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By Kenny Brown on 2014-04-22 22:04:58

Dark Matches:

Bo Dallas beat a local guy.  Mike somebody.  Bo is cool but still a heel.

Sami Zayn beat Heath Slater. This match was held after the WWE Main Event taping (it aired on a short delay on WWE Network).


Vickie Guerrero announced that the Authority were not here but The Shield would have another handicap match. 

After Zeb Colter and Paul Heyman faced off, Cesaro beat Jack Swagger with The Neutralizer. 

The Shield then came out and destroyed Swagger as WWE protected Cesaro.

Tamina beat Natalya in a match she pretty much dominated.

The Shield is mad and they destroyed 3MB in the back.  That led to Triple H telling Vickie to take the rest of the night off and Brad Maddox showing up.

Curtis Axel beat Jey Uso.

The cage that was over the ring was lowered.  Bray Wyatt cut a great promo on John Cena, then said what would happen to the Rhodes Boys was his fault.  Rowan and Harper beat them.

The Shield laid out Brad Maddox.

Then Santino and Emma came out for a match with Fandango and Layla.  The Shield destroyed Fandango.  They are taking out the heels for the handicap match later.

And that match came next.  The Shield beat Alberto Del Rio, Ryback, Bad News Barrett, Titus O'Neill and Damien Sandow in the main event.

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