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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-12-02 23:00:54
We are in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and your announcers are John ‘At least we have Jack Swagger to give the home town treatment’ Layfield, Michael ‘Switzer’ Cole, and Jerry ‘UWF’ Lawler.

CM Punk makes his way to the ring because his music is playing.

We see what happened on last week’s Raw when Roman Reigns speared CM Punk and then Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins joined Reigns to give Punk the Cerberus Bomb.

Punk says for one entire week he has been thinking about why The Shield attacked him. Then tonight in Oklahoma City, he realized that he is in denial. He knows deep down why he was attacked, but he wants to be wrong this one time. He made the cardinal sin of criticizing Triple H on Raw.

It was one of those comments. He said that Hunter lacked creativity, or something else. Later in the show, he is attacked by The Shield. Who is he to question the mighty King of Kings. Punk says that he hopes it is a coincidence. If not, he knows what is behind that door.

Punk says that he likes living in his own universe. Hunter isn’t that dense to kick a living hornet’s nest. He isn’t that dense to pick a fight with someone who prides himself in being one of the biggest anti-authority figures in the WWE.

If Punk is right, the Authority are the biggest group of sorry, ignorant, douchebags he has ever encountered in his life.

Stephanie McMahon, one of the principal owners of WWE, makes her way onto the stage. Stephanie tells Punk that she hopes him and everyone else had a good Thanksgiving. She says that there are no bigger advocates of free speech than her family. Her husband is one of the founding members of Degeneration X.

Are they in kindergarten to have Triple H send the Shield out if Punk says something about him.

Stephanie says that they will not want to impose their standards and beliefs on Punk. They were just as upset as Punk was when the Shield attacked him last week.

Punk says that he does not believe Stephanie.

Stephanie says that notwithstanding Punk’s ego, there are bigger things to deal with like the contract signing for the monumental Title versus Title match at TLC. If Punk has any grievances, he can address them to their Director of Operations, Kane.

Kane says that he is here to make sure that WWE runs smoothly. The findings of Punk’s accusations support Stephanie’s claims that they did nothing wrong and the Authority is absolved.

He asks Kane if he has any questions.

Punk wants to know when Kane became the Big Red Ass Kisser.

Kane tells Punk not to take this lightly and Punk tells Kane not to patronize him. Kane tells Punk that they are not the enemy and he advises Punk not to go down this path.

Punk says that we will go down a different path. Since Kane sold out and hung up his mask for a cheap suit. Why not come to the ring so he can be knocked out. He says that he can knock out Kane or make him go to sleep.

Stephanie keeps Kane from going to the ring.

The Shield’s music plays and Stephanie is shocked at their appearance.

Stephanie stops the Shield and she says that we will not have a repeat of what happened last week. CM Punk is to be respected and admired.

Stephanie leaves and then Kane says that he is also to be challenged. CM Punk will be in a handicap match at TLC against all three members of the Shield.

Michael Cole reads a note that there will be one champion at the end of TLC. It is time to go to the WWE App to vote for the ‘title’ of the new champion.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Big E Langston has joined the announce team for the next match.

Damien Sandow is in the ring and he says that he will beat Dolph Ziggler tonight and then he will beat Big E Langston for the Intercontinental Title.

Match Number One: Dolph Ziggler versus Damien Sandow in a Number One Contender Match for the Intercontinental Title

Sandow with punches but Ziggler with a rollup for a near fall. Ziggler with a drop kick for another near fall. Ziggler with a flying clothesline and then he goes for a Zig Zag but Sandow holds the ropes and Sandow goes to the floor. Ziggler with a baseball slide to Sandow but Ziggler charges at Sandow and Sandow drops Ziggler on the ring steps.

Sandow rolls Ziggler back in and he gets a near fall. Sandow with kicks and knees to the ribs. Sandow rubs Ziggler’s face in the mat. Sandow with knees followed by a side Russian leg sweep and the Elbow of Disdain. Sandow with a near fall. Sandow slams Ziggler and then Sandow misses a moonsault.

Ziggler with a DDT to continue to work on the head and neck. Sandow kicks out at two. Sandow misses a splash in the corner but Ziggler does not and he punches Sandow and follows with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Ziggler tries for the Fameasser but Sandow blocks it but Ziggler with a sunset flip for a near fall.

Sandow misses the swinging neck breaker but Ziggler does not miss with the Fameasser. Ziggler can only get a near fall. Sandow hits the ropes and Ziggler gets crotches and then Sandow hits You’re Welcome for the three count.

