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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-04-18 21:59:14
We are in Nashville, Tennessee and your announcers are Michael ‘Is this our honeymoon’ Cole and John ‘Where is Renee Young to join us’ Layfield.

Triple H makes his way to the ring.

Hunter says that one of his jobs as COO is to find the greatest talent from around the globe to give them a platform and opportunity and then see them succeed. Nothing makes him prouder than seeing talent succeed. At the top of the list was The Shield. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns are three of the most talented guys he has seen come along in years.

He gave them power. Maybe he gave them too much power because when you have power, eventually you try to see how far that power can take you on your own. This is a life lesson for everyone. When you go on a life journey to find out where that line in the sand is, don’t cross that line.

Two weeks ago, The Shield crossed that line and last week, they paid the price.

We see footage from the last few weeks on Raw.

Hunter says Monday night, the Shield found humility. They were humbled at their feet. Like he told Michael Cole on Wednesday, we can move past this. He could let bygones be bygones. He offered the Shield an oppourtnity to get past this. All they had to do was grovel at his feet and ask for forgiveness. Since it would be best for business, he would put this behind them.

Instead he got silence, except for a message from Roman Reigns. Roman says Kings do not win wars, soldiers do. While that might sound like a neat little tag line for a movie, that isn’t reality. In reality, soldiers are the currency by which empires are bought and sold. He says that The Shield are his little soldiers and they have lost their value.

While it pains him to destroy what he created, at Extreme Rules, he will do just that. The Shield will face the most destructive force the WWE has ever seen. The Shield will enter the ring with “The Animal” Batista, “The Viper” Randy Orton and “The Game” Triple H. For the first time in ten years, Evolution returns.

Evolution returns to show the world what true destruction really is. They return to show the Shield what true power really is. In life, either you adapt or you perish. That is Evolution.

We go to commercial.

Big E appeared in the Goldman Box and he says that he has not had this much competition since he entered Tampa Pop, Lock, and Drop Tournament. You have the King of Swing, Mr. Monday Night, the Celtic Warrior, and the Bearer of Bad News. At Extreme Rules, only one man will have the opportunity to be dropped by the Big Ending.

Match Number One: Big E versus Alberto Del Rio in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Big E backs Del Rio into the corner but Del Rio gets away. Del Rio with a knee and punches followed by a head butt. Big E with a flying shoulder tackle for a near fall. Big E tries for a back breaker but Del Rio with elbows and then he hits an enzuigiri for a near fall. Del Rio with kicks to Big E and he applies a reverse chin lock. Big E gets Del Rio on his back and he backs Del Rio into the turnbuckles.

Big E runs into boots from Del Rio and then Del Rio with a running kick to Big E and then he gets another near fall. Del Rio with punches in the corner and the referee warns him. Del Rio charges into the corner but Big E moves and Del Rio hits the ring post with his shoulders. Big E with two clotheslines and he ducks a clothesline from Del Rio to hit a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E goes for the Warrior Splash but Del Rio gets his knees up.

Big E rolls to the floor as a result of the impact and we go to commercial.

We are back and both men are down on the floor. We see footage from the break when Big E speared Del Rio through the ropes. Back in the ring, Big E charges into the corner and Del Rio moves and hits the post with his shoulder. Del Rio with a DDT for a near fall. Del Rio with a boot to the head and then he goes up top.

Del Rio comes off the turnbuckles but Big E catches Del Rio and he hits a back breaker. Big E sends Del Rio into the air and Del Rio lands face first on the mat. Big E hits the Warrior Splash and then the straps are down. Big E gets Del Rio up but Del Rio gets to his feet and he hits a lungblower for a near fall.

Del Rio signals for the cross arm breaker and he floats over and applies the cross arm breaker. Big E is able to get to his feet and he gets to the ropes. Del Rio refuses to release the hold before the referee gets to five and he calls for the bell.

Winner: Big E (by disqualification)

After the match, Del Rio attacks Big E and he punches him. Del Rio hits a Divorce Court on Big E. Del Rio pulls down the knee pad for the super kick but Big E moves and he gets Del Rio up and hits the Big Ending.

We see photos of the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar from Wrestlemania. Michael Cole mentions that Paul Heyman is next. We go to commercial.

We are back with a Bo Dallas BOlieve video where he tells you to BOlieve in yourself.

Paul Heyman is in the ring and he introduces himself as the advocate for the fastest rising star in the WWE, the King of Swing, the Swiss Superman . . . Cesaro. He is also the ONE behind the One in Twenty-One and One, the advocate for the Beast who Conquered the Streak, Brock Lesnar.

He says that if you want to boo something, boo this. His client, Brock Lesnar, conquered the streak. His client conquered the Streak. Paul goes to the apron to remind people that his client CONQUERED THE STREAK.

