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By Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson and Richard Trionfo on 2024-07-07 11:00:00

NXT will present Heatwave tonight on Peacock and the WWE Network from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Here is our take on what will happen on Saturday.

Trick Williams versus Je'Von Evans versus Shawn Spears versus Ethan Page for the NXT Men's Championship

Dave: I will go with my long standing rule that I hate to see the Title change in a multi-person match and I wouldn't do it here anyway.  I would have Page get really close but the other guys get in the way and Trick retains.  Page and Williams can work down the road.  

Mike: To me, there's three choices here.  Williams retains, Page steals a victory or we shock the world with Evans, who is truly a phenom, winning the belt.  There's merits to those choices but my gut says Williams retains here.  This should be a very good match with lots of intricate near fall sequences.

Richard:  This should have been where Ethan Page faces Trick Williams in a one on one match for the title, not in Las Vegas.  You have Page in his home country and we would see if Trick could win the crowd over (probably).  Instead they do a battle royal to get Evans in the match.  But Evans loses to Page and Spears loses to Williams so we get this Four Way.  Evans has a lot of potential, but he is a little reckless in the ring and can take himself out of the match, like when he lost to Spears.  I don't think Spears should win this match but he will likely be here to take the pin, and have the Canadian Civil War with Page when they both try to win the match and the other pulls them off the cover.  Page would be my pick if they are going to take the title off Trick.  I think you keep the belt on Trick, but if he does not have a strong performance, you consider someone taking the title from him.

Roxanne Perez versus Lola Vice for the NXT Women's Championship

Dave: This feels like Sami Zayn vs. Bron Breakker to me.  Lola is coming, for sure, but it's not quite time to pull the trigger.  

Mike: As I have talked about on Elite audio, internally a lot of major power players in the company have earmarked Lola as a big future player, but does that mean she should win the title here?  Not in my opinion.  Roxanne Perez is a franchise player still finding herself as the heel in the division and I'd like to see her steal the victory here.

Richard:  Will the emotional rollercoaster that Lola Vice took us on Tuesday night lead to gold for her on Sunday?  I think so.  Lola has been on a roll lately with her win at Battleground.  I think with the way that Roxanne's character has been portrayed over the last few weeks, she has been butting heads with Ava and has not been happy with the way she has been treated.  If Lola does win, I can see Perez blaming Ava more than accepting the fact that Lola was the better woman on Sunday.

Oba Femi versus Wes Lee for the NXT Men's North American Championship

Dave: I see Lee being really competitive but the big man retains in the end.  I am enjoying watching Femi grow.  There's definitely something there.  Shawn Michaels has to keep developing it.  Being in there with a guy like Lee will help that growth.  

Mike: I love Wes Lee's work but unless The Rascals are showing up to help him, I don't see him beating Femi.  NXT is playing the long game as they build Femi as a true badass monster and I don't see Spider-Man's finesse outsmashing The Incredible Hulk on this one.

Richard:  The second of our 'If the challenger does not win, they never get a title match as long as the champion is still champion' matches.  Femi has looked good in the ring and while I think he was given the title too soon, it is not time to take the title from him.  Lee will have a strong performance but Femi will be too much for him.  Let Wes contend for the World Title.  It made no sense for him to say that he wasn't in the battle royal because he wanted the North American title.  That would be Connor McDavid saying he is happier winning the Conn Smythe than the Stanley Cup this year.  

Kelani Jordan versus Sol Ruca for the NXT Women's North American Championship

Dave: I see a a high flying, maybe even almost an AEW style match, where the champ retains.  It feels too soon for her to lose to me. 

Mike: These competitors were the standouts in the ladder match at the last PPV in my opinion, so I expect a big high impact match here with each of them trying to take chances with their athletic prowess. That said, it's too soon for any sort of title change and I don't see Sol winning here.  One day?  Yes.  Not today.

Richard:  This will be an interesting match because both women use gymnastics and aerial moves in their matches.  I am hoping we get the 2024 version of Will Ospreay and Ricochet that we saw in every match they did for months back in NJPW.   My biggest fear with this match is that they will try to do too much in front of the largest crowd either has been in front of and that will cause someone to miss something or be out of position and it affects the entire match.  Jordan should retain and both will be friendly during and after the match.

Nathan Frazer and Axiom versus Chase University for the NXT Tag Team Championship

Dave: Frazer and Axiom have always seemed like two singles guys in a team.  Chase U is more of a unit.  I will go with Chase U here.  

Mike: I think Chase University has been one of the most underrated aspects of NXT for some time and I expect that to change here.  New Champions!

Richard: They are teasing tension on both teams with Frazer focused on everything but the tag titles, annoying Axiom.  On the Chase U side, Ridge has been 'cheating' to help them and Duke didn't appear to have problems with it.   I think the champions will have the bigger problem in this match while we could see Chase turn heel and win the tag titles.

Arianna Grace and Karmen Petrovic versus Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx (Countdown Show Match)

Dave: This could go either way but a babyface win seems more likely to me.  

Mike:  Wouldn't it be funny if the next TNA-NXT crossover is Santino Marella bringing his daughter to the ring?  I have enjoyed Grace's stuff a lot and hope this is a big moment for her.  I absolutely expect she and Karmen get the win here to kick things off with a happy moment.

Richard:  I am excited for this match because it is the only match on the show that isn't a title match.  Arianna Grace has been the best character in the women's division over the last few months and I am glad that she gets a match in her home country.  I don't know how she will work with Karmen but the New Canadian Ninjas (sorry Nicole and Portia) will have the crowd behind them.  I would love to see a cameo from Santino, to cheer on his daughter and maybe pass her the COBRA to give her and Karmen the victory.

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