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By Dave Scherer on 2024-06-23 09:31:00

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Apparently, HHH is cool with established wrestlers (Ethan Page, Shawn Spears, Jacob Fatu, etc.) from other promotions keeping their names while competing in WWE. Also, Cody Rhodes doing the outlawed Burning Hammer and the Vertebreaker on successive PLE’s was a nice touch. TNA-NXT crossover; I’m in! I’m loving ALL of these subtle changes. Are your readers enjoying all these changes as well? How repressed were we as WWE fans the last years of Vince’s reign?

Last question first, we were treated badly under Vince, for sure.  It’s a new company now.  We see people blading, blue the things that you mentioned.  Clearly TKO is running this company differently than Vince did, and we are all lucky that they have taken over.

As seen with the King and Queen of the Ring Tournament and Money In The Bank qualifying matches, wins and losses on TV actually matter again. Would you say that WWE adding stakes to TV matches not only helps elevate their importance, but has a positive ripple effect that makes PLE’s important too? In turn, the Superstar who wins a “grand slam” event, gets catapulted up the card and “made”? Do you think having stakes and making winning matches matter is the biggest thing WWE has improved upon that is unheralded?

I have said that very thing a few times now so yes, I agree with you (and me).    HHH and his team have definitely made great tweaks to some tired old Vince tropes.

Why would WWE schedule a RAW taping in Texas when they are flying all the way home from Scotland?  Why not have it on the east coast?  

I am not sure which date was made first so I can’t say.  In a perfect world, WWE would limit travel as much as possible when the talents have to fly in from overseas.  Also, WWE schedules now so that weekend before a big international trip the talents don't have live events to try and make it easier for them

So, the AEW Dynamite rating for June 19th was atrocious.   Although there were many other things going on (No Big Bang lead-in, Juneteenth, NBA), should this be seen as a blip and they get a pass or do we all wait and see how June 26th shakes out for them?

I talked about this in-depth in the Elite section yesterday for those interested.  At the end of the day, it was one show so we can’t overreact too much.  We need to see what happens this week.  With that said, we also can’t ignore how far Dynamite’s ratings have dropped significantly year to year.  We also have to take notice of how fare the attendance numbers have dropped.  AEW is definitely not doing great business right now so while last week might have been a bit of a blip, ratings are still way down year to year.  To me, the reason is simple: Tony Khan is a terrible booker and he’s catering to the smallest portion of the fan base.

What is the delay with the Wrestlemania 40 behind the curtains documentary? It was initially meant to be released 2 months ago?

That’s a great question.  I have asked around and have never gotten a straight answer.  I hope they release it some day but it doesn’t seem like they will.

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