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By Dave Toste on 2010-04-07 11:46:06

*Tara pinned Madison Rayne.

*Generation Me defeated Homicide and Kazuchika Okada.

TNA Impact

*Impact opens with Jeff Jarrett coming to the ring, cutting a promo on Sting.  Jarrett says he isn't going to stand around and talk about Sting, but kick his ass.  He goes into the rafters looking for him but can't find him. Sting jumps Jarrett and they brawl to the ring.  Jarrett has him down and yells "Why?" but the lights go out and when they return, Sting has a bat and the upper hand.  Team Hogan hits the ring and Sting walks out.

*Team 3D and Jesse Neal come out.  Brother Ray announced Hulk Hogan has made their six man tag against the Band a New York City Street Fight.  The Band defeats 3D and Neal after Sean Waltman gives Ray an X-Factor through a table from the top rope.  Eric Young hit the ring for the save and challenged Nash to a Lockdown match.

*Kaz and Shannon Moore go to a time limit draw.  X-Division champ Doug Williams did commentary and ripped them for shaking hands after the bout.  They chased him out.

*Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky in a Leather and Lace bout turned out to be Sky beating Love up as Love was handcuffed behind her back.  Madison Rayne hit the ring, at which point Sky then claimed it was an I Quit match.  Tara finally made the save but there were issues with her and Love over the TNA Knockouts title.

*TNA Tag Team champ Matt Morgan and The Amazing Red defeated The Motor City Machineguns.  Red got the pin, so Morgan attacked his "partner" for doing so.

*Jeff Hardy pinned Robert Roode.  James Storm attacked Hardy and threw a fireball in his face.  Rob Van Dam hit the ring but was laid out.

*The main event was supposed to be Pope Dinero and Jay Lethal vs. TNA champ AJ Styles and Desmond Wolfe.  They intimated Lethal was laid out backstage by Beer Money, so it turned out to basically be Styles vs. Pope.  Pope won via DQ when Flair got involved.  Flair got out of the chair and nailed Pope with the TNA title belt.  Beer Money hit the ring and it was a huge beatdown.  Hulk Hogan eventually came out and got in Flair's face.  The show ends with Hogan and Flair, face to face, with security between them.

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