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By Dave Scherer on 2024-07-08 09:28:00

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How did all your sources not find out Britt Baker's injury these past 10 months?  How did they keep this so quiet?

Who says that we didn't know? We are decent people, not monsters.  We reported that she was injured.  It's not our job to expose someone's personal life and disclose their health status.   Prior to the belief of some people, fans don’t have the right to know everything about a celebrity’s personal life, they just think that they do.

Lots of happenings on Dynamite last night ( 03Jul2024 ) so my question relates to one segment only.  It was good to see Baker & Mone go face to face.  I thought Baker was far better on the mic of the two.  One thing stood out to me as something that should have transpired differently;  Mone pie-faced Baker, followed up by calling her a bitch and doesn't get punched in the mouth for it.  Even the crowd was chanting " You f#cked up " at Mone.  And then..... they get nothing. I know TK often gives away weeks of storylines in one night, but if the girls were going to get physical, that was the moment.  No one would just stand there and take that.  Baker, to me, looked weak for not smacking her back.  

One of my main complaints about AEW is how unrealistic it is.  From the gymnastics, to the clearly choreographed spots, to the lack of logic a lot of the time, it’s like Tony Khan is saying to us, “We all know it’s a work so let’s do everything we can to make you never forget that!”  What you mentioned is a great example.  If someone hits you and you do nothing, you look weak.  Britt should have went after her and security should have broken it up.  Instead, she was left standing there looking like a dope after talking a big game.  Since Mercedes has control of her creative, it very well may have been that Britt had no choice but if that is the case, Mercedes should NOT have control of her creative.  

When I watched wrestling for the first time (2007), I remember people talked about Goldberg as a machine. A cornerstone of WCW, very charismatic, a few moves but very effective, also retired Bret Hart... the past few days I have seen publications calling him one of the most overrated wrestlers of WCW, a very bad wrestler with no moves besides Spear and Jackhammer. Do you think that, over the years, the narrative around Goldberg has shifted? Maybe due to Bret Hart's comments or his later career with WWE. 

I have no idea what makes people come up with the narratives that they do.  Bill Goldberg was what he was back in WCW and that hasn’t changed decades later.  All that changes is the narrative that people apply to him.

Do you get the same vibe from Joe Hendry that you do Orange Cassidy?  They both have off the wall gimmicks that encourage crowd participation and troll their opponents.  You see the resemblance, right?  Despite Joe Hendry’s size, and charisma, and abilty… and… talent… and shoot background… and… okay I guess they’re not similar at all.

When I think of Cassidy and Hendry, the one thing that they have in common is that they are wrestlers.  That’s about it.  It’s not that Cassidy can’t wrestle, but his character is impossible for me to take seriously.  As I said above, realism matters to me.  If I am running the company, any wrestler that doesn’t punch him in the face when he puts his hands in his pockets will be fired.  I get that some people find him fun and cool.  I don’t.  I find him to be so fake he makes me want to change the channel.

Who gives a better interview for wrestlers, Chris Van Vilet or Ariel Helwani?

Whoever you like better.  I have only listened to a few Ariel interviews and none from the other gentleman. 

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