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By Jason Haws on 2013-03-04 09:05:57
It was the best of times and the worst of times when ROH taped TV in Chicago Ridge, IL. It was a very good TV (see episode 3, as I think it told the best one hour story ever in ROH Sinclair TV history) but....I've been to every show ever in Chicago with my friends and the taping was by far the lowest attended event in the history of the venue. At one point, they removed an entire section of chairs. As great as the Anniversary show was, it didn't get people to give up their Sunday to come back the next day. That's not a good sign for the double tapings. I think part of it may be that the taping was announced so much later and given that fans were paying a pretty decent ticket price for the first show, the second taping came off much less important in the scheme of things.

Episode One opened with Nigel McGuinness and the ROH locker room in the ring. Nigel said that SCUM vandalized and hurt ROH but this means war and it's just gotten real. He announced that Matt Hardy vs. Adam Cole winner will get a TV title shot at Supercard of Honor He then says that Steve Corino claimed there were no contenders left for Kevin Steen and pointed out BJ Whitmer, Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal. He announces Elgin vs. Lethal for the next PPV with the winner getting a title shot down the line. He then singles out The Briscoes. He says Jay will get a title shot at the PPV and Mark will get one in NC. At first, Jay wasn't going to get one as he "hurt his shoulder" but Jay cut a good promo and Nigel relented.

*The American Wolves defeated ACH & Tadarius Thomas. Really good.

*BJ Whitmer defeated QT Marshall when the referee stopped the match, OK. They are giving Whitmer the old Bryan Danielson deal where he beats people until the ref calls it.

*Truth Martini interviewed TV champ Matt Taven. It leads to a bunch of women stripping down and dancing.

*Jay Lethal defeated. Roderick Strong in a decent match.

Episode Two:

*Michael Elgin defeated Silas Young. Jay Lethal was on commentary and he and Elgin had words.

*Charlie Haas defeated Grizzly Redwood. He refused to release it, so Mike Mondo hit the ring for the save. Mondo and Redwood are interviewed by Veda Scott but SCUM, minus Steen, attack them and take Scott hostage. Corino demands SCUM vs. ROH next week and Nigel comes out and agrees.

*Adam Cole def Matt Hardy via DQ when Rhino hits the ring and gores him. SCUM works over Cole until the ROH locker room hits the scene and they go off the air with a big brawl, Bill Watts UWF style.

Rhino sneaks in through the Crowd and wipes Cole out with a gore and the referee calls for the bell. The rest of SCUM comes in the ring before ROH Evens up the odds and ROH clears SCUM out of the ring as the episode comes to an end.

Episode Three:

*ROH champ Kevin Steen comes out but before he can even cut a promo, Jay Briscoe comes out and runs down SCUM. Before Steen can respond, Steve Corino comes out and speaks for him. Steen is asked by Jay why he's become such a b**** now. Steen says he's proud to be champ and will beat both Briscoes. Steen walks out, leaving Corino alone. Jay tries to get to Corino with a spike but SCUM comes out and it's stalemate as other members of the locker room hit the scene.

*Rhett Titus & Cliff Compton defeated Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander. *In a six man tag, Rhino, Matt Hardy & Steve Corino defeated Jay Lethal, Michael Elgin & BJ Whitmer. SCUM laid out the babyfaces after and ties them to the topes and worked them over. Whitmer was the last one and beaten down three to one. Whitmer makes the big comeback and runs off Hardy. He's about to get to Corino but is gored by Rhino. Hardy lays out Whitmer. Jay Briscoe hits the ring to help the babyfaces and promises ROH will win the war at the PPV.

This was probably the best episode of ROH TV, to date, from a storyline standpoint.

Episode Four:

*Tadarius Thomas & ACH defeated Mike Sydal & Adam Page.

*Athena defeated MsChif, Cherry Bomb & Scarlett Bordeaux.

*Roderick Strong defeated Pepper Parks.

*ROH Tag Team champs Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly defeated Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov in a real good match.

Good wrestling for the fans who actually showed up. Episode 3 was awesome.

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