Paul continues to repeat himself and he gets on his knees to emphasize his point.

Paul says that he has vented and honestly he feels better. He thanks everyone for this indulgence to shed the light of his brilliance on the people’s Tennessee ignorance. If he could take one more second of your time, he wants to say something personal from the bottom of his heart.








Michael mentions the jealousy that Hornswoggle has with El Torito since Torito’s debut. He mentions the issues at the Hall of Fame and then we see what happened on Main Event when Hornswoggle decided to take Heath Slater’s place in 3MB to counter El Torito.

We have a tale of the tape for these two men who will battle in the ring later tonight.

Before our next match, we go to the Goldman Box for comments from Paige’s opponent at Extreme Rules, Tamina Snuka. Tamina says that a solid portion of her time was to make sure that the Divas Title remained around someone else’s waist. At Extreme Rules, the belt will be around the waist of someone who deserves it . . . by any means necessary.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package for Paige where she talks about what a Diva is supposed to be, but this is her world and her home. We see Paige’s debut on Raw after Wrestlemania and her victory over AJ to become the new WWE Divas Champion and the post match celebration in the back.

Aksana is in the ring and she tells Paige that all Divas jealous of you. That’s because they insecure. All that package you go is cute, but let’s face it, you got lucky. Tonight, your luck rans out.

Aksana hits Paige with a forearm. Aksana runs Paige’s face across the top rope before the bell rings and the referee has to separate Paige and Aksana before starting the match.

Match Number Two: Paige versus Aksana in a Non Title Match

The referee checks on Paige before he rings the bell to start the match. Aksana with a kick and suplex. Aksana with a waist lock but Paige backs Aksana into the corner and Paige with elbows of fury. Paige hangs Aksana over the middle rope and Paige with a series of knees to the chest. Aksana leaves the ring and goes up the ramp but it was a trap and she clotheslines Paige.

They return to the ring and Aksana with a spinebuster. Aksana slams Paige’s head into the mat and she follows with an elbow drop and she gets a near fall. Aksana with a rear chin lock. Aksana pulls Paige to the mat by the hair and Aksana slinks around the ring into a round kick for a near fall. Aksana with kicks to the ribs.

Paige and Aksana both go for cross bodies and they go down to the mat. Aksana slaps Paige and she says that she is the best. Paige with a slap followed by a knee and a series of short arm clotheslines. Paige with a drop kick and then she puts Aksana in the Scorpion Cross and Aksana taps out.

Winner: Paige

Renee Young is in the interview area with Sheamus.

She congratulate Sheamus on his victory on Monday in the Intercontinental Title Number One Contender Tournament. She reminds Sheamus that he is facing Batista tonight. We see the footage from three weeks ago when Batista attacked Sheamus and got disqualified in their match.

Sheamus tells Renee that shows that instead of fighting like a man, he took the easy way out by using a chair. Batista might think that he has the advantage, but that is not true. Winning is not about who can hit the hardest. It is about who can get hit the hardest and keeps going. When he was young, there was a neighborhood bully who thought his crap didn’t stink. Sheamus says that he flushed him down the river.

Tonight Batista can come at him with everything in his arsenal and it won’t stop him. Sheamus wonders if Batista will keep coming when he puts his boot in Sheamus’ face. It is his time tonight and it is time to fight.

We see Hornswoggle and El Torito getting ready in the back for their match. We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: El Torito (with Fernando and Diego) versus Hornswoggle (with Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre)

They get face to face and Hornswoggle pushes Torito. Torito pushes Hornswoggle back. They lock up and Hornswoggle pushes Torito. Torito with a waist lock and side head lock. Torito with a shoulder tackle and head scissors take down.

Torito with a drop kick and Hornswoggle goes to the apron. Hornswoggle with a shoulder and he sends Torito into the turnbuckles. Hornswoggle goes to the turnbuckles for a Bonzai Drop but Torito with a sunset flip for a near fall. Hornswoggle with a clothesline and he hits a splash for a near fall.

Hornswoggle with a sleeper. Torito with elbows but Hornswoggle with a forearm. Hornswoggle tries to slam Torito and he eventually gets him up. Hornswoggle plays some air guitar and then he walks across Torito’s back. Hornswoggle taunts Fernando and Diego, but Torito with a rollup for a near fall. Hornswoggle with a kick and Irish whip.

Hornswoggle charges into the corner but Torito moves and he hits the turnbuckles. Torito gores Hornswoggle in the rear end and then he hits a Bronco Buster. Torito pulls Hornswoggle into place and he hits a moonsault for the three count.

Winner: El Torito

We have a video package for Alexander Rusev.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Wade Barrett rises from his position and he asks for some decorum after what we just saw in the ring. It was the biggest little match in WWE History. Wade is afraid that he’s got some bad news. The fact that you applauded that absolute atrocity shows the world your low standards and how small your brains really are.

