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By Dave Scherer on 2024-06-19 10:00:00

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Why are there not next day replays of RAW and Smackdown on Peacock?  All the replays are a month old.

It's the deal WWE made with NBC and FOX when they did their TV deals, the replays would be delayed.  The networks want you to watch the WWE product on their outlets and they pay for that privilege.

I forget who it was but someone in the WWE was saying how much he appreciates the WWE letting him be home for holiday and birthdays and such.  My question is are any of the workers complaining about how, in the Endeavor era, they are traveling so much more internationally?  It seems like the travel is much worse since they took over.

The travel can be rough, for sure, but everyone I speaks to understands that they are going to packed venues with crazy fans, and wrestlers love to perform in those places.  Can the travel be a grind?  Sure but the reward is a great one.

With performers appearing at Clash At The Castle, then returning right black and appearing on Raw on Monday, has anyone ever spoken of jet lag?  I’ve never noticed, but are those talents perhaps given a less strenuous role on the following Raw?  I'm "thinking out loud" about a talent's ability to perform at peak level after a strenuous and likely tiring weekend, and wondering if there is any way to compensate for the circumstances.

Wrestlers are human beings so sure, some people are tired after flying many, many hours from Scotland to Texas but like I said above, it's goes with the job.  Talents know that so they suck it up and perform.  Wrestlers are tough, tough people.

What's objectively worse: Tony Khan's booking; or WWE continuing to gladly and shamelessly accept millions of dollars directly from a totalitarian foreign government that oppresses women, murders journalists, kills LGBTQ people, and severely curtails free speech and political dissent?

Yeah, I will go with the latter on that one.  It's not even a discussion to me.  Tony doesn't mean any harm, he's just a bad booker who does a lot of nice things for people.  At his core Tony is a good guy.  I can’t say anything that I personally find good about WWE working with the Saudis, at least this point.  

While I think Ricochet leaving WWE is the right call, he does need to add something to take it to the next level wherever he goes; otherwise, he's the same flippy mid-card guy he was before. AJ Styles and Will Ospreay were flippy guys who were able to add that extra something that made them main eventers, but Ricochet has never been able to do the same. I just wish I knew what that extra something was. Any ideas?

I always think about Seth Rollins when this kind of discussion comes up.  The knock on him when he was Tyler Black was that he was not a great promo.  He heard the knock and worked hard and now he’s a great promo.  AJ Styles did the same thing.  I am not ready to put Ospreay in that class yet because he still does ridiculously stupid stuff at times, but he has potential for sure and I think if he were in WWE, he would maximize that potential on the mic.  Ricochet is working under the same team that took people who were misused under Vince, like Chad Gable and Piper Niven, and gave them the chance to grow and they made the most of it.  Ricochet is, as you said, the same guy that he always was so I don’t think that at this point he will suddenly morph into a great promo that allows you to see who he is as a character.  That’s why going to AEW is the best move for him.  They aren’t concerned with that.  They want action and moves, and he is great at that.

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