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By Mike Johnson on 2024-07-08 14:00:00

WWE filed a motion on 7/3 before The United States District Court for the District of Connecticut attempting to move the lawsuit filed by Florida resident Richard Bryant to arbitration and staying the lawsuit until that process has completed.  As has previously reported, Bryant alleges he suffered injuries after attending a Friday Night Smackdown taping in Orlando, Florida in July 2022. 

WWE is arguing that Bryant would fall under's terms and conditions, which state that any issues arising from patrons having issues at events they attend after purchasing tickets via Ticketmaster would result in arbitration.  WWE stated in their 7/3 Motion that they have not waived their right to arbitration, so Bryant would have go follow that route.

WWE was able to successfully argue the same in a previous fan lawsuit over alleged hearing damages. (see below)

Bryant's lawsuit alleges that his injuries were due to the "negligence and carelessness" of WWE in that the company failed to "adequately warn of the dangers of pyrotechnics, failed to test the effect of pyrotechnics on the premises, failed to operate the pyrotechnics with reasonable care, failed to hire, select, train and supervise reasonably competent employees, failed to implement and enforce reasonable policies and procedures for the safe use of pyrotechnics, failed to use ordinary care in the administration of pyrotechnics, failed to warn Plaintiff of the potential effects of use of pyrotechnics, any and all other acts determined to be negligent or grossly by the tier of fact."

Bryant is also alleging in his lawsuit that he suffered the following injuries, which may be permanent: "traumatic rupture of his right ear drum, bilateral tinnitus, hearing loss in his right ear, psychological harm."   Bryant's lawsuit also claims that he has incurred and is likely to incur future expenses for medical treatment,

Oddly enough, Bryant's lawsuit also alleges that he was forced to be 'non-weightbearing' for a period of time using crutches and a boot to 'limit motion and pain and to promote healing in the left foot." (Yes, it says left foot), that he is unable to participate in athletic and physical activities as he could "prior to the collision" and that he will likely require a surgical fusion of his left foot.    Either Bryant's attorney isn't aware of where the ear is located on the human body or they accidentally included a portion of a different lawsuit in their filing - and oddly, they haven't amended the filing.

Bryant is demanding $15,000 in damages.

The Court has set a trial date of 8/18/25, if the two parties do not resolve it before that point.

WWE faced a similar lawsuit brought by Marvin Jackson against the company over alleged hearing injuries that occurred while attending Wrestlemania 38 in Dallas.  On 3/8, The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit held up a previous decision by District Court of Tarrant County, Texas that WWE was correct in  arguing that any issues arising from Jackson's claims would have to go to arbitration based on an agreement he entered when using the ticket to Wrestlemania 38 purchased by a relative.   Jackson filed a lawsuit against WWE on 1/12/23, alleging that he lost hearing in his left ear while an "invitee" to Mania 38 due to a pyrotechnics blast that occurred as part of the WWE production.   

District Court of Tarrant County, Texas had dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice, which traditionally meant Jackson could not bring the lawsuit back to life before the same court.   He filed the appeal but was again told that he would have to go to arbitration to seek any damages.  Jackson's lawsuit had requested a jury trial and was seeking monetary relief of more than $1,000,000, including damages of any kind, penalties, costs, expenses, prejudgment interest, and attorney’s fees.  The case was sent to private arbitration and there has been no word as to if and how it may have been resolved.

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