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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-16 22:53:49

The situations surrounding the departures of Tara and Doc were each a completely different series of circumstances, according to TNA sources.

While Tara was a release planned by TNA as a cost-cutting move, sources indicate that the company lost Doc because his contract negotiations went on too long and finally his deal expired. He had been figured into creative plans going forward with an eventual babyface turn, something that had been teased.

The blame on Doc's exit was placed on Bruce Prichard, head of Creative and Talent Relations by some. There were several different sources this evening that contacted PWInsider, claiming that this was just the latest example of contract negotiations going down to the wire or resulting in talents exiting this year under Prichard's watch.

The most noteworthy of those exits were Rob Van Dam.  On his Twitter, Van Dam explained his departure from TNA as, " Contract expired. So did professionalism, courtesy and respect."  One source claimed that Van Dam stopped getting his calls returned by the company.

It should be noted that is in the case of Doc, it is entirely possible the two sides could still come to terms of a new deal (as happened with Devon in the past), but as of now, he is gone and free to go anywhere he pleases.

In the case of Tara, sources claim she was far and away the highest paid female wrestler on the roster and the decision was made to shift that money elsewhere. The belief is that there could be more releases to come as well down the line.

Other recent TNA departures have been Matt Morgan (release request granted), Madison Rayne (contract expired), Doug Williams (released), Taeler Hendrix (released), Christian York (released), Crimson (released), and Joey Ryan (released).

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