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By Joshua Higham on 2010-03-06 01:45:15
Pelle Primeau and John Kermon w/ Sly Stetson beat the Bravados. Kermon and Stetson were trying underhanded stuff which Pelle did not appreciate.
Ricky Reyes beat someone from Quebec.
Bobby Dempsey beat J Sinn from the Set. Lance Lude was ringside for some shenanigans.

This will be in order of how it happens, not necessarily how it will air.

Jim Cornette introduces Tyler Black for his first interview on HDNet as champ. Davey eventually interrupts and says that Tyler has something he wants, saying “the hunt is on.”

Eddie Edwards vs. Kevin Steen started with a great prematch promo with Steen telling Edwards that he realized the Wolves/Steenerico feud last year had to have been about the Wolves hating Generico too. Steen had Edwards in the crossface when Generico came out, distracting Steen long enough for Edwards get Steen with a small package. Edwards advances. Great match and great heat on Steen.

Davey Richards beat Kenny King with a armbar. Another real good match.

Sidenote: Rayna Von Tash looked absolutely gorgeous again every time she was out with the belt.

Jerry Lynn beat Man Scout Jake Manning with a cradle piledriver. Durden interviews Lynn afterward with Lynn calling out Kenny King.

El Generico beat Steve Corino by forfeit. Corino came out wearing a suit, cutting a promo calling Generico AIDS since “cancer can be cured” and said he didn't care about him. Generico finally attacked Corino, and they brawled until backstage people separated and Corino high-tailed.

Brent Albright won a squash with a armbar.

Colt Cabana beat Ricky Reyes with a Colt 45. More competitive than most of Colt's recent TV matches.

Briscoes Brothers beat the House of Truth (who were without Truth Martini).

Tyler Black defeated Rhett Titus in a non-title match. Kenny King and Austin Aries tried to interfere but Roderick Strong came out to stop them. Then, Roddy cut a promo saying he'll be Tyler's best friend and guardian angel for now, because if anyone is taking the belt from him it will be him.


Skullcrusher Rasche Brown defeats Rockstar James Brown with a burning hammer.

Roderick Strong defeats Joey Ryan with the Stronghold. Ryan was on offense for most of this match with Strong actually favoring his thigh.

DCFC squashed Caleb Konley and Pee Wee.

Before the match, Jim Cornette told Necro Butcher his suspension would be lifted if Necro could keep his matches in the ring, abiding the rules of professional wrestling. Necro Butcher beat Charlie Dreamer. Necro played conflicted about brawling on the floor and getting hardcore.

Delirious defeated Austin Aries by DQ. Austin apparently kicked Delirious in the throat, the ref threw up the X which brought out all the refs and the doctor. Austin then attacked Daizee Haze while Delirious was being checked. Kenny King propped Delirious throat-first on the guardrail for Austin to splash. Then, Jerry Lynn came out with a chair to run off King and Aries.

Eddie Edwards defeated Davey Richards with the half crab to become the inaugural Television Champion. Back and forth, trading their trademark stuff, Eddie working on Davey’s knee and ankle, Davey working on Eddie’s arm and shoulder. Davey took the belt and strapped it around Eddie's waist. Durden interviewed Eddie, who said that those who thought going for this belt would be the end of the Wolves were stupid. Eddie finished with saying, “the hunt will never end.”

The tournament matches were all great. The angles and storylines make sense and aren’t insulting my intelligence. What more can you ask from a television product?

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