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By Jay Cali on 2011-01-07 14:22:35

NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is on the air with Jeff Resnick wishing all us a happy new year!  Time flies when you are having fun!  Resnick is quick to remind everyone that tonight's Main Event is the "Fans Pick the Stipulation Match" Between Colt "Boom-Boom" Cabana and "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce. 

Famous B. comes out to the ring first on a blue tooth.  His opponent is Ray Rosas.  Did you enjoy the mid 90s WCW Cruiserweight Division?  This match will very much take you back there.  These two aren't Rey Misterio and Juventud Guerrera but the match is very quick paced.  After a moment of circling the two meet with a collar elbow tie up in the middle of ring.  And that's about the last move you'll actually be able to call in the beginning of the match.  With a multitude of flips, arm-bar take downs, leaps, and missed kicks, it whirlwind of action finishes with a double dropkick and both men facing each other, with no clear advantage.  Incredible! 

Both B and Rosas to soak in the crowd's applause.  Famous B. gets the edge first with a series of kicks, a dropkick, followed up by a leg lariat and followed up with a spin kick.  Famous B then connects with a slide off Rosas back into a long deep arm-drag.  After a body slam, Famous B takes his time scaling the top rope.  Taking his time, Rosas leaps to his feet and connects with a side russian leg sweep in the air to send B crashing to the mat.

Rosas gets a two count as he pulls Famous B to his feet.  Rosas delivers a chop and connects with a sidewalk slam.  Famous B struggles to his feet and the two exchange closed fists and both men work their way up to their feet.  Rosas blocks a body slam attempt by B.  Rosas sends B to the ropes, gets behind B and connect with a german suplex.  B looks down and out while Rosas is struggling to get to his feet.  Rosas delivers a series of forearm smashes to the back of the neck and shoulders on Famous B.  Ray sends the Famous one to the ropes for a back body drop and B prevents it with a big knee to the midsection.   Famous B follow up the knee with a forearm smash to neck and should area of Rosas, a kick to the midsection and a snap suplex where B struggled to get him over. 

Once both men get to their feet, Famous B leaps to action, with a standing Huricanranna, which is reversed by Rosas into a Boston Crap that would make Chris Jericho proud.  Famous B gets to the ropes and the referee forces Rosas to break the hold.  Rosas continues to work the neck and back, he sends the stunned B to the ropes, and misses with a clothesline, Famous B fails to connect with his own clothes line and the duo leap towards each other, both looking for a cross body dive and both men hit the mat after bouncing off each other.  Both men look in trouble.  If not injured, at least winded, Famous B gets to his feet first.  Ray Rosas charges him in the corner, and Famous B is quick to block a double ax handle attack.  Rosas now back up against the corner and meets a charging Famous B with a nice uppercut. 

Rosas thinks he's got the best of a staggering B, charges his opponent and is met with a Famous B Spinebuster.  Famous B goes for the pin but only gets a two count.  The fans have certainly come alive for the these two warriors of the mat.  Both men pull themselves to their feet.  Landing punches that look to have nothing behind them, obviously both Rosas and B have put everything they've got into this match and are just looking to find that advantage to score the victory.  Famous B leaps to Rosas attemping a victory roll, and Rosas turns it into a spiked DDT.  Even the referee Chris Massie looks at Famous B with shock in his eyes.  Rosas drags him into the corner, climbs the top rope and taunts the crowd.  Famous B leaps to his feet and charges the ring corner with a giant Brain Kick that rattles Rosas.  Famous B then lunges again at the dazed Rosas and connects with a Frankensteiner that gets the fans fired up, cheering for both men. 

Famous B drags Rosas to his feet, only for Rosas to connect with a Fisherman Driver that gets a two count.  Both men are trying to figure out, how to top the other.  A series of flips puts B on the offense and connecting with a belly to belly suplex.  Famous B follows it up with a sunset flip and we've got a three count!  Your winner FAMOUS B.  Post match, B is on the short end of a kick to the groin.

Up next is the finishing moments of the NWA Heritage Tag Team Match from last week.  Natural Selection have spent the entire season chasing the RockNES Monsters and those Heritage titles.  They finally caught up to them, when Johnny Goodtime hit Johnny Yuma with a sick enzugri after Ricker pulled Cage out of he ring.  This afford Brian Cage the opportunity to spike Goodtime onto the title with a DDT.  

Brian Cage and Shaun Ricker are in the back talking with Jeff Resnick.  The new tag team champions are boasting about how they outsmarted and out lasted the Monsters.  "They Fake Right and Go Left."  That's not an insult, it's just a fact of life. 

The next backstage clip is a sit down interview with Austin Aries.  I don't like how they keep referring to him as a former World Champion.  I wish they would just say Ring of Honor.  By omitting the ROH letters they are kind of insinuating that he held the NWA Title, which he hasn't.  "A Double" is quite familiar with the likes of Scorpio Sky and his athletic ability.  But Austin Aries is the greatest in the World.  Aries has started playing mind games with Sky.  Aries has the bravado to back up his actions.  Nobody can disrespect Aries, he fears no man.  Aries is a great wrestler.  He cuts a good promo, but I think it ran like 2-3 minutes longer than it need too.  Its next week's main event.

