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By Dave Scherer on 2024-06-24 09:31:00

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If Chris Jericho works a program with the Young Bucks, would that stifle AEW viewership decline as both channel changers would be in the same segment?  Or would it cause double the ratings drop for that single segment?

That is a question for the great philosophers to ponder.  If it’s me, it probably makes sense to put those two acts in the same segment to minimize the damage.  The last quarter hour is usually Dynamite’s lowest so I would put them there.

I don't follow TNA much but I know who Jordynne Grace is and I believe in Joe Hendry.  With that said, this thing with TNA wrestlers  appearing on next is good for them now but will it be in the long run?  WWE is interested in them not so logically they'd be interested in signing them when they are available, right?  How is TNA at with talent development to fill the void if these guys go?

You would definitely think that WWE has some interest.  It could be to sign the talent, which I think is becoming clear with Grace or it could be to create a buzz, as is the case with Frankie Kazarian.  In the case of Hendry, it could be both.  TNA has been replacing talent for years now.  They will keep finding new talents to plug in when they lose people.

Guys like Bo Dallas and Dexter Lumis who have not been on TV for what seems like years, have they been getting paid their full salary while sitting at home waiting for creative?

They get paid their downside guaranteed when they aren’t on TV.

Thoughts on Wyatt Sick6?

I talked about it a lot on the Elite side last week.  In a nutshell, it was a great visual that makes no logical sense to me. People can’t try to commit murder and then become wrestlers, like it’s normal.  Under Vince it wouldn’t have bothered me since most of his booking was dull and/or bad but the HHH regime does great, logical stuff so the fantasy stuff doesn’t appeal to me.  With that said, I am not their target demo and if it moves the needle for the company, I completely understand them doing it.  I am also happy that talented wrestlers have a spot now.

Do you think the intensity level may have been a bit high for the intro of the Sick6?  Some of the bodies backstage appeared to be dead, with blood and no visible movement.  Also, do you think this group will be moving between shows?

That was my point above.  Sure, wrestling is about violence and when you attack someone, with say a chair, it’s a felony.  But, it’s not mass murder!  For me, it was over-the-top on night one.  Let’s see how they follow it up.

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