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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-20 14:26:23
At 2:31 PM Eastern, WWE ran a "Breaking News" update with Scott Stanford at WWE Headquarters on the WWE Network, cutting into "Slam City."

Stanford announced that Roman Reigns' surgery was a success and that Reigns is in recovery. Reigns will remain overnight in the hospital in Nashville, TN but has been pulled from the WWE Night of Champions PPV.

Christopher Amann was on the phone. He said that "fortunately, everything seems to be doing fine." He said Reigns was resting comfortably.

Stanford asked what brought on the hernia. Dr. Amann said that it wasn't something that happened in the ring but something that Reigns had been dealing with. This morning in his hotel, Reigns woke with bad abdominal pain that was getting worse, so reached out to the WWE medical staff.

Reigns was told to go to the hospital and learned it was an incarcerated hernia, which means a loop of intestine had wrapped around it. Obviously, that required immediate emergency surgery.

Reigns will be out of the ring at least 4-6 weeks but possibly as long as three months. He said that Reign's physical fitness won't help him in recovering from a hernia operation. Amann said the big thing is letting the tissue and muscle heal before he's allowed to do anything physical. He said they won't let him return until he's completely cleared.

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