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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-05-25 00:30:10
On Thursday night, Florida Championship Wrestling held what would end up being the penultimate television taping for their show on Bright House Sports Network. These shows are scheduled to air on June 3rd, June 10th, and June 17th with replays during the week.

In a dark match, Aiden English defeated Dante Dash with a standing axe kick.

Your announcers for all three episodes are Byron Saxton, Smackdown superstar Antonio Cesaro, and William Regal. Your ring announcer for the evening is Chris Russo.

June 3rd Episode

Match Number One: Leo Kruger defeated Jason Jordan with a neck breaker.

Dean Ambrose went to the interview area and he mentions that we are not seeing him wrestle because no one wants to be within ten feet of him, not even someone he faced six months ago (while looking at William Regal).

Seth Rollins comes out and he wants to know what has happened to Dean and then he talks about how Dean has changed. He tells Ambrose to grow a set and then Ambrose walks away.

We go to Summer’s office where she announces that Audrey Marie will be in a match tonight. Then Sofia Cortez and Paige enter after Audrey and Caylee Turner leave. Summer tells Sofia that she will face Audrey but then changes her mind and puts Paige in the match. Sofia is not a happy camper.

Match Number Two: Bray Wyatt defeated Jiro with a swinging reverse STO. Before the match, Wyatt cut a promo.

Kassius Ohno goes to the interview area and he talks about how he is a man of honor and he wonders what kind of man would pull a 140 pound referee in front of him (as he looks at Antonio Cesaro)

Match Number Three: FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins defeated FCW Jack Brisco 15 Champion Richie Steamboat to retain the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship with a curb stomp.

After the match, Dean Ambrose came out and he took the title belt from Russo and went into the ring to give it to Rollins. They talk about how they will meet one more time in two weeks.

End of June 3rd Episode

June 10th Episode

Match Number One: Xavier Woods and Mike Dalton defeated FCW Tag Team Champions Corey Graves and Jake Carter in a non title match when Woods pinned Carter after a sliding flatline. Abraham Washington was not at ringside with Carter and Graves.

Raquel Diaz came to the interview area and cut a promo and explained why her hair color has changed.

Match Number Two: Audrey Marie defeated Paige (with Sofia Cortez) with a sunset flip. Paige tried to hold on to the ropes but Sofia knocked her hands off the ropes to allow Audrey to win. Sofia was still miffed at the announcement that Paige would be facing Audrey instead of her. She refused to help Paige during the match.

Match Number Three: Rick Victor defeated CJ Parker with a tiger bomb.

Summer and Rob Naylor are in her office and Rob tells Summer that Dusty Rhodes will be stopping by. Dusty says that there are going to be some changes and he tells Summer to go meet with Steve Keirn. Dusty takes a seat and talks to Naylor. Dusty scares Naylor and Naylor leaves the office.

Seth Rollins goes to the interview area to talk about his match next week with Dean Ambrose. Seth talks about how he came to FCW to prove that he was the best and then a year later Dean Ambrose came in and had the same goals. Somehow Ambrose lost his focus and next week they will see who is the man.

Match Number Four: Bo Dallas (formerly Bo Rotundo) defeated Big E Langston with a spear.

End of June 10th episode

June 17th Episode

Match Number One: Conor O’Brian and Kenneth Cameron defeated Colin Cassady and Alexander Rusev when O’Brian pinned Rusev after a flap jack.

Match Number Two: Kassius Ohno defeated Garrett Dylan (with James Bronson) with a roaring elbow.

Match Number Three: Erik Rowan defeated Benicio Salazar with a choke slam.

Match Number Four: FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose with a curb stomp to retain the title. About half way through the match, Ambrose appeared to injure his shoulder after a superplex.

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