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By Mike Johnson on 2024-06-22 10:00:00

Is Shane McMahon going to A.E.Doub-ya[W]?

There's been a lot of blood in WWE lately. Should we be concerned?

I don't think so.  I have always argue that the use of blood is OK as long as it's being done for important dramatic effect when it is used sparingly.  That's what WWE has done thus far.  Under Endeavor, which also owns UFC, there has been more leeway to have some more adult-content on the show.  That will turn some people off, so hopefully they pace out how and when it is used.  If we get to a point where there is meaningless blood on the shows for no reason, then we've absolutely made the wrong turn.

I know Tony only books to the sicko's like himself, but how in the world does he not use Athena more than just ROH? I know she's hurt and out for a while but she is still the most interesting character on any of his shows. 

My guess is he wanted her to be an achor on ROH and at some point, she will be back on AEW TV.   She's excellent.

Where is Kamille Brickhouse?

The belief is she's signed to AEW.

Is Shane McMahon going to A.E.Doub-ya[W]?

I doubt that.

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