawn hold. Jakob Hammermeier knocked out Silver Ant with his punch. Fire Ant eliminated Hammermeier with Beach Break. Soldier Ant defeats Fire Ant after a chokeslam.

The members of the Colony were all reluctant to engage Soldier Ant, trying to reason him several times. Soldier Ant’s gear included the missing antenna that was ripped off long ago and several bullet holes on both his front and back.

While the cage was being set up, Mike Quackenbush was being interview about the main event when Chuck Taylor interrupted and cashed in his three points for a shot at the Grand Championship at the season premiere in January.

After the cage was secured, Deucalion came out with no music or fanfare, but carrying the masks of the wrestlers he’s taken out. Then, Icarus came out carrying the Estonian Thunderfrog's hammer. (The lore behind the Thunderfrog’s hammer is similar to Thor’s Mjolnir, where only those worthy of carrying it can.) Deucalion was on the advantage for most of the match, until the Chikara locker room emptied out, surrounding the ring and rallying behind Icarus. Icarus worked on the arm whenever he was on offense. One scary moment for Chikara fans was when Deucalion had Bryce Remsburg up for the choke breaker, but Icarus was able to make the save. Icarus locked in the Chikara Special to get the win. Deucalion called for the rest of the Flood, who were actually held back by Jimmy Jacobs. The Chikara tecnicos lifted the hammer into the cage, and Icarus hit Deucalion with it, seemingly ending him.

During the iPPV broadcast, a Chikara tour of the UK was announced for April 2015. For more information on that, you can go to Chikara will return to the 2300 Arena on January 25 for an afternoon show before the Royal Rumble.


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