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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-17 00:00:00
Welcome to's live, ongoing FWE No Limits iPPV coverage!

The iPPV goes on the air at 8:30 EST and can be ordered by clicking below:

Dark Match: Gail Kim vs. Winter

This is a dark match due to Kim's TNA deal. Winter cut a promo on Kim being married to chef Robert Irvine and said she could tell Kim "has been eating some really good food." She then tried to cozy up to the referee,

Kim opened up fast with a clothesline and a bodypress off the top for a two count. Winter retreated to the back and the referee prevented Kim from going after her.

When she returned, Winter nailed a cheapshot and choked Kim against the ropes. Kim came back with a submission but was drilled down by Winter for a two count. Winter worked over Kim, who made a big comeback.

Kim went for the Eat Defeat but Winter nailed her in the back to prevent it. Winter kissed the referee to distract him and nailed Kim with a low blow, then rolled her up for the pin.

Your winner, Winter!

Jimmy Yang vs. Sonjay Dutt

Yang took the mic and noted it was his daughter's tenth birthday.  She was here with him.  The crowd chanted, "Happy birthday."  He led the crowd to sing for her but Sonjay Dutt's music cut it off.

Dutt came out and said he was shocked Yang would want to let her anywhere near these losers.  He said she was adorable but looked like an "ungrateful..bii..." and Yang attacked him.

Yang nailed some offense on Dutt and chased him to the floor.  Dutt returned to the ring and took over with some underhanded tactics, choking Yang against the ropes and drilling him with a running splash against the ropes.  Dutt controlled Yang on the mat with an armbar.

Yang fought back with several shots to the mid-section but Dutt snapped him over with a rana and then locked in an Octopus.  Yang was snapped over to the mat and locked in a rear chinlock.  Yang drilled Dutt with a dropkick as he came off the top.

Yang fired up with offense on Dutt, including a dropkick and a flying forearm.  He nailed Dutt with a spinkick in the corner and then nailed a flying bodypress for a two count.  Dutt cut him off with a twisting DDT and a standing moonsault press for a two count.

Dutt missed a move off the top and was kicked off on a charge.  Yang nailed a moonsault for the pin at 6:22.

Good back and forth opener.

After the match, Yang promised to bring everyone some birthday cake.

Among those visiting at the show are former ROH and JAPW star Dixie, Australian talent Nikki Nitro and actor and marial artist Taimak, who was immortalized as Bruce Leroy in "The Last Dragon."

Mike Bennett & Chris Mordetsky (Chris Masters) with Maria Kanellis vs. Matt Taven & Jorge Santi

Masters took the mic and said Brooklyn has come a long way from being the destructive ghetto they are known for.  He said they now have their own sports team in the Nets and then asked them how bad they felt when the Lakers kicked their asses.  He said that he, Bennett and Maria look good and can back it up.  He said New Yorkers think they are tough but they ain't sh**.  He said they issued a challenge to Jorge Santi and Matt Taven.

Santi and Masters started out.  Masters controlled early on.   Masters choked him against the ropes.   Masters and Bennett took turns tagging in and out, working over Santi.  Santi finally made a comeback with a rana on Bennett.  Taven tagged in and came off the top with a double chop on Bennett as he was held by Santi.

Bennett caught him coming over the ropes but Taven caught him with a rollup.  Taven came off the top with a missile dropkick for a two count.   Santi tagged in and worked over Bennett's arm.  Now it was the babyfaces' turn to tag in and out while controlling their opponent.

Bennett cut off Santi and drilled him into the guard rail on the floor.  Masters tagged in and drilled him with a big backbreaker for a two count.  The crowd was all over Bennett with anti-Boston and CM Punk chants.

Taven tagged in and nailed a series of right hands.  Masters cut him off with a big clothesline for a two count.   Bennett locked in a rear chinlock.   They continued working on Taven and messed with Santi so he would try to get into the ring, forcing the referee to admonish him while they doubled on Taven.

Taven was locked in a Torture Rack by Masters and snapped down to the mat for a two count.   They continued working over Taven who finally fought Bennett off on the ropes and hit a bodypress for a two count.  He nailed several offensive maneuvers for a two count.   Bennett missed a charge in the corner, allowing Santi to make the hot tag.  He and Bennett battled to the floor.

Masters caught Taven with a spinebuster.  Bennett went for the Masterlock on Taven but Santi grabbed his feet and shoved him up and over into a sliced bread #2 for the pin.

Your winners, Jorge Santi & Matt Taven!

Good back and forth, hard fought tag match.

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