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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-08 09:30:00
In regard to pay issues that were mentioned here last week, one source close to the company blamed the issue on slow movement from the Panda Energy side of things and that anyone complaining they were 6 weeks behind was "being ridiculous" but did acknowledge there was some issues that have been resolved. In asking around over the weekend, I was told there were more issues with third-party vendors, etc. getting paid than wrestlers and staff, but there's certainly been some grumbling. One wrestler, speaking under condition of anonymity, claimed he knew of wrestlers who had been 4 weeks behind as of last week. The talent releases last week were all budgetary decisions.

There were a few office departures in the last few weeks, but mostly office workers, not executives.

There is a hope among some that former WWE Exec John "Big" Gaburick coming in will be the beginning of some positive changes behind the scenes. Another recent hire, former WWE exec Rafael Morffi has been getting a lot of praise for really going beyond the call of duty in helping on the media side of things. Dave Lagana and Matt Conway have been getting really good praise for their work on creative by talents in the company as well and Jason Hervey has been given a lot of credit for the backstage interviewer role he has and his work producing the "reality" style interviews the company does on Impact Wrestling.

Since we've gotten a few questions on this lately, there is no update on Jeff and Karen Jarrett returning to storylines. I am sure we will continue to get those questions until/if they return.

We mentioned the Knockouts Tag Team titles being retired last week. The decision was made for several reasons. One, the feeling is the company just doesn't have enough Knockouts to make the title mean something currently and they are trying to take the Knockouts roster and build them around the singles title. Two, with all the other concepts (Gutcheck, Bound for Glory Series, Open Fight Night, etc.), the feeling was that certain things had to be removed to keep things from being cluttered, which is why the belts are gone.

For all intents and purposes, the TNA TV title is gone as well for the time being. The feeling is that they can always re-introduce the belts if needed down the line.

TNA One Night Only: Hardcore Justice is currently playing via In Demand PPV.

If anyone is attending the 7/18 Destination X Impact taping, we are seeking spoilers reports.

A number of TNA personalities popped up at Rick's Cabaret in NYC since they were in town for live events over the weekend. is running an "up to 90% off" sale currently.

Since Impact Wrestling is taped this week (preview lineup below), TNA has only one live event this week, 7/13 in Washington, PA featuring:

*Kurt Angle vs. Austin Aries
Jeff Hardy vs. Devon
*TNA Tag Team champion James Storm & Gunner vs. Garett Bischoff & Wes Brisco
*Bound For Glory Series Match: AJ Styles vs. Jay Bradley
*Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe
*Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim

Set for this week's Impact TV:

*A new member of the Main Event Mafia is revealed.

*Bound for Glory Series Joker's Wild Match: AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy & Joseph Park.

*Bound for Glory Series Joker's Wild Match: Magnus & Mr. Anderson vs. Jay Bradley & Hernandez.

*Bound for Glory Series Joker's Wild Match: Kaz & Bobby Roode vs. Daniels & Austin Aries

. *Ladder Match to determine top contender for TNA Knockouts championship: Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell.

*Gauntlet Match featuring Joker's Wild winners for 25 BFG Series points.

*Also appearing are TNA champion Bully Ray, Hulk Hogan, X-Division champ Chris Sabin and much more.

We've heard great things about the Ladder Match.

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