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By Dave Scherer on 2024-07-09 09:30:00

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After 2 weeks of “Uncle Howdy interviewing Bo Dallas” videos, are you willing to give it a chance to see the Wyatt6 story play out?  I’m in the boat as you with all the supernatural stuff.  But Bo is running with this opportunity to the point where I’m captivated with what he’s saying.  Maybe it’ll pay off in the end.  Plus the idea of a psycho recording himself talking to his alter ego using editing and split screen technology isn’t that far fetched.  We all have little studios at our fingertips with our phones, so I can believe that aspect of the Wyatt6.  What say you?

I said that exact thing on my show last week.  I have to accept the first thing, which was totally realistic.  Now I will see where it goes.

After Raw in Boston, with the Judgement Day drama, should Liv Morgan change her name to Liv Yoko?

Nope.  Yoko didn’t think she was destroying The Beatles.  Liv is on a mission of destruction.

How did Vice TV get McMahon’s lawyer to appear on Dark Side of the Ring?

If I am guessing, they asked for an appearance and got an answer in the affirmative.  

So, the EVP of WWE Television leaves the company. Shortly afterwards, the Wrestlemania 40 doc gets a release date. Coincidence?

From what I have been told, yes, it was a coincidence.  Why they waited so long, I have no idea, but it's my understanding that forces higher up the food chain had to give approval on the documentary, if you smell what I'm cookin'.

I’m putting a theory to a test, Friday’s Smackdown in Chicago was solely dedicated to set up Jacob Fatu’s debut.  We get CM Punk in Chicago and he’s interacting with so many top stars, Paul Heyman, the Bloodline, Cody Rhodes!  Then you have Drew McIntyre SLAUGHTER Punk IN Chicago.  So many big moments on the show already, how do you cap it off?  You cap it off by having a somewhat anticipated talent in Jacob Fatu single handedly slaughter the other three top babyfaces, including Champion Cody Rhodes, in a big wrestling city like Chicago, to make his debut.  If you don’t know who Jacob Fatu is, well now everybody does.  Smackdown in Chicago was set up for Jacob Fatu to make the biggest impact possible on his debut, sound theory?

Good bookers introduce things with the goal of getting maximum impact from it.  That described how they debuted Jacob Fatu, for sure.

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