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By Dave Scherer on 2024-07-01 09:59:00

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The crowd absolutely blew the roof off of MSG when Heyman refused to acknowledge Solo last night.  And hats off the Paul for taking the powerbomb spot on the table at his age.  These are moments the AEW defenders can't seem to understand.  This has been building for months (not minutes) and the payoff was huge.  Paul made the ultimate babyface move, even though he was going to get destroyed for it, and the Bloodline look like total dicks for taking him out.  That angle checked all the boxes.  Can you imagine what the reaction is going to be like when Roman Reigns comes back?  This is going to be one helluva summer in WWE.  Thoughts?

As I said on my show on Saturday, it was an amazing piece of business, all around.  It has been building and building for a while now and it came to a head.  It was like ending a chapter in a book and the next one?  It’s going to be amazing.  When Roman returns, it will blow the roof off of the place wherever it is.  Think about how great the booking has been, the ultimate weasel coward stood up for what was right and for his friend and is now the babyface.  That is just downright awesome booking. It’s not all AEW fans who don’t understand and like this kind of quality few.  It’s more the vocal minority.  Any wrestling fan worth their salt saw how great that angle was.

I know Ric Flair went off about nobody talking to him for the “Who Killed WCW” series.  But does his opinion really matter?  When casual wrestling fans and pop culture think WCW, don’t they think of the nWo, crow Sting, Goldberg, Diamond Dallas Page, that period of 96-01?  Flair was from a period before that so wouldn’t he be the last thing people think when they think WCW?

I can see why he would be upset but at the end of the day, I see your point as well.  Flair was much older at that point and wasn’t the focal point that he was before that.

And sorry to crap on Flair’s legacy, this question builds him back up.  Is Ric Flair so big, does he transcend wrestling companies and eras? When casual wrestling fans and pop culture think Ric Flair, do they really think of any company or decade he’s tied to, like Hulk Hogan to the 80s WWF?  Or do they simply think of the larger than life personality, the Limousine Riding, Jet Flying, Wheeling Dealing, Kiss Stealing NAAAAA-TURE BOY!  WOOOOOOOOOO!

Flair is an all time great, for sure.  With that said, when you talk mainstream notoriety, he is definitely on a level below guys like Hogan, Steve Austin and The Rock.

I recently watched the Ricky Steamboat A&E Biography, and I found it to be one of the more enjoyable episodes they have produced.  One thing that stood out to me - aside from the usual cast of legends that offer commentary - was that Shane Douglas was quite involved in this episode, which I thought added a nice touch highlighting their relationship as WCW tag champs.  Given that Douglas has had a rocky past with Vince/Hunter/WWE, was his appearance in the episode more about telling the Steamboat story for A&E than it was making amends with WWE?

My hunch is that it was more about being a major part of the story.  Shane is almost 60 years old.  His time has passed.

Ok. How good is Drew Mcintrye? Wow. I have to admit I was never that high on him or his title reign, but this year he was been phenomenal. Your thoughts?

Drew is phenomenal and has been killing it, 100 percent.  The guy is so, so good.  I am glad he stayed with WWE so he can keep showing the world how great he is rather than get lost in the shuffle elsewhere.

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