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By Dylan Wolfe on 2010-02-17 00:47:55

Quick notes and spoilers from tonight's Impact taping:


* Alex Shelley defeated the debuting Kazuchika Okada from New Japan.

*The Amazing Red defeated Kiyoshi and Homicide.

*TNA Knockout Tag Team champion Hamada defeated Traci Brooks.

Impact 2/25:

*Abyss pinned Desmond Wolfe with A Black Holy Slam.  TNA champ AJ Styles and Ric Flair jump Abyss and Wolfe joins in.  Hulk Hogan makes the save until Flair takes him out and all three are beating on Hogan.  They handcuff Abyss to the ring and beat down Hulk, who is busted open.  Abyss breaks free and runs off the heels.  Hogan announced he will team with Abyss vs. Flair and Styles on 3/8, saying if Flair wants to get involved, he may as well be involved as a wrestler.

*TNA Global champ Rob Terry pinned Ken Anderson.  Anderson was doing mic work before the bell, ripping on Kurt Angle and the medals.  Angle snuck up from behind and drilled him with a chair.  Terry then nailed a powerslam on Anderson and pinned him.

*ODB defeated Daffney by DQ when Daffney went nuts.

*They have a segment where Eric Bischoff admonishes Jeff Jarrett for not killing Abyss with the barbed wire bat, so Jarrett has been sent to go work in catering as punishment.  He puts a hairnet on Jarrett's head.

*Beer Money Inc defeated The Motor City Machine Guns, Generation Me and TNA Tag Team Champions Matt Morgan & Hernandez in a non-title match.  Morgan was playing a cocky heel and Hernandez wasn't happy.

Impact 3/4

*The British Invasion laid out Rob Terry after he beat Doug Williams.

*AJ Styles and Ric Flair come out and call for Hulk Hogan to come out.  Hogan comes out with Abyss.  The heels try to back out of the tag match by offering Hogan all their rats.  Hogan says he doesn't want anything from them except to get them in the ring.  He said he told the world he wasn't going to wrestle in TNA, but after what Flair and Styles did, he and Abyss have to.  Flair says that if that's how it's going to be, he's going to get the one thing he never got during his full-time career, a chance to pin Hogan on national TV.  He and AJ go to leave but Eric Bischoff comes out and announces Styles will be wrestling later tonight in a Four Way.

*They do a segment where Angelina Love calls out Velvet Sky and ends up beaten and whipped by The Beautiful People.

*Ken Anderson does a promo dressed like Kurt Angle ripping on Angle for being the wrestler who gets hurt the most in the entire business.  Yes,. really.  Angle shows up and they have a good brawl.  In the end, Anderson blinds Angle by throwing something in his eyes and lays him out with the Angleslam.

*Jeff Jarrett pinned Tomko.

*TNA champ AJ Styles forced Pope Dinero to submit to a Figure Four in a 4-way that also included Desmond Wolfe and Abyss.  Wolfe joins Flair and Styles in working over Dinero and Abyss tries to make the save.  Flair nails him with a barbed wire bat.  Hogan makes the save and uses the barbed wire bat - YES, HOGAN WITH A BARBED WIRE BAT - on Flair, to bust him open.  Security and staffers hit the ring but Hogan cleans house and promises they are going to get them, on Monday.  A brawl breaks out and in the end, Dinero helps Hogan and Abyss run off the heels

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