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By Matt Carter on 2011-06-30 21:01:48
Its been over a month since the last JCW iPPV.

Apparently venue troubles were the cause for the delay as these were originally every 2 weeks.

In the extended break, they REALLY improved the live player. You are no longer forced to watch the chat and the player has a true full screen. They really have worked hard at making the experience on par with any other iPPV wrestling out there...and its $5 :)

Right at 7 PM, we start with a short JCW video and then to a shot of the crowd (much much bigger than previous ones it seems). We get the drums and countdown.

Introduced is our resident DJ, DJ Clay and our announce team of KG and Shaggy 2 Dope.

KG welcomes us to Send In The Clowns and says this is the most important show so far as they count down to the Gathering and runs down some of the card for the night.

Things Gordon Solie never said, "We are back up in this mother f***r"

Up Chuck the clown (ring announcer), a ref, and a hot ring gal make it to the ring and we are set to go!

Match #1: The Emo Warrior Jimmy Jacobs vs The Magic Ninja Kawabata

The crowd immediately gives Jimmy a "You suck d@#k" chant. This could be a really good little match.

Jimmy takes the mic and tries to share some of his poetry. Kawabata, wearing JCW in his normal face paint, instead takes off his head with a spinning kick. Jimmy then rolls out of the ring and complains that he never gets to read his poetry. Kawabata still doesn't want to hear it and attacks him on the ramp and throws Jimmy in the ring. Very loud "F$#k him up chant". Kawabata in control early until Jacobs catches him on the top rope. This is a REALLY hot crowd. Jacobs beats down Kawabata and again grabs the mic to read his poetry and again is cut down with a kick to the gut by Kawabata. Jacobs is really pissed so pounds on Kawabata some more until he can grab the mic again to read his poetry. Kawabata gets in another kick to the cut but Jacobs gets a counter and throws him out of the ring. Again, lets try that poem. Kawabata comes in again and takes him out...boy is Jacbos pissed. Jacobs in control until Kawabata gets out of the way in the corner. Hits a really awesome flapjack and running knee combo and Jacobs kicks out of the pin at a 2 count. Kawabata tries a top rope muscle buster but Jacobs reveres into a tornado ddt for a 2 count. Jacobs to the top rope and hits a back senton "The Bloody Mary". Now Jacobs takes out his guy liner to touch up his eyes and Kawabata gets up, hits Jacobs with the mist and Kurt Kobain for the 3 count.

Your Winner, The Magic Ninja Kawabata!

Fun opening match...the Jacobs on the mic thing was hilarious.

KG and Shaggy were going to talk about the next match but then wanted to go to a video...but something is screwed up and the guys start talking about Corporal Robinson

Once again they try to throw to the video and its not going well so discuss the fact that JCW does NOT have an automatic rematch clause..and finally the video plays, but quickly stops. The guys are playing this off well, its really funny! OK, some more stalling and they try the video again. Its basically highlights of Corp Robinson over the past few iPPVs and the guys tried to voice it live and that wasn't a good idea. Match #2: Sexy Slim Goody vs. Corporal Robinson

Goody is sporting new, pink ring attire ala Adrian Adonis. I love Goody, he is the kind of you never see on tv. This, though, will probably be a squash as Corp continues his story line of beating everyone on the JCW roster on his way back up to a title match. Corp has cut off his afro, thats a shame but it is summer time.

Goody ducks a clothesline and tells the crowd how smart he is. Corp makes fun of his man boobs and the crowd responds with a "You suck d$#k" chant. They lock up and Corp controls the arm and does the Undertaker walk the ropes and instead of the shot to the back he did an armdrag. Kinda neat. Goody is frustrated and stalls around on the outside jawing with the crowd and slowly gets back in. Goody gets in a guyt shot and head lock but is thrown off the ropes. Goody actually does a cart wheel to avoid getting hit, but while showing off Corp gives him a kick to the face that lands Goody outside the ring. Corp is setting up 2 chairs in the ring as Goody slowly crawls in and gives Corp a low blow. Goody does a snap mare and a double knee off the rope for a 2 count. Goody contiues to dominate and that Family chant rings out. I guess its something they chant at the "good guys"? Corp Robinson hits an Acid Drop style tornado ddt and hangs Goody in the tree of woe. Corp puts on chair in front of his face and smacks the chair with a 2nd chair. Corp picks up Goody and hits the boot camp on the chair for the 3 count

Your Winner Corporal Robinson!

Corp celebrates with the crowd on his way out.

So far there has been no video buffering issues. The quality is downright excellent.

A video package is shown about the Isabella Smothers and Bull Pain storyline.

Match #3: Bull Pain and Isabella Smothers vs ?

Bull Pain and Isabella play flirty in the ring and grab the mic and heel the crowd before the match and are interrupted by banjo music and its TRACY SMOTHERS! Tracy gets the mic and tells the crowd to shut up. He says its good to be back and outta jail. Tracy says that Bull is supposed to be his best friend and wants to know why he is screwing his daughter. Bull denies anything is going on. Tracy believes Bull and says they should tag together. Tracy says they are the MOB Mean Old Bastards.

