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By Dave Scherer on 2024-07-10 10:00:00

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I've mostly stopped watching AEW because it seems so unsafe.  I know there is risk in all of wrestling, but Tony Khan seems to me fine with letting his roster seriously risk their bodies and lives.  I recently checked out a match to see Marko Stunt's return, and that nasty turnbuckle spot just solidified my decision to not watch.  I know I won't affect the ratings, but I just don't want to witness something awful.  Will anything ever change with AEW in this regard?

Two things:

1) I doubt Tony will change.  People have been doing stupid spots and taking even stupider bumps since AEW’s inception.  It seems pretty clear to me that Tony likes watching his talent do dangerous things.

2) You actually tuned in to see Marko Stunt?  Wow!  That made me want to turn the show off.  The guy is just totally unbelievable to me.  My rule of thumb is if I can put my hand on top of a wrestlers head and keep them at bay, I don’t want to see them wrestle grown adults.

Hey guys. I listened to a local TV interview with Jeff Jarrett. This man put Tony Khan, AEW, TNA, Wrestling, and Modern wrestling over in his promo. My question is how does Tony have guys like Jarrett, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Arn Anderson, Steve Borden, Taz, and so many more names with massive experience, how is he not listening to them, and not learning what they know? Or are they just keeping quiet and taking the paycheck that AEW has become famous for? Either way it makes me sad and feels like a massive waste of talent that could improve the product. I find myself watching old TNA from the Hogan era and the shows are so much better in so many ways. 

Tony has so many talented minds that he could draw from but he wants to book his company his way.  He wants to put on matches that he wants to see.  So talents can be vocal about the things that they think are wrong in AEW and exit the company, like CM Punk for example, or they can collect a paycheck.  AEW is what it is because Tony Khan is what he is.  

WWE's last round of cuts consisted almost exclusively of talent of Indian and Asian descent.  Was this more than a coincidence, perhaps an edict by TKO management to shift some focus away from those markets, or am I reading too much into this?

You are reading way too much into it in my view.  Keep in mind, part of the job in WWE is to be able to do promos.  If you can’t do them, you need something else really special about you to get a spot.

What are your thoughts on Brandon Thurston's question at the MITB press conference about the Janel Grant lawsuit, and what do you think about Levesque's response?  People who ask these type of questions at these events get a lot of hate for it, but if the goal is to present these events as legitimate press conferences, I thought it was a fair question that any credible journalist should be asking.

It was absolutely a fair question.  If you invite legitimate reporters to a press conference you have to be ready to answer tough questions when they are asked.  Thurston was well within his rights.  As for Levesque’s answer, I am fine with that.  He is the Chief Content Officer.  It’s not his responsibility to comment on ongoing litigation.

Immediately after the Rollins / Priest / McIntyre match at MITB, Michael Cole referred to Punk as “Phil” (aka Phil Brooks).  Was that a mistake on Cole’s part, or did he intentionally use Punk’s real name?

I have no first hand knowledge but I believe 100 percent that he meant to call him by his given name. With Vince McMahon being gone, the commentators have a lot more freedom and they are using it.  We hear things all the time that would have need made air if Vince was still around.  It’s a refreshing change.

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