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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-05-19 23:00:21
We are in London, England and your announcers are Michael ‘See No Evil’ Cole, Jerry ‘Goodbye Warehouse 13’ Lawler, and John ‘Can Jack Bauer save the WWE Championship’ Layfield.

The Wyatt Family is in the ring and Bray starts to sing. He says that they are sharing something now. It is something real. He wants everyone to sing with him. He sings again.

Every night we lay our heads down to dream and that is when our minds start to tick. We remember these horrible things that happen to us during our lives. In our dreams, we are superheroes and we can fix everything. We dream of revenge. We dream of payback. Just like that, we wake up and reality sets in. Then we remember that we are not superheroes and we cannot fix everything. We bottle that rage and go on and live our lives.

He plans on fixing that. He used to have a mean old teacher. She looked down upon him and she went to great measures to tell him that he was a piece of trash and would not amount to anything. Everything that he believed in was a lie. Bray says that he went up to Miss Teacher Lady and he asked her what made her better than him. Is it because your mommy and daddy paid for you to go to school and wave your diploma in front of the students.

She told Bray that he was rotten and he stands for nothing. The first time that she looked inside his eyes, she knew that he was evil.

Bray laughs. He says that she is now rotting away in a retirement home while he is a conquerer and the leader of a thousand troops. He has the whole world in his hands.

Bray says that is his payback. His ends justify his means. She was right about one thing. He is evil. He is the necessary evil that must exist in this world to balance everything out. He is evil. His tongue is the scorpion’s tail. People get behind him because he gives hope.

John Cena hides behind that plastic smile and tries to play hero while everything burns.

Bray says that this will end at Payback. He will be the last man standing, or no one will stand at the end of the night.

Tonight, Luke Harper puts John Cena down. Tonight, Luke Harper destroys . . .

John Cena’s music plays and Harper and Rowan wait for Cena to come to the ring, but Cena comes through the crowd and he attacks Wyatt from behind and gives Bray an Attitude Adjustment. Harper and Rowan return to the ring and Cena is able to escape.

Cena goes to the back.

Michael, John, and Jerry mention that Daniel Bryan had successful surgery and he is recovering at home.

We have a video package from last week featuring Stephanie McMahon commenting on Daniel Bryan’s injury as well as her reaction to Kane’s attack.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Paul Heyman is in the ring with Cesaro. Paul introduces himself and he says that it is a pleasure and a privilege to . . .

Paul wants to get this straight. The cameras broadcast live around the world and he wants to define the roles. They are the stars and everyone else are the wannabes. You shall worship the ground that his client walks on and the microphone into which he speaks.

Paul starts to talk about his client Brock, but he stops. Paul lies down on the mat and he asks what he is now. He says that he is not their queen dying and making Charles their king. He is the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. However, Paul can sit up. It is because his client Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.

Just like tonight, when the United States Champion Sheamus will be emasculated by his client, the Paul Heyman Guy and the King of Swing Cesaro.

Match Number One: Sheamus versus Cesaro (with Paul Heyman) in a Non Title Match

They lock up and go to a deadlock. They lock up again and Cesaro backs Sheamus into the corner. Cesaro slaps Sheamus and Sheamus with a clothesline. Sheamus throws Cesaro to the apron and he sets for the forearm but Cesaro gets to the floor to regroup with Paul. Paul gives Cesaro advice and Sheamus goes to the floor and chases after Cesaro.

They get back into the ring and Cesaro with kicks. Cesaro with a European uppercut. Sheamus blocks a hip toss and Sheamus with a short arm clothesline. Sheamus with forearms to Cesaro on the apron. Sheamus brings Cesaro back into the ring but Cesaro gets to his feet and he goes to the floor.

Sheamus chases Cesaro around the ring and Sheamus avoids a clothesline and Sheamus with a punch. Cesaro rolls back to the floor and then he drops Sheamus on the top rope. Cesaro with a boot to Sheamus. Sheamus with an Irish whip and a running knee into the corner. Sheamus goes to the apron for the slingshot shoulder tackle and he connects.

