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By Dave Scherer on 2014-04-17 21:00:38

Is he, or isn't he?  That has been the question for a while now with Vince Russo and the TNA creative process.  Is he still with the company?  Here is the scoop.

Currently, the creative team is headed by John Gaburick.  His three team members are David Lagana, Matt Conway and Christy Hemme (to work with the Knockouts).  The process is that Gaburick sets the direction and comes up with ideas, with the help of the team.  They then put it to paper and write the script.

So is Vince Russo involved?  Yes, he is.  He is still on the TNA payroll as a consultant and he does offer ideas and do critiques of the televised product.  So when you see a segment and say, "That screams Russo", it very well may.  Or, it may not.  But much like everything in creative goes through Vince McMahon in WWE, that is the same for Gaburick in TNA.

So if you see a Russo idea on Impact, it's one that Gaburick received from Russo and decided to incorporate.  But it could also be a Gaburick idea. 

We will have more on this story on tomorrow's Stu and Pid show.

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