 Next up is Lucky O'Shea taking on Thunder Kitty.  O'Shea has been on a winning streak as of late, with her little BIG brother Mikey O'Shea.  And Thunder Kitty, well, she tries!  O'Shea picks up the victory with a helping hand from Mikey!  Resnick tries to get the post match scoop, but the O'Sheas want nothing to do with him.

Scorpio Sky is in the back with Jonny Loquasto.  Sky says Aries talks too much.  Sky acknowledges that Aries is a World Traveler, a champion, a great wrestler, but is in no way intimidated.  The Main Event takes place next week.  Following Sky's promo is the In Memoriam 2010 from the NWA .If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out on YouTube.  

Adam Pearce goes down to the ring with the suit, the fedora, and the Legendary 10lbs. of Gold and Silver to talk with David Marquez who is in the ring standing by.  Pearce forces Marquez to open the ring for him.  He wants the crowd to shut it, because Pearce is here to make a Public Service Announcement.  The NWA should have never given the fans the option to pick the stipulation and Colt's blood will be on their hands.  Marquez pulls the results of the Fan's Choice from the On-Line Poll.  "No rules, come as you are, Hollywood Street Fight!" 

Pearce says we have to wait no longer, lets do it now!  Pearce still wearing most of his suit is met by Cabana who is in his street clothes.  Cabana is quick to take it to our Worlds Champion, first with a  series of reverse knife edge that ignite the champions chest a bright red almost immediately.  For his trouble, Cabana launches "Scrap Iron" over the top rope.  Cabana looking for the crowd approval leaps over the top on to Pearce.  No rules, pretty much means the ref is only there to make a three count.  That also means Cabana's closed fists on Pearce are completely legal. 

"Boom-Boom" takes a minute to absorb the applause and then launches the NWA Worlds Champion into the ring.  Pearce begs off Cabana, but Cabana tells him to get up.  Cabana rips off Pearce's shirt and then stuffs the torn material into his mouth and then choking him out with the remnants.  Cabana really is taking it to Pearce with a few rights followed by a back body drop.  Pearce runs out of the ring and heads out of the arena.  The Champion has had enough and he's out of here.  "Boom-Boom" gives chase and brings back "Scrap Iron" in a side headlock. 

Cabana attempts to DDT Pearce on to a set of chairs, but the intestinal fortitude of the NWA Worlds Champion kicks in and Pearce escapes Cabana's clutches and reverse the move into a sunset flip that sends Cabana over the railing.   It looks like the tide might have changed.  Cabana looks winded and Pearce levels the poor guy with a chair.  Pearce has a table all set up for some more fun.  But before we go back to the table, Pearce levels Cabana once more with the chair across the back.  During the commercial Cabana and Pearce end up back in the ring and the fans are chanting "This Is Awesome!"  Cabana back in control whips Pearce into the corner, charges in and his met with Adam Pearce's boot to the face. 

Pearce connects with a fistdrop that would have made the Million Dollar Man proud and gets a two count.  The champ follows it up with a good old fashioned ground and pound.  After spitting on referee Rick Knox, Adam Pearce locks in the camel clutch on Colt Cabana.  Some how, some way Cabana gets free, charges the ropes only to eat a spine buster from "Scrap Iron," but only gets a two count.  "Boom-Boom" working to his feet.  Pearce reaches for the belt, looking to give Colt a tattoo of the "10 lbs. of Gold" across his face, but Cabana kicks the bottom rope, which plays a game of chicken with Pearce's groin, and the rope wins.  Adam is on the floor trying to get a hold of himself, Cabana is trying to get himself going, what will happen next?

Pearce lunges at Cabana not unlike another former NWA Worlds Champion Sting, but comes up empty.  Cabana's fist meets Pearce's face three or so times.  Cabana follows it up with a Flying Apple into Pearce and a clothes that sends Pearce rotating.  Adam Pearce reverses an Irish Whip into the corner.  Again tries to connect with a corner splash only to eat the boot of Colt Cabana.  Pearce rolls out of the ring on to the ring apron and Cabana is following him via bionic elbow, that Pearce avoids.  Peace pile drives Cabana through the table and Knox is calling for help.  Pearce pulls himself up from ground zero, the refs surrounding Cabana. 

Pearce is walking away with the title, decking referees and a parting snot rocket on Colt Cabana.  Still surrounded by referees after the commercial a concerned David Marquez is ring side throwing up Xs.  EMTs enter the ring side.  Marquez is talking reviewing the video, awaiting Pearce's comments.  Pearce gets in Marquez's face.  "The Power was given to the people!"  "The blood is on your hands!" so says Pearce!  Pearce smiles as he laments about Cabana's pending trip to the hospital.  Pearce is a fighting champion.  Pearce threatens to finish this next week.  The EMTs and referees are helping Cabana to his feet.  

And we'll see you next week!  For More on the NWA, please check out




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