Sheamus with a European uppercut and he goes for a cross body but Cesaro moves and Sheamus goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro with a knee and European uppercuts followed by an Irish whip and sleeper. Sheamus with punches and two running double sledges and then he goes for the shoulder into the corner but Cesaro knows it is coming and he moves out of the way while Sheamus hits the ring post with his shoulder. Cesaro goes to the second rope for the deadlift gorilla superplex and he gets a near fall. Cesaro gets another near fall.

Cesaro runs into the corner but he is met with a uranage back breaker and a near fall from Sheamus. Sheamus runs Cesaro into the corner and he hits the running knee lift and then he hits a Finlay slam for a near fall. Sheamus gets Cesaro up for a slam but Cesaro with a European uppercut to the back of the neck. Cesaro runs into an elbow but Cesaro with an Irish whip that sends Sheamus sternum first into the turnbuckles.

Sheamus kicks Cesaro and then Sheamus pulls himself up to the turnbuckles. Sheamus goes for the shoulder tackle but Cesaro with a European uppercut for a near fall. Cesaro picks up Sheamus but Sheamus with a short arm clothesline. Sheamus and Cesaro go back and forth with forearms and European uppercuts but Sheamus with a power slam for a near fall.

Heyman gets on the apron and Heyman throws his jacket to the mat. Cesaro takes advantage of the distraction and he hits a German suplex and gets the three count.

Winner: Cesaro

After the match, Sheamus backs Cesaro into the corner and he offers his hand to Cesaro. Cesaro walks past Sheamus and Paul appreciates what his client just did.

Michael Cole reminds us that Payback is in less than two weeks and he reminds us of the announcement during the Pre Show that the six man tag match between The Shield and Evolution will now be a No Holds Barred Elimination Match.

We take a look back at what happened last week on Raw between the Shield and Evolution.

We see the photo of the injury suffered by Roman Reigns last week.

Tonight, Seth Rollins will face Batista and no member of Evolution or The Shield will be allowed at ringside.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole tells us that the German announce team is at ringside with them, and they are wearing matching ties.

Ryback is in the Goldman Box and he says that he is bigger than Big Ben. The clock is ticking down on his opponent tonight. Time’s Up Big E.

Match Number Two: Big E versus Ryback (with Curtis Axel) in a Beat the Clock Match

They lock up and Ryback with a side head lock and shoulder tackle for a near fall. Big E with a side head lock and shoulder tackle for a near fall. Ryback with knees to the midsection and then he punches Big E in the corner. Ryback with an Irish whip and Big E with a clothesline for a near fall. Big E with punches to Ryback’s midsection. Big E with a shoulder in the corner and then Ryback with a back elbow.

Ryback gets a near fall. Ryback with a forearm and punches to Big E. Big E with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Big E with a kick to the midsection and Axel gets on the apron to distract Big E. Ryback clips Big E and then he kicks Big E. Ryback with a suplex and he gets a near fall.

Ryback with punches and he gets a near fall. Ryback pushes Big E and punches him in the corner. Ryback with elbows. Ryback with more punches and chops. Ryback with a snap mare and kick for a near fall while Ryback watches the clock. Ryback with knees and then he starts to work on the shoulder. Ryback goes for another shoulder but Big E with a belly-to-belly. Big E goes for the Ultimate Warrior Splash but Ryback gets up and hits a spinebuster for a near fall.

Ryback pounds his chest and he sets for the lariat and he connects but he can only get a near fall. He gets a few more near falls. Ryback goes for a power bomb but Big E lands on his feet. Big E with a shoulder tackle and he hits the Big Ending for the three count.

Winner: Big E (Time to beat: 5:02)

We go to commercial.

We are back with footage of Special Olympians at the WWE Performance Center.

Match Number Three: R Truth and Naomi (with Cameron) versus Fandango and Layla El

Before the bell rings, Summer Rae makes her way to the ring and she grabs Fandango and kisses him. Layla is in shock and then Summer takes down Layla and they CATFIGHT in the ring. Fandango pulls Layla out of the ring and holds her back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are told that there will be a Season 3 of Total Divas.

Daniel Bryan’s music plays and Stephanie McMahon is the one who comes out to the anger of the crowd.

Stephanie says that you should all be chanting ‘yes’ because Daniel Bryan underwent successful neck surgery on Thursday. Daniel has an incredible story. At Wrestlemania, he became the WWE World Champion. Then he went to marry Brie Bella. Part 1 of the wedding will air on Total Divas on Sunday.

