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By Stuart Carapola on 2014-02-22 15:38:19
With all the other festivities complete, ROH COO Joe Koff comes out to the ring with Delirious to make the big announcement. Joe thanks the fans for supporting ROH, and says they couldn't be here without one of his all time favorite ROH stars, Delirious. Koff hands Delirious the microphone to share his thoughts, and he says something in Delirious-speak. Koff also wants to thank Cary Silkin for everything he's done to get the company where it is today, and then he begins to make the series of announcements we've all been waiting for.

The first thing Koff would like to announce is a Future Of Honor show that will take place in the next two months, which will feature students from the ROH Wrestling Academy and other experienced wrestlers over 18 who would like the opportunity to appear. Five spots are open, so if you're an experienced wrestler who fits the criteria, send your info to ROH, and I assume their contact info will be on the ROH website soon.

Koff goes on to make announcement #2, which is that they're in talks with toy and trading card companies to license the ROH name, so keep our eyes open for announcements about that soon. Koff also puts over the sensational TV product, and the hard work everyone's put into the 127 hours of great wrestling action they've produced.

To make the final announcement, Koff allows the video screen to do the talking for him, and it shows a montage of action from both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling, and announces a pair of events coming up this May in New York and Toronto that will feature stars from both companies. After the video, Koff says that there's nothing better than ROH wrestling in North America, and soon it's going to be the world as well. Koff introduces Naoki Sugabayashi, the Chairman of New Japan Pro Wrestling, and his translator, Tiger Hatori. Hatori translates to say that they're very honored to be in Ring of Honor's hometown, and that they will present the biggest wrestling events in the world this May in Toronto and New York. Koff thanks the New Japan representatives for being a part of this, then lets us see the video one more time before the four of them pose for publicity photos.

That wraps it up for coverage of ROH Honorcon, we'll pick this back up when the TV taping begins at 7 PM!

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