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By Mike Johnson on 2012-06-08 13:02:51
WWE champion CM Punk will be working all Smackdown house shows this summer as a way to alleviate the loss of Randy Orton due to suspension. John Cena will be working all Smackdown TV Tapings in dark matches during the same time period. As I mentioned a week ago on my Elite Hotline, there has been a lot of talk about how rough WWE is running both men and a lot of people within the company have noted that the company needed to hope neither ends up injured anytime soon as the feeling is that they are the only babyface talents over to the point they sell tickets and merchandise currently to a great degree.

Chris Jericho is doing a daily countdown on his Twitter to push his return to WWE.

Speaking of Punk, here is the complete video of his Q&A at the Wizardworld Philadelphia event last weekend, including his admission that the new WWE belt is something he's been working on, although he's not a fan of the new design:

Ring of Honor's Jimmy Jacobs was at last night's FCW Taping in Tampa, Florida.

Bradley Grover sent the following....John Laurinaitis and Alberto Del Rio are scheduled to be guests on the New Hampshire-based radio show "Greg and the Morning Buzz" early this coming week to promote the WWE Smackdown taping this Tuesday night at Manhester, NH's Verizon Wireless Arena. "Greg and the Morning Buzz" can be heard weekday mornings from 5:30-10AM eastern at and

Mick Foley and Jimmy Hart will be signing this Sunday 6/10 in Queens, NY at the Wrestling Universe store in Flushing, Queens. For complete details, visit The Universe has opened a second store in the Boston area recently and you can get full details at the same link.

Lanny Poffo is featured in the trailer for the independent film "Alive Again", a documentary produced by longtime Wrestling Then & Now writer Evan Ginzberg (who was an Associate Producer on "The Wrestler"). The film tells the story of a New York based singer/songwriter, whose world came crashing down on her in June 2002. An impaired driver of an SUV, making an illegal U-Turn on Park Avenue caused an accident which put her in a coma and left her an amputee. She has since devoted her life to performing for and inspiring Wounded Warriors and trauma victims worldwide. I've seen the film and it's pretty damn incredible and has started to get some really good raves on the film festival circuit.

You can watch the trailer below:

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