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By Mike Johnson on 2014-12-03 17:06:35

In response to a query from regarding online reports that an arrest warrant was issued for WWE performer Heath Slater in Georgia, WWE issued the following statement:

"WWE has been advised that a misdemeanor arrest warrant has been issued against Heath Miller (aka Heath Slater), but we have not seen a copy or been provided with the underlying charges. Once this information is received by WWE, we will take the appropriate action.”

The reports making the rounds indicate the warrant is in relation to a Wrestlemania 27 weekend allegation that Slater allegedly tried to force a security guard, Corinne Oliver, to go to his hotel room. Oliver's allegations included that Slater grabbed her in a chokehold as she escorted him away from fans during the Wrestlemania afterparty, but that she was able to pull herself away. Oliver later identified Slater as the culprit.

What makes the claims really, well, unique is that Slater, dating back to when this story first became public knowledge in August 2011, denied anything happened and stated that he was with his fiancee the entire weekend when he wasn't making WWE-related appearances.

In speaking to a former WWE talent who was with WWE for Wrestlemania 27 earlier today, I was also told that Slater actually got officially engaged the same night, which makes the allegations even stranger.

So, the two sides are way apart on the stories.

A 2011 article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution stated that while the alleged incident happened in April 2011, Oliver did not report it to Georgia police until June of that year. At the time, her attorney, Jackie Patterson, claimed that Oliver initially reported the incident to her supervisor at Allied Barton, the firm which employed her. The firm told Oliver that they would get the issue resolved and when they didn't happen, she made the decision at that time to pursue criminal charges. 

After the initial allegations were made public, nothing ever came of the story until today when online reports citing a FOX-Atlanta affiliate report on the warrant. 


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