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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-07 01:28:51
Jay and Mark Briscoe were sitting ringside at tonight's WWE house show in Ocean City, MD, giving way to a lot of speculation about their future.

The Briscoes have not signed a WWE deal. In the past, as Jay Briscoe noted in an interview with PWInsiderElite a few months back, The Briscoes have taken Jay's son to local WWE events, having been left tickets by friends that work for the company. That was likely the case as well tonight, although given their current status and the fact they were sitting in the front row, it became a bigger story.

Again, as of this writing, the duo have not signed a WWE deal, according to WWE sources. The expectation within ROH is that the Briscoes will eventually return if they do not sign elsewhere but not for some time as Jay and his wife are expecting another child shortly.

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