Daniel Bryan has overcome so many obstacles. His chants have entertained so many people. Daniel is doing everything he can to get back into active competition. Daniel is your champion and he knows that you need an active champion. She knows that Daniel is convalescing at home and waiting on every word.

Stephanie plays a montage of Wade Barrett saying that he’s got some BAD NEWS.

Stephanie says that she has some bad news. She is contemplating stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Champion and awarding it to The Demon Kane . . . or she can strip it and award it to Bad News Barrett. She says that the people are so predictable to like that. Why not award the title to Batista. If there is anyone deserving of being the champion, it is the COO of the WWE, HHH.

She says that she is not going to strip Daniel of the title, but she demands that Daniel Bryan be at Raw next week to personally surrender the WWE Championship because that is what is best for business.

We go to commercial.

We are back and 3MB are dressed as the Union Jacks.

Heath says that the Union Jacks are home. He wants everyone to get up and get ready . .

They are interrupted by Lana who walks onto the stage and does her Iron Curtain pose. She says that similar to mindless American attempting to interfere with something more superior. It will be the cause of your downfall. You cannot stop or alter the destiny of a great leader like Vladimir Putin. He succeeded in resurrecting Mother Russia as a great power house unlike the United States which has failed. She says that America’s future will be like this and she shows a photo of the White House with a Russian Flag. She says that the United Kingdom will be no different.

Match Number Three: Heath Slater (with Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre) versus Rusev (with Lana)

Rusev catches Slater on a plancha and sends him into the apron. Rusev kicks McIntyre and then he sends Mahal into the ring steps.

The referee starts the match and Slater with a kick and punch but Rusev with a body block and Slater goes down. Rusev pick up Slater and hits a uranage slam. Rusev with a boot to the back and then he applies the Accolade and Slater taps out.

Winner: Rusev

Dean Ambrose says that Triple H talked about humbling them and eliminating them. Then Triple H hides behind his goons. That looks like Evolution might be afraid of the Shield. He hopes that is not the case. They wanted Evolution who wanted to fight. This 20 on 3 crap is not what they wanted.

Reigns mentions that he got nine stitches. Is that all that he’s got. If that is all you have, you have so many problems. You keep knocking them down, but they keep coming back.

Seth says that they keep trying to hold them down. Two weeks ago, he took one risk too many and Batista took advantage. Batista nearly beat him to death and put him out of action when he could not stand. He could not get the job done. Tonight, Dave . . . he won’t make any mistakes. Believe that Batista and believe in the Shield.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Alberto is in the Goldman Box. He says that he was bred to be a champion. He is doing this for the children. They need a role model to look up to and someone to follow so they can achieve greatness.

Match Number Four: Rob Van Dam versus Alberto Del Rio in a Beat the Clock Match (time to beat 5:02)

They lock up and Del Rio with a waist lock but Van Dam with a rollup for a near fall. Van Dam with an inside cradle for a near fall. Van Dam with a body scissors rollup for a near fall. Del Rio with a kick to the head while Van Dam hangs over the apron. Del Rio gets a near fall. We see Big E watching on a monitor while Del Rio hits a suplex and gets a near fall.

Van Dam with an Irish whip and Van Dam with a monkey flip. Del Rio rolls to the floor and Van Dam follows and he sends Alberto back into the ring. Del Rio with a super kick as Van Dam gets back into the ring and Van Dam falls to the floor. Del Rio sends Van Dam back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with a reverse chin lock.

Van Dam with clotheslines and then he hits a thrust kick when he ducks a clothesline from Del Rio. Van Dam with a leg drop for a near fall. Del Rio with a DDT for a near fall. Del Rio signals for the cross arm breaker and he sets for the float over but Van Dam with a kick and he hits a flip senton. Van Dam goes up top and misses the Five Star Frog Splash. Del Rio with a La Magistral for a near fall.

Del Rio sends Van Dam into the turnbuckles and then he hits a step up enzuigiri for a near fall. Del Rio sets for the super kick but he misses. Van Dam with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam (Time To Beat 4:15)

We go to commercial.

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