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By Dave Scherer on 2024-07-02 10:00:00

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I agree that Michael Cole's work as of late has been the best of his career. But seeing you refer to him as the GOAT (Greatest of all time), I have to think he's better than Jim Ross?

Yes, I do.  That's not a shot at JR by any means.  He is my number two guy.  To me the difference is small, but substantive.  There were times when JR was calling a bad product that I could tell that was how he felt (and I didn’t blame him) while Cole was always able to put polish on the turd.

I say this as a bisexual dude with a trans husband.  Do you think Priest needs to change his gear? He really does look like an incredibly camp Undertaker. The whole purple goo for a world champion heel...I can't take the man being 'intimidating' I just see cosplay Taker. Might just be me but if he just came out in plain black surely it'd help the poor lad out.

I would say no because I never even considered that before you sent this submission and after reading it, I still don’t.  I don’t see what you see.

Is Seth back to build up Damien or is he back to be the bigger name at SummerSlam?

We shall see.  My guess is that it will be former but honestly, I don't want to know beforehand.  The booking has been so good I want it to play out.  Under Vince, that wasn't the case but now, I want to take the ride.  

The NWO has always talked about how poorly they were booked in the WWE.  I understand their frustration to a degree, but can anyone blame Vince for putting Austin and Rock over Hall and Hogan? If you’re Vince you’re looking at your two younger stars and planning to keep the saddle on them, obviously Austin and Rock would both be gone sooner than expected, but nobody knew that then. Would you have booked the NWO differently or is this a situation of it was what it had to be whether folks liked it or not? 

In the example you cited, the WWE guys had to go over.  No doubt.  Overall, Vince could have gotten a lot more out of the WCW crew (as well as the ECW talent) than he did.  My feeling was always that he wanted to show that the WWF/E was superior to WCW and he booked it that way.  I think he left a lot of money on the table but he is the billionaire, not me.

Crazy thought that I had not had until watching the death of WCW and then listening to the Corny Experience this week. Jim leaves Connecticut for OVW in the summer of 99. Russo leaves WWE in the fall of 99 to head to WCW. If Corny had not already been in Louisville, could he have been the head of creative in the WWE in the fall of 99? If he had, how could that have changed the landscape of WWE over the next few years? Also, let’s flip the question, if Corny had gone to WCW in the fall of 99 instead of Russo, what could have been different? 

I don’t think Jim could have handled being the head of creative under Vince long-term.  It could have worked in the short term but as we saw, once Vince won the war he went back to booking what he liked (and people like Jim and myself did not, for the most part).  It was just too taxing a position, plus he would have had to live in Connecticut.  Now Corny in WCW instead of Russo, with Turner’s resources behind him?  I think he would have done a great job there, the exact opposite of Russo.

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