Winner: Damien Sandow

After the match, Sandow stares at Langston telling him he has two weeks and then Langston gets up from his set at the announce table.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka, and Summer Rae versus Natalya, Brie Bella, and Nikki Bella

Nikki and Tamina start things off while AJ continues to skip around the ring. They lock up and Tamina pushes Nikki away. Tamina pie faces Nikki and Nikki returns the favor. Nikki slaps Tamina. Nikki with a crucifix cover for a near fall. Nikki with a drop kick and she tags in Brie who hits a missile drop kick followed by a knee to the head.

Tamina with snake eyes to Brie and then she throws her vest on Brie. AJ continues to do laps around the ring while Tamina gets a near fall. Brie with a forearm but Tamina with head butts. Summer tags in and she puts Brie in the ropes and she chokes Brie. Summer uses her rear end to get Brie off the ropes.

Summer gets a near fall. Tamina tags back in while AJ tries to reverse the polarity of the earth by going the other way. Summer tags in and chokes Brie. Brie with forearms to Summer and Tamina but Summer keeps Brie from making the tag. Summer with a sunset flip for a near fall.

Summer stops Brie again and Summer with a modified DDT for a near fall. Summer misses an elbow and Natalya tags in and hits the discus clothesline. Tamina is knocked off the apron and Natalya hits the turnbuckles with her shoulder. AJ makes the tag and she kicks Natalya but Natalya blocks it and she tries for the Sharpshooter but Tamina breaks it up.

Brie and Nikki with a double drop kick to Tamina and then Natalya gets the three count on AJ.

Winners: Natalya, Brie Bella, and Nikki Bella

After the match, AJ takes her belt and she skips to the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are reminded that you need to download the WWE App to vote for the Slammys.

Bad News Barrett is at a lectern next to the announce table. He says that he has some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we are live on Monday Night Raw. The bad news is that we are stuck in an arena filled with hillbillies and overweight miscreants who had to name their city after their state so they could remember it.

Randy Orton is with Brad Maddox in the back and Randy says that he is glad that Brad is back. Randy says that he is sorry he wasn’t too sympathetic about his previous injuries. Randy says that he wants Brad to tell the Authority that they need to recognize him as the greatest champion in the WWE History. His name is more recognizable than John Cena and he is bigger than the WWE itself.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Erick Rowan (with Luke Harper) versus Daniel Bryan

The mask comes off and Bryan is backed into the corner. They lock up and Rowan misses a punch but Bryan with a kick. Rowan with a forearm to the back and then he connects with a shoulder tackle. Rowan with a head butt. Bryan with kicks to Rowan but Rowan with a punch.

Bryan with a forearm that staggers Rowan followed by kicks and then Bryan leaps on Rowan’s back and applies a sleeper. Rowan with a snap mare to get out of the hold but he runs into boots. Bryan with a knee to the arm followed by kicks to the shoulder.

Bryan works on the arm with more kicks and he tries to get Rowan to the mat for a Yes Lock. Rowan pushes Bryan away and then he picks him up by the beard. Rowan with a slam. Bryan escapes a slam and Bryan with a kick to the back of the leg followed by more kicks to the knee. Rowan continues to avoid the Yes Lock and he kicks Bryan. Rowan with a knee drop.

Rowan throws Bryan to the floor. Bryan returns to the ring and he hits a baseball slide. Rowan catches Bryan on a pescado attempt and Rowan sends Bryan into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back and Rowan works on Bryan’s neck. Rowan with a slam and then he connects with a forearm to the back. Rowan with a waist lock but Bryan with elbows. Rowan with a clothesline. Rowan sends Bryan into the ring steps.

They return to the ring and Rowan gets a near fall. Bryan with a drop toe hold to Rowan followed by a kick. Bryan with a running drop kick into the corner. Bryan goes for a second one but Rowan with a back elbow. Rowan with a boot to Bryan. Rowan with another boot to the head and he gets a near fall.

Rowan with a rear chin lock. Rowan chokes Bryan with his boot. Rowan with a forearm to the back but Bryan with kicks. Rowan catches Bryan and he hits a fallaway slam. Rowan with a splash into the corner and Rowan gets a near fall.

