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By Mike Johnson on 2014-04-16 10:45:21
The word making the rounds is that AJ Lee has asked for time off from the WWE roster. There is no word how long she will be gone. As we noted in the Elite section, Lee and CM Punk were recently engaged so our best to the happy couple.

The Sting and Chris Jericho material that aired last night talking about Ultimate Warrior were filmed by each of them and then sent into WWE for inclusion in last night's Warrior's tribute special.

WWE filmed interviews with the Legends House cast yesterday in NYC at the Legends House premiere media junket about the passing of The Ultimate Warrior for insertion in WWE Network programming this week.

Former WWF star B. Brian Blair was interviewed by the FOX affiliate in Tampa, FL about the Warrior's passing. Blair commented, "Anytime you're on performance enhancing drugs for 30 years something's got to give" and noted that it's been sad to watch all the deaths over the year. Blair also talked about the hard lifestyle of the pro wrestler of his era. You can watch the interview at this link.

Hornswoggle was part of 3MB last night because Heath Slater had been sent on the Saudi Arabia tour.

Marvel released the following behind the scenes look at "Guardians of the Galaxy" which stars Batista:

The film will be released this August.

Variety featured a piece on WWE's Wrestlemania viewership announcement at this link. had a piece on WWE stars' hotel horror stories at this link.

The Stamford Advocate featured a piece looking at how the deaths of pro wrestlers, including Warrior, has an effect on how one looks back on their fandom of the business at this link.

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