The MOB (Tracey Smothers and Bull Pain) with Isabella Smothers vs. Mad Man Pondo and Necro Butcher

This quickly turned into a brawl outside the ring. Yep, this will be tough to follow. The announcers mention Pondo and Necro are #1 contenders and that a win for MOB would put them in line for a title shot reminding us that Pondo and Necro won't face the Ring Rydas since they are "family". Bull Pain takes a huge shot from a stop sign from Pondo but kicks out at 2. Now Necro gives chops to Tracey and gets a sleeper hold. Tracey gets free and its back to all four men brawling. One cool spot saw Bull Pain do a DDT to the floor while Pondo was dangling face first off the ring. Necro now starts to take control and heads to the top rope and Isabella gets him with a low blow. Smothers chokes Necro while Bull gets a 3 count on Pondo (who is busted open)

Your Winners, The MOB!

The three celebrate in the ring and Tracey leaves first while Isabella and Bull Pain kiss behind his back.

Pondo is still selling that wild DDT spot in the ring. Pondo is helped to the back.

Match #4: The Haters vs. Zach Gowen and U-Gene

The Haters were introduced as from "the a@#hole of the world". They are a masked tag team but come out wearing some LA Park hoodies and they are spitting on the JCW logo. U-Gene has a present for his partner and gives it to him before the match and wants him to open it. Its a fake leg. Zack says thanks but he doesn't need it and wants to start the match. U-Gene doesn't want him to get hurt so he starts. The Haters insist that since the other team has the fake leg, they get to have a chair in their corner as a weapon. Finally we get going and U-Gene gets a take down. The Hater gets and arm bar and wrings it in good. U-Gene flips out and reverses the hold. U-Gene blocks a reversal attempt and stomps the hater. U-Gene tags in Gowen who comes in off the top rope for a 2 count. Gowen uses his one leg and vices the hater into a head lock with it. The other hater comes in and breaks up the submission hold. The Haters make a tag and Gowen hits a one legged drop kick and tags in UGene. They do some double team work and U-Gene gets a 2 count. The hater rakes UGene's eye and takes control in the corner and stomps a mud hole in him. UGene gets in a gut shot and some hard chops. Tag to Gowen who goes up for his one legged moonsault...but U-Gene stops Zack and moves the Hater the other hater comes in and breaks up the attempt. Now the Haters concentrate on Gowen's one leg. Back drop gets a 2 count and the hater gets him in a chin lock. Gowen gets out with a chin breaker but the hater counters with a high knee. U-Gene tries to help and the haters use the ref distraction to work over Gowen. Tag made and they continue to beat down Gowen. U-Gene is elbowed off the apron and the Haters keep beating down on Gowen. They get several pin attempts but Gowen keeps kicking out. Gowen finally gets a hot tag in for U-Gene. U-Gene with a double head knock and a big boot and hulks up. Leg drop by U-Gene by pin was broken up. U-Gene gets a choke slam and hits the special people's elbow but pin broken up by the Haters. Gowen and UGene try to do stereo shots to the head in opposite corners but the haters won't have that and once again work over Gowen. Haters grab the fake leg and UGene gets mad and puts it back in the corner. Haters double team U-Gene and double elbow him out of the ring. Now the haters try a chair shot to Gowen's leg but U-Gene dives to take the chair shot to his back...they are both down so the haters get the 3 count.

Your Winners, The Haters!

Lots of chatter by the announce team about the Gathering. Charlie Sheen is gonna be there. The Juggalos will be winning, duh!

KG now goes into the ring to interview someone. I think he said Amber O'Neil but the mic isn't working well. Its some blonde chick and she takes the mic and complains about JCW and heels the crowd. She gives everyone the "you are #1" and challenges "any of you b**ches in the back because none of them can kick her ass". The ring girl takes off her shoes and steps up in the ring. Amber says the only thing the ring girl is good for is sucking d**k. The ring girl says she is in training and probably can't out wrestle Amber, but would love to kick her ass. So we got a match I guess. The two exchange chops and ring girl gets a Thesz press and beats down on Amber. Security hits the ring and separates it wasn't a match.

The announcers wonder if this is the start of a JCW Women's division.

Match #5: Deputy Weedman with Officer Colt Cabana vs. Superstar Bill Martel

His old intro but Weedman is wearing his POLICE shirt and is not smoking weed for his intro. No Officer Colt Cabana?...oh wait here he is. Colt yells at the DJ for not playing the Officer Colt music when Deputy Weedman comes to the ring. Colt says he is in charge tonight because he is the law and Weedman is his deputy and Weedman is the biggest b**ch in the building and he is beneath even the Juggalos.

Colt says the only Family is the Family of the Detroit Police Department and has no problem taking any Juggalo to jail and raping them in the a**. Colt says he smells weed and its time for a Code 420. Colt turns his back and Weedman gets a few tokes from a few Juggalos in the crowd. Colt then arrests one of the Juggalos and handcuffs him to the ring.

