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By Mike Johnson & Paul Jordan on 2013-12-05 09:00:00
According to an SEC filing yesterday, newly named WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon sold over $1 million in stock in the company. She now reportedly owns around $758,000 from 51,000 shares of WWE stock.

During the broadcast of WWE Main Event last night, it was announced that Daniel Bryan, John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar, are the nominees for 2013 Superstar of the Year Slammy this Monday which will be presented by Shawn Michaels.  If Bryan wins (and he very well could), it will be interesting to see if they do an angle with Michaels.

WWE Total Diva of the Year will be presented by Eve Torres with the nominees being AJ, Naomi and Cameron (sharing one nomination), Kaitlyn Natalya, Eva Marie and The Bella Twins.

Doublecross of the Year Will be presented by the Shield with the nominees being:

-Triple H and Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam
-Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell
-Mark Henry and John Cena retirement angle
-Paul Heyman screwing CM Punk at Money in the Bank,

At one point, Paul Heyman was being locally advertised for Raw.

Our friends at www.NotintheHallofFame sent the following....The expansion of continues with the WWE Hall of Fame list which at the request of our visitors has been expanded to 300. With Wrestlemania XXX under five months away, we can expect that the buzz surrounding the Hall of Fame, which is held the night before will begin soon.  Our additions include performers who have been moved from our Future Candidates list and many from the industries’ past. While Randy “Macho Man” Savage remains the number one selection, he is joined at the top by Vince McMahon at “1A”. This is in deference to the belief that McMahon, who certainly should be inducted, may very well remain out, as the WWE Hall of Fame is his own creation.

The new list includes the following:
*Vince McMahon
El Santo
The Fabulous Kangaroos
Gory Guerrero
*Tommy Dreamer
Danny Hodge
Edouard Carpentier
Hans Schmidt
Wild Red Berry
Sky Low Low
George & Sandy Scott
Sputnik Monroe
Toots Mondt
Mick McManus
Jim Johnson
Bob Geigel
Jack Tunney
Leroy McGuirk
Big Daddy
Bob Brower
Angelo Savoldi
Mildred Burke
Newton Tattrie
Bob Ellis
Bob Brown
Dutch Savage
Sailor Art Thomas
*Teddy Long
George “Crybaby” Cannon
Jim Barnett
Johnny DeFazio
Toshiaki Kowada
Harvey Whippleman
Dory Dixon
Molly Holly
Col. DeBeers
*Torrie Wilson
The Harris Twins
Gino Brito
Rip Oliver
The Headbangers
Buck Robley
Len Denton
Sweet Daddy Siki
Stan Frazier

* Indicates a move from the Futures section.

As always, we encourage everyone’s votes and opinions. Once Wrestlemania XXX is done and the new class is inducted, we will work on a
new and revised list at


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