Rowan with a rear chin lock. Rowan follows with a back breaker but he misses a splash when Bryan moves out of the way. Rowan charges at Bryan and Bryan drops down. Harper tries to interfere but Bryan sends Harper off the apron. Bryan with a suicide dive onto Rowan but Rowan pushes Bryan away.

Bryan goes up top for a missile drop kick and Bryan kips up. Bryan with Kicks of Yes to the chest. Bryan goes for the round kick but Rowan sets for a power bomb. Bryan with boots to Rowan but Rowan with a boot to Bryan and then Rowan presses Bryan over his head but Bryan gets to his feet and he gets the three count with a rollup.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match, we get the Wyatt Blipvert and Bray is on the stage. He tells someone to stand down and Harper and Rowan stay in the ring. He tells Daniel that they won’t hurt him unless he tells them. Since he has been on this Earth, he has done a lot of horrible things to a lot of good people. Is he man enough to admit when he is in the wrong? He was wrong about Daniel. He saw Daniel as a miniscule little creature climbing up a hill. He saw him chasing his girlfriend around.

How long until they discover that his dirty little feet soil that red carpet. He sees Daniel for what he really is. They see him as a circus clown or a gorilla in a cage. He sees the monster in Daniel. They cannot love Daniel like he can. Together, they can break the walls down in this place.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Daniel Bryan is walking in the back and he bumps into Kane. Kane congratulates Daniel on his victory. He says that he has more important things to do than be his tag team partner. Since he is friends with CM Punk, Daniel should have the same type of match as CM Punk at TLC, so Daniel will face all three members of the Wyatt Family.

Match Number Four: Xavier Woods and R Truth versus Brodus Clay and Tensai (with Cameron and Naomi)

Brodus and Woods start things off and Woods avoids Clay and he kicks Brodus. Woods with a chop and kick followed by a drop kick. Clay catches Woods and Clay with a slam and then he picks up Woods and slams him again. Clay with a punch and Tensai tags in.

Tensai with a shoulder but Woods with forearms. Woods with punches and a jawbreaker. Truth tags in and he punches Tensai. Truth punches Tensai in the corner but Tensai pushes Truth away and Truth with a split and kick but Tensai with a shoulder tackle. Tensai catapults Truth into the middle rope.

Clay tags in and he punches Truth. Truth with punches but Clay with a punch and a heart punch. Truth with a kick and leg lariat to send Clay to the mat. Woods tags in and he drop kicks Clay in the knee and follows with a forearm and punches. Clay pushes Woods into the corner but Woods with his boots. Woods with the Honor Roll for a near fall. He knocks Tensai off the apron but Clay takes care of Woods and hits the Sheeeeplex. Clay with a splash into the corner.

Clay goes ot the turnbuckles but he misses a splash and Woods with a La Magistral for the three count.

Winners: R Truth and Xavier Woods

After the match, Clay tries to go after Woods but Truth pulls him out of the ring. Clay leers at Tensai for trying to hold him back.

We go to commercial.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and he calls Sin Cara a piece of trash and a symbol of the peasants trying to cross the border. After he beats him, he is going to call immigration to send him to the other side of the border.

Match Number Five: Sin Cara versus Alberto Del Rio

The lights go down and Del Rio with a side head lock. Del Rio backs Sin Cara into the corner and Del Rio with kicks. Del Rio tries to send Cara over the top rope to the floor but Cara lands on the apron. He goes up top and connects with an arm drag. Cara with an arm drag using the ropes and then Del Rio goes to the floor.

Del Rio runs into a boot and Cara with an Asai Moonsault and both men are down. Cara sends Del Rio back in but Del Rio with a super kick and Sin Cara falls to the floor. Del Rio sends Cara into the ringside barrier. Del Rio rolls Cara into the ring and he gets a near fall. Cara with punches but Del Rio sends Cara to the mat.

Del Rio with a double stomp to the back and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with a reverse chin lock. Cara punches Del Rio and Del Rio with a head butt. Del Rio with an Irish whip but Cara moves when Del Rio charges into the corner. Cara with a head scissors but Del Rio sends him to the apron. Cara with an enzuigiri from the apron. Cara with a head butt off the turnbuckles.

Cara with a springboard cross body for a near fall. Del Rio with a German suplex and bridge for a near fall. Del Rio with head butts to Cara. Del Rio signals for the cross arm breaker but Cara avoids the float over and Cara with a boot to Del Rio. Del Rio misses the step up enzuigiri and Cara with a swanton for the three count.

Winner: Sin Cara

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