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By Mike Johnson on 2011-01-25 17:17:54
The Ric Flair incident in Dublin, Ireland was said to have been driven by Flair demanding money "in advance" from a member of TNA management. When his request wasn't granted, Flair allegedly tried to play hardball, refusing to get on a bus that was taking the TNA troupe to the airport for their flight. That incident led to a decision being made to leave Flair behind, since he was refusing to get on the plane and this had not been the first instance of similar issues with Flair over the last year.

According to one person I spoke to after we initially wrote about the Flair situation, there were members of the roster in favor of leaving Flair behind due to his outburst and some were mocking him, using his "signature promo lines" after he was left behind.

There was a lot of discussion regarding how much Flair's legendary "partying" on the road during the tour may have factored into his decision to refuse to get on the bus as well.

To clarify something making the rounds, Flair was not sent home from the tour by TNA management. He was simply left behind after refusing to travel following his issue with the member of TNA management. All signs are Flair is still in Europe and he could easily catch up to the troupe in Scotland, if he chooses.

There was no official decision to send him home, just a decision to leave him behind when he had his "blow-up" as opposed to holding up an entire roster of talents waiting to travel internationally.

TNA declined to comment on the Flair situation when contacted by earlier today.

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