KG says, "Officer Colt should visit Jeff Hardy's place sometime."

The bell rings and the guys circle the ring for a bit. They lock up and Martel tries for the college wrestling take down but can't get it, Weedman tries the same takedown and hits it. Weedman takes Martel into the corner and follows with a lariot. Weedman hits an elbow and gets a 2 count. Weedman with chops to Martel and a slam. Knee drop sets up Weedman goin to the top rope but Colt Cabana holds Weedman to allow Martel to get the upper hand. Martel resorts to choking Weedman instead of wrestling. Weedman gets whipped into the corner but gets a boot into Martel. Weedman with a side slam and fires up the crowd. Tries for the 420 flip and Cabana rolls Martel out of the ring. Martel now gets control over Weedman. Suplex only gets a one count. Martel with a waistlock but Weedman fights out. Cabana trips up Weedman and Martel hits an elbow off the 2nd turnbuckle. Only a 2 count. Weedman tries to get the crowd behind him but Martel takes him to the top for a superplex. Weedman reverses it and hits a Kenton Bomb off the top rope but Colt won't let him get the pin on Martel. Weedman now is firing up and gets a 2 count but Colt hits the apron to yell at the weedman. Martel gets distracted and Weedman gets a rollup..only a 2 count. Now Weedman gets the hand cuff keys from Colt and tries to free the Juggalo but Colt nails Weedman with his night stick. It knocks out Weedman and Martel takes advantage.

Your Winner, Superstar Bill Martel with his first win in JCW.

Officer Colt takes the Juggalo out in Handcuffs while Weedman slowly gets up. Weedman teases that he is tired of being Colt's deputy and thinks about taking off his mask but goes to the back.

Shaggy excuses himself to get ready to "sing".

Match #6: Kongo Kong with Truth Martini vs Rhino

This match got the special ring announcer for some reason. Rhino gets a really nice reaction in his hometown. He looks like he has dropped some weight and has really hit the gym.

They lockup into several stalemates. Kong finally gets upper hand and hits a big elbow. Rhino unleashes right hands and clotheslines Kong outside of the ring. Kong gets his head knocked around but Rhino misses a clothesline and hits the ring post. Kong gets Rhino into the ring and stomps him down. Rhino fights up and tries to fight back but Kong is too much. Kong zones in on the arm. 2 pin attempts and Rhino fights out. Kong puts on a claw to the shoulder. Rhino fights up but gets pulled to the mat by the hair. Back to the claw hold on the shoulder. Rhino works his way back up. Repeated shots can't get Kong down but finally a flying shoulder tackle gets the beast down. Kong fights his way out of the corner, though, with a big lariat. Kong misses a splash in the corner. Rhino tries a belly to belly, but can't get him up. Rhino tries again and this time hits it. Rhino sets up for the Gore but the ref got in the way. Kong now just beating down Rhino with no ref and Truth Martini encourages him. Now another ref comes out and claims its a no contest but Kong continues the beat down. Security comes in and tries to get Truth and Kong out of the ring.

Before the musical guest, ICP, came of the gals in the crowd showed off the twins. Not gonna get that on many iPPVs.

The music seemed shorter to me than before...not that I mind.

They return with a video about 2 Tuff Tony.

Main Event for JCW Championship: Butler Geeves (champion) with Breyer Wellington and Truth Martini vs. 2 Tuff Tony

Martini takes the mic and introduces himself, Wellington, and Geeves with a proper introduction.

Martini starts out the match by trying to point out that the book of truth mentions no drinking is allowed in wrestling. The ref just ignores it and so does Tony.

Finally the match gets started by Tony getting the crowd worked up. They start to lock up but Tony decides to take one more good shot at the Bacardi. They finally tie up and Tony backs Geeves into the corner. Clean break. Tony gives the #1 sign to Wellington and Martin and takes another big shot while Officer Colt Cabana's music starts and out comes Colt with a mic. Colt doesn't care what city it is, he has jurisdiction all over Michigan. He runs down a few charges and is going to arrest Tony again (like the last show). Colt cuffs Tony and drags him out. Colt now cuffs Tony behind the DJ and the ref begins the count him out.

Weedman comes out and put a hood over Colt. Weedman hits Colt with his night stick and uncuffs Tony. Tony gets back in the ring and starts beating down Butler Geeves. Huge chops from Tony as Geeves tries to escape. Tony sets up Geeves on the top rope and hits a hurrancanrana.

Now a back body drop on Geeves and a package pile driver. Wellington comes to the apron but gets kocked out. Tony picks up Geeves for a slam and does a springboard moonsault off the middle of the 2nd rope. Now Tony sets up Geeves and hits the crashing helicopter off the top rope and then knocks Truth off the apron. Tony is now getting ready for the flaming fist. He nails it.


All the faces run out and celebrate with Tony. This was a really solid show. The announced another one in 2 weeks. It seems like JCW is really getting into their groove with the iPPV. Good show.

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