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By Mike Johnson on 2024-07-10 17:10:00 has confirmed with a source close to Stephanie Vaquer that she has officially signed with WWE just weeks after competing at AEW's Forbidden Door PPV against Mercedes Mone.  Vaquer had a great performance in that match, with sources close to Mone confirming that she went into that bout seeking to "make" Vaquer.  The signing went down within the last week.

Vaquer, 31, has been pulled from the forthcoming New Japan Pro Wrestling Fantasticamania event in California, which NJPW and CMLL announced earlier today.  A NJPW source has also confirmed Vaquer was pulled as she was "signed elsewhere."

Vaquer is from Chile and debuted in that country in 2009 for the MCL promotion.  She debuted for CMLL in Mexico back in 2019 and has also worked for Toryumon in Mexico.  In 2022, she branched out to Japan, working for Sendai Girls and Tokyo Joshi Pro.  She debuted for New Japan Strong in 2023.

There is no word when she will make her WWE debut as of this writing.

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