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By Mike Johnson on 2009-11-19 01:10:36
Paul Heyman has written a new blog on the website looking at how well Dana White has branded UFC and looks at running a company from the perspective of a former wrestling promoter, comparing how White runs UFC to what a day was like running the original Extreme Championship Wrestling.  It was a pretty interesting blog, especially since Heyman rarely "looks back" on ECW in his writing.

Speaking of ECW, Paul Moran pointed out that this week is the five year anniversary of WWE releasing their excellent Rise and Fall of ECW DVD.  That title absolutely caught WWE with their pants down as ECW fans bought up every copy in the early weeks, to the point we were receiving regular complaints from readers that they couldn't find it in their hometown.  The sales of the DVD ended up as one of the best selling WWE DVDs ever at that point in time and set the stage for WWE to resurrect the ECW brand with the One Night Stand PPV in 2005. If ever there was concrete proof that ECW was all about the symbiotic relationship between their wrestlers and the fan base, that was it. Looking back, no one could have predicted what the release of that DVD could have led to.

On Page 2 is my original review of the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD, as it was presented in 2004.

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