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By Dave Scherer on 2024-06-25 09:59:00

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If TK was trying to convince us AEW was really in a bidding war for MJF’s services, I think he did in the worst possible way. With MJF in 5 or 6 concurrent rivalries, holding 2 titles simultaneously (including the AEW World Championship), and given so much TV time, who really believed MJF would go to the WWE? Shouldn’t TK booked him the opposite way (threaten to strip titles, freezing him off TV, a tense negotiation scene, etc. ) if MJF really could leave? Do you agree the way it was booked was transparent, damaged MJF’s credibility, and a giant waste of time?

Well let’s be honest, Tony’s booking is hardly ever good.  With that said, he knew MJF signed so it makes no sense to do a bidding war angle.  Tony is trying to get a better TV deal so it makes more sense to put one of your top guys on TV to me.  It’s just a shame that I don’t find anything that he is doing to be interesting.

Paul Heyman and Kayla Braxton have had some on screen chemistry/tension for the past couple years.  For Kayla’s final appearance should she have some major final moment of levity with Paul?  Maybe Kayla plants him a big kiss on his lips before walking out the back door while Paul looks flabbergasted and maybe enjoys it and forgets about his bloodline stress?

They could if that is what everyone involved wanted.  Most of Paul and Kayla’s interaction happened online though so I don’t see the need to make that part of the show, especially considering how heavy the stuff with The Bloodline is right now.

When Roman Reigns returns, should we get a big 2/3 month chunk of Roman always being on TV before he goes away again?  Think Summerslam to Survivor series, he’s around to wrestle on all the PPV’s, wrestle one Smackdown a month and cut promos on all the other Smackdowns.  There’s major money matches with Solo Sikoa and Jacob Fatu, plus getting the USOs back together to help him with the Tongans.  I think Roman full time for a short time is a good idea.

I think when he returns it will most probably be for that time period since the story will dictate it.  I would then expect him to take some time off through the holidays and then come back for Rumble season.  I think he has earned the right to that schedule, plus it’s a smart way for WWE to manage someone who is their top asset.

I understand Punk for chastising that reporter when he suggested Punk versus Drew’s first match should be hell in a cell.  But after all the stuff they’ve done to each other, and especially Smackdown in Chicago, having a regular match doesn’t seem believable.  Maybe their first match could be “unsanctioned” or a street fight or a lights out match?  They’re at the point where they want to kill each other, not just pin each other in a match.

If you start in the Cell, where do you go from there.  They haven’t touched yet because Punk wasn’t cleared, which has helped build the animosity.  Yes, they should want to kill each other but in well done feuds that is the way it should be.  From there, you build up the stakes.  Starting in the Cell would be AEW booking.   And they may want to kill each other but their wrestlers, not gang bangers! Punk was 100 percent right in his response.

Since the PLEs are getting down to five matches a show, should WWE go back to brand exclusive PLEs?  I don’t see why it couldn’t work and both brands feeling equal. They’re both still in the big four, but Raw could get Money in the Bank and Smackdown could get KaQOTR.  Raw gets one Saudi show and Smwckdown gets the other. 

I say no way.  WWE should put on the best show that they can and that means take the hottest things from both brands.  I don’t see any need to go brand only.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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