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By Mike Johnson on 2010-05-17 22:05:56
Ray sent the following:

Quick spoilers from TNA Impact, which was being taped out of sequence:

*TNA champ Rob Van Dam & Jay Lethal defeated Beer Money Inc.

*Roxxi defeated TNA Knockouts champ Madison Rayne in a non-title match.

*The Beautiful People defeated Sarita & Taylor Wilde.

*Eric Young defeated Shannon Moore.

*X-Division champ Douglas Williams defeated Kazuchika Okada.

*There was a segment where the Top 10 was announced and Kurt Angle returned, stating he was going to wrestle his way through all ten to get to RVD.

*There was a Rob Terry vs. Orlando Jordan bout that saw Jordan lock a submission on Terry and refuse to let go. No official decision announced.

*Jeff Hardy pinned Sting after Ken Anderson interfered and hit the Mic Check on Sting. Hardy didn't want anything to do with Anderson and Sting laid them both out with the bat.

*They do a segment where Desmond Wolfe attacks Abyss to prevent him from taking Chelsea and carves him up with a bottle. In the end, Abyss makes a comeback and carries her off. Chelsea was doing a Miss Elizabeth deal where she thought Wolfe was going too far.

*Eric Young pinned Shannon Moore. Team 3D confronted Jesse Neal but there was friction between Devon and Bubba over how they were treating Neal.

*Kazarian won an X-Division Battle Royal.

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