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By Dave Scherer on 2024-06-26 09:59:00

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Has Hulk Hogan ruined his legacy by his BS stories and his “Born Again” Publicity stunts to the point that his spot has been taken by John Cena?  Years ago, I asked if John Cena had replaced Hulk Hogan as “Babe Ruth of WWE,” and you said no.   But has recency bias, WWE billing Cena as the “Greatest of All Time,” and Hogan’s antics in his twilight years all changed your mind?

To me, Hogan has always been this way.  I guess is has changed some people’s minds, I honestly can’t say, but to me he’s always been this way.  I don’t remember the Babe Ruth question but I would have to put him in that position more than Cena because The WWF was built off of his back.  Cena maintained.  Now is Steve Austin the Babe Ruth over Hulk?  I think I would go with Austin there.  Financially, he led the company into a bigger era than Hogan did.

When wrestlers are sent away in ambulance during a show is there a second ambulance there in case of a real emergency  or does that one just go out the back then come back once camera is off? 

WWE always has an ambulance there in case it’s needed.  It's my understand that the one used in angles was planned for in advance.  It isn't the rig there in case of a real emergency.

I was hoping to get your feedback on what has to be considered one of the greatest weeks in WWE history. RAW did a great number against tough competition and put on what many online believe to be one of the best shows in recent history. I know you're not as high on the Wyatt Sicks debut, but there's no denying it was well received and moved numbers. Then on NXT you had another great show, Joe Hendry doing crazy social numbers, and then the news of them absolutely smacking around Dynamite. And then Friday.. SmackDown was one of the best episodes ever. So many great stories, pros doing their thing, so many people got spotlight, and Jacob Fatu. Is this what people mean when they say there are levels?

Yep, it’s exactly what they mean.  I said on my show the other day what an amazing week it was for WWE.  They are loaded in talent and creative has booked so many of them to be compelling and matter.  They can do all of the in-ring stuff that people see in AEW, but they are so, so much more.  They are actual complete professional wrestlers.  They aren’t spot monkeys or move doers that don’t understand that there is a lot more to wrestling than performing moves.  WWE is so much fun right now.  And yes, I am not into the Wyatt stuff but that’s fine.  If it moves the needle, WWE should do it.  

Let’s say Jericho decides to “reinvent himself” again by calling himself the “Brando of Wrestling.”  Or the “Ring Brando”  or the “Wednesday Night Brando.”  Basically any nickname referencing Marlin Brando because Jericho thinks he’s such a thespian.  I’m NOT asking if you think this is a good idea.  I’m asking if you think this sounds like a JERICHO idea?

Well, in his advanced age he is starting to resemble an older Brando, except he takes off his shirt, so who knows, maybe he will do it.  And if he does, it will be the same fart in church that all of his other recent stuff has been.  He needs to take a long break.  He is so not over that he’s actually under.

I just read something about JR saying on his podcast there’s a chance that Shane McMahon could go to AEW.  55 year old, Shane McMahon becomes All Elite, that sounds like a good idea, right?

There is no world where I think that makes any sense at all.  If Shane did do that, I would lose a lot of respect for him.  First off, as you said he’s old.  Secondly, the last time he tried to wrestle it ended soooooo badly.  Finally, if he is going to appear anywhere, it should be in WWE.

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