Match Number Four: Alexander Rusev (with Lana) versus R Truth (with Xavier Woods)

Truth with punches but Rusev pushes him away. Truth with punches but he is Irish whipped into the corner and he floats over. Truth with a split and kick. Rusev charges into boots in the corner and Truth with a missile drop kick for a near fall. Rusev avoids What’s Up and he kicks Truth.

Rusev puts Truth on the top rope and he connects with a series of knees to the ribs and he follows with a fallaway slam. Lana gives Rusev the signal and he hits a uranage slam and he puts Truth in the Accolade. Truth taps out.

Winner:, Alexander Rusev

After the match, Woods comes into the ring and he punches Rusev but Rusev with a body block and then Lana tells Rusev to attack and Rusev with a running tackle into the corner and he throws Truth over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Tribute to the Ultimate Warrior that aired on Monday Night on Raw.

We have a Kane video package since the masked man will be back on Raw.

Match Number Five: Fandango (with Layla El) versus Santino Marella (with Emma)

Santino kicks at the air and Fandango with a punch and kicks. Fandango with punches and a knee. Santino with the split but Fandango stops short and he kicks Santino and gets a near fall. Fandango with a suplex and he goes to the apron but misses a slingshot leg drop.

Santino with a split and hip toss followed by a diving head butt. Santino goes for the Cobra and Layla takes it. Emma attacks Layla on the floor and Santino holds on to the ropes on an O’Connor Roll attempt and Santino gets the three count with a sunset flip.

Winner: Santino Marella

After the match, Santino gets his cobra back and he forces Fandango out of the ring. Santino high fives Emma’s hand with the cobra and she loses feeling in her hand.

We take a look at what happened on Raw with Kane and Stephanie McMahon.

Match Number Six: Sheamus versus Batista

Sheamus with a kick and punches as the bell ring and Batista goes to the floor. Batista pulls Sheamus to the floor and he sends him into the ringside barrier and apron. Batista sends Sheamus back into the ring. Sheamus with a clothesline and knee drop to the side of the head Sheamus punches Batista. Sheamus with a knee and he sends Batista into the turnbuckles.

Sheamus with shoulders but Batista with a knee. Batista with an Irish whip and clothesline in the corner. Sheamus with a kick and clothesline to Batista for a near fall. Sheamus with a snap mare and knee to the back. Sheamus with a quarter nelson and chin lock but Batista gets to the ropes and Sheamus releases the hold. Sheamus goes for the forearms against the ropes and he starts but Batista drops Sheamus on the top rope. Sheamus with a knee that knocks Batista off the apron and we go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus with a hard Irish whip. We se footage from the commercial break when Sheamus sent Batista into the announce table. Batista drops Sheamus on the ring steps and then Batista kicks the steps into Sheamus’ leg. Batista Irish whips Sheamus into the ringside barrier.

Batista with an elbow to the throat while Sheamus hangs over the edge of the ring. Batista with another elbow to the throat. Sheamus with punches to Batista followed by an Irish whip but Batista with a drop kick to the knee and Sheamus goes head first into the turnbuckles. Batista sends Sheamus shoulder first into the ring post as Batista works on the surgically repaired arm

Batista slingshots Sheamus’ throat into the bottom rope. Batista gets a near fall. Batista sets for the Batista Bomb but Sheamus is able to counter and he sends Batista through the ropes and to the floor. Batista gets back into the ring and he sends Sheamus into the corner but Sheamus is able to avoid the ring post. Sheamus sends Batista shoulder first into the ring post.

Sheamus with two running double sledges and then he runs into a knee from Batista. Sheamus sends Batista into the turnbuckles and then he connects with a knee lift and a running knee that sends Sheamus to the apron due to the momentum. Sheamus with the forearms from the apron and then he hits a slingshot shoulder tackle for a near fall.

Sheamus gets Batista on his shoulders but Batista gets to his feet. Sheamus with a uranage back breaker for a near fall. Sheamus sets for the Cloverleaft but Batista is able to get to the ropes to keep Sheamus from applying the hold. Sheamus runs into an elbow in the corner and Sheamus with a power slam.

Sheamus looks around and he signals for the Brogue Kick by pounding on his chest. Sheamus cannot hit the Brogue Kick when Batista goes to the floor. Sheamus with a forearm to the back and Batista is sent back into the ring. Sheamus misses the Brogue Kick but Batista does not miss with a spear but Sheamus kicks out at two.

Batista signals for the Batista Bomb but Sheamus is able to escape with a back body drop. Sheamus goes up top but Batista punches Sheamus and crotches him on the top rope. Batista with a clothesline to the back of the head and then he hits the Batista Bomb for the three count.

Winner: Batista